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What is this "1260 day" period?

What is this "1260 day" period? Entry for August 11, 2007

sometimes it is hard to understand why it is so hard for Christians to get the point. God's people are most of the time in disobedient to God. It sometimes is difficult to read over and over again how HIS people disobey him so often. God is always raising up unbelieving nations to generally punish Israel. Finally carrying them off in that 70 years of captivity.
Some want to try to make 1260 days to be 1260 years based on some rule they think should apply across the board. All this is fine except one thing. Time changes in the Last Days. The Jubilee calendar ended, some think in 1994. Research seems to say this is close enough for govt work. What ever, point is we left old style and now are in the new style of time keeping. 42 months is 42 months. 7 yr trib is just that 7 yrs. We moved into a literal time counting form because God is now not dealing with a great deal of time and we ZOOM in as it were we that speak computer. So now so much is happening trying to make a day be a yr is a bit stupid to say the least.
The TWO Witnesses are not going to minister for 1260 yrs either. These TWO are real people.
In Lev. 26 the 4th level of disobedience God say what he plans to do. Now God has a behavior pattern that does not change with time. He is the same back then as he is today and will be the same towards the end of the 1000 yr reign of Jesus. IN Lev 26 God explain what he intends for a whole CHURCH meaning every Christians alive. God has been keeping track. Nothing has slip by him. Prayers of persecuted saints by other saints has not gone unheard. What I am telling yo is written in the Bible but is not really cared about for teaching or studying. After all when you go to church don't you just want to sing and here how you can have a better life today? Hardly yo will want to here how yo are perhaps even worse in disobedience to God than your ancestor Christians.
The coming one world govt is not spending an incredible amount of time and money designing and building facilities that will be mainly for executing Christians or holding them for slave labor and re-education. The armies in position today to the tune of many millions are ready to round you up. This process is not to be sweet and nice to you as the people doing the rounding up are already predisposed to put it lighty hate your guts. I mild way to put it is what we hear is Durfar is like a trip to Disneyland compared to what will be happening to Christians.
Why is God going to allow such things to happen? Why should you ask? History says Christians have not been treated well during certain periods. Bible says often how Israel's enemies were relentless in cause suffering to them.
The promise of eternal life does not give you a free ticket home when there is such a price to pay. Now of course should yo die believing Jesus is the Son of God them all rules apply and Heaven is yours, but through death's gate which is a story in itself.
You remaining alive are so incredibly filthy and not clean which death's gate's job is to do. So you need to be cleaned alive while you are still breathing. No place does it say you miss the trib, this false doctrine began in 1830 by an occultist named Margarette who in a drean saw Rapture pretrib. Darby made this fairly acceptable doctrine in 1840's.
The Bible says there are 2 raising of the dead, one for those who died knowing Jesus and the other for those died not knowing him. (accepting or not accepting). The can not be a 3rd rising so that believers can miss the trib altogether.
No matter the wish of the Church satan's work on Earth is not going to be a waste of time for him. He new he can do these things to the Saints and do them he will. God gave him permission. For yo to get to Heaven you can not go with your body so filthy. You may believe you are forgiven and so you are, but you live in your filth of present and past sins that are only symbolically washed in the BLOOD. Death's Gate literally washes you in the BLOOD. So a washing you must go though and imagine jumping in to a washing machine with the harsh soaps that can get out the worse of stains.
God set 1260 days to wash you in the BLOOD. He is sending the TWO WITNESSES to tell you things you should know already but you wil hate what they tell you. You wil ljoin with anitchrist to try to kill them. Many of you will turn your backs on Jesus.
At the start of the trib the TWO will turn off the WATER this will FEEL like Jesus forsook you. This you hardly can accept, then major deception hit since you no longer have the FEELING Jesus is with you anymore. You will believe these deception in massive numbers. God will send an army of restorers to you to give you a come back call not wishing to loose even one of you,, but many will fully reject Jesus.
This 1260 days is to spank you for 2000 yrs of Churchwide disobediance yours being even worse though you can't image this. When this 1260 days are over there could be as many as 75 more days before the RAPTURE actually happens.

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