Monday, June 18, 2012

Here is a typical Gays For Jesus PalTalk chat room discussion (6/17/12)

Walker1: hello
Chaarabayash: Shalom
Walker1: that means peace
Chaarabayash: yew
Chaarabayash: yes
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Walker1: there is no peace  for the efenament
Chaarabayash: what is efenament?
Walker1: a man  looking and sounding  like a woman
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Chaarabayash: why would a man look and sound like a woman?
Walker1: because  they  want to
Walker1: efemanent
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Chaarabayash: So there is no purpose in their want or do they want this for a reason
Chaarabayash: Is if for acceptance?
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Walker1: they do want this
Walker1: it is demon poswsesion
Walker1: possesuin
Walker1: the flesh loves to sin
truth-seeker: homosexuality is still sin, is still an abomination unto the Lord, and will still send a person to hell--lev 18:22 mankind shall not lie with mankind as with womankind for it is an abomination unto the lord
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DivaOfDarkness: Leviticus was a holiness written to the Isrealities.
DivaOfDarkness: holiness code*
DivaOfDarkness: Read the entirety of the book.
truth-seeker: then go to romans chapter 2-new testament- still calls that sin an abomination-as you say read the whole book
DivaOfDarkness: I have read the whole bible.
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truth-seeker: could be, try believing it
DivaOfDarkness: I am currently studying it in the original languages. You know, before people put their opinions in it.
DivaOfDarkness: Instead of God's words.
TealAngelEyes: Hello room Shalom to you all
DivaOfDarkness: Truth, even if it is a sin, it is no different than any other.
truth-seeker: yep I have the arabic, greek and hebrew translations- gee they call it sin too
Chaarabayash: Is it love or hate to let someone know that they are on the path of error?
truth-seeker: I do not hate the sinner, but like the real Jesus I do hate the sin
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DivaOfDarkness: God does not love homosexuals any less.
TealAngelEyes: I would like to say something to you gays if I could not on mic in text if that is ok.
DivaOfDarkness: Perhaps you should remember the extent of his love.
cbrons: God doesn't love everyone
Chaarabayash: The Most High hates
DivaOfDarkness: Truth, are you sinless?
truth-seeker: perhaps you should remember the extent of his holiness, and righteousness
Chaarabayash: but The Most High mercy also endures  forever
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TealAngelEyes: I ask you to forgive me a sinner if I ever did or said anything to hurt you, I am finding Jesus never spoke  about this subject and for the Church to speak on it we are in the wrong, as I am finding that the Bible has been messed with by man I will say this GOD FOR GIVE ME A SINNER IF I EVER HURT YOU IN ANY WAY
Chaarabayash: no sin is more greater than another but an unrepenting heart is an abomination
cbrons: Homosexuality is a sin
cbrons: You are deceived if you think otherwise.
Chaarabayash: Sodomy is a sin
DivaOfDarkness: Love can never be a sin.
truth-seeker: the problem with this country is too many sinners are coming out of their closets, and not enough true christians are getting into theirs
TealAngelEyes: We are going to find out alot of what we have been daught has been a sin, so if Jesus did not preach on sin of Sodomy and he did not Chaar you are in error of his teachings now
DivaOfDarkness: You can argue all you want.
Chaarabayash: no one is sinless
DivaOfDarkness: But love can never be a sin.
cbrons: Sure it can
cbrons: Man sleeping with man is evil
TealAngelEyes: Jesus met alot of demons in people but no one he called a GAY PERSON
cbrons: in fact in the Hebrew, homosexuality is declaired by God to be "toevah" - abomination
Chaarabayash: Does Christ come in the volume of the scriptures Teal?
gaysforjesus: still no one explain how they get gays into a vese
TealAngelEyes: Chaar put your religion down now and give the facts
Chaarabayash: Teal may I read something to you?
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TealAngelEyes: did Jesus ever tell a gay person in his teaching to go and sin no more huh
DivaOfDarkness: The word that means what homosexuality is today in hebrew is not used in the bible.
suzanne002: yep i beleive thatwas the woman taken in adultery
cbrons: Rom. 1:26-28, "For this reason God gave them over to degrading passions; for their women exchanged the natural function for that which is unnatural,
cbrons: 27and in the same way also the men abandoned the natural function of the woman and burned in their desire toward one another, men with men committing indecent acts and receiving in their own persons the due penalty of their error. 28And just as they did not see fit to acknowledge God any longer, God gave them over to a depraved mind, to do those things which are not proper."
DivaOfDarkness: Jesus made no mention of gay people.
TealAngelEyes: I don't know why they are this way but its not something you will under stand me either but years of hurt and years of many things it called LEARNED BEHAIOR
gaysforjesus: Paul wrote Romans in Corinth. Recently I went to ancient Corth to do a couple TV programs
gaysforjesus: Paul saw daily the Temple of Apollo which is at the center of town and can be seen from everywhere in Corinth
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cbrons: DivaOfDarkness - Yes He did... Jesus is the second person of the Trinity, God Himself mentioned homosexuality to be toevah, an abomination
DivaOfDarkness: Cbrons, "burned in their desire" can we say LUST?
DivaOfDarkness: Lust is not LOVE.
truth-seeker: bye Iam out of pearls and patience with chosen ignorance
cbrons: DivaOfDarkness - you are self-deceived if you think God approves of a man laying with another man.
cbrons: Lev. 20:13, "If there is a man who lies with a male as those who lie with a woman, both of them have committed a detestable act; they shall surely be put to death. Their bloodguiltness is upon them."
gaysforjesus: Paul also could see AcroCorinth 3 killometers away on top of that was the teple of Aphrodite, I also preached from that temple. it is said to have had over 1000 temple prostitutes
suzanne002: exactly-and if a man sees a nice lady walking by-and thinks lustful thoughts in gods eyes he has cmmietted the act with her
DivaOfDarkness: Cbrons, leviticus was not written for us, it was written for the Isrealites.
cbrons: yes it WAS written for us, the moral law in the Old Testament still applies today
cbrons: the dietary laws have been done away with
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cbrons: the moral law, the reflection of God's character, is still for today
gaysforjesus: Lev is talking about practicing str8 men going to temple prostitutes
DivaOfDarkness: Levicitus says repeatedly TO THE ISREALITIES.
TealAngelEyes: until I find a verse in the teaching of Jesus about gays I will not believe any lies of the church. WAKE UP half of the books are missing of them that walked with him for God sake lol are you \freaking kidding me
DivaOfDarkness: Through the entire book.
Ziggy Pop: hi everyone
gaysforjesus: all modern version Bible comes from Westcott and Hort
DivaOfDarkness: Teal not all churches teach against homosexuals.
TealAngelEyes: Matthew was hand picked by Jesus did he teach on gays yes or no ?
DivaOfDarkness: I actually go to a openly welcoming catholic church.
gaysforjesus: 50,000 to 80,000 corruptions in modern versions
cbrons: The moral laws, on the other hand, are not abolished because the moral laws are based upon the character of God.  Since God's holy character does not change, the moral laws do not change either.  Therefore, the moral laws are still in effect.
DivaOfDarkness: They are really awesome.
cbrons: The Roman Catholic church is an apostate church that promotes all manner of evil
DivaOfDarkness: We go there through the week then go to a church of christ church on sundays.
TealAngelEyes: I only read Matthew and John and Rev so far so until God tells me different I stick with those that walked with him from the beginning to the end of his life , Peter was a coward and ran off and left him alone to face death
cbrons: DivaOfDarkness - you better get on your knees and ask God to reveal the truth of this issue to you, nevermind what I say or anyone else, you go to Him to ask about this and don't deceive yourself into going along with the world's increasing acceptance of homosexuality
DivaOfDarkness: I'm trying to redirect the conversation   It is not working though, lol..
suzanne002: well if you are homosexual or Gay or transsexual or bisexual-in gods eyes you are abusing the natural affections that god put in men and woen to be one with the opposite gender
Chaarabayash: May I take the mic?
gaysforjesus: I preached from the statue of the unknown god location in Athens too, Paul had a clear view of the Acropolis where there were several temples, the main one was for Athena the fertility goddess
TealAngelEyes: death by his self wow what a bunch of great deciples he had all left him alone even his mother was not THERE TO SEE HIM DIE WHERE WAS THE GREAT HOLY MARY AT HUH
DivaOfDarkness: Cbrons, I have prayed and meditated and studied on this for the last 15 years.
DivaOfDarkness: I have the answers I need.
cbrons: Whether or not a homosexual couple is committed to each other is irrelevant to the argument since love and feelings do not change moral truths.  If a couple, not married to each other but married to someone else, commits adultery, yet they are committed to loving each other, their sin is not excused.
suzanne002: well am sorry gays for ejsus and mean no disrespect ehre-but you cannot be a christian and a rpeacher and have homosexual relations with another man-sorry but there it is
gaysforjesus: again romans was writen in Corinth Pault saw the str8 adults turning from GOD to gods then joining in the orgies to those gods
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gaysforjesus: homophopbes cannot change what Paul saw and what actually was happening
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DivaOfDarkness: GaysforJesus turning away from their natural desire for women right?
Chaarabayash: May I speak on the mic?
suzanne002: thats right-completely
DivaOfDarkness: It is wrong to turn from your naturaql desire but if you don't have a natural desire for women then what?
gaysforjesus: Paul was not discribing gays, there were at least 9 Greek words that would mean what we know as gays today, Paul only used the word for temple prostitutes
Ziggy Pop: is there sound please
suzanne002: what you are doign is against the natural order of what god intended-2 men doing that which is unseemly
DivaOfDarkness: Gay men do not have a natural desire for women, it is a natural desire for men.
gaysforjesus: what gays had desires for opposite sex? I am 65 years old do you think I would know?
DivaOfDarkness: To turn away from that natural desire would be wrong, would it not?
Ignatia: This room should be restricted. It by title is absolutely unfit for children.  Mathey 19:8 -
DivaOfDarkness: If it is wrong for a straight man to turn away from it, then it would be the same for a gay man.
gaysforjesus: what str8 Hebrew people did in Paul's day was turn from GOD to gods
Ziggy Pop: no sound?
Ignatia: Mathew 18:8 and following.
cbrons: Look at the issue and pray, stop following the world. The world may say homosexuality is okay, but God says otherwise. All attempts to weasel out of it, deny God's word, God Himself will not forget. Remember friendship with the world is enmity towards God.
cbrons: You adulterous people! Do you not know that friendship with the world is enmity with God? Therefore whoever wishes to be a friend of the world makes himself an enemy of God.  [James 4:4]
DivaOfDarkness: Ignatia, unfit for children?
gaysforjesus: They were fertility gods with very well defined ritual orgies
TealAngelEyes: I have been studying Matthew for over 3 days now with no sleep and I tell you MARY was not there when JESUS DIED where was she at , if they were killing my son I would of clawed their eyes out but no she was gone not there huh someone has been HOOD WINKED LOL
DivaOfDarkness: Ignata, what is unfit for children is the fact that they are being harassed and bullied to death.
suzanne002: well if you claim to be an opely GAY Pentecostal preacher gays-then ic an tell you something-here in england it is not allowed for a gay man to be ordaiend into the chruch-especially pentecostal churches.
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DivaOfDarkness: Ignatia, did you know that the suicide rates for gay teens is rising?
Servant-of-the-Lord: this is a room that is fake and diva do you worship satan?
Servant-of-the-Lord: 1
DivaOfDarkness: Because of hateful people like you.
suzanne002: I would alsorefer you to 1 tim 3, 2 tim 3 and 2 tim 4 on that issue
cbrons: And you, gaysforjesus, you are who Paul speaks of in Romans who not only engage in the sin but give hearty approval to those who practice it.
cbrons: heres the verse
cbrons: Though they know God's righteous decree that those who practice such things deserve to die, they not only do them but give approval to those who practice them.  [Romans 1:32]
DivaOfDarkness: Why did I come in here.
gaysforjesus: it is not allowed because around 700 years ago a few powerful catholic leaders invented the antigay doctrine and within 100 years the prostest church adopted it
cbrons: that's a lie
cbrons: total rubbish
perfectpeace_1: instead of coming to a room and condemning people for a lifestyle, how about practicing what Jesus taught... FORGIVENESS
cbrons: and you know it
gaysforjesus: there is a history so don't let your mouth jump into a well  documented history
gaysforjesus: you need to study then explain
Chaarabayash: Lev 20:13  If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them.
gaysforjesus: Lev says practicing str8 man that went to fertility temple prosstitutes
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suzanne002: exactly-and im not condemming anyone at all i am jsut staing what the boible says about homosexuality-which in my veiw is absolutely disgusting
cbrons: I have studied, you yourself are self-deceived if you think there is some 700 year old conspiracy against gays. Homosexuality has never been approved of by God or His people... and you know that.
TealAngelEyes: the books are missing and only books that we have to go by are Matthew, John,  are the only ones who left a book about Jesus they were hand picked by Jesus but this other bunch that wrote half the Bible did not walk with him from the beginning to the end of his life
gaysforjesus: the verse also says if you accuse someone of committing the sin of the verse it is you that must kill them by stoning them
Chaarabayash: 2Ti 3:16  All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness:
perfectpeace_1: we dont put our children to death for disobeying parents anymore
perfectpeace_1: the bible says lots of things... people tend to pick and choose
gaysforjesus: this is Hebrew llaw of that day
cbrons: Teal - Paul Himself was trained by Jesus in the desert. Go look it up
cbrons: himself*
gaysforjesus: 38,000 Christian denomination so how is yours right?
TealAngelEyes: lol so he said
Ziggy Pop: I sure am not here to judge as I understand
suzanne002: yes gaysforjesus-and thes ame law appleis today-so i suggest you stop your silliness and go qand find a woman to love
gaysforjesus: <--- Assemblies of God man since 1974
cbrons: I don't care how many denominations there are, the vast majority of denominations preach the truth to some extent. Minor theological differences don't make them non-Christian. Major theological differences occur when people (like you) reject the plain-worded commands of scripture.
gaysforjesus: love lots of women they make good friends and are good people
suzanne002: well gays for jesus I am a dedaconesss-or was in the AOG-ad we have enver ordaiend a gay minister yet and willr efuse to ehar an openly gay preacher in any of our churches
gaysforjesus: false doctrine does not make you right or the assemblies
cbrons: Homosexuality is the only sin I know of where God gives you over the sin and actually judges you while you are committing the sin
suzanne002: and also you can say all you liek about it-the AOG will not and never has ordaiend a gay minister-its against the denominational stance on morality for a start
cbrons: this is why so many homosexuals are hateful and close-minded, because they themselves have been given over to their sinful desires
gaysforjesus: assemblies also beleve a false doctrine about the Rapture being pretrib
Ziggy Pop: I find it the other way around cbrons
cbrons: I'll be praying for you gaysforjesus, take care.
Chaarabayash: 1Jn 1:8  If we say that we have no sin, we deceive ourselves, and the truth is not in us.
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suzanne002: well anyway  i am going tos ay one thing to anyone who is Gay here-turn back from your ways-or burn in hell-your choice
gaysforjesus:  fact about gays, they are employers best workers and are pilliars in their families and  they take care of people in the health care filed and much more how do you get the lie that gays are so bad
Ziggy Pop: to me they are very caring
gaysforjesus: how is given over to sinful desire that is exactly what str8 couple do?
Chaarabayash: 1Jn 1:9  If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.
TealAngelEyes: Chaara post one verse about gays in Matthew , John, give me one verse to back up what you are teaching
DivaOfDarkness: The love between David and Johnathan in the bible, in 1 Samuel. David love for Johnathan surpassed that he had for women. The word for the love between them the same hebrew word was used for describing love, as in intiament love. The hebrew word used was aheb.
DivaOfDarkness: Chaara, to compare it to drug use is a bit messed up.
suzanne002: yeah-and guess what-i run a sharpening and grinding company here in Birmingham england-and want a laugh here-we had several gay cliennts wanting work done-and ebcause we are a Christian company we refused to do their thigns for them-and im talkuing work like chefs knives and hairdressign scissors etcv-instead theywere referred to another company
sawdust_677: it is safer to have a gay neighbor instead of a straight one.
gaysforjesus:  shows you every instance of the use of Paul's word arsenokoites
DivaOfDarkness: Suzanne, yeah, discrimination is hilarious.
sawdust_677: gays r nonviolent, not to be confused with pedophiles
suzanne002: well diva-I would sooenr not have their custom than compromise my christian beleifs
gaysforjesus: this word was used 56 time including Paul's use for the next 500 years and 76 times by greeks for 1400 years never ever hint to gays
gaysforjesus: these are the only documented uses of that word after Paul
DivaOfDarkness: Sawdust I don't know about that. I keep getting discriminated against, not protected under the laws of my country and denied equal rights, I might start wanting to get violent, lol.
sawdust_677: teal its your mic
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gaysforjesus: so you have to figure out how arsenokoites got to be used as gays
sawdust_677: 1
DivaOfDarkness: You need leep Teal.
DivaOfDarkness: sleep
gaysforjesus: It began when the Catholis want to perge powerful leaders that did not believe as they
sawdust_677: oh my
suzanne002: yes gays---and if you think of 2 blokes going up each others bottoms thats where the name came from to describe the anus
DivaOfDarkness: Suzanne, did you know that not all gay people have sex?
Chaarabayash: Mat 10:1  And when he had called unto him his twelve disciples, he gave them power against unclean spirits, to cast them out, and to heal all manner of sickness and all manner of disease.
sawdust_677: suzanne, thats cornholing not the same as being gay
DivaOfDarkness: It is actually about love a majority of the time.
gaysforjesus: in 1850 at a USA clergy convention  corinthian 6:9 was discussed and that verse was changed as to how it would be taught, it was  changed from masturbaters to gays
Chaarabayash: Mat 10:2  Now the names of the twelve apostles are these; The first, Simon, who is called Peter, and Andrew his brother; James the son of Zebedee, and John his brother;
gaysforjesus: won't inherit
pamela rae_1: Jim Bakker of former PTL CLUB was a closet practicing homosexual...
Chaarabayash: Mat 10:3  Philip, and Bartholomew; Thomas, and Matthew the publican; James the son of Alphaeus, and Lebbaeus, whose surname was Thaddaeus;
gaysforjesus:  then in 1948 the 2 Greek words were remove and homosexual inserted
Chaarabayash: Mat 10:4  Simon the Canaanite, and Judas Iscariot, who also betrayed him.
sawdust_677: pamela, jim baker needs to be hung from that tall cottonwood tree of mine down on the creek
pamela rae_1: Agreed
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DivaOfDarkness: The bible talks about books that are not in it too.
gaysforjesus: Jesus said "born Eunuchs" indepth study proves beyond doubt that in Jesus' day this  means gays
DivaOfDarkness: Levicitus talks about one of the missing ones too Teal.
sawdust_677: eunuchs   asexual
gaysforjesus: indepth study means 10s o f 1000s of ancient documents and a decade of resech
pamela rae_1: I lived there in the days of PTL CLUB
sawdust_677: bless your heart pam
gaysforjesus: Jesus said most can't understand so go ahead be part of MOST and say born eunuch means as you say
DivaOfDarkness: I always wonder that if gays are evil horrbile blah blah blah's, then what the hell are hermaphrodites suppose to do?
gaysforjesus: <--been with my lover for 23 years we will marry probably in Dec when the gay marriage bill passes
sawdust_677: chaar, plz dont be on the mic so long this time, plz
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DivaOfDarkness: I hope gay marriage passes in PA.
DivaOfDarkness: So my fiance and I can finally get married.
pamela rae_1: Jim solicited his guards and camera men for sex all the time...Tammy did outrageous things to provoke Jim's attention...he wasn't interested in her.
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pamela rae_1: Jim Bakker's top aids, the Taggert brothers, were known homosexual brothers in the Charlotte gay community...
sawdust_677: omg pam
sawdust_677: pam, do u think bill gaither group are gay
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DivaOfDarkness: I hate watching people put God in to this unloving box, where his grace is not good enough, and his love is not strong enough, and where he is not above enough to accept his children, of all differences.
Ziggy Pop: People are so quick to judge
pamela rae_1: This is why his son,Jamie Charles Bakker, allegedly in ministry, is soft on homosexuals to this day...
pamela rae_1: Dunno about Gaithers
sawdust_677: k
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DivaOfDarkness: And yet people wonder why I am not a christian.
DivaOfDarkness: I'm going to go, have a blessed day everyone.
sawdust_677: see ya diva
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pamela rae_1: I just know I lived at PTL CLUB 13 years and watched God's destruction of the entire place and ministry because of Jim Bakker's sins...
sawdust_677: i got here too late folks r leaving
sawdust_677: pam, did u personally see baker up close
pamela rae_1: Of course...lived and worked there
sawdust_677: k
pamela rae_1: It was so sad
pamela rae_1: His marriage secretly destroyed...
sawdust_677: isnt jimmy swaggard a wayward minister too
pamela rae_1: His kids neglected....
pamela rae_1: Swaggart yes
Ziggy Pop: yeah but they are also human
pamela rae_1: Christian credibility destroyed in the sight of many tv viewers...
sawdust_677: matt crouch will take over tbn when his parents pass, i give him 5 years to tear it up
pamela rae_1: I will never forget hard lessons learned from PTL CLUB/BAKKER and God's manifest judment on sexual sins
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pamela rae_1: *judgment
sawdust_677: true ziggy but they r held to a higher standard then just a normal person who doesnt proclaim they r a minister
Ziggy Pop: oh ok
sawdust_677: pam they were hypocrities
pamela rae_1: There were wild parties with alcohol...wife swapping among leadership...
sawdust_677: pam what was the benefit of living in his compound
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pamela rae_1: Bellmen in his grand hotel secretly bringing up drugs and alcohol to cute little daughters of guests...
pamela rae_1: I was part of the good guys group there sincerely trying to minister and help people...
pamela rae_1: Many of us knew about Bakker's sins and others with him and were fighting this stuff constantly...
Ziggy Pop: anyway I am outta here I sure understand about being Gay and will not judge anyone been there and done that
pamela rae_1: Christians are to be the light of the world...we tried
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sawdust_677: ah so u were part of the problem, pam, not part of the solution
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Ziggy Pop: take care everyone
sawdust_677: surely baker had a group of overseers over him
pamela rae_1: God warned Bakker thru many that if he didn't repent, judgment would come...
pamela rae_1: AND IT DID.
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pamela rae_1: Hurricane Hugo came roaring through
sawdust_677: then jerry falwell took control
pamela rae_1: And demolished many buildings the week of Bakker's trial
sawdust_677: who was the disabled boy that baker used to raise funds
pamela rae_1: Falwell went down the slide of the waterpark in his business suit!
pamela rae_1: Kevin...
sawdust_677: yes kevin
pamela rae_1: Kevin's house
pamela rae_1: How do YOU know all this?
sawdust_677: why was falwell given control, he was a southern baptist
sawdust_677: i read about it, im not from n c it was on national t v for weeks
pamela rae_1: He used deception with Jim...
sawdust_677: ft campbell, ky is as far east as ive ever been
sawdust_677: falwell was a 300 pounder who died from a heart attack
pamela rae_1: But we saw God's open judgment on homosexual sin in ministry before our eyes through this
sawdust_677: are u a native of the tar heel state
pamela rae_1: The heartache it brought to his wife/kids...
pamela rae_1: Born in DC
sawdust_677: k
sawdust_677: was this in the 80s
pamela rae_1: Traveling to minister everywhere, now in Alaska
pamela rae_1: Yes '80's
sawdust_677: are u full gospel
pamela rae_1: Born again/Spirit filled and ready 2 die 4 Jesus
sawdust_677: k
pamela rae_1: Did u get my link?
sawdust_677: n o
sawdust_677: u posted no link while ive been here
pamela rae_1:   copy/paste,add"w"
sawdust_677: is your link about baker and his empire
pamela rae_1: This is my blog, about coming events/persecution to USA CHRISTIANS
sawdust_677: oh ok
sawdust_677: in your opinnin
pamela rae_1: Left ptl 1996, been traveling Christian journalist/researcher ever since.
sawdust_677: nice chating with u pam im going to yahoo for awhile   t c bye
pamela rae_1: But never forgot sad Bakker lesson
pamela rae_1: bye
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FAITH_ OBEDIENCE: to be a active SODOMITE and then make the statement that SODOMY IS OK is an abomination, this room is of the antichrist,
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