Monday, August 29, 2016

Healing is for today
I have had what I call 3 major healings enough to see and feel a major physical change in a few seconds. One was sort of funny because I thought I was healthy. I was watching of all people Pat Robinson and he said to viewers if anything is wrong your body raise your hand to the TV and be healed. Well in those days I was pretty healthy, but I still wanted it so I thought about it and living in southern California smog was an issue and often it could cause slight pain when taking a deep breath so I laid one hand on my chest the other toward the TV and commanded the smog pain out. Too my surprise from the 4 corners of my chest I felt a dramatic move of something that moved to the center of my chest then lifted out of my body, there was no question of this physical feeling, from that day around 40 years ago to this I have not had a hint of that smog pain again since it left instantaneously at that time.

Another healing was after over a month of some sort of sickness that seemed like a severe cold of flu including horrible ear ache and loss of voice I went with my lover to his mom’s house on the 4 corners Indian Reservation far from any hospital or place to get any helpful meds. After warming my head near a coal burning stove which made it even worse while in Bed for the night I stood up around midnight and prayed to be healed raising my arms in praises to Jesus. Sudden overwhelmed with the feeling of being loved I felt literally warm oil pour over my body, it started at the top of my head and worked down to my waist like I could feel both sides of this healing the top was healed the bottom was still very sick until it moved down to my waist. I then felt like I was in the last couple days of your average flu.

Finally another time on the same reservation and household the mother was preparing intestines for dinner, I was not about to eat that and I saw winners sitting in the window still as that was about as good as a refrigerator so I thought it would be ok even though green spot were all over it, I told her just cut them out as you would mold on  bread and it would be fine, they were against it, but I was not going to eat intestines so she cut out the green areas and cook it well done and I ate it. It did not take long for food poising to set in. outside was 10 degrees with 10 inches of snow on the ground and all they had was an open outhouse about 300 yards away from the house. I never ever was in so much pain before or since then, my guts were being torn apart it felt like. So I called on the name of Jesus and suddenly from the north long a range of north to south hills flowed a river like fluid very visible to me. It sort of looked like those mirages you see on hot highways but flowing long the hilltops. When it got directly east of me which was about a mile away it sopped flowing southward and instead poured straight down to the ground when it got to my head height even though a mile away I was flooded with love and tears fall like rain and this love was in every part of my body. It lasted at least a minute before I got control and I found I was no longer in pain and that just a slight shaken up feeling as one would be on final stages of a bad bout of diarrhea. That evening they decided I should move from the mom’s house to his sister house on a school campus a few miles away, we had to leave for home a 3 am so a good bed and rest would help. I drove 800 miles to my mom’s house where we ate then headed home another 40 miles. It was getting dark and on the road I saw in the spirit and bunch of people riding horses that was out ahead of my car, I wasn’t sure what to make of it I knew only I could see them so I assumed they were angels watch over us making sure we got home ok, as I speeded up they road faster, but the car was to fast so they fell behind. About the time I got onto the freeway, there I noticed being night now the oncoming cars headlights were awful bright so I ask God in Jesus name to help me on that. Suddenly in front of every car came out of the freeway shadows that came over the headlights diming them, this lasted 30 minutes till the off-ramp. I have always been amazed being so healed and to be protection for the long drive home. I was surprised after being so sick with food poisoning that I could drive that far.

So yes healing is for today and sometimes can be pretty dramatic and sometimes hardly noticeable. I had many smaller healing and some great miracles too. Accepting Jesus changes your life and NOW were living in a time where many major healing will be common place amongst Christians.