Thursday, May 24, 2012

Hal Lindsey Report on Same Sex Marriage

It is amazing that Christian can defy truth so strongly. So much info is available today how can anyone have any excuse not to use existing facts. Also, being a Christian should mean you love and believe the Bible. Hal is like many preachers that love to say something is of God, but will not use the Bible to show or explain it. Conditioning and doctrine supersedes the Word of God so very often on many issues. Hal explain how corrupt str8 marriage is using examples way before any gay movement towards anything resembling marriage let alone any sort of human rights. He talks about str8s are not marrying  and go from one partner to another. He adds in abortion and contraception. He complains how str8 are not having babies enough to keep population at balance. Then he says Muslims are having so many babies as to upset population in their world domination goals. Hal lists many examples that are 100% str8 created with no hint of gay influence. Gays only began influencing people by teaching that truth and facts for the past few decades. In the 70s it was unheard of about any sort of gay rights for anything. In 1986 I actually was turned away from renting an apartment in the city’s predominately gay district based on I was going to rent it with another man.
After Hal’s long winded narration about str8 sex sins that were destroying marriage he adds at the end “then there are gays”. He goes on to say gays are destroying  and redefining marriage. The truth is gays want marriage for all it is worth and hyped up to be. Gays want and have the same relationships that str8s do. They meet, they date, they fall in love and they move in together. Most of the time gays used the word “lover” for the word “married”. Gays in no way shape or form want to take anything away from str8 marriage. Hal implies and states that if gays marry then str8s will like the idea and turn gay and the human race would end. Somehow Hal assume gay marriage equal str8s turning gay because they see gays getting married. My experience and history records that str8s would kill or beat up a gay person if anything remotely resembling a pass was made to them by a gay person. We saw in on CNN recently Will Smith slaps a reporter that tried to kiss him. It is not guessing when you hear 10% are gay and 90% are str8. Hal strongly believes that gays seduce str8s to become gay if gay marriage became law. Somehow str8s will get use to gay marriage and somehow like it better than str8 marriage so they will turn gay. Some countries all over the world are giving gays the marriage rights and str8 population is not decreasing. In Washington state a group wanted to get on the ballot a measure to stop gay marriage that congress made law. They used the term Hal used often in this telecast “redefine marriage” This was taken to court and was determined there were no hints to this new state law that redefines marriage so the referendum was misleading and making a false claim. The referendum was re-written to clearly state what voting yes or no meant.
Hal does not seem to care what the Bible really says about real Bible marriages. Nearly all Bible characters had more than one wife and included concubines and slaves. Adam and Eve’s children (no mention of marriage) just had sex and babies together. We get a verse that says there is one reason to leave your parents and that is to marry, this is re-stated in Matt 19. Str8s nearly 100% of the time disobey God on this one. Mary is strongly believed to have been 13 years old when she got pregnant with Jesus. In those days it was common to marry this young, today they would throw the key away. But is those days marriage were pre-arranged and being a virgin was in high demand because that would bring in the most profit in family heads business deal to make the best deal in exchanging their children in marriages.  Now in Gen. 29:23 And it came to pass in the evening, that he took Leah his daughter, and brought her to him; and he went in unto her. Jacob wanted Rachel and his uncle tricked him so he had to work another 7 years for her. Now the competition for babies began each wife trying to make the most babies which included sending slaves to Jacob where there is no hint he had a problem going to bed with whoever was sent his way. The Bible is full of str8 sex that had no hint from God that is was sin and God never reminded anyone it was supposed to be one man and one woman. We do find this though for bishops qualifications. Titus 1: 6 If any be blameless, the husband of one wife, having faithful children not accused of riot or unruly. Since the Bible is a done deal we had 2000 years go by and marriage continued to evolve. 1st 1000 years if you were not specifically attempting to make a baby sex with wife was a sin. But sex with your concubine or mistress was Christian legal. Then St Augustine went on a guilt trip 11th century because he was quite the sex addict, one day (history says he saw a wealthy woman and wanted to may her so he fire his concubine) he got religion (though supposedly a Catholic priest in high position) so he repented of his sexually immorality and begin to write sex doctrine which we now are living in our conditioning whether we are Catholic or not or even in other religion or an atheist. The world and Christians mostly had pre-arranged marriages still until around the 12th century. This is when pagan needed to shape up or ship out if they did not join in Christianity. So huge numbers of them came to Christianity. Now they had marriage customs which looked a lot more like how we get married today. Negotiations, etc. made for adjusting to so many as it were converts, one of such was redefining of marriage. This meant pagan terms simply had to be renamed to Christian terms. You no longer are required your father deciding who you will marry. You can reject that and choose your own spouse. The fertility priest became the pastor and the sex rituals became the wedding reception. Soon this was all thought to be Christian in origin. Again, God didn’t seem to mind at all. We are far away from how marriages happed when Jesus was physically here.
When will people like Hal Lindsey explains Bible marriage? Just like explaining gays in the bible homophobes just say “it’s in the Bible”.  Favorite phrases are “redefining marriage” and the “institution of marriage”. For a very long time Christians have not been virgins at time they got married. So as it were this “institution of marriage” and the “redefining marriage” thee true form of marriage means you really need to be a virgin when you get married, if you are not then you are supposed to be stoned to death. Deut. 22 goes into this in some detail. Bible marriage is a complex serious issues with many details that have not been obeyed the penalty is often this stoning to death punishment. Well there is no Church leader today that will call for obeying the Bible Marriage decrees. What Christians do today and for centuries is  erase all before marriage acts in their lives as though it meant nothing and there is no concerns for any sort of Bible Marriage decrees. Very often married couples today has had at least several affairs before marriage, and their marriage is in the 50% to 60%. Gays had no influences in str8 marriages and the topic of gays was extremely restricted. You cannot blame gays for immoral and against the Bible behavior of str8 that end up getting married. Gays had no real voice until just as little as a couple of decades ago. To get to having any sort of voice began in the late 1940s and was not really heard much about until as late as 1974 when the first revising of the psychological society studies came out. It still took some time till homophobic laws started to fall. Marriage rights were unheard of as a possibility till even after 2000. How did gays become the scapegoat for the marriage whoa’s of str8s. Gays are not redefining marriage. People like Hal don’t realize how horribly unchristian their condemnations are. They want to ORDER 700 million humans never to have what they take for granite. Gay love is as strong and as complete as str8 love and people like Hal seems to love to hate gays and defend it by saying they don’t hate gays. But tell me what it is when two people in love must spend lots of money on lawyers just to get what Hal does not even have to give a passing thought to, like when he dies his wife gets his social security no questions ask. There are many many things denied even in the most clear law a “same as marriage” laws. Just to tell gays they can’t have it because of a belief system they have is not what America is about. Your belief is protected, but it cannot become law. America does not mean the many can control the few. But 30 million gays in the US means 60 million parents and then their siblings and relatives and co-workers and friends so this number effect by people like Hal become a majority as we are beginning to see in the most thought to be impossible gay marriage legal is now very possible and even over 50 in support Who could of known, however with so many effected by hate laws against gays has made it quite likely to be very soon the law of the land.
Now the wider consequence of those calling themselves Christian and invoking God’s word without explaining how they got God’s word to say what they say it says is not yet known. Will God just ignore this? I personally believe God’s word says there is a set time that miss-using God’s word will be dealt with. I talk about this often on my weekly TV programs “Gays For Jesus”.