Friday, November 27, 2009

Gays For Jesus of West Seattle is a favorite

clip_image002Praise God “Gays For Jesus” TV programs is a favorite on SCANTV. You can watch my program weekly at Pacific Standard Time at 7AM or if you are in the Seattle area on channel 77 same time.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

West Seattle Pentecostal gays weekly prayer and worship service


Phone: 206-338-4297 (GAYS)
Location: In West Seattle
(probably Westwood area)
Day: Probably Mondays evenings


If you are gay and Pentecostal (or would like to be Pentecostal) and generally believe in my Statement of Faith and expect miracles to happen contact me and lets start a West Seattle gay Pentecostal praise and worship group.

My beliefs beyond my Statement of Faith in that we would cover would be on the soon return of Jesus and about those conditions we will be soon living in as the world prepares to enter into the Last Days. I also believe Christians do not get a free ticket to Heaven and miss the tribulation period. I believe the Bible goes into lots of details about Christians needing a shaking to cover the prayers of the innocent ones  persecuted by the Church for the past 2000 years. This will take 1260 days in the TRIB before the Rapture can happen. Of course the 14 verses (some say 16) that are used to condemn gays will be covered as those question arise. Beside usual topics.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

West Seattle Gay Pentecostal Home Bible studies

I have decided to begin a local group for gay Pentecostal Christians to meet
regularly. I really don't know much about how to do this or where to start. So I decided the first place it to start a West Seattle yahoo group. I seem other such yahoo groups for West Seattle that gave me this idea. I also am reading West Seattle may be becoming a hot spot for gays anyway after all I have liked living in this community now for 20 years.
Generally we would meet like any home like Bible study and grow from there. Probably in a library hall or some place a member might know about or offer. Goals is to have a local place for gay Pentecostals to meet (others are welcome but it will always remain Pentecostal oriented.
Extended goals would have outreaches as per when Pentecostals on fire for the Lord get up and move things can happen and God will move too. Pentecostals (today being often called charismatic which I think waters down the meaning of Acts chapter 2)are the visible side of God's move that manifests in faith healing rallies and significant manifestations of God Glory. In 1967 Catholic gays started Dignity, then in 1968 Metropolitan Church began with a Four Square pastor (Four square is Pentecostal but MCC chose an interfaith direction which will always leave Pentecostal twitching in their seats holding back for the sake of not offending others). In 1969 God then began with Stonewall a secular gay rights movement that saw laws change that today it is often a 50/50 pro/con concerning gays. So, decades have come and gone while gay non-Pentecostals established themselves and are quite comfortable meeting like any church meets. All the while Pentecostal gays waited for magic I guess for God to say it is your turn at bat. Well many us Pentecostals been in prayer and done our best with not much support. I know God has been preparing the behind the scenes for the gay Pentecostal movement. I think we are right about time that it should begin. God is dealing with me so strongly that I got to do something so I am calling for Pentecostal gays to get involved. Don't keep trying to do it yourself or wait for it to be handed to you. Don't sit back in your Pentecostal churches continually hearing antigay sermons. Don't sit back and just let non-Pentecostal gays have their ways in some gay church you might be attending. Whether locally in West Seattle or around the world join up let change Christianity to what it was intended to be. The Church cut us off over 700 years ago and grown sick ever since. God
grafted gays back in in the late 1960s. Now as Pentecostal gays let us take our turn at bat and heal the Church, I believe gays in the Body of Christ is a very important member of His Body. Let’s take up our position in the Body of Christ. Let meet together hear in West Seattle to worship and praise the Lord and grow in Him .