Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Area 51

Area 51 Entry for September 02, 2006

Area 51 is as active as ever and much more. Much new construction at the main base and SouthWest of the base. The picture above is one unual runway next to a dry lake bed. Also in that dry lake bed is another long runway and many buuildings with unual activitities nearby. At Groom Lake (Area 51) in the dry lake bed we don't usually see anything as photos are shot from ground level, even from the moutain tops nearby photos do not reveal anything suspicious. But now with satilite photos we see something that connects secret societies namely Masons to the base. There are two runways at angels to each other with a road or end of main runway curving rounnd forming a Mason compus.
Directly west of area 51 i s the pllace where they exploded nukes and it is amazing to see how many have been exploded.
Clearly visible is construction of underground facilites all over the area. It arouses the curiousity of what these unual sites are and hope that when they launch the 1/2 meter satilite it will uncover many more details. The gov't does have rule in that they actually order some areas filtered so you can not see very well.
You can download FREE GoogleEarth and even at 56k see anywhere you like in the world.
Of course the jury is out on what the gov't really is doing there. Are they tricking us to believe in UFOs are are they really using UFOs tech to build new aircraft and such? What ever the real reson is all that should matter is the point that the tech needed for the Last Days is greatly enhanced by activities at this base.
Devices discovered, learned or invented here will be a tremdous value to antichrist to get rid of any that oppose him.

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