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Fate of Pastors

Fate of Pastors Entry for November 10, 2006
Fate of Christian Pastors and ministers

Soon those calling themselves Christian ministers will find them selves in a new era. The old school ministers nearly altogether has gone astray. This does not mean they turned from Jesus or willing out disobeying Jesus. They have gone astray by several methods:

Simply not watching the changes through the days as is leading up to the TRIB.
Willfully misleading their flocks because assignments issued by Mason to 33rd degree pastors.
Thinking its not necessary to study on topics they think they know.
Attached to a headquarters of a denomination and following orders for fear of losing position.
The trending movement in religious circles encompassing agendas of common prayer and common good. i.e. satan and Jesus as team members working together.
Competition in having the best in entertainment and equipment for media presentations.
Whole heartedly turning from the KJV to modern version bibles.

In number one above (1 -7 is not an order of severity) life goes on and there are just so many day in a 7000 year plan and the clock just won’t stop for anyone. As we near the 1st day of the seven year Tribulation period there are to be significant events and changes all around in the world. These things are available to see and read about and know about.

Pastors talk about this 7000 yr period a lot and days weeks and years then decades goes by in the time frame they also say Israel is now a nation. This has to mean today’s Christians will experience things no other Christians in history ever had to. The Bible is a big book covering many issue and topics and many stories and says there is an ending period that will see certain things.

It is almost like a no brainer today for Christians to think we are in the Last Days time frame. However, missing from Pastors mouth is to explain what this means to every day life. Even if we were to not be here during the TRIB at all we would still go through horrendous changes before that 1st day gets here. But for sure Christians indeed do go through at a minimal 1260 days of the 1st part of the TRIB.

Like the Bible is a history lesson and present day lesson and a future series of lessons so is the real life representatives of what the Bible says. If the Bible says there will be an antichrist’s kingdom then this one world order can not pop into plat in an instant. If fact this process took 5000 direct years of planning by humans. Though setting this up needed that 1st 1000 years before the Flood.

Therefore studying would get out the facts on processes and developments of the coming world order. Now much of this is not very important to those living before Israel became a nation except for the upfront participants and those with a keen interests on figuring out the plan and attempting to write about it.

But no matter what people learned or knew would hardly make much sense or would effect much ones faith in Jesus and so not until the final days was it necessary to keep Watch intently on the enemy’s progress.

Heretofore pastors had Bible schools and colleges to help them learn a lot about a lot of things, but these were based in centuries of no real move of God or ability to see pieces of the puzzle until Israel became a nation again. Did pastors adapt to the nearness of Christ’s return? No they did not. In stead they built ever bigger entertainment centers and looked so often for sins not related to the horrors of building devices to kill Christians specifically. They rarely bothered to check out gov’t leaders professing to be Christians. Instead the condemnation was heaped on the innocent ones. The results of most pastors are weights being heaped up on innocent ones. It seems so important to talk about personal sins and immoralities in Church settings than prepare Christians to face the real enemies.

Pastors need to find the balance between helping Christians live their lives and preparing them for what is coming. And what things do we need to know about? Just a few I will lists are: Chemtrails, Westcott and Hort, FEMA camps, foreign troops in our land, Look closer at the Rapture and the rising of the dead in Christ, Masons, UFOs, Maitreya, Bloodlines, ID cards, and many more things that will directly effect living Christians severely.

In number 2 above we have been infiltrated by 33rd degree Masons over the past 90 years. This is a specific goal set back then amongst other goals that your pastors should be telling you. However, if your pastor is a 33rd degree Mason or any Sunday school teacher or other church team member then you are being purposely told so subtly things that will make you decide one day to turn your backs on Jesus or you will begin to really think antichrist is Jesus. Masons trace there roots to the Flood and set a goal back then to re-establish the days’ of Noah. Masons (high level upwards than even 33rd degree) believe this was Atlantis and or even a time before Adam’s Flood where all planets were teaming with life (that had to be destroyed by God). They believe those left signs and secrets so that current day Masons can prepare for the coming disasters so severe life could end on Earth. Masons are at work to prepare for these events so they may survive with a controllable number of people. The highest of the elite do know that it is Lucifer whom they do not believe fell and that God and Jesus are the dark evil ones.

In number 3 above We all think we are right, we also admit we may be wrong on some things, but generally resist anyone telling them that they are wrong. Multiply this when being in a position of power and control and you have even a harder time to change or listen to someone telling you that you are wrong. It was not easy to get Church leaders to accept that he world was flat even that spilling blood out of your body drains out the poisons. You could be hanged if you said the Earth rotated around the sun. Is today different? We certainly know the Earth is not flat. But we are just as blind to other things as important or significant. But we hate change, pastors that believe something will not go to sources against what they believe. Yes they tell you they are a changing work not finished trying to mean they are not perfect and right on every matter. The thing still is when extremely detailed provable facts and even things happening before their eyes they are blind to seeing. I have talked to a number of Christian college professors; they have told me they have facts that they would be fired if they taught them to their students. Trying to tell a pastor they are wrong and you have credentials and facts in hand and you have a history of God with you can not open the eyes of that pastor.

When a pastor thinks he knows the topic then studying further is not his option. Pastors say they are an expert in Hebrew and the grammar use of it. They say they do not need to go to any book to look up words or review its origins and ancient use because why should they that they know the stuff and no one can say they are wrong. A PHD does not make you knowledgeable. Wisdom use of the PHD does, the PHD degree gives you the ability to search for answers all the more as you have many resources. Yet a 8 year old can be right and a PHD doctorate wrong. Today we have more information than any other generation. Now is the time we can know the mysteries of God in more than ever detail. Every Christian even from the poorest to the richest has access easy enough to all things. In the starvation camps around the world each one of those people got a bit of food and able to walk can get to a library or somewhere and connect to you online. Point here being we all can check up on our pastors like God said to.

2 Tim 2:15 Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needed not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth. (KJV)

Another place says to amen the preacher then go home if in doubt and study to see if the preacher was right or wrong. We usually go out for breakfast or some activity, To think to test the sermon with the word of God is not in our minds.

In 4 above we have evolved to a conditioned with the influence of many things usually planned goals, steps towards these goals, manipulating systems and management, ordinary escalation of dependability on structures built and maintenances and finances and growth, transition in team members over time running church like a business out of need to control the ever increasing appetite of the monster they create in good faith.

Finding fame enjoyable, getting puffed up thinking God really used you exceptionally, flock growth and much more over time and decades. This brings on changes from original calling to being slave to a machine you created in original good faith. Generally all denominations are founded in genuine faith to serve God. Perhaps the founders did well with not any dramatic change of mission. Sometimes they do indeed find they need to fudge on their faith that begin to allow types in that start the change process that stray from the original calling. Usually though by second generation it is noticeably different than founder’s intentions.

The denomination then becomes giants because of creating it into a successful business. Like any company it can grow and proper or fail and disappear. Headquarter get set up bylaws policies and rules of all kinds are developed so all outreach follow in line. Penalties are set up to punish non-participation in Headquarter edicts. Now a pastor can be fired for obeying God or teaching what God shows them or truths discovered if it does not comply. A pastor can know for a fact something is not true and dare not teach it unless prepared to lose all in regards to that denomination.

In 5 above we have a sinister plot well organized and planed out and been in progress a long time. The have been many organizations coming and going adding their touch to an ever growing and well organize entity to combine all religions into mutual teammates in many affairs. Now we are in final stages with primary groups in place with many organizations around the world with huge abilities finances and people power that unites religions. An official an United Nations accepted is the UR (United Religions) Less openly accepted is Rev Moon’s Unification church which almost all church are supporting directly or indirectly.

These groups make it possible for your church to work with:

Christianity: 2.1 billion
Islam: 1.3 billion
Secular/Nonreligious/Agnostic/Atheist: 1.1 billion
Hinduism: 900 million
Chinese traditional religion: 394 million
Buddhism: 376 million
primal-indigenous: 300 million
African Traditional & Diasporic: 100 million
Sikhism: 23 million
Juche: 19 million
Spiritism: 15 million
Judaism: 14 million
Baha'i: 7 million
Jainism: 4.2 million
Shinto: 4 million
Cao Dai: 4 million
Zoroastrianism: 2.6 million
Tenrikyo: 2 million
You may not have any idea your church is partners with the list about (and many more). This is like satan and Jesus working as friends with the intention of bringing help to the worlds needy. It also is developing lines of communications for a one world order religion.

A very high level organization not talked much about publicly in Maitreya. This name means generally “all the gods was actually one god” also a teacher of Jesus Christ. Maitreya also has an elaborate world constitution. He has been stated to become public a number of times. Many groups gov’ts have been trying very hard to kick start the one world gov’t but seem to get delayed each time. This is because they can not do anything to prematurely Start antichrist Kingdom. It is the TWO Witnesses that will start it. When they shut off the WATER the TRIB begins and not one day sooner. At the time of this writing the TRIB at the earliest is 2.5 yrs away. The Two must meet each other and get to know each other for that period before God gives the green light.

Number 6 is a big problem with the format of ministry today. It is competition to draw crowds. To get more money to draw more crowds again. Yes music is nice. And to have the best equipment is great. We love the fantastic presentation. Lots of it can be very helpful in presenting the message. However, it is far too often its lets hire the best music director. We spend plenty of time honoring each others gifts we call it. Bigger is better the millions it cost the better. Sure we here in the USA do not have to go to church in rags and set up a big tent at the main place of worship. But it is the entrainment factor that is many people go to church for and not Jesus so much. Sure they may sing about Jesus. My point still is this robs even more the pastors ability to train you and prepare you.

We are not many days away from the opposite features, should we say enjoy are wonderful building and music program is electronic media presentation so when it strikes and we are forced into consecration camps suddenly in rags with no entertainment we can say well we got plenty so now we can remember the glory days as they takes out to the slave labor project or re-education centers.

Final #7 the Modern version craze hit the world by storm. Slow at first with one version in 1901ish with the first changing the 1880s English into a 1901 English. Then the real modern version started in 1946-48 increasing in numbers of different version beginning in late 60s and continues to this day.

Do we really know where Bibles comes from? I used to think modern version was looking at the same verse from a different perspective. Sort of in 3D. Then one day a Muslim popped up in chat and tried to convince me the Bible had lots of corruptions. I was not dumb and I knew all the right answers like major errors were tiny words like “a” and “the” or insignificant words that had really no effect on the Bible. But this Muslim gave a number of errors as 50,000 to 80,000. I finished up with him not phased much about what he said as I knew the Bible is the word of God period. Who can tell a Christian the Bible is filled with errors and corruptions anyway.

I though decide to bolster up my knowledge of Bible origins step by step and so begin searching. I know when people are fairly specific there could be something to what they say and anyway a source to where they got this info. It can not be magically Allah told him for Allah is not a god he is an invention by the Vatican to control Muslims and use them to get ownership of Jerusalem. So 50,000 to 80,000 seemed a good place to start and then added versions and quickly “Westcott and Hort” showed up. With this I had better selections of key words since it deal with version origins.
It turns out you can get a couple million hits on Westcott and Hort. It also turns out most hits tell the same story. You get a multitude of sources telling you the same info. Then reading began on many key credible links. The Bible origins and it steps to present unfolded. We love our prefaces but it can almost be said they flat out lie concerning their sources.

The story begins in the 2nd century with TWO versions of hand write manuscripts. One is direct from the original copies of the actual real manuscripts. The 2nd is nearly the same set of manuscripts that are corrupt. This corruption is not accidental. From investigation and merging what I knew from other reading and new reading and investigation of other ancient events concerning the Bible and the works of humans to create antichrist’s kingdom. The manuscript was designed to take Christ out of Jesus which would only be effective after Israel became a nation. It also muddies the water on Last Days topics. Both manuscripts were translated to Latin Vulgate separately by different groups not related. The corrupt version was hidden or conveniently lost not fond until the 15th century.

The correct version called the RECEIVED TEXT was continually used and translated from up until 1611 time frame. So a solid foundation was in though Christianity with various books used in various locations for long times, but not as a whole Bible with the 66 books which got separated out in the 3rd century. The Bible had to be finished at the command of the ruler “Constantine” of Rome and so augment had to stop and the Bible finished, sort of God jumping in so it had to have the books it has in it as one book.

It then got translated to English in 1611 and 400 typing errors corrected within two years, then in the 18th century the English font was changed which made it readable to us today.

The Vatican found the corrupt version in the 15th century and was ordered to make it the official Bible. Westcott and Hort came along in the 1880s finishing a translation from the corrupt text into a local variance of Greek and then back into English and got it to become the Church of England’s official Bible where all modern versions comes from.

This information is at your finger tips so why is not your pastor telling you that modern versions are satan counterfeits?

What do you suppose is the fate of ministers by whatever names they call themselves? Reverend, priest, pastor, minister, and preacher we have many names to call them. The Bible is pretty clear on something that can sound pretty strange and it bothered me for a decade after it was given to me by God. I pleaded with God to explain how could pastors be so bad they seem so good. They do not seem to do anything but be faithful to you and have wonderful sermons. Sure I saw a few things that bothered me like they would easily condemn gays but hey that is a big issue that will be resolved in Heaven (so I thought at that time). Some Last Days things seem off from what they were saying and what I read in the Bible, but again what’s the big deal. But God never seized throwing these verses at me every time I opened the Bible. Then a decade went by and enough has happens and I asked God how can I speak so boldly to (against) your servants, The Bible says for me to be able to do this you would have to had prepared me over the long term and so I could review my life and see you have done this and given me such authority. I would have to have had your word given me and at that moment I did not think this had happened in my life. God spoke to me and said re-read what I have given you. I knew he meant Ezek. 34

Ezek 34:2
2 Son of man, prophesy against the shepherds of Israel, prophesy, and say unto them, Thus saith the Lord GOD unto the shepherds; Woe be to the shepherds of Israel that do feed themselves! should not the shepherds feed the flocks?

Ezek 34:10
10 Thus saith the Lord GOD; Behold, I am against the shepherds; and I will require my flock at their hand, and cause them to cease from feeding the flock; neither shall the shepherds feed themselves any more; for I will deliver my flock from their mouth, that they may not be meat for them. (KJV)

The above is only a part of the journey that God is telling of what is to happen to Pastors very soon. We will hear more often falling ministers in the news. It will get more specific. Pastors round the world will see messenger God will send to them (human) telling them shape up or ship out and hear are the ticket to ship out in my hand (meaning they do not get to chose how they fall).

In ending Pastors can avoid being prophesied against by taking up the job as a shepherd and train their flocks and teach how to live with death in the air and how to die in Christ. The can revisit the message of Christ and review the work they have done. They can listen to the messenger’s advice. For when these messengers come they come in the power of God with rod in hand and they will strike calling plagues and it will not be by their hand so you will know it is God and not man speaking to you.

The message of hate must end, the doctrines against groups must end the heaping of weights on your flock or others outside your flock must end. Look around you today you have your paradise tomorrow you will be in rags begging for food. The armies of the enemy are about top pounce on your flock and you will see what you did to them (your flock). How you did not prepare them to die or live or see the terrors that can come from mankind. How can they bare the onslaught of sudden life changing events and you entertained them for years giving them no hint of the perils a head.

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