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God rose a false region up giving it superpower status from comment by Robert

Robert same rhetoric from yet another factless homophobe

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I have to say that I am a bit concerned with some of the things on your Face book page. It seems as if there are some discrepancies in some of the information that you are posting based upon the gospels. I have a very hard time

gays4jesus: Robert like all homophobes thinks reading a verse is enough. Being conditioned to think rape and prostitution and orgies is perfect defining of an orientation so long as it is gays is how you read the Bible. As we will see he uses a few verses but never even attempts to explain what word or phrase made the verse about gays.

He use this part of my post: Robert says: “with this one…”
God has a very specific plan and call for gays in the Last days. I don't talk about it much as it seems to be a never ending effort to reach the Church concerning their condemnation of gays. Today nearing 60% in some polls showing positiveness towards gays even including marriage now it this higher percentage it may be time I can spend effort is present God's call to gays. There is a very detailed progress of the stages God did in getting gays where they are today. It can actually be said that one woman psychologist in the late 40s started it secularly. God first had to get the process started with the direction to get gays off being classified as a disease. That would take 26 years. A few years before that God began to work with gay Christians. 1st Catholics 1967, then protestants 1968. The in 1969 the operating machinery for any type rights movement began for gays "the secular gay rights movement". NOW about 40 years later we are arriving at a 60% positive poll ratings appearing more often. This is the background for what is to come.

Scripturally this is something that is wrong. Jesus and the apostles specifically mention that homosexuality is a sin and that relations between men is something to be abhorred. Where did you get these numbers at? Clearly you have been polling in the wrong areas. Sodom was destroyed for just this kind of thinking.

gays4jesus: Homophobes wants the percentage to be 1% this number can’t even support the ex-gay ministries alone. Small in numbers ex-gays would no doubt need to be cut in half or more to support a 1% figure. Where did I get that number? Like all homophobes they hate facts they hate studying, they hate reading easily available testimonies and profiles that are usually a click away from the gay name they saw and so sent their hatred to. Had Robert taken the time to look at my profile and other gays he would find more links to more details about “how I come up with 10%” The Earth has nearly 7 billion people and in Christianity we say so far 6,000 years has gone by since God created man. Science used millions of years for mankind. This means with especially today having the internet, we can study history and present day. On my sites I explain I began researching way before I accepted Jesus and I started my sites back in the days on no internet in the BBSs days. Before that I lived and breathed reading about ancient times and world history and culture and science facts. When I accepted Jesus the final note was when I told God “if he were truth I would accept him” 30 days later events took me to an alter where I accepted Jesus. Before that I had already seen are read about gay organizations all over the world. You see Robert there is a gay community with a communication system called gay newspapers. They are like any news reporting agency with reporters, you know the routine. Being a gay newspaper they focus on gay news. Again this is a big world and so endless news sources concerning all the countries concerning gays. I can go into detail about that but only wanting to make the point of the huge number of sources to get gay fact worldwide shows even simple math easily makes 10%. As I said I got tons of info on my sites talking about my personal ministry throughout the world. I tell readers that at least one person in every country has seen my TV program. I may have at best guess wish facts calculation and all means in some fashion have at least 1 million people that have contacted me. I am suspecting more because site tracking is getting more sophisticated. Where before it may say 20 hits further tracking show 195 separate views. YouTube was seeming like maybe a couple thousand at best, but the tracker adds the total to be over 50,000 so who knows. For a fact I was in many Christian chat rooms when they first came on line (AOL, YAHOO, Prodigy etc.) Each room then held 50 people and you can go a few to several rooms deep before you start getting less than 50. This was around 1985 and for a few years I (the name gays4jesus) was the only openly gay person in those rooms. This met the moment I went into the room I was attacked by most of the 50 that were in the room. I had several accounts going so I could be in several rooms at the same time. I spent many hours a day (can get habit forming for sure, but with so many people non-stop condemning attacking and asking questions and more I often could not leave as it was exciting that God was using me to minister to so many) it took a few years before other openly gay Christians let alone any other gay person to begin showing up and speaking as a gay person openly. I don’t need to brag, but it is a point I am making about my credentials I literally was the first as there were no other chat rooms on the internet these were it. All other chat rooms of the day was very slow and a process to chat and very few people. It was “gays4jesus” since 1985 and earlier with my 6 line BBS called gays4jesus that confronted daily Christians. So I heard every imaginable way homophobes say gay is sin. NONE and I do mean NONE explain how they get gays in the Bible. At best they quote a verse. I know the Bible and the verse so really what is the point to quote it to me again? I want to know that you know what it means, so I ask over and over again, I plead, I beg, but nothing can get a homophobe to explain a verse. After all my pleading they just re-quote the verse. Often using modern versions (50,000 to 80,000 corruptions).

So personally in all this my worldwide ministry personal contacts with both negative and positive concerning the gay issues I have seen way more than enough to confirm reality 10% gays. Countries I never heard of Islands so tiny never knew existed gays contact me. Deepest darkest Africa, deep in China everywhere with generally the same story concerning how they came to know they were gay. A weird outcome of my name gays4jesus is str8 flock to me for Christian advice, pastors around the world pop up in chat to talk to me, Parents ask me how to raise up junior, dating single str8s want advice. All some weird reason think I can help them because they think God is with me. I am amazed and phrase God how is uses this name he gave me when I had to figure out a very short title for my TV programs as the station had a character generator that could not show small print, after prayer first run was Jesus4gays,, that was a disaster as in chat rooms short cuts are taken and so I was being called Jesus, well I just am not Jesus and have no desire to take Glory from him so I reverse it to gays4jesus. So, as it were I’ve been polling for over 40 years.

1Timothy 1:8-11: “Now we know that the law is good, if one uses it lawfully, understanding this, that the law is not laid down for the just but for the lawless and the disobedient, for the ungodly and sinners, for the unholy and the profane, for those who strike their fathers and mothers, for murderers, the sexually immoral, men who practice homosexuality, enslavers, liars, perjurers, and whatever else is contrary to sound doctrine, in accordance with the glorious gospel of the blessed God with which I have been entrusted.”

1Timothy 1:8-11 8 But we know that the law is good, if a man use it lawfully; 9 Knowing this, that the law is not made for a righteous man, but for the lawless and disobedient, for the ungodly and for sinners, for unholy and profane, for murderers of fathers and murderers of mothers, for manslayers, 10 For whoremongers, for them that defile themselves with mankind, for menstealers, for liars, for perjured persons, and if there be any other thing that is contrary to sound doctrine; 11 According to the glorious gospel of the blessed God, which was committed to my trust. KJV

all modern versions has 50,000 to 80,000 corruptions as they are from Westcott and Hort’s translation which became the Church of England’s official Bible and all modern version comes from. Arsenokoites was used never before Paul by Greeks and 76 times after Paul in the next 14 centuries. Christian writers used the word 56 times including the 2 Paul used. Never were there any hints to the word meaning gays in all that time and uses. Robert how did you make it mean gay? What’s more in the USA the verse was not used to mean gay until a clergy convention in 1850 where the word was discussed. Previous in the USA it was taught MBs would not inherit, they agreed everyone MB’d so Heaven would be empty so they decided together to use gays won’t inherit since no one would feel upset about this group to mean arsenokoites, after all for the previous 600 years there were 12 verses used in the false anti-gay doctrine. In 1946 in the 1st modern version the 2 Greek words removed and homosexual inserted. In Paul’s day more than 9 Greek words were available to Paul that would today mean gays. Paul sort of invented a word which retained it Hebrew meaning “male temple prostitutes” the other word was specifically referring to expensive call boys (a Paul’s day thing for wealthy Corinthians). There are tons of different ways arsenokoites was taught so tell me how are you right today?

One thing that stands out here in another passage that really makes me think in all of this is 1Corinthians 6:9-11: “Do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived; neither will the sexually immoral, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor men who practice homosexuality, nor thieves, nor the greedy, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God.” But wait..”And such were some of you. But you were washed, you were sanctified, you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and by the Spirit of our God.”

gays4jesus: answered in the 1 Tim above.

This means, and assuming you must have some background in biblical studies, that you have changed your ways and have left the sin behind to follow the Lord in all that you do. This does not mean that you have a free pass to continue doing what is wrong in the first place, but that you have truly repented and left that former life behind.

gays4jesus: You should not have to assume my background as I often state my background to homophobes for the purpose of showing how they just assume so much. FACT FACT FACT when a person comes to Christ and accept his work on the Cross they do a visible 180 degree turn from how they were heading before that. This means every human that accepts Jesus will display a behavior able to be seen by others. Sometimes very dramatic changes happen other time some changes takes months or years. One Christian cannot and should never judge this process. You not judge a condition is required which if not visible means you are not saved. There is one condition that shows you are not SAVED and that is not believing Jesus is the Son of God and or rejecting Jesus work on the Cross meaning “John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. (KJV)” all else is a daily walk where God who wrote HIS LAWS on that new Christian’s Heart and Jesus who now has a personal relationship with that New Christian is on-going.

Christians so often create sin list and demand them to be obeyed condemning non-obedience as that person is going to hell. COP out is the phrase “free pass to sin” You really need to get with real life and not fantasy what ifs. Christian do not come to Christ just to have license to sin. People come to Jesus to walk with him in a 24/7 relationship from then on. They are not trying to get away with any sin they can. This is so very stupid to have to add into any conversation about God is the stupidity that coming to Jesus that is it that kind of common to sin all the more. I rebuke you for implying anything about any sort of free to sin concept then applying it to those you just don’t like. The word REPENT is so abused it almost makes the word a cuss word unfortunately. Repenting is not whatever you wish to be a sin is stopped. The 180 degree turn people make when they accept Jesus is a huge visible display of repentance. Their 24/7 walk with Jesus is a daily devotion to repentance and a full willingness to change their lives as led by GOD.

Repenting is not when some homophobe say gay is sin so you got to become str8. If you truly believe gay is sin why don’t you explain it, so far every verse you used is not only showing you do not know Bible origins and you are using the corrupt version conditioning yourself to accept anti-christ as more deceptions are brought forth, you never even give anything at all to show that a verse talks about gays. Recently a homophobe told me yes yes Romans 1 is indeed about ritual orgies to other gods, but is still condemns gays because in the orgies there are MEN (plural) with MEN (plural) having sex together even though in Paul’s and Moses’ day it was like 100% of sex to other gods were str8s going to temple prostitutes. Somehow someway they said since men were with men in the orgy it condemn all gays. Even though in the same orgy str8 sex was the main stay somehow this does not mean all str8s. We have temples with wall to wall carvings inside and out of sex acts of all kinds depicted in the ritual worship. It is almost all str8 acts. How ever can any one mistake these ritual orgies as a way to condemn gays? REAL gays are in the usual meet date love marry and as a couple not an orgy group. I have been with my lover for 21 years. Gay bar scene is a drop in the bucket as most gays don’t go to bars many may as in their youth looking for a partner just like str8 do once found someone they disappear. I do not speak this as a wish but t by an 8 yr study on the gay bar scene. The gay bar scene is really not a lot different than the str8 bar scene. Most str8s and most gays again don’t go to bars. I also spent around 10 years in the gay church community. Yet in all this my life is deep in the center of str8 life all around and gay fit right in almost never known to be gay and so are in complete confidence of the str8s, Even when str8s knows someone is gay they still act their str8 life out so gays knows gay life and str8 life. This I am saying is not a hint to the fertility sex Paul and Moses had to deal with amongst Christian men and men of God in those days. These to famous Bible characters spent a lot of their life deal with str8 Hebrew men going to the fertility temples for ritual sex. In those very ancient days were real gays and there were terms used to talk about them. It requires what homophobe refuse to do “study” but it is not that hard to find gays in those days and they had nothing to do with the subject Paul and Moses were addressing. Mostly they were a non-issue and it was no biggy in those days.

Leviticus 18 talks about unlawful sexual relations dealing with married and unmarried, coveting your neighbors wife, daughter in law and in verse 22 it says this….”You shall not lie with a male, as with a woman; for it is an abomination.” This is something that has to be paid attention to. Moses passed this on to the Israelites and it is also passed onto us if we believe the Bible to be the inspired word of God.

gays4jesus: I am sure like most homophobes you will refuse to go to this link. However, "v'es zaachaar lo tishkav mishk'vey ishaw to'eyvaa hi." Your mentioned verse the word man means “practicing str8 man” English renders it “man” Hebrew is not English and has more than one word for man. The verse means str8 Hebrew men often went to fertility temples along to way to the Promise Land for ritual sex with the “male temple prostitutes” This was acts done to other gods (abomination) because God’s people were like a wife so it is an adulteress act to go to these other gods (womankind: adulteress woman). In ch. 20:13 the death penalty is given. This is not a wishy washy the law should execute them after a court decision of guilt. Hebrew LAW was very distinct on how to kill and who would kill. Those that brought the charge were required to STONE to death the one they accused. History never shows anyone killing gays based on this verse, lots of gays killed Hitler gassed 50,000, but none based on your verse. If you believe like you said and you believe Lev. Then why are you disobeying God and not stoning to death gays?

The final thought I wish to leave you is this from Revelation 21 in talking about the New Jerusalem. Verse 22-27 focusing on 27: “And I saw no temple in the city, for its temple is the Lord God the Almighty and the Lamb.

gays4jesus: I am a last Days TV preacher, I go into deep details concerning the endtimes are you opening up a can of worms trying to show me you think you know something?

And the city has no need of sun or moon to shine on it, for the Glory of God gives it light, and its lamp is the Lamb. By its light the nations walk, and the kings of the earth will bring their glory into it, and its gates will never be shut by day, and there will be no night there. They will bring into it the glory and honor of the nations. But nothing unclean will ever enter it, nor anyone who does what is detestable or false, but only those who are written in the Lamb’s book of life.”

gays4jesus: ahh you are a judge after all, instead of explaining how you get gays in the verses you used you go into not only killing gays but killing them eternally by you forbidding them into the Kingdom.

I am not judging you in this situation, that is the duty of God and Christ Jesus.

gays4jesus: you are judging, stating you are not is a lie. You have not shown how you get gays to be sin, you showed str8s going to fertility gods and this is your way of condemning all gays to hell with out hope in God.

I am merely pointing this out to you where from the the posts on your page bring the false testimony of our Lord and Savior Jesus. For your background I am a pastor as well and have been now for 11 years.

gays4jesus: My calling is to pastors I urge you to consider that. I am not wishing or guessing this calling I am called. This is not a fly by night statement but I would suggest to you that you treat me like your own pastor for that is my call. If you reject this you are rejecting your pastor. I am not interested if you believe or don’t believe that I am your pastor. What will happen will happen according to my calling given by God and it is not something I would think you would like. If you check out my ministry’s theme you might get an idea what I am saying. Not sure what your read in my badge all it says in my TV program’s name “Gays For Jesus”

You being a pastor for 11 years hmmm you are just a young puppy you better start resecting your elders. My Pastor’s pastor call came in 1974 my ministry as Gays For Jesus began in 1985, my TV programs also began in 1985. I am Assemblies of God since 1974. My statement of faith is exactly AOG’s I been to many many churches as a secular job requirement. This means for around 10 years I was required to take groups of 20 to Sunday school and church services and many churches. What happens when the pastors comes over to me they sense Jesus and tell me so and they confide in me and tell me al they see in me is Jesus. In my home church the pastor often confides in me, though there were 3000 in the church besides his board and staff any things that touches him deeply about concerns on how his church is going he talks to me. This is history. I can go into many such stories of those that seem to only see Jesus in me, now those that saw me on TV and that my screen name gays4jesus and reacted homophobically I have many a strange story and many stories about what happened concerning their ministry. Prophetically homophobic pastors are in for a shock. But also I got plenty to say about pastors no matter how ill prepared they are for the coming days. You should listen to me it will get you a head start to me better able to handle what will come to your church in those days. Don’t listen to me won’t stop what will happen and so you will have to adjust by experiencing it. A gay is sin doctrine won’t hack it in those days, you will quickly find that out.

Numbers of situations matter not.

gays4jesus: numbers of situations matters not? What a cop out. Why do we need to stay in school to 12th grade. Why do athletes need to practice and practice? Heads of companies are not there by magic but much trial and errors. Why do we need to read and re-read and read again the Bible? You are telling 11 years of your pastorship is meaningless? You don’t mean a thing, you never changed certain things because you found a better way of correct errors you found you had? I certain hope I get a doctor that did many many operations before he did me. Hope he had all the various problems instead of me being the Ginny pig. So you are telling me 800,000 homophobe won’t tell me everything possible that a homophobe can come up with. You are telling me 3 hours talking with Mossad (Hebrew: המוסד‎, Arabic: الموساد‎), meaning "institute" or "institution" in Hebrew, known in full as the Institute for Intelligence and Special Operations or talking with senator about last days was useless. They came to me I did not go to them. How about situation where first handers came to me with what they saw and what they did regarding secret things. Guess situations are useless for anyone that talks about things regarding their topics. But hey homophobes can’t accept Jesus loves gays and shows them things. Beyond all my personal situations I have nightly visions for God about the coming days. I have over 200 Assemblies of God pastors that called me up so they could prophesy over me. I suppose they were false prophets right? Such a cop out to toss out someone’s 64 years of life because that would me maybe they have something important to tell you that might change you false doctrine on gays.

What I have or have not done is something between myself and God and I feel that as a human I have done my best to walk the walk that Jesus has commanded us to walk.

gays4jesus: So why them can’t you accept a gay Christian personal walk with the Lord and they are doing like you their best? Your interpretation is yours, there are 7 billion today some say at least when there were 5 billion that all that ever live is equal to the number alive today. Polls say anywhere up to 1/3 or more in the world are Christian. Who’s interpretation is right? Yours? Or should we study or don’t need to get real involved in some issues that really is not a big part of your life. Well gays are a huge part of people’s lives. 700 million gays makes 1.4 billion parents then add siblings and co-workers and friends and the number your condemnation soars. So y really need to know your topic more than a modern version Bible quote of a verse.

We as Christians are to help keep each other accountable and we are also told to stand for truth. With that I have said my peace and feel that the spirit has led me to this decision.

gays4jesus: we are not Gestapo we are to comfort one another not police one another. What is it with you don’t trust Jesus? Why don’t you go police str8 guys. Didn’t you see that CNN woman reporter recently she did a story on Craig’s list. She place an ad within in 3 hours she had 15 phones calls str8 men want to pay her for sex. The military has monthly training on hookers how to look at their doctor’s book, the color of the type if one color don’t have sex it means she has a std. They teach clean up after sex with a hooker and more. We pay taxes to teach soldiers since they will go to hookers the safest way to do it. In my hooch there were 16 guys one married a couple with fiancée and they shacked up with a prostitute they met. The other knew the prices of the key places of hookers with doctor’s exam books. We can get deep in the Rape a gang bangs and much more. Yet you as pastor will talk about gays? Don’t you have a clue about rampant str8 sex sin? Hardly mentioned are the famous sports figure that boast of 2000 sexual female partners. In the work place it is sex sex sex by str8, not much they seem to be able to talk about it seems sometimes but for you you want to go into the bedroom of gay couples that are faithful and monogamous. WHY? If the spirit led you to the decision about saying your peace then back it up in the Bible. I believe you are right you said enough led by the Spirit so as you can hear what I have to say Pastor. Maybe God is telling you to take up my challenge. at this link I give my challenge. Invite me to speak. You and your church use and preach and call on God to do all you know how in Christ Jesus to do, cast out demon and whatever taking as long as youo need even fasting and prayer if you think it is a demon requiring such. Then it will be my turn I will make it very very fair It will be JUST me and just your whole church which you can invite other church to come join in my challenge. Lets see if God will move on your behalf that gay is sin or my behalf that gay is not sin. Remember I am cheating I already know God will move on gay IS NOT sin. You know your “situation” thing.

Just for your reference, I have been involved with many who are former gays that have given their lives to Christ, not by beating them into submission but by loving on them as Christ would and pointing out the same things I have to you. I am not trying to be a savior but a servant. The one quote I put from your page is just but one thing that I find offensive to our Lord Jesus and I am sure that when the time comes you will know what his thoughts are as well.

gays4jesus: You still think I am stupid, you are not very respectful at all, you just assume I must be so ignorant. I am also an expert in the ex-gay movement. First example it the first major movement of ex-gays in early 1970s called Exodus International. From whence comes ex-movement as we know it today. Here is the link of the founder of Exodus His story reads like most ex-gay leaders and founders. I have personally talked with many, many have found my site and tell me they are no longer ex-gay. Many others that I wrote long letters to and some are on my web page still decades ago today are expressing a total different view of gays. Exodus International is even seeing signs of not able to maintain operations. I got detailed testimonies of over 100 ex-gay leaders. Anytime an ex-gay come to me telling me they change it takes at most 4 questions to find out they have not changes. They usually admit they are still struggling. As a rule ex-gays last 1 to 2 years some cases longer sort of depend on the dependence they got into of the groups they joined. Ex-gay leaders and founders last up to 8 yrs again depending on the wide spread publicity they might have. Today ex-gay ministries have been operating from experience of failures and have tried various designs to keep leaders longer. In ex-gay leader private circles they talk like they are gay secretly so really living a lie publicly. Ex-gay can go into 20 30 years in a married life before it all they can take and they do things that get them caught.

When you say former gays and given their lives to Christ you imply being gay mean not giving your life to Christ. With so many gay churches (meaning born again, or otherwise as any denomination as they remain in the mainline denomination it is not some sort of satan church as you may wish) Gay Christian are not fly by night flaky Christians. Remember they have to live in a world where pastors like you condemn them. They are persecuted by you. Like Christian in history and many places in the world today Christian often had to adjust to the life around them. Gay Christians have to weed through your hate and dig harder for the truth than you ever thought was a concept.

You will find many many things in the future before Jesus returns that will seem offensive to you so much so as you may join the great falling away. The Great falling away is not you seeing some of your congregation leaving. It is because sign in great deceptions seem to say that man over there is Jesus after all. You might not be able to accept what God coming messenger are going to tell you. The more you hear them speak the more you will think about turning your back on Jesus. This is the GREAT falling away. This is what cause huge numbers to turn their backs on Jesus. Thinking you will survive is being blind to the intent of Both God and satan. Satan has a 5000 year plan and preparation period, we are at the in the last 10 or 20 years of this. The extent of the details of the plans for Christians of today is immense. satan did not make these goals for a sudden new batch of revival Christians. People born again in those days came by way of the new messengers sent by God they are not going to fall prey so easy to satan’s wiles. But old timers meaning today’s Christians so full on sermons thinking they know it all that is his target and he knows how and he has God’s permission. God set a time to shake the Church a 1260 period. It is that time that Christians gets their Wedding Gowns on. They don’t fit Christians are so fat and so lazy it will take 1260 days of dieting and exercise to be able to wear their Wedding Gown. This time is the fulfillment of Lev. 26 the 4th level of disobedience. 1/3 will come through the refiner’s fire. For the Rapture to be able to Pluck you off Earth it needs you to be wearing your Wedding Gown a requirement because the very first thing we are going to do after meeting Jesus in the air is marry him. We need to be ready and dressed for the occasion. Those that aren’t will not be Raptured. If you die first you get your fitting at Death’s gate like all the other will that died in Christ.

You are beating gay using the Bible as a club. In 1967 God began moving in gay Christians training them for ministry in the Last days. You have no clue because you don’t know anything about what God is doing in the gay community. You soon will and I really can imagine you will be ready for it.

You can do with this what you want. I myself will move on as I have said what I have been led to say.

gays4jesus: I am sorry, but you can’t just move on. Did you forget you came to “gays4jesus” I did not go to you. You are under the anointing of this ministry. I don’t have to do a thing because it is not me but God. From this day forward saith the Lord life as you know it will begin to change and will bring you back to this issue until you begin to truly study. Events probably won’t be really that fun for you and yours. Words and reasoning can’t touch your heart sadly the Bible tells us plagues and other disasters is God’s preferred method of spanking his people. The Church as a whole will be shaken. God raises up superpowers to spank his people then destroys those countries he spent so long rising up. The Church in in 4th level disobedience. God rose a false region up giving it superpower status. God spent since what 600ad rising up this religion that today is sweeping the world. They believe their religion must be the only religion in the world and any means to get it is godly. But once it has done its job God will destroy in an instance. 5/6 of its army will be destroyed at one moment. No power become strong unless God rises it. Islam can be getting strong on its own. God is raising up Islam to spank Christians. Don’t get me wrong Islam is the visible source not the powerhead. They take orders they don’t decide actions. But by you contacting me and saying your hatred of gays, you initiate a personal move to change your life as you know it. Hopefully you will remember this and come back to testify what happen to you. It is kind of cool to hear of lives changed by God.