Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Entry for October 19, 2006 Chemtrails

Still very little is said about this nearly daily event. Seattle has the common feature of these almost daily Chemtrails. There are a variety of explainations from a vast number of sources. Nothing is said publicly though. You can almost only find info by going on a web search where in the last 3 months there were over 644,000 pages on chemtrails by just usiing the word chemtrials.
Christian TV or the news act like these do not exit though they can easily cloud over a blue sky day in no time. Us older folk should no better if we hear they are just contrails(water vapers). We know jet aircraft from many decades of watching them fly over head with their short lasting contrial.
How can even a relatively dumb person ever have the idea these are just regular flights of passenger or cargo or even military flights? Tic Tac Toe is not a flight pattern nor circles nor making Xs nor turning on and off the trials at will.
Contrails disappear fast and only are not much more than a few aircraft length behind. Chemtrails can last all day and the spread very wide and often have a rain-like material coming from under them. As you can see in the above picture they are not just done over cities, but way out to sea behind real cloud masses.
It would be wise to read up on the many views of these Chemtrails. Though you can't stop the gov't from spraying you it might at least help knowing that something not right is being done.
Nearly all sources seem to agree it is not good for us, some source claim it is for our own good and we do not need to know the Gov't is helping us by spraying us.
Supportivive source say it is vacinating you from potential germs and/or fixing the atmosphere from the damage we have done.
Most say it is incrediants to make our lung be an incubation chamber for future release of diseases or other not to pretty of effects on us.
Personally, I believe it is a unified effort by those in the highest levels of the coming antichrist's kingdom commonly called the New World Order to reduce world population to around 1 billion people.
Chemtrails is just one of many population reducing efforts. There is also more secretive reasons less known. Handed down fairly factual infomation to today's Masons about impending doom. Coded info in myths built into constillations and secret libraries and many secret traditions handed down over a very long time as far back as the FLOOD and perhaps even before Adam's Flood back when God destoyed most all life in our solar system, then created Adam.
Today's highest of these elite are preparing to survive the coming diasters. They sort of have a blue print to prepare the world for a new time. It is very real to them. To them satan did not fall and is guiding them to this NEW period coming.

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