Thursday, January 24, 2008

December 21, 2012 AD

We live is very exciting times. Many sources tell us the end of days are on us. A theme to these last days consisdtantly brings up December 12, 2008. On several ancient and modern calendars and predictors this date is common between them.

What should this mean to Christians? Of course nothing is good or fun about living during extreme disasters. Pole shift certainly will not be a simple rolly coaster ride as Alaska rushes towards the equator. We have a ton of conspiracy theories that cover lots of extreme conditions coming during our lifetime and telling us consistantly it is becoming sooner than later.

Well we as Christians should keep in mind that if we are believing Jesus is soon to return that accompanying this is a great deal of considerable calamities man made and natural. Trying to date Jesus' return is very difficult because some issues we often don't think about is part of the timeline and so Jesus won't be returning because it appears most events has happened and we say nothing more needs to happen. Yet often with little extra search we can find events that is a requirement for Jesus to return and it is not even started so Jesus cannot return no matter how much we say he is or how much we wish it to be so.

My concerns is so many want it to be fairly nice and relatively comfortable and bad news is mostly far from our neighborhood. We forget history and that Christians often experienced a great deal of uncomfort to say the least. And it seems one way or another we all seem to agree the Church has been bad at times and even very bad at times. Is it really as simple as ZAP the Rapture and everything is home free?

Best practice for Christians living in the days of the soon return of Jesus Christ is learn how to be "Rapture Ready". Best way to become "Rapture Ready" is realize it is not something you can do or any sin you can clean up that others or yourself commit. All this is really out of our hands. The world cannot be organized into our idea of Christain behaviors, it is to vast and to complex and too many people. We bark up the wrong trail when we think witnessing Christ is pointing fingers at sins. People that come to Christ have their walk to do and it is not your walk.

The point I am trying to make is not one of lets all sin the more or lets not help others live "righter" for Christ. But a pont that reflex the whole picture of why Jesus came and died. He did not die for the others that you may straighten out, he DIED for you. And for the others you may lead to Jesus, Jesus Died persoanlly for them NOT you. Let Jesus be Jesus withness what he does teach with the understanding you are from from a teacher, almost all Christians are not teachers, but all Christian are witnesses. Teacher got a lot to bare so when they teach they must teach wholeheartedly with flexibility to change when they discover they were wrong on something. If a Teacher does not listen and learn as they teach they cannot hear God correct them.

Now what then should you do? First and formost it is you and Jesus. Pretend there is no other. He only died for you so you can live eternally with him. He is your friend and will never leave you. Every Christians has this intimate one one one relationship with Jesus.

The days are coming when we may think Jesus forsook us,but keep in mind his words that he will never fosake you. False christs will come and one for sure will be very difficult to tell the difference from Jesus of the Bible. Deception, counterfeits, and attack on your senses will be the routine soon. How will you live in those soon coming days.

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