Saturday, December 15, 2007

Want to Volunteer?

The Stables Ministries
"Home of Gays For Jesus weekly TV programs"
Gay is not sin and Jesus is not asking the gay person to change and be straight.

I am looking fro a few good people. Hopefully in the Seattle area, but not required. These are 100% volunteer positions. I  am not sure exactly the actual functions that will be needed as this is a new kind of ministry and not a whole lot of role models to use as guidelines though I think there are standards that will be similar as large rallies follows built in formatting that is universal.

Preferable gay, but not required. Pentecostal a must.

1. Webpage expert that can manage all Stables Ministries sites and create high ranking and increase hits.

2. Video editor that can shoot, insert clips, special effects, and text documentation/verses of my topics.

3. Email person that can generate email lists and send email to key targeted persons and groups.

4. Fund raiser that can generate funding for projects, rallies, travel, operational costs, possible salaries, and other.

5. Event creator that can generate leads, make accommodations, negotiate conditions, set up rallies, and more.

6. Pentecostal gay song writers and singers with a strong call from God to minister their talents to the world.

Above does not have to be separate people. My goal is about 9 -12 people with 6 person team to travel and minister in person. The rest operate the ministry from a home base.

For sometime this has been my vision and dream with many people prophesying this will come to pass. Recently this seems a real possibility. At least 1000 pastors from several countries have invited me to come preach to crowds they can gather in a short time space. many of these pastors I have been in contact for a few years and they tell me they can gather as many as 10,000 people to hear me.

What God is showing is many will be physically healed and many will accept Jesus and be baptized in the Holy Spirit. Also the Church will be shakened for their false doctrines and customs and conditionings. A great revival is coming so come join me in this exciting ministry.

Those that cannot help in person or tanglebly from home with their talents or expertise can help with love gifts large or small even $1.00 is not too small.

click to help with a donation love gift

Thanks so much for helping and supporting The Stables Ministries.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Pentecostal and Gay


I accepted Jesus January 27Th, 1974 at 9:45 pm. Three years before I met my lover who was Assemblies of God from the Navajo Indian reservation. He had shown no signs he was Christians during these 3 years. When I accepted Jesus he suggested the Assemblies of God after we had many interesting reservation style camp meetings where the Holy Spirit moved dramatically to say the least. We went to the reservation about five times a year. So he suggested the Assemblies of God back in the city we live in at that time. He joined the choir and we never missed a service for over 12 years including workshops and special guest speaking often lasting a couple weeks many nights in a row. It was not long before I found out abut this tongues thing and I already knew I was hooked on Jesus as strongly as I was an atheist before accepting him. I believed beyond doubt there was no God so that was quite a change for me to start believing. So one day I asked Jesus to give me the tongues thing. I was not just casually mentioning I would like it. I sought it diligently for hours. Long story short I got it. This was about 4 months after I accepted Jesus. (This is far more complex than this short story implies and stretches 3 years before I actually accepted Jesus)

Almost from day one of my born again experience pastors at about any church I would go to not knowing me from Adam would call me up to the alter purposely saying God had a word for me. Now a days I say about 200 pastors did this over 10 years. I may be way under the actual number.

From the start God gave me Ezekiel chapter 34. This would nearly every time I open any Bible would open. I finally decided it was because it opened so many times in on book that it was physically shaped to open there. But that did not account for the new Bible it once was nor any Bible I pick up of any other random opening of the Word of God. So amongst several other conditions this chapter became my ministries' theme.

During the first 10 years I had 3 major physical healings, I go into this in other places on my website. Answered prayer was common and the more detailed I asked the more precise it was answered.

I had a job (for a period of five years) that required me taking different groups of about 20 people each group of a different Christian faith to Sunday school and church service of their churches. So in this 5 year period I got a lot of quality time in many different non-Pentecostal churches. I even went to a few Catholic churches during this time.

With that above experience I found that being Pentecostal it made no difference where you go to worship and the Bible was read and preached and no matter how otherwise "dead" that church was I was having "camp meeting" (camp meeting is old term for revival filled with the Holy Spirit miracles and general neat worshipping and praising the Lord). It was strange to look around and see people sitting like they could not even hear the wonderful things of the Lord being taught by their pastor and that pastor was appearing to mouth the words but no life from him in them or like he heard himself preaching, but there I was forcing myself to keep my hands down and trying to hide tears of joys and being choked up from the wonderful message.

Now of course these five years going to many denominations did not take away from my regular attendance in my church (Assemblies of God). Usually taking people to church was a morning thing so evening and Wednesdays and other days were not interfered with by my job.

Every church I went to every pastors somehow got attracted to me to talk and the conversation would be like he saw God and Jesus in me and felt very comfortable talking to me saying these things. Often pastors would even confide to me their problems in ministering and the trouble they have with staff and assistant pastors and boards trying to fight him. I thought it interesting though hey wonderful someone thinks God is with you and feels like they can talk to you about serious things they are going through even it is is just to have a ear to listen to them. BUT here I am GAY living with my LOVER. Everyone, I never met any Christian for the first 15 years of my acceptance of Jesus as my Lord and Savior that did not say they see Jesus in me or see God is with me.

Well I knew this was not missed placed feelings or thoughts because I truly Love Jesus and was 100% committed to him in every way. I was not a fake or a hypocrite I was the Christian they thought I was (except for one small thing, they did not know I was gay in those years).

Funny though the moment Christians (pastors) found out or knew I was gay all they could see is the word gay and nothing more. I am exactly the same person doing the same things believing the same way, but the word gay made them not look past that word. Good part is because people can decide how they will think based on a word does not change the baptism in the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit did not leave me when I went on TV as an openly gay Pentecostal TV preacher every week. All that changed was if I go to church now many recognized me as being on TV. It is split, some condemn other still think good of me and the word gay does not make them do anything except apologize for those Christians that I call homophobes.

There is an amazing thing that most Christians miss and that is the operation of the member of the Body of Christ they casted out and said I have no need of you. This happened about 700 years ago as the Church cast out the gay member of the body of Christ. Since that time the function gays have in the Church, like any part of your body has a function to help make your whole body work well, was stopped. The Church is now at a very broken state and lost what this thing called love is in the Bible. They also misunderstand what hate is. But never the less gays never left the church and though restricted in what they can do still do many things of their place in the church. Soon though gays will be fully functioning in the Church. Another topic.

The Church generally bans gays once they learn they are gay. Soon this feature the Church enjoys will come to an end.

So, Pentecostal and gay what is it? Well first it is simple if you are a str8 Pentecostal you got most of it down and so really not a lot of explaining to do. It is Just gays also gt baptised in the Holy Spirit and there is nothing you can do about it. It is just a fact. Facts can not be washed under the table.

I can speak for myself and that is at any moment I can speak in tongues. There are associated gifts as part of tongues. And other main gift that at least one or more is often part of the package you get accordingly as God divides as he will. You can seek additional gifts in the Spirit.

Something comes with the territory of being Pentecostal. It presents a problem that confuses many in many ways. Pentecostalism is sort of a Pandora's box as is said. Meaning you NOW are deal with spirit and flesh together. You are not in your spirit body yet so here you are in your flesh and NOW in touch with your spirit and spirits. Most of the time is it not a problem and life goes on and little interference is noticed or just not recognized at all.

Your spirit is not JESUS,GOD, OR HOLT SPIRIT. There are also satan, demons and unknowns. There are fears no excuse to say FEARS are there makes FEARS not there. Surround yourself with people of like minds and you will have it the easiest but grow the slowest in Christ Jesus.

Your spirit is YOU and so you cannot say GOD said if it was YOUR spirit saying it. YOUR spirit does want to praise God and Jesus and WORSHIP him. You cannot tell your spirit what to do or not do. YOU are allowing willing yourself into operation in the HOLY SPIRIT. This is the danger that you do not recognized or discern the spirits. It should be easy if it is God your got the Bible to confirm it. If you hear God tell you an airplane will come down, then in the Bible you can look up some verse and see if God tells people this about a coming disaster. No planes then so you got to make sure you are on the right track in the Bible.

If you say in the spirit gay is sin, then you have to go to the Bible and see if God said that and you cannot find that though to you it is one of the 14 verses that are used for this and for you your fleshly mind is satisfied so for you God said it. This does not make it God is saying it. Part of being baptized in the Holy Spirit is the difficulty to overcome your doctrines and custom and traditions. Your flesh interfere with your spirit a lot and your spirit is not God's spirit so your spirit is not all truth just loses truth.

Then demons and satan are spirits they pretend to be in sheep's clothing. Test the spirits means so just that. If it is of God it is of the Bible. If its demon or satan you can cast it away and or tel it it is not of God or the Bible. Demons can be easier than your flesh and your own spirit because they are liars and counterfeiters and you should be sort of tuned in to figuring out it ain;t you or God. Does not mean they will go away, they got rules and some of them say they don't got to go away and some says they do got to go away. Know the rules so when they stay around you understand the rule for it and it is not against some other rule. maybe i will go into more detail sometime on this side of this issue.

Then we have the unknown. If it were just demons/satan (fallen angels or satan oriented what ever you want to call them) and/or just God (and his angels or host or what ever is God's crew) it would be less complicated. Be it man made satan made deceptions or real phenomena there is an unknown factor. "Aliens" what ever just that there is this unknown neither God not satan oriented as to be in their category. This unknown even if it is God's or satan's camp it is out in left field and so it is a source that is effecting Pentecostalism.

Type in effect is other religions, occultism, mysticism etc. in short I say operate illegally using the Holy Spirit as power source for manifestations that make their process work. I think there could be a physical biological mechanism in out bodies that allows us to FEEL God. Space shuttle launch drag racing ball games are things that it is fury can push the GOD button in us making us have a flooding of the love of GOD and tears flood like rain. Hey it ain't God. But it sure can FEEL like it and this can interfere with Pentecostals that are not aware of environment's effect on them. I go into this in other areas of my sites.

Again most of the time Christians just are not going to run into much more than a church service praise session with singing in the spirit and maybe a tongues and interpretation with a tossed in healing. It is those that want more and seek a deeper relationship with Jesus and desire to know him, part of know Jesus is knowing the Holy Spirit as a person. He won't talk about himself , but Will show himself to those the seek him diligently.

Benefits of Pentecostal is a 24/7/365 feeling Jesus presence as though he is there with you all the time. God's word always fresh and alive. You can make intercessory prayer for others, this helps when it seems like yo just can't pray for someone or find words. The Holy Spirit will pray for you. Pentecostal means many more opportunities to see miracles in a direct fashion not a coincidence of events so you call them a miracle, but things that flat out directly zap pola right in front of you happens.

Jesus seems closer in troubled times or when your are rejected or falling. Visions can be frequent, For me I cannot be asleep more than a second and I am in a vision. Be nice to remember the details better, but wow absolutely amazing dream visions (though for our day often they concern the coming tribulation and the time just before it and I can't really say much good about those events.

Abuse and strictness and hypocrisy often is enhanced by being Pentecostal as the false sense that you must be good to be so close to Jesus or the power you have in operating in the Holy Spirit makes you think yourself better than others or your greed power hungry nature is puffed up. Nothing is special about you that helped you be Pentecostal. So often Pentecostal are even the worse yet it is no wonder as a guess God did not have Assemblies of God type churches back in the 5th to 15th centuries. We read so much bad at the hands of the non-Pentecostals what would it be like if Pentecostal were the ruling class Christians? Never thought about it that way. It is human nature to sin and getting saved does not erase your nature to sin and disobey God. You may think you a re not disobeying, but others know it a mile away just like you know their a mile away.

We as they say are not perfect just forgiven. Let just try to live the best we can each day (best not being translated to find the fattest sin list book to obey).

Gays are people many accept Jesus and many are Pentecostal. Pentecostals often are reserved to last. Today str8 Pentecostals created international Christian TV and are often behind most huge Christian rallies and out making noise for God not all is bad but false doctrine traditions and conditionings are at play and so many can't break from those things. Catholic and protestant gays begin later 1960s Pentecostal gays had to stay their Pentecostal closet. Pentecostal gay are NOW becoming more heard as many are struggling to stand up and make a difference and the time must be right as God is more allowing this to happen meaning God is an active participators in urging Pentecostal gays to go above and beyond the norm to start the break though to public ministry.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The 14 Verses in the False anti-gay Doctrine

"The Stables Ministries"
"Gay is not sin"
The Anti-gay Church's700 year old Doctrine in a nut shell!

1. Gen 2:22 Steve is was in the DNA (God did not make Adam and Steve)

RIB 6763 tsela` (tsay-law');
or (feminine) tsal` ah (tsal-aw'); from 6760; a rib (as curved), literally (of the body) or figuratively (of a door, i.e. leaf); hence, a side, literally (of a person) or figuratively (of an object or the sky, i.e. quarter); architecturally, a (especially floor or ceiling) timber or plank (single or collective, i.e. a flooring):
KJV-- beam, board, chamber, corner, leaf, plank, rib, side (chamber).
6760 tsala` (tsaw-lah');
a primitive root: probably to curve; used only as denominative from 6763, to limp (as if one-sided):
KJV-- halt.

Key above is the word chamber is used at least 11 times in the Bible with the same word RIB in Gen 2:22. The is a Hebrew word used in the Bible that if used in Gen 2:22 absolutely word mean RIB "bone". A long time TBN host Hebrew scholar said his intensive research found the best modern English word to be "CELL from that RIB" This is not that easy to find so don't expect to blink and you will find this. It is up to you how deep you want to study Hebrew meanings to words. If this verse is chosen to condemn gays a great deal of expaining is needed because in the GARDEN the world was very different and so many things come into question.

2. Gen 19:4-5 gang rape, murder, victims would have been angels

This verse tells you a lot of people are invollved and that it is not just men. Wickedly means death to the angels was the intention. No one can survice this word. Later Lots daughters raped their dad.

3. Judg 19:22 rarely used gang rape, murder, but victim was opposite sex.

Similar story as Gen. but they did accept the offer of a daughter and did rape her to death.

4. Deut 23:17 don't be a male temple prostitute
5. IKing 14:24 rarely used male temple prostitute
6. IKing 15:12 rarely used male temple prostitute
7. IKing 22:46 rarely used male temple prostitute
8. II Ki 23:7 rarely used male temple prostitute

6945 qadesh (kaw-dashe'); from 6942; a (quasi) sacred person, i.e. (technically) a (male) devotee (by prostitution) to licentious idolatry: KJV-- sodomite, unclean.6942 qadash (kaw-dash'); a primitive root; to be (causatively, make, pronounce or observe as) clean (ceremonially or morally): KJV-- appoint, bid, consecrate, dedicate, defile, hallow, (be, keep) holy (-er, place), keep, prepare, proclaim, purify, sanctify (-ied oneself,), X wholly. 6943 Qedesh (keh'-desh); from 6942; a sanctum; Kedesh, the name of four places in Palestine: KJV-- Kedesh.This is the key word in 7 of the 14 verses people use to say gay is sin.

Tons of history on fertility temples This should not be in the anti-gay doctrine because of the obvious and well document actual word meaning and actual temples frequently by Hebrew men.

9. Lev 18:22 acts done in worshipping other gods, not comparing loving, caring , long term relationships, woman is a likely adulteress
10. Lev 20:13 acts done in worshipping other gods, not comparing loving, caring , long term relationships, woman is a likely adulteress

"v'es zaachaar lo tishkav mishk'vey ishaw to'eyvaa hi."

"And man not you-lie-with lyings with-woman detestable that."
"And man not you-lie-with ones-who-lie with-woman detestable that."
"And man not you-lie-with in-beds of-woman detestable that."

In short above is a very brief showing that the man alreaady slep with women and loved it. this link is the detailed version. To summerize these 2 verses: "practicing hebrew str8 men" went to male temple prostitues for ritual sex to the fertility gods as Moses was leading them to the Promise Land.

11. Rom 1:27-28 Should be 18-32. adults turned from God, God changed them, results visible evil behavior

12. 1 Cor 6:9 call boy and temple prostitute, 1950 original Greek removed, meant masturbation before 1850
13. 1 Tim 1:10 temple prostitute

Generally a carbon copy of the Hebrew word for sododmite above. see for deetails on these verses and much more on all these verses.

14. Jude 1:7 general sexual immorally of Sodom and Gomorrah with no hint of sexual orientation

Refers to no sexual orientation just general immorality of the 2 cities.

4205 pornos (por'-nos); from pernemi (to sell; akin to the base of 4097); a (male) prostitute (as venal), i.e. (by analogy) a debauchee (libertine): KJV-- fornicator, whoremonger.

The male prostitute is nearly 100% chance of being a str8 man selling his body to women as was plenty common in those days. Rare was the gay prostitute, this was just not the situation in those days that a man needed to pay a man for sex (other than male temple prostitutes)

Monday, December 10, 2007

Challenge Invite me to show you Gay is not Sin

"My Challenge to Pastors"
A Challenge to Pastors and their congregationRead all of this if you really want to take up my challengeFairness is key so don't skim over these instructions
Is Gay Sin or not? Lets find out!

I have an ongoing challenge to any that truly believe gay is sin and are Christian. I cannot convince you no matter what FACTS I tell or show you and you cannot convince me so why try. Testimony is all the wonderful things God through Jesus Christ does in gay Christians' life. It also has the deep valleys one goes through along the way. Pointing out original Hebrew or Greek used in the Bible is a waste of time showing you the actual meaning. You have made up your minds that gay is sin and nothing can persuade you to dig into the reasons why you believe this.

So, why not bypass our brains altogether and just let God show you? I am not going into a spurt of wishful thinking, God does and will MOVE. So can we get to the bottom of this issue? Yes we can and it is really simple. But the solution is next to impossible because you or your church bans any gay minister to speak unless they come to get delivered or accept what you think about gays that it is sin.

But it is easy and really pretty much one sided to your favor. My challenge is you invite me and only me (well maybe my lover will be there after all wives are usually around their pastor husbands aren't they?). So you have all your congregation and all your ministry team by whatever name you call them and your pastor to operate, perform, fast/pray, teach, preach, lay hand on to cast out deliver or whatever your faith involves. You can bring up statics, history, real life story, ex-gays and whatever your faith think it can do to present gay is sin and asking God to manifest in some manner that you are right. You can take as long as you need (fasting usually means more than one meal) I will for myself cooperate, respect, allow, accept you laying hands on me , and I will listen intently to any info from any source you use as you present your case to me and before God. I emphasize I will respect your operation of acting in your faith and I will with all honesty lend myself to processes you wish to use. Meaning I will let you tell me processes that I should do. Like open my heart to Jesus to allow change even to the point of meaningfully praying a prayer for deliverance as you think Jesus does. I will not be dishonest and I will not pretend or fake anything. This is my word before God in Jesus name to you.

After you are satisfied you have done all and any reasonable space of time to let your prayers kick in (we are coming together not to operate in status quo where no visible answer may never be seen to anyone’s view or each party can claim victory). Note: you do not have all the time in the world and neither do I ,so all the time you needs will already be negotiated and also can be adjusted if required. Generally the only process that should take over the 1 to 3 hours which if having camp meeting may end up lasting through the day, others may want it all through the night, is the FASTING AND PRAYER to get certain demons out that Jesus mentioned needed extra time, which should not be more than 3 days unless negociated because you think more time is needed..
I expect you to abide by a time frame that will not ruin people work life or family life routine for any unacceptable time periods. This means mostly likely one day to 3 days. I personally will need I figure a few minutes to a few hours. I cannot imagine I need that many hours to explain anything. If I extend the time I need it will already be negotiated and will most likely be because were having camp meeting (camp meeting is an old term for a gathering that God really gets to moving, usually healings, dancing in the Spirit, and being baptized in the Holy Spirit, and worship that is too good to leave. My intentions are to show you gay is not sin. I will do what ever I feel like doing at the time it is my turn to speak. You already proven to me you won't listen, that is the whole point of us meeting in this challenge. Debating scripture gets us nowhere on issues you already are convinced that you are right.

Another note, as to throw a monkey wrench in, I will not go you your place to answer your questions as like I am an expert and will be a encyclopedia for you to ask questions to to get specific answers you want. I would be happy to at another meeting to go over the verses with you if I do not cover any at this challenge. Once again, I would be coming to show you gay is not sin, how I do this may not even make sense to you at first, but I did not come to satisfy you that you can just say I am twisting verses to my own wishes. I came to show you gay is not sin and that is what I will leave you with when I am done.

To ease your mind I want to assure you I am not a freakish bazaar creep that will do wild embarrassing or cultic practices in your sight. In the left column your will see a link to my statement of faith. Click it to see what I believe. Also, I have been in the Assemblies of God since January 1974. I say this so there will be no mystery about me and my faith. I certainly do not accept AOG's anti-gay doctrine and their pre-trib doctrine, or their trend towards modern version Bibles, but generally we have most beliefs in common. If you hate Pentecostalism remember that has nothing to do with gays and your issue would be with Pentecostal churches not me. I would be respecting your denomination so I would expect the same from you about my Pentecostal background.

So, this effort is to get God to move in a manner that convinces everyone in your church gay is for sure sin or gay is positively not sin. If you are not a Pentecostal church, then you may not understand that God does move and he does move TODAY. If you are expecting a debate and you are smarter than me let me tell you from the get go, you are not smarter than me on the gay issues concerning the Bible unless you have done many decades of result on everything gay present and past. I may not be able to give you documentation, but I been there done that thing. If I say it I did in fact see it and it is in fact a fact. remember this challenge is not about who has the most detailed facts, but to see is gay sin or not as end result of our meeting together.

Warning! I am not come to play nice pastor man with intent of giving warm fuzzys. The case against you is serious. You have 630 million counts of murder on your hands and you cannot understand this at all. Christians are not the judge jury and executioners. I come to show you how God feels. I am not God and I am not come to show you how I feel. If I show you how I feel I show what you know anyone can display, upsetness anger, frustration, whining, complaining, and other human displays that is allowable for decent Christian folk. I am NOT a cult or someone supplied with device that could harm. I am not come to vent any of what I may feel you deserve on to you. I am come to let God show himself. Moses stood at the Red Sea held out his staff and did nothing else. Moses did not put a sump pump in that sea to make dry land to walk across. I am not bringing a sump pump either. This will be me saying to you God will split the sea so you can see.

I have an ace up my sleeve I come to cheat on this challenge because it cannot be a challenge if I know the outcome. But in fairness I make this challenge so you can see the Lord move in your mist and so you may repent in time as the hour is late, plagues come on your and yours. Now we live in a time that YES indeed plague and great disasters manmade and natural, but you can personally add more to yourself.

Moses did not go to Pharaoh to heal any diseases or baptize anyone in the Holy Spirit. He did not go to turn a few fishes into enough to feed everyone. He was sent to say what God will do if they don't set his people free.

This is not Moses' day and I am not Moses' (I am nobody) If God send such people to you they will have choices of what to say concerning what God will do or not do. And they will say it as often as they like. Moses was told 10 specific things to say about what God was going to do. These that are sent to you today God intends to trust them and do what they command him to do. The mouths of the new messengers speak and it is done.

Guarantee you without lifting an arm JUST with my mouth life as you know it will be changed. However, I am not a robot and I love Jesus and he is really really neat and so wonderful I will be actively attempting to persuade you so I won't have to operate in my given authority.
So, now am I a fruit cake, a nut, well maybe. This is what you decide. Do you ever plan to put your Christian walk where your mouth is? You say gays are possessed, so cast out the demons, you say you trust God, then act in your faith, you say you love the gay person, then explain how you get gays into the verse you say condemn gays.

You can act now or you can wait. It will not be fun now; can you image what it will be like if you wait? Read Lev. 26 and see God's process over 6000 years of disobedience. The Church today is in the 4th level of disobedience to God and there are 1260 days set in stone to come to spank the Church (Christians).

Perhaps you will invite me to hear me as a man of God and so learn of the things to come and be ready for them so that you can maintain your faith in those days. The church is far from ready, they that will rule the world are in power today have placed convincing things that would persuade God's elect if they are not WATCHING (Rev. 3:3). Churches almost (all of them yours too) are given over to antichrist some directly others have no clue that their activities are directly in support a one world religion.

Want Healings, want God to move in a manner more to your expectations, invite me to preach as you would invite any minister to come to your church to minister to you. We can have a wonderful time in the Lord. Want to accept my challenge you will also see God move, but conditions will not be wonderful camp meeting where you just came to get blessed. They will be that of changing your belief structure concerning gays (this can evolve quickly into a wonderful camp meeting or it will leave you and yours devastated for some time to come as you will have to deal with the gay issue until your repent) Do nothing (don't deal with the gay issue, just remain as you are condemning them) and the 1260 will hit you like an 18 wheeler at 60 miles an hour while you and your loved one stand in its path having no idea it is coming.

Requirements: click to see in invitation Instructions

Penalty phase: Because homophobes can be so terrible in their treatment of gays part of this challenges includes a penalty factor. Do to the lack of respect that Christian have for gays in general I expect the same mockery found in Christian chat rooms. This challenge has conditions to prevent disrespect. Besides the invitation instructions above that is general for any invites I get for any reason there are extra requirements upfront for those inviting me to accept my challenge.
I gave my word I would respect you during your ministry to me to showing me gay is sin and you calling God to move showing you are right. I will not mock you or argue points that I almost cannot bare to hear because it is such a lie and normally feel forced to respond. You in my challenge are free to show me gay is sin and I know you cannot and so you would say some pretty unsubstantiated things about gays. When it is my turn I just know the mockers will speak out and maybe worst. I do not want my challenge to turn into you control the stage. You are not a talk show hosts that will attack with vigor their invited guest and almost leaving them with seconds of the 5 minutes allotted time to them to speak.

So controls will be negotiated to prevent this. Probably additional legally drawn papers or money set in accounts for this purpose. A dollar amount set to each time someone disrespects or interrupts my time. Your participation on my turn will be my selecting you to submit as I allowed myself to submit to you for laying on hands, listening praying for deliverance and so forth. If your mockery advances to make the challenge useless because you barred God from MOVING because you would not allow my turn, then a penalty amount for my wasted time with you will have been negotiated. The purpose of this challenge is to let God reveal who is right or wrong by GOD MOVING.

Qualifications phase: This challenge is negotiated with a pastor (top leader or church or group) This challenge is not for small groups. If you are not much more the a home church then you will need to partner with a larger church or group. I don't know what minimum number I will accept so just ask. It will always be at your place or your provided place. Anyone can be involved to get the pastors into the main negotiator stage. The invitation instructions covers me getting to your place. All details will be pre-negotiated so no surprises comes unexpectedly. God is full of surprises so this is not what I mean.

Fear and lack of faith is always a concern we all like to think God will do nothing. This is not my problem don't let it be yours.

Get ready people the TWO are about to Meet once they meet the Last Days' Clock starts ticketing again. Possibly in 1994 that Clock stopped (Jubilee Calendar ended) because after that date antichrist's kingdom was ready enough to start as all things really was done enough to start it. We are on barrowed time waiting for the TWO.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Brant Baker Shekinah Fellowship "Re-Visited"

Brant Baker Shekinah Fellowship

Who is this Man? Why was his name erased from Church recent history?

Brant was a growing ministry operating with the gifts of healing in every service. I attended many of his services. A couple times he walked past me and I got a much closer look and I highly suspected he was probably gay. More info can be seen at . I really loved his style of ministry and he always filled to capasity every place he ministered. He used a very large choir of young folk like himself. These would go out intothe crowds as he began healing people in Jesus Name and they also did the same out in the audience. There is completely no doubt people were healed and slain in the Spirit.

He really brought worshipinfg God and Jesus to a new level and Jesus presence wa so thick you could cut it with a knife. I remember that I could feel as he attempted to lay hands on someone he could get only to within 6 inches and out they'd go. I personally felt that limit and knew it was maxed out and the person would have to fall slain in the Spirit.

I knew that style of worship an annoiting would follow me. I moved North in 1980 and TBN was not on air yet here in Seattle and I did n ot get to see him as frequently. Then when TBN came to Seattle I noticed Brant was no longer on TBN. I caught a few words once as Paul Crouch stated to someone on air about a strange problem. paul hesitated as he spoke about some minister that had suddenly died and Paul did not mention his name. I wrote asking about Brant and was it him and did he die of aids as the hestitation to talk out right about him was left vague. I never got an answer.

I did some research and nothing. Years went by Internet grew so I researched more, could not find a hint of Brant Baker. A decade goes by and still no hide nor hair of the man of God that healed many on nation TV and is so many healing rallies and became a main TBN feature for a time. Then 12/07/07 I got an old Shekinah Fellowship out from moth balls and looked for info that may help me find him.

I typed in "Shekinah Fellowship" and there he was big as life. Someone opened up the doors to getting Brant recognized for the servant of God that he was and so finally I got details on Brant baker. I was right he did die of aids. I also found he was connected with Lonnie Frisbee of all things basically put the freak in Jesus freak. I will be doing more research as it appears interesting info is on this guy's history and he was part of an ex-gaymistry that I was in communications with decades ago when I was doing indepth research on ex-gay ministries.

Binny Hinn also was very much into Brant Baker and sort of coppied Brant's and Kathren's healing ministry format. Binny was even kept in the dark about Brant's death by aids until 2005 (Brant died in 1985). TBN and the Christian leadership of the day erased Brant Baker from all records and to find info untill recently was nearly impossible. This sounds of conspiracy theroies and Scfi-Fi movie stuff.

I still have not researched this enough to know for a fact Brant was gay, right now it is one plus one, and at best he with Lonnie tried the ex-gay route. I have not seen enough to know how he got aids except he came to Jesus after a life tipical of the woodstock days. Possibly like many in those days safe was not a priority.

One thing certain is he was a forrunner of the next stage in healing ministries, so far everythng you see is copy cat look alike try to be like ministries. A new style is about to go forth and take the world by storm as it is the final round of healing ministries. Brant may or may not have been gay (will research this part) but he was banned because he had aids. Brant force to be in the closet at least about aids was then in the 80s. This is 2008 coming up. No such boundries. orientation will be wide open with no guessing and God will move mightly in your site.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Pentecostalism, Healings, Intercessory Prayer

Intercessory Prayer

Generally being a Pentecostal produces powerful intercessory prayer for others. Jesus baptizes Christians, but often it is accompanied at a alter call to those wanting to be Baptized in the Holy Spirit.

Praying in tongues is simply speaking a language you do not understand and did not learn. But you will recognized a a language. Sometime someone maybe present that that is their language and they maybe amazed that you speak it with perfect dialect.

It maybe a language not present on Earth, but the tongues you are speaking is very purposeful and is giving praises to God and making prayers for others and perhaps yourself. Often in our understanding we sort of are greedy wanting this and that from God. But prayers in tongues bypasses out understanding and make perfect prayer and thanks-giving.

Singing in the spirit is speaking in tongues but adding it as a singing mode. Usually this is praises to God. Accompanying tongues is usually the FEELING or the presence of the LORD. Over all tongues is a good time in the Lord and a FEELING of getting through to God more directly.

In a meeting of people praising God and Jesus in the spirit often bring an atmosphere that more gift begin to operate. Gifts are gift and operate at will, but often needs the boost of more Christians adding their praises and worship and prayers. Again, God is very much interested in people coming to him through Jesus so it is in gatherings of many Christian that praises and worship can bring about faith and a move of God is ways that no matter how hard we try by ourselves just cannot happen.

Most Christians whether shy or not just are not deep enough into the meaning of worship and praise to understand that this act can bring about a visitation as some call it of the Holly Spirit. Some people learn this and Can lead people into praises and worship. Some lead people this way for the results and it is more greedy they may be mostly copying some genuine minister's ways of bringing praises and worship to a place ready for faith to produce healing through Jesus Christ.

You can expect miracles if you know that where you are going is a place that the minister will lead the praise portion of the service or rally to a true worship of God. Doubters do not stop miracles from happening. It may stop your healing. Everyone does not get healed for many reason some we cannot know. But it should be fairly certain that a good gathering of people will always produce miracles if the minister can and does lead in praise and worship in the Holy Spirit.

Any church meeting can transform into a healing service. It is nearly 100% up to the pastor/minister. It is not based on this time none happened. If a pastor just decided to start he maybe all thumbs and clumsy and there might be lots healed or nobody. But next time and the time after he is learning praising and worshipping as he never knew it before. Your pastor can change your church into a healing and praise rally. he can invite he can asked others he can do a lot after all you are his flock and he is suppose to look after you.

But as well know most won't and few are doing it in any way that you could go to a healing rally once a week or even once a month without a long drive or a flight. Sometime in recent history there are more than at other times. Today there are copy cats like Billy Hinn who is copying Brant Baker of the early 1980s and Katherine Kuhlman a little early.

Some other ministers today attempt something and you have those that call out physical problems saying God is healing, but over all nothing like what is about to happen is really seen anywhere.

Soon, an upgraded style of healing ministries will begin. In the past people were testing the waters. Brant Baker took it to a new level but he stayed in the closet about issues as it was way to early on the calendar to deal with the problems he had that got him erased by TBN. Today, nobody can erased the new Christian healers because they disagree with some aspect of their lives.

Openly gay healing ministers will soon be reported by CNN news. I feel it deep in my bones it is about to happen. I also know for a fact that it could be very soon. I have been told by many 100s if not way over 1000 pastors in other countries they want me to come preach and many say to crowds over 10,000 people. Hard to believe I could be speaking to 10,000 in less than 4 - 5 days but it is a fact. I am not doing that now because I do not think it is how I need to start. Being handed on a silver platter is to easy. My desire is to reach born again Assemblies of God and the like. Those I call homophobes. For n ow this is my top priority so I am in no hurry to accept invitation to other countries just yet.

On that note though I would be more than happy to go and help your church learn about operating in praise and worship to bring healings through Jesus Christ to your church or group. I do have strict instructions that can be found on my website about invitations.

I have had the privilege to see many healings and been healed 3 times myself that is such that I am talking about. many healings happen that are not felt and happen almost like just ordinary healing or it is nice to state god healed me as to stick with faith that yeah he did I believe it anyways. I really analyze things and so thought through a ton of loop holes and fakers and the real thing. Jesus does heal and don't let hypocrites change your thougths about this. for more also happy to pray for your healing just email your desired healing to me.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

My Testimony

The Stables Ministries"
My Testimony
That fateful night back on January 27, 1974 at 9:30 PM at Hawthorne Memorial Hall in Hawthorne California at a Doug Clark's "Amazing Prophecies Rally" changed my life forever.
I considered myself an atheist of atheists.

I began writing Saturday, October 18, 1997
first rough draft, 2nd editing Wednesday Feb. 19, 2003

Summary leading up to why I am writing my testimony now.
Up till now I have not really sat down to writ my testimony. I have always included parts of it in all my other writings. I have long studied the ex-gay movement and seen it dismal failures in spite of their claims to success and the reports from their claims from expert studies claiming the opposite. This past few weeks after again reviewing on-line ex-gay ministry information I came across a Stephen Black who practically called me a liar that I did not know what I was talking about concerning the founders of Exodus International. I did in fact know what I was talking about and sent him detailed e-mail showing him facts concerning the founders. He was adamant that he has been delivered and is now straight. I explained to him that I could easily guess what his testimony would say because of all the research I have had in the past. He told me he would send his testimony to me. He never did, but I found it by accident while searching for more about the ex-gay ministries. He is vice president of First Stone ministry where a link to his testimony is found. I was indeed right in my prediction of his testimony. This led me to further research ex-gay founder’s testimonies on line.

Exodus is so good to offer links to all the Ex-gay ministries associated with them. Many have their founder’s testimony on-line. I read through these one by one. The more I read the more pathetically clear it became as to the fact that they simply had no testimony of deliverance let alone a real foundation to base being set free of homosexuality as they wished. Never once did they say they made any attempt what so ever to check out the verses used to condemn gays. The current Executive Director of Exodus never even got close enough to a man to touch him and as usual told a pastor and was pointed to an ex-gay ministry shortly after he saw a woman he liked and married her. He had sex with women before claiming it was his attempt to be straight without help. All these men and women had very guilt ridden lives starting at around 5 years old. There lives indicate they were very sick and needed a therapist and yet these instead quickly became leaders in the ex-gay community.

You can find a large number of straights going through a carbon copy of these people and not becoming gay, but indeed need a therapist to help undo their guilt ridden mind. After reading these testimonies and in general seeing how those thinking gay is sin never ask a gay person for their testimonies with there only response to gays is it is sin and begin quoting some of the 13 verses used to condemn gays and then throw in verses that speak to all people to show how evil gays are I decided to write my testimony to show that Jesus is indeed with gay people and not asking them to change and be straight, because there is nothing to change concerning their orientation except standard universal sins of humankind (Rom 3:23 For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God; (KJV)

I have found that these same Christians reject anything a gay person says concerning their closeness with the Lord. They just can't stand to check out gay testimonies. They never allow gays to give account of their faith in Christ Jesus in their churches or anywhere that they are in charge. The fact is if a person really is a Christian then their lives will be filled with testimony that follows accepting Jesus as Lord. Their lives will be changed and in the same ways straights that have accepted Jesus into their lives are changed and grow in the Lord so gays grow and their walk can't be undone by a future statement by someone that wishes gay to be sin. It is a wish, a desire, that gay is sin by many and they use the Bible as their club to cause harm in the name of love and Jesus Christ. There is another side of the story. You have brothers and sister you thought were dead in sin. I give them back to you alive and strong in Christ Jesus.

My Testimony

That fateful night back on January 27, 1974 at 9:45 PM at Hawthorne Memorial Hall in Hawthorne California at a Doug Clark's "Amazing Prophecies Rally" changed my life forever. I considered myself an atheist of atheists and came to an end this fateful night.

Chapter 1 Childhood

Born in Jan 1947, I come from a family of six. Mom, Dad, a brother, and two sisters. I am a year older than my brother, two years older than my younger sister, and five years younger than my old sister. I can remember things back as young as three, based on my mom's recollection of the time I told her about how my brother and I played near my dad's work while mom was waiting to pick him up as he often would be delivering late as a Sears Truck driver. We went to a church near by and I can recall some stories about Jesus, and going out Christmas caroling to needy folks homes.

At around 5 years old I was trying to make a hole in a turtle shell as during this time this is how you kept turtles for pets, kind of on a leash. I had an awful time hitting a nail to poke a hole through the shell and kept hitting my thumb. The pain was great and I prayed to God to help me hit the nail. I still hit my thumb again. So, I stood up and said, "There must be no God" I further stated to my self that somehow someway all things can be proven scientifically and some day can be done. That every matter of events past, present or future had a science based answer. I never told anyone I became an atheist that day. Looking back, it is interesting that as strongly as I believed there was no God that now I believe there is. These set of 4 pictures are from about age 5 – 8 years old.
I never got to tell anyone this at all. Our family had what is the usual problems families have, but generally day went by with little events. I thought my dad was somewhat strict, but I sure did a lot. I really do not believe today I would allow a son of mine to go hiking or bike riding and gone all day at age 6 thru 8 but my brother, cousin, and I did this a lot. We had a mountain some five miles away which we walked to and hiked it. It was not just some small hill and rattle snake were abundant. My memories thru age 8 are of a fairly routine life. Over all I did not much like my dad, but still had great times with him. He took me fishing many times, which I liked, and he taught us how to hunt rabbits and quail. I was in school a year a head of kids my age because my birthday fell in January. I had some close friends during this time too.

Nothing very unusual in my recollection of these years. Sex was not too meaningful to me. Both me and my brother thought we hated out little sister. We were told that one day this will pass and it did. I of course assumed that when I grow up I would get married and have children. I did know that I especially liked a boy in 2nd grade named Junior. I remember the feeling today, but then I just wanted him as a friend which he was. He was a Mexican American. I had no idea that this was really important attracting part of him to me as I found a couple decades later. The town of my young years was very small with lots of orange groves all around which was a constant source of fun and heh heh treats. Over all through age 8 in hind sight were not very unusual, but very average all American childhood, love family picnics, had a very close and numerous relatives to visit, cousins, aunt & uncles.
At eight we move to town. Our family never missed a year of a two week camping trip. We all loved camping and my brother and I did begin to like our little sister. We were allowed to hike far from camp alone. It was extra neat because for several years another family from another part of the state camped at the same place at the same time we did (we had a favorite lake, though we camped many different places this lake was the most frequent). Their kids were all our ages and so we had a great deal of fun. My brother and I, and my cousin (my age) began stealing things like candy and sometimes things for are aquarium and fishing equipment. It was never really serous in our minds. We got our little sister involved once. Once we almost got more serious and were going to steal money from a gas station. We thought they just leave their money box outside (they used to have that in those days) but they take it in when closed. So when we sneaked out and saw it not there that ended that, we figured that is what they do so we won't try further. One day my cousin got caught and this scared me so much that I never could steal again. He was just scolded and he never told on us. This ended our thievery days, probably a year worth of time once in a while. Other than that we were pretty decent kids. I really loved moving to the new house when was 8 yrs old and I lived till I moved out after graduating high school.

In fifth grade the teacher showed a film condemning gays. I don't remember any word used except perverts in the film. It showed a family at the park having a picnic, then a man nearby went to the restroom. Another man went in too. This was while the family watched from a distance. Inside the restroom the men sat in separate stalls. One man tapped a code with his foot, the other man tapped in reply. This meant they agreed to something perverted as sort of something of a general coded message these perverts use. So they got up to leave and when the first man came out of his stall handcuffs were put on him as the other man was a police man. The family watched as he was brought out of the restroom and put in a police car. This was the rendering in 1956-57 that gay was sin and perverted. It had no meaning except don't be a pervert. The same class had a film on cleaning your body and the human body. They showed a film of a boy and a girl naked standing as a narrator spoke explaining the body parts and hygiene. They showed the boy washing himself emphasizing how to clean private parts. It was done in good taste and very non offensive. I liked the boy much better than the girl, but didn't much care.
I didn't like girls much, but no one else (boys) really did either. I was liked by some girls because I let them win in tether ball. I liked sports to some degree. I was getting too many Ds but passing in fifth grade and so it was decided to hold me back, kind of to get me in with kids my own age. During that year one boy took a disliking to me for some unknown reason. He also became friends with two of my friends and turned them against me. They beat me in the back sometimes. I didn't believe in fight and never fought back. So I really hated to go to school. But still thing were generally never to serious. Through elementary school my life over all was pretty average again. I had several friends and over these years I really could not see a great deal of difference in growing up with my family and other peers. As I grew up and began in earnest to learn the truth about gays and the Bible and reviewing my childhood, I just flat out can not find straight people and gay people having much difference in growing up. They have a great deal problems and a great deal of exciting wonderful adventurous times too. Parents can be very strict or the opposite. Having both parents and just one does not make a difference whether one is straight or gay. By the time I was about to enter Junior high school I had come to think there was something different about me, but I could not understand what it was and didn’t really care anyway, life was fun at times and not so fun at times. General impression about love was that old thing we were always told, we will grow up and get married and have children. And that is what I believed up into military service.

Finally Junior High school. And also some interest in the sexual part of me. Now there were school dances. I had my cousin teach me to slow dance. Some girl asked me to dance and it was great. Later, I knew it was not the girl that was great, but the dancing that I loved. I went to many dances and never danced just had a good time away from parents with friends enjoying being at the dance. This was just to get out with friends to horse around together at the dances. As these junior high years were passing by I kept hearing strange words from friends about having a heavy chest. I had no idea what they were talking about, except it had to do with how girls made them feel. Finally I learned it meant they were horny. I never felt that so I thought something must be wrong with me or I am just to shy to pursue this issue with girls. However, at times I would see a boy which made me feel mushy inside which I interpreted as just wanting him to be a close friend. Generally all these things never caused much concern for me, life seem fairly good and very little cares. My 25 cents a week allowance kept me in Ice Cream Sandwiches and chocolate bar donates what else could I want in life. My cousin was my best friend a we did tons together and another guy who sat in front of me in several classes junior high through high school became great friends. These set of 4 pictures are from about age 9 – 13 years old.
The bully one day was a lone riding his bike while I was coming home from school. He stops to try to pick his usual fight with me. Since he had none of his buddies with him this time, I decided not to take his bullying anymore and fight him. I got him quickly into a hold he could not get out of so easily that he quickly gave up and left with out a word. The weird thing is that after that he was rather friendly even asking for my help in class. I had one other fight against someone 2 grades up and won that one too and ended their bullying me too. It never made sense to me why fighting makes an enemy act like your friend from then on. I just hated violence with a passion. I was really good at talking people out of fighting and calming them down. Junior High was of course got me to like rock and roll which really became a thing as I entered high school

Moving onto High School I stopped going to dances there just wasn't any motivation and a friend from Junior High was in a few of my classes then and still was in high school (his last name began with an “A” like mine so we were assigned seats right together) had replaced my cousin who began hanging out with a bad crowd. I shied away wanting no part as he became more involved with their drugs. This replacement made the transition very smooth and by 11th grade we I had a car and he used his family cars. This opened a great new world of adventure all over the southern California area and even Mexico which was not far off. We got into drinking each weekend and driving everywhere just having a good time. My hometown had two excellent radio stations and though there were some bad times they seemed dwarfed by the general carefree life we had. We had really no cares. These radio stations were like competitors for the areas youth listening audience. It was a time of the 60s and all the famous groups were singing their hits for the first time. It was heaven on earth. The future to far away to think about. I was happy with my understanding of life which I really love looking into. I watched and read many things about how the Earth evolved and I loved science fiction books and science fact. I had developed my own theories of life and things to explain there is no God. I was still sent to Sunday school thru Junior High. My parents really didn't show their religious beliefs much though my mom went to church while we were in Sunday school. I remember stories about Moses, but never on why Jesus came. And I never cared to read the Bible to find that out. Life was good and full of potential I was soon to go out to freedom in the world too and began rebelling against my parents rules I must have been a terror to them at times when actually I was going through a time of wanting respect as an adult would have and want to be my own boss. So high I began making my own decision one was to quit Sunday. My brother and I would be dropped off at Sunday and we would promptly head for town and make it back in time to be pick up and finally during High School years I just said no more Sunday school, I had grown enough that I would not tolerate rules that kept me from doing what I wanted to do.

I graduated early (1 semester) because I had all my credits and I generally had a perfect school attendance record and chose classes that happily added up all needed credits to graduate. I worked at a restaurant part time and moved away from home before finishing 12th grade. I wanted my own life and living at home seemed to restrict my freedom I thought. I shared a place for 2 weeks with a fellow employee and he partied and gambled with his friends late into the night and I had to get up early to go to school. (These were straights guys,) so I finally said this won't do and moved into my own apartment. I would not move back home the freedom was great.
The new apartment was perfect. My $50.00 a week salary was plenty. My life seemed generally carefree and I had plenty of company. There were two women teachers living together just next door to me. Once we joined together for a two apartment party and WOW did people come. The poor landlord kept peeking out his window seeming nervous. Everyone just had fun and partied and drank. That night just me and my cousin were left. He was in bed with one of them & I the other. She was very drunk. I away could drink tons and had little problem. We were kissing, it felt strange, like kissing my sister, but I just figure this was just awkward because it my first time. She past out and I stopped, thinking I will not do anything (with some idea I was a good guy and won't abuse her while she slept.) I was not aroused at any point anyway. The next day another girl was at my apartment with a boy they were asking to use my bed. He was in the bathroom and she came up close to me in a sexual way and I just stood fell extremely awkward not knowing what to do. . So I did nothing, blaming it on shyness. That was pretty much my brushes with sex through school. I good part of my life then was the weekends go out driving and drinking with my high school buddy (I stopped drinking in 74’ and many decades later I still have a problem with the way people assign the term alcoholics to people. It is 90% cop out I think based on a few people that really got problems. Billions of people have been drinking in this world with out much problems, it is the few people though it sounds like a lot that have the problems, having said that I would not recommend drinking even a drop of alcohol. But that real life should always be kept in perspective to all of human existence on Earth and not because we have cars that will kill people if the driver is drunk. People condemn things that they do not understand based on personal experience that is devastating to them or because all their knowledge is conditional reflexes are done with interviews of sick people with true alcoholism which is not alcoholism but sensitivity to additions.) My week ends during these years, though I would not recommend at all to anyone even though I experienced only adventure (decent adventure) and saw the world extended out from my home town and saw the world or places and people and sights while in the company of a friend that also really had no cares or hang-ups to get in the way of a lifetime remembrance of good memories in my teen years. He though grew more interested in girls and brought into the picture some porn and later a few topless bars and even the potential of getting prostitutes (in Mexico) I had to do a lot of quick thinking to get out of that predicament. However, that same night as we drove around that Mexico town I saw what was the most exciting and trilling thing I ever saw in my life. Two guys were along a side street, I was lucky to notice, they were holding each other intimately hugging and kissing and both very good looking to me. My buddy did not see them as he was driving, but I new that is what I wanted to meet someone like that to love. That view only lasted a minute but it is a lifetime memory of a first time seeing two guys together like that.
Well I had graduated and gotten a better job. I continue with my high school buddy on drinking week ends. It was the life of Reilly, continued no cares, my own life and it was fun to drive all over the place drinking. We never had a problem (I don't support this kind of life, we must have been the luckiest people in the world that drinking never cause a problem) I did however, wish to meet a girl (not because of attraction, but because you are supposed to grow up and get married and I loved the idea of a marriage of two people in love with each other).
I made arrangement with my sister in-law to set me up with someone. She did. We double dated and had a good time because the romantic part was not there yet. That date ended, which was an otherwise good date, she was very good looking, and it came to an end with saying good night. As I took her to the door, again I did not know what to do. Should I kiss her, was that what she expected or wanted, I did not want to and did not desire that? I just said good-bye. I blamed it on my shyness and the first date is just awkward anyway, I certainly had no inside feelings to pursue sex. I had read some books that graphically described how women felt in their hot passions and dating. So did my peers who are straight. I had fantasized meeting the opposite sex many times to fall in love and marry, but sex was not very much a part of it. I was more interested in thinking about adventure and what makes the universe tick and a companion to share these adventures in life and so getting married would be getting such a companion as my thinking was then sex I liked of course and assumed with the right person or after the right amount of time to get over my shyness then that would be great too.

When I got drafted and had then decided to join the Air Force instead and was going to pick up my test results I ask my best friend from school who still was my drinking buddy to help me move my stuff home and so he went with to the recruiting station. He was then talked into by the officer to join to on the buddy plan. He did to his parent’s dismay, but it was neat for me and off to boot camp we went. He ended up downstairs so we saw little of each other, but I met another friend which went to tech school with me after boot camp. We had lots of fun at tech school (and fun in the military always usually meant drinking) and so my life was still filled with friends without women. From there I was stationed one hour drive from home. A few others I have met in the service went there too. For six months it was a pretty good life.
This was a base called the gateway to Vietnam. Everyone expected to go. However, someone got sick that had orders for Thailand & the Commander came and asked me if I would take his place. So Thailand I went. A new best friend from that base came with me. Now, I didn't know this would be the best experience of my life to be in Thailand. I arrived to eat RICE at the base dining hall for my first meal there and thought this is the food for the next year. It wasn't and the food on base was fabulous. The work there was easy and even fun. They required us to wear civilian clothes off base, and to my surprise I loved Thai men. They were gorgeous.

The first time I went to work I was assigned to inspect bombs as they were brought into the bomb dump. That first night of work brought the most beautiful greeting and smile for me from the most gorgeous man I ever seen. We had an immediate friendship develop. There were nearly 200 Thai men working in the Bomb dump in our squadron alone and I came to be friends with most of them. Often when leaving the base for town it would match up with the time our Thai workers were coming or going to or from work and made the Air Police concerned for my safety. They got off the bus as I would be walking off base and they would come over to me hitting and punching me. This was in friendship and love. For the next year I was in paradise, but I could not touch them sexually because of fear that I would be dishonorably discharged. I was not sure I was gay, but I sure knew I loved to talk with these Thai men and would love to touch them and have sex with them and kiss them (well at least the ones that I thought were cute). I hung out with them and made many friends I never felt so loved and it was hard to understand their attraction to me. There were many white Americans around, but I enjoyed the attention and to this day I treasure that year as the most memorial and rewarding time of my life.

One friend from the base I came from before going to Thailand always went out to town with a group of Thais. Once though in still trying to figure my sexual identity I ask my American friend let go to a prostitute. Only $2. 50 for the decent ones and we had good directions, so we went. I could not get interested and told her I was drunk, not having even a sip. It was interesting , just afterwards we were warned that a gang of Thais were coming and they might be ones that would hurt us. It after all was dangerous times in that part of the world. So, I found my friend and told him the warning and then they came. 20 or 30 of them. Right away they got the biggest smiles on their faces when they saw us because we both were popular with the Thais and we knew most of them. They heard the story of the warning and said they would protect us no matter what. I tell you for an atheist I sure was blessed all my life and this is just one more incident.
Life was great that year and once my best Thai friend ask if he could have sex with me. I loved the idea secretly, but all that came out was "what?" He quickly said "no problem, just kidding" Oh, how I wanted to, but it was clear in the military what could happen. This guy and me went in a prostitute place and he wanted sex with one. I said I did not, but he went a head had did it while I waited. I felt very strange there, not because its immoral, but because the women were there for sex and I felt far from wanting it with them. I continued blaming this on I was too shy. I met another Thai man, he was so special, to this day I still think of him in a most special way. He had such a sweet personality and expressed such caring attitude towards me. He just could not keep his hands off me and wanted to hold my hands all this time. I was so fearful if others saw, but wanted him to continue at the same time. I told, GI's don't like this so be more careful. One day at his small loosely boarded one room apt. while I was visiting him,(unfortunately a roommate who I knew too lived there and was home.) he was wearing only underwear. This was really good, I wanted to touch him so bad so, he had finished washing himself. (they had no running water so washed with a bowl) I said jump, meaning this would expose himself as otherwise the lower part of his body was behind a half door. I said go ahead. He did. I had to make it seen like I was kidding around because of the other guy. Afterwards he lay on his bed (only wood planks) while I set on the edge and the other guy to the other side of the bed against the wall to the next apt. Seeing his body with only underwear on was driving me nuts. I wanted to hold him so bad. I began to lightly move my fingers across his body slightly tickling him in a fashion that seemed acceptable and decent. He seemed to like that. . . But I dared not go further, I didn't want to be called a fag if word got out. I continued with good times over there and drinking was the mainstay of most military people and I liked that anyway and really enjoyed my life over there. I had close company with beautiful men.

I went to dance bars with other GI's and once trying to figure out this sexual identity while drinking and the other had found Thai women to get to sit on their laps I saw one out the window and they said tell her to come in, they basically got her in and on my lap. She was a very good looking woman, but it still felt awkward, I did try to be more sexual, but when it would have been the time for going to have sex, I made excuses.
I had seen transvestites over there and heard from a SGT. When he found his date was one he grab him there and got a hand full then left after hitting him. One once asked me to come with him as he passed by. Those were the real first gays I seen but I could not see having someone looking like a woman that really was a man.
It was easy to see that a very large number of straight married or engaged men were shacked up downtown. I knew many of these men and several were very good friends. Later this lesson would be very important in discussing sexual issues in my ministry.

God was working on me over there as I look back. My nature was to respect people and in this country where I was a guest, as our commanders told us, I never from any part of my being would speak against their culture. I was an atheist and Buddha was just as non-existent as God was to me. But one night at a carnival I had already drank enough to black out that night by the time I got there and remembered little of that night. Yet, I had totally sobered up to see myself respecting their culture kneeling at a large statue of Buddha and someone sprinkling holy water on me. Later, after I accepted Christ I did the usual rebuking the devil things Pentecostals do to clean up past encounters with anything real or perceived that was of satan or demons. It wasn't until much later that I realized God was there and woke me to see this and saying to me I am with you and know your heart even while unsaved. So when my year ended I had so many good memories and wondered ever so much more about my self and pretty much figured I was gay by then, but still thought of marrying someday, because that is what you are supposed to do and I wanted to have the average family life.
I tried very hard to contact my Thai Friends especially those two, but I just didn't have enough of an address and who knows. So they were wonderful memories. I still would do the best to look them up if I am ever over there, even after all this time. I occasionally go over my life reviewing my expectations and desires and up to now I still really had no reasons to have cares. In the Air Force was still like being a kid I guess, with little responsibilities. I had two more years and now stationed in Las Vegas.

This was just continued good times without cares, though I thought occasionally of my sexuality I just didn't care to much. Thailand though I talked in some detail was mostly one big party in a wonderful land full of little adventures and work was not bad either. I wasn't a very good soldier if you call saying "yes sir, and no sir" is soldiering. I had gotten an officer upset at me once or twice for not saluting. Never anything serious and I got great outstanding reports for my work. Though as the squadron commander watched me unload hundreds of trucks of bombs he report how good I was, yet I never had a license to drive the vehicles to do the unloading. There are many things I'd love to tell you about my service life, but that would take a book on its own. It just was that I hated being in the service but would never trade one day of it for anything in the world. I want my own life and the service controlled just about everything. Easy to party and have fun, but with no responsibility of choosing where to live and having to play this game of enlisted verses officers. Las Vegas was the perfect sitting for this time of my life even so. 1969 was very good in Las Vegas for Military. Well drinks $. 35 picture beer $. 75 at Circus Circus. Bars never close and parties 2 to 3 times a week at someone house who lived off base. I got my own apt. still was received for food, but had a chow card to. Paid to live off base. And for a over six months I just called in as I was night shift supervisor. I'd call from a bar to check if work was in. One time there was I went fairly drunk having to pick up a $300,000 practice nuclear bomb. I even got a Air Police escort across the flight line out to the bomb dump. No problems. I drove in my car in civilian clothes drunk to pick up a shipment too. It was a carefree time. Base parties where officers and enlisted men had beer parties on the flight line. I loved Lake Mead to, went fishing with friends a lot. Five hours from home so got to see my family often to.

More episodes dealing with my sexuality came up as my little group, a Georgia boy, who I though was very cute, very blond, but engaged, a Midwesterner who was into golfing, two others fun guys, and a black.. We were like peas in a pod. The town was our hang out and the lake was a get away from it all. We went snow skiing, and ice skating. We had an extended group of about 15 others friends which were more for parties than just being together like are smaller group. Not anyone not even the extended group were into drugs or evil or a conditions that could bring on a direction of some sort of abuse. Are worse sin was drinking. Then nobody cared. The police stopped us once while we were downtown drinking and driving and said he understood military people and so he won't do anything, but for us just to drive back to the base. We of course said yes, but went on drinking the town dry.

Our little click was driving and we past a gay bar. We have past it many times before, but this time one said lets stop in. I was a little nervous, but was well insulated with the guys. They never said a negative thing about gays. We just went in had some beers threw some nickels in the slots and was on our way. But I registered this in my mind. I was very interested in learning about gays. One night I went alone to that gay bar. I was numb because this was the first time I really was going to a gay place with to dealing with my feelings. I set at the counter and drank a truck driver sat next to me and talked to me. I sat and stared straight ahead. He was not my type, but this night I was dealing with something for the first time and even moving wasn't an option. I wanted something. At that time I didn't know what. He started touching my private parts while we sat there. I guess because I didn't respond or maybe it was this very overweight black saw what was happening and so came over and took over by talking to me. He was very friendly and easy going and I was getting drunker too so we talked. I can't remember what about, but he said there was another gay bar would I like to go. I said yes and we went. It was more like a casino than a bar. It seem fun enough, later he took me back to where my car was. We sat in his car. He reached out a fondled me, I just turned over to him and hugged him then said I must go. It had nothing to do with him, just that that was as far as I wanted to go. I was quite drunk by then and even spun my car out in the rain on the way home. The street was big and no cars and I hit nothing. I did go back once with friends and that guy was there. I ignored him. We never went back it just and I never did either there were plenty of things to do and this was done with. . .

A new man started working at the bomb dump, but was never anywhere that I could meet him, but I sure wished to. Everyday we'd all line up in formation before going to our assignments. He was a few people away. There were not many men I've seen that were very good sexually attractive to me, but he was and nothing brought us together.
Once at the NCO club a stripper was brought in so of course everyone had to go. Most got a big thrill and I knew how to go along with them, besides I still thought someday I'd marry and I haven't found any guy that was like me, except in the gay bar and my memory of that was there was nobody there of interest and if I got caught I'd be up the creek. So, I went along with these straights to see naked women. One occasion a group of us drove 500 miles one night stopping at the whore houses going north of Vegas. I went in one after the begging of others, one giving the $10. 00 price of a prostitute there. I said no and just waited for him to get done. Most of the time still had nothing to do with sex and I did continue enjoying science fiction and science fact. I actually learned considerable. I also picked up the notion of becoming a pilot during that last year as a goal after I got out. And it was great to get out, free at last. Life is full of lessons and schools with time commitments. Every so often you graduate on move on.

People seem to go their ways and only one I kept in contact for a while and also my high school buddy who after boot camp I never saw till I got out came back into my life on occasion. I moved in with my parents then with my younger sister getting a decent job close to her house after the service. At work I met a friend and we had some good times at some parties and once in a while my high school buddy would join us. I got my own apartment where my spiritual development really got moving. I was learning about ESP along the lines I considered science. My philosophy was well developed concerning Christians and others. I believed no one had advantage over anyone and if willing anyone could achieve any degree mental powers. My job was good, I even began flight lesson to become a commercial helicopter pilot and actually flew an airplane by myself several times. I had a good imagination and kind of wrote my own adventure stories not really ever concerned with publishing them.
I enjoyed drinking coffee at coffee shops with breakfast and that became a normal routine before work. My older sister and I tried out some ESP type powers lifting sofas a few feet off the ground with little more than touching the ends of the sofa. I also found a group called Rosicrusians which taught everyone had powers they can tap in the universe. I signed up and received a book each week for a year. I found I could do some interesting things. One being useful at work. I was a shipping and receiving clerk at a electric resale place and we got skids with could be a hundred boxes on it. Lots were different items and each must be checked against a purchase order. I hated this because it took quite awhile. However, I found I could close my eyes walk around stacks and hold my hand out and it would be drawn to the next item I needed to find. It worked very well. I also found I could use the same thing listening to songs I did not know the words too or the commentators words and say each word as it is song or spoken. This was not taught by the Rosicrusians but something I picked up. After a year of receiving material they changed and started offering coming to their headquarters and the books started saying you need to do rituals to get to ascended masters. I avoided these because there was no God and no body was superior to anyone.

Several things were going on during this first year out of USAF. I was dealing more with my sexuality, I was getting to a point with this Rosicrusian that effects what I believe (Roscrusians state you can control your environment including people) I know this is true. I did those things. It worked. Things happened, but never enough to actually change much in my life. Just little things. I also dabbled in astrology near a point of going deeper. It was really to complicated and I could never grasped how it seem to work. Once I sent in to get a reading not saying a thing about my life and it came back indicating my gay nature that was weird to say the least. I had some sort of spiritual experience which didn't seem connect to anything I had known. I was told several things concerning love and many other things I am not at ease to discuss or at liberty to speak on. Later, I found these exact words almost word for word in the Bible. Mainly that I can't go where Jesus is now, but one day I can. Jesus name was not use, he used a pronoun. I simply would not allow God in any form to try to say it him speaking. There was no god or God to me and so it was taping into it all which can at least some day be explained. However, he was all to real and personal. I also found a newspaper that listed a gay newpaper which I sent for and in it was a gay club which I called. What a dramatic thing this was for me. For the real first time I actively did something about a for myself and sexuality. The club's receptionist was very nice and talked awhile, but over all it would cost $200. 00 a year and that was out of the question for me. I was however esthetic over actually making that call. It was probably the best thing I did for my self. Now, I also found a gay bar along the beach listed. I decided to go. This was different than while in the USAF no threat of discharge and I was going really for the first time to really check out other gays. I did go that night. I went early not knowing that the crowds arrive late. This was perfect for my coming out to myself because what I saw when I got there release any doubt I had about being gay or that it was a sickness or perversion. If I was a Christian I'd say it was a born again experience, because that is the closest simular experience I can compare to it. There were four guys just have a good time and very friendly non-sexually. They were so comfortable together, so natural. I have no idea if they ever had sex together, but that wasn't the issue here it was others like myself very comfortable with who they are as gay people. I had a few hours to observe them before the crowds came. The bar tender was a neat guy and the name of the place was The Stables. So was very impressed to see there really are gays that are very natural being gay. In other words this alone all the condemnation of any Christian of gays falls into they just completely wrong. My love of the truth which started at age five said so loudly in my gut gay was not wrong or perverted but a very normal condition for gay people. I can't convince those that can't see that picture, but I knew then nothing was wrong with me.
More people came in and dancing started, but by that time I needed to go to the bathroom so bad that I left. I need privacy to go and the line was long. I wanted to stay because there were two I would like to meet, natured called and I left. Luckily a mile away I found a place, then I almost decided to go home figuring I'd be to shy to ask and I never fast danced before. I decided to go back. One of the men I liked did come to me and asked me to dance. I said no I didn't know how. Another man I thought was just gorgeous (American Indian which I didn't associate with Thais yet) seemed interested in me, but none of us moved. A black man saw this unspoken thing between us and he danced with him a few times and I felt I lost my chance, then the black guy came and asked me to dance. I said the same I don't know how. This black didn't care and said it doesn't matter nobody really cares and won't notice anyway. He was real good at convincing me to dance. I loved it. He said he notice the eye contact I had with "Ken" and why don't I ask him to dance. I said I was to shy. So he took the initiative and introduced us and so Ken and you two go dance. Till this day I know God sent this man to get Ken and me together. We dance the night away and I think fell in love that night. I didn't tell him he was my first. He came home with me that night and I had no trouble about what I should do or not do. I wasn't a bit awkward it was so natural together. We continued to see each other I he moved in with me within a couple of months. We were together ten years. We had the family I dreamed of even 3 kids. A boy and 2 girls as the mother couldn't be a good mom and finally gave them to us. I was so in love with that man. I thought it would last forever.

We loved camping together and often went to his mom's on the Indian reservation so I learned about the Indian culture too. Very interesting. We had much in common and loved dancing. We went to hundreds of gay dance bars and clubs and drank but not to get drunk. Once I had invited my school buddy over and ended up coming out to him. We all decided to drive to Mexico that night like usual drinking while driving. We stopped on the freeway near San Diego and got into some sexual things. My friend just curious and I didn't fully understand what was happening, maybe just him checking it out. I wasn't attracted to him anyway and I didn't thing it was a three way or that my lover was being unfaithful. I wasn't a Christian and didn't believe spiritual laws existed and this was this night's thing only. But when I saw my lover kissing him something I hadn't expected happened inside me that said this is wrong. It was quite powerful and I told them to stop they thought I was kidding I guess and I got very serious so much so that they did stop and we drove home and my friend left and I never saw him again. It was a first stress on our relationship and I learned something about human nature and jealousy and later I knew a spiritual law being broken. Our relationship never was the same but managed most the time pretty well, but I caught him with someone else once which made it worse.

I decided to leave and moved in with my parents. I thought I had broken away from him and from the growing arguments after these unfaith acts. Thinking I was free I had gotten a job while living back at home. My parents went on a month's vacation. While working (rent a car place) across the street was this blond the kind I liked and he sat there waiting who knows why. I though I'd take a chance to meet him so I went outside and hung around seeing if he'd come over since I like the other person to first ask me. The poor sales clerk had no idea what was going on. This guy staring at the shop now for a couple of days. He couldn't know he was looking at me and me him especially like for a date. Straights can very publicly meet with out concern, but gays must be careful. Out side a gay bar at that time was a risk to meet someone. The guy finally cross the street to a phone booth. The clerk said he was about to call the police. I told him wait I will go see what's going on. I knew very well what was going on. So I went over to him some what nervous not wanting any rejection, he was so cute I wanted to get to know him. He was pretending to be using the pay phone and when he saw me we started talking. He was interested in me and he said that spot was a lucky spot for him across the street. He said he's wait till I was off work and come home with me. I was very excited still thinking it was over with Ken. I explained to the clerk there was no problem with that guy and all very innocent. It was really nice with him that night we talked a lot. We did end up in bed, then later my Dog (My brother's dog had pups and Ken and I got one we named after the bar we met at "Stables") began barking. I understood what Stables was saying. He was saying Ken was driving up the street and was maybe two blocks away. I told the guy and we quickly dressed just in time that Ken drove in the drive way. Dogs can be remarkable if you listen. I couldn't believe Ken drove all the way over to visit me and it was difficult to explain the guy with me. But after that we all went out to eat dropping the guy near his home.

Ken kept returning and we got back together. It wasn't much better and so I said I would move to Northern California to get a job and later he could move up there. Thinking if he did it may be better or he won't and I could start over. By this time God really was doing a number on me. This began just before I got back together with Ken. I hitched a ride to work one day and when let out he said "God Bless you" I was at the point where I figured Christians though wrong and had no idea what process was taking place when they prayed or God Blessed someone, that a force generally good can come of it and so I wouldn't so much care about the wrongness of their belief, but the fact that something in their accumulative brain power could manifest change and since they wished good good could come from it. I traced this blessing on me directly to a much more direct path to God. I drove North. The spiritual or cosmos thing which was ever so personal never left me, never was bad to me, never offended me, never went against what I believed, always their day or night never tiring of me. Mostly listened to me. Much more too. A radio station faded in and out then very strong. I wanted to shut it off because it was Christian and a guy was giving details of his relationship with Jesus Christ. I hated it, but it drew me the more so. What he was saying was Jesus was ever so personal, never leaving , there night and day, never tiring of him. And on and on. It was what I have been experiencing for nearly three years. On and on he went describing the very experiences I had. I was uncanny. How can this be. It shocked me so much. Because this meant it was Jesus all the time. I just could not accept this. I believe there was no God. I knew if I ask he would say he was Jesus. I told not to under any condition. On and on the radio man said Jesus inside talking to him so personal so good, never against, always patient, I could not handle it I saw it word for word time and again. The personality matched exactly to a tee. I was very shaken my life turning upside at 65 MPH going North a 100 miles from anywhere. I knew it was true and hated it, but loved it at the same time. Finally, that guy was done and the station faded away. I drove on in shock. It ruined my life as I had known it. Finally I saw there was but one choice since I loved truth beyond all things. I said Current as you know I believe there is no God beyond a shadow of a doubt. But because I seek truth in all things the if you are truth them I will accept you completely for truth is what I seek.

I continued to my destination and looked for work. It was not as easy as expected. I had a brand new 1974 Grand Torino Sport which I bought in 73'. It was December of 73'. I slept in the car and budgeted money as I had little. No job came. I stayed more quite on the issue of God and had this new experience of being homeless as it were, though I could go home anytime so it wasn't a big issue. Finally, I got to where I had to go home as there was barely enough gas money to get home. I stayed in Sacramento a couple days at the Salvation army. They asked me to park the new car by the offices because it didn't look right to have a new car and sleep free for 2 nights there. I tried even looking for work in that city still hoping to break free of Ken. I had to give blood to get the last tank of gas to get home.
A transsexual friend of Ken's had recently gotten saved and when we visit him (her) she began telling us about Bible Prophecies. This was up my alley, not the God part, so it was interesting . Anything on telling of future things was interesting to me. She invited us to a Kathryn Coolman meeting. I really wanted to see healings to test if its fake or real or my accumulative agreement of brains making people get healed. While waiting a usher came out and said all seat were full but God can make more room. Well no more room, too many in front of us. So we went back to her place.

She had invitations to Amazing Prophecies and it also could have healings and other manifestation. So we went. I wanted a close look see if anything would happen to judge it faked or real and hear anything that can add to my knowledge of future events as well as past events. It was indeed interesting what was said, not much in the way of Jesus and that was not why I came anyway so I just figured I wouldn't see anything this time. There is always next time. But I didn't know it was Christian procedure to invite people to accept Christ at the end of a meeting. He just said anyone that would like him to pray them please raise your hand everyone having their eyes closed. I thought hey anyway they are wrong, but accumulative prayer may just move things to a better conditions in my life. I was certainly looking for something. So I raised my hand in honesty to received what ever good that may come of it. That wasn't good enough for him, he now said those with raised hand please stand. Well, so what I can do that much to. I am willing to see if power to change things for the could can come of it. But, then he said come up front. What can I do I just need to take one step I was already in the first row dead center so I would not miss a thing.

He now played dirty ( not really) he told in less than five minutes the story of why Jesus came 2000 years ago. He came to die for me. To die in my place. I deserve to die, he first loved me. And then rose to Heaven on the 3rd day. We can accept his work on the cross by recognizing we have sinned. No one had to tell me I was a sinner, and here a way out. He said with all eyes closed, mine were pray after me. As he told use to say Jesus I believe you are the Son of God died on the cross for my sin, rose the 3rd day forgive me of my sins. Which I did whole heartedly. I even considered my lover sitting behind me. I put him on that alter saying if gay really is sin I commit all this to you. Show the truth. Tears flooded that area as I cried like a baby and so did the other hundred that came forward. As I prayed Doug walked over to me I assumed because his voice came over and stopped right above me. I saw all white with my eyes closed. When he had finished I opened my eyes. Doug had never left the left side of the stage. We were taken backstage by counselors and told how good God is and what to expect in the coming days and years as Christians. They gave their testimonies and the Book of John to us. It all a daze the room was white like in a cloud. When I came back out to my lover and friend they greeted me with smile and the transsexual said welcome home, it was wonderful. I read the Book of John quickly and cried thru it all it was so good. This was about one month after I had asked God to show me the truth "is He real?" It was January 27, 1974 at 9:30 PM when I accept Jesus as Lord and Savior. Now I had finished the Book the next day and was starving for more. I had no money anywhere and could not expect Ken to give me any, but I wanted a Bible so bad and had no idea where to get one. I prayed to God in Jesus name explaining I have come up with $4.58 and can only think of K-Mart knowing they had a book section. Church never crossed my mind. I went to K-Mart and found a KJV Bible for including tax $4.57. This was my first miracle in answered direct prayer. I began spending a lot of time reading the Bible and Christian book stores reading everything I could. Ken knew about Assemblies of God and we began attending one where I almost never missed any service or workshop or special guest speaker.

This has been a first rough draft bring you to when I accepted Jesus. I will be smoothing out the above and continuing with my walk as a Christian. This won't be uploaded to this page for around a month of (" Began writing Saturday, October 18, 1997").
I believed Jesus never left me when I left him at age 5 and that he was very close and became personal nearly 3 years before I accepted him as Savior I will go into details of this in the update along with my experiences with other Christians and Pastors up until I came out to my pastor in 1985, then as my ministry begin till present. I name my ministry after my dog named Stables as it also represented where is began 2000 years ago. Let me tell you this. You can believe what you will but "Gay is not Sin and Jesus is not asking the gay person to change and be straight.

To be continued later. . . . .
In Christ Jesus

Currently I have no freed up funds to go anywhere that is not much more than an hour’s drive from home. I have been to several countries (Thailand, Philippines, Okinawa, Japan, Canada, Mexico, Taiwan, Germany, France, and Amsterdam). These was military assignments, vacations, day’s trip, or to pick up a car. None had any ministry involvement other than my trip to Germany and Taiwan I did shoot some TV programs using them as a backdrop. Most visits were before I was SAVED. Generally I thought doing my little weekly TV programs and internet chatting was about all I could do because family, work, money, or stupidity on how to do anything that would actually get people to a meeting let alone have a place to meet. This began to change about 4 years ago.

My message generally has been on very controversial topics, but through these many years on weekly TV (since 1985) and my keen interests on many topics of the Bible since 1974 and up to present God’s continual call on my heart to reach the world, see my
testimony, has given much to tell people about on all areas of the Bible.

For now I will list the general areas ministers, pastors, and others have been praying to God for me to come to their city to preach. All of these see that God will do wonderful things and Save many people many healed and they tell me adamantly they can gather often enough 10,000 people to hear me preach.

This has been mostly from a part of the world I never had any real interest in or any desire to go to so I originally discounted them as nice and thank you, good thoughts and here is a prayer or two and go about my business on one on one ministering online and preaching my weekly TV programs. Sure it was interesting to think someone actually would want me to go preach and expecting God to move, but it did not seem to match my situation or “my favorite country” list. It seemed weird that here in the USA and my home city Seattle that I can’t even get a peep from anyone that would invite me to preach, though I know that God would heal and Save many and move in ways they could not imagine. God through Jesus has shown me many things and what he will do very soon, I know in my heart these things and I know people need to here them. But in the USA if the word gay is there then it does not seem to matter that GOD called you or not. They would rather die and be given over to antichrist than to hear from a gay person. Even the many gay churches remain silent and they have such a calling, but they remain in dormant mode. I see the spark that will catch them afire for Christ and I see the purpose in the Body of Christ for gays. So, I remained skeptical on ever doing more than saying my piece on TV each week. Also, many really good people all over the world but huge numbers of homophobic people (homophobe to me means someone that does not study what their mouths speak on the gay topic, so never can explain why they say what they say).

But a few years ago something began to change. Probably started with 911 (a date that I say began the snowball effect that will takes us to antichrist kingdom in operation). Suddenly people from several Muslim countries began popping up in chat to me. I use to get mostly homophobes or people that are interested in last days events or gays wanting to know what the Bible says about gays. Ever since 1985 I probably had over 700,000 people come to me one line or via TV programs to talk one on one over these years. Often I can have 10 private chat windows going on many Bible issues and in Christian chat rooms often I am the talk of the room and have quite the ministry to these people.