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Easiest term for when the Rapture takes place is Mid-Term. It covers specific issues that is significantly important before Jesus returns. The Church is not even close to being ready so that Christians can be Plucked off Earth. Perry Stone’s program tonight 10/2/10 of a program he did in Israel some time ago he show a device for breaking open wheat and barley. That device in Hebrew sort of sounds like the word tribulation. It was a board with many protractions on the underside so that when placed on the cornel it would break open the shell.

Though Perry strongly believes in Pre-Trib his description and video clip of that board was like a revelation to me of more precise detail for the Mid-Trib Rapture because Christians’ shell needs to be cracked open. Christians have so solidified their shell around their true Christian nature that they can hardly hear what God’s endtime messengers are saying. Should a pre-trib occur Christians would still be in their shell encasement. It simply can’t be that such a suborn lot could remain generally insubordinate to God and still can be grasped by the Rapture pluckers. Really I want to know from those that believe pre-trib how can with no fanfare you go to heaven? Let’s put for the moment we are forgiven aside. Think about the last 2000 years of Christianity. The more info that come up as we get better able to dig out ancient history and report it we find Christians simply just aren’t as decent folk as we assume Christian should be. God showed Israel point blank amazing things. God wiped out invaders, parted the sea, you know the very significant unquestionably events to the people of those days. Why then even as they were led to the Promised land They all had to be killed off and none except Joshua and all the were born on the way went into the Promised land, then on top of that after seeing Jericho fall and those many things after crossing the river, they disobeyed and did not kill every living person and domesticated animal in the land. Going forward no move of God convince them for any length of time to obey. Jesus came, YES, Jesus comes inside us, but we are still the same humans. We still did horrific things for the past 2000 years. Does this go unpunished? Did God change with Jesus on the Cross? Can we still disobey God as a people of God? History tells us a profound yes. TODAY it is not better. Every denomination says the other is wrong. Many have extremely strict rules saying salvation must be maintained. This one says they are right the other says they are right. So who is right? Are you really more right than all other denominations?

You say you have love, but so many say you are full of hate. Are those people liars that say you hate? Why do Christians so often have the term bigot attached to their name? All those calling you that they are wrong. How did they get the concept that you are a bigot? Why do red state say blue states are going to hell and vice versa? How about all those that were persecuted by the CHURCH? I bet all of you know and believe in times past the CHURCH persecuted innocent people. Do you really think the prayers of those innocent ones went unheard? How can you think you can have a pre-trib having no accountability? The pre-trib main verses don’t detail and time as in “miss the trib” The “Wrath of God” is not defined as 7 years, but as 3.5 years. Also as Perry explained tonight about wine press as describe in the Bible about God’s wrath “like a wine press” shows me that God is still trying to get the wine out of the grapes. The ancient wine press did that well. Those people God is not willing to lose will be pressed like wine grapes so that at the end of the last 3.5 years they will be ready to enter the 1000 year period with Jesus as KING. Before that time the wheat will be beaten out of its shell as I said earlier.

A pre-trib Rapture gives not even one minute to break open the wheat shell so that Christians can come out of their shell and be dressed in their wedding gown a requirement for the Rapture. All the living a the dead Christians persecuted by Christians will have a big question for God who promised to answer their prayers. Do really believe somehow magically you are not responsible? Yes your sins are forgiven you. Should you die and huge numbers of you will and if you have kept your faith that Jesus is the ONLY Son of God and God sent him to die on the Cross to pay the price of your sins, then rose him on the 3rd day you will indeed rise with the dead in Christ even if you did not learn anything about anything about why this thrashing board in pounding you during that time that killed you. You still having faith will rise and meet Jesus in the air before the Rapture and see those still living catching up to you.

The Bible says this thrashing will last 1260 days. Perry could not have described it better though he missed the meaning it has that it will break the shell that surrounds the Christian so they can then dress in their wedding gown. Again and again, there is no free ticket to Heaven, it is work all the way. Not the work of good deeds though you should be having the manifest of good deeds since you are a Christian. Working to earn will gain you nothing, working as a manifestation of your faith is just a result of your walk with Jesus.

Your shock will hit you hard if you are expecting a pre-trib Rapture. If you expect a pre-trib then it will also go hard on you because that thrashing board is designed to break open your wheat shell. This should be easy to understand. The world is so full of info some radical some with much detail and there are FACTS galore about things planned for Christians in the coming days. Jesus is not going to return tonight or anytime very very soon. The Soon return of Jesus was talked about soon after Jesus rose and ever since. TODAY soon is much sooner now but can be until the last one alive that was alive when Israel became a nation. We’re talking as late as 2060ish. There is a monkey wrench in this date. Normally no one can live longer than we make it extreme to cover unknowns 120 yrs old. Science claims to be about to gives us unknown more years. This can extend when Jesus returns. God can and will and did set the date and so our age is not even a factor because we now might be able to extend it and so the “soon” will seem longer. But the point really is Jesus is likely to return way sooner than 2060ad. But critically and usually ignored in dating is the 144,000 and the TWO Witnesses. Again no magic, just fact. They are two people and absolutely they need to meet. Nothing anywhere indicates they have met yet. Not even remotely, no one nowhere at all is even close at saying they seen them somehow someway, though many claim to be them. I strongly suspect they need a couple years together before they tell the rain to stop so starting the TRIB. Yet how often do you hear anyone preaching about these TWO? Do a search, very very rare can you find a site that really deals with the TWO realistically and rarer if at all that they have any sort of life before their ministry. Their ministry is a good part to shake the CHURCH. Elijah is a Name the Bible gives one of those TWO. Probably Moses the other. This does not mean they are the real Moses and Elijah. The TWO were born and are ordinary people and not related to the Bible’s namesake except in symbolism.

Christians you are not ready and you cannot get yourself ready. You are in a shell. Hey God knows what he is doing, it is supposed to be this way. Hard to believe the ancient people of God can so often be so disobedient, but really you are the same. The shell on wheat protects it, so actually you insubordination to God actually formed a shell that protects you from falling away. You so think you are right and a good Christian that you can’t fall that easy because what your disobedience has done created a protective shell, but for wheat to be editable it has to be broken out of its shell and so do you. It will take 1260 to break open that shell during that time you will likely turn your backs on Jesus and help antichrist kill the TWO. Finally broken out of your shell you can see clearly that the rain is gone and that it is your faith that shines so ready to be Plucked off Earth properly clothed in your wedding gown.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

How will God use gay in the end times


Hi John,


Donald Foster

Donald says, "Hi, my name is Donald I am a Facebook friends affirming apostle; affirming Pentecostal I would like to make you a friend. I am gay but I do have problem with gay marriage thing which I am for / civil union but I can't find the Bible that doesn’t talk for or really against it. I know gays aren't sodomite male temple prostitute. How will God use gay in the end times prophecies. thank a bunches.”




This link shows you how to think about finding gays in the Bible Greek and Hebrew often thinks of marriage as the main spouse owns the other spouse. Even when you read the word married in the Bible the Husband owns the wife as though she is property and a slave. Marriage is pretty much a business proposition in Bible days. Knowing this tracking gay marriages is easier. covers a pretty good explanation of how to find gays in the Bible and ancient days, but goes into greater detail. goes into the possible gay relationship. Other books and scholars say the words of Saul can only be he knew David and Jonathon were having sex. Bible phrases like “uncovering nakedness” is describing sex acts: 30 Then Saul's anger was kindled against Jonathan, and he said unto him, Thou son of the perverse rebellious woman, do not I know that thou hast chosen the son of Jesse to thine own confusion, and unto the confusion of thy mother's nakedness?

Usually gays being gay can read material and see it talks about gays, while str8 has to think in str8 terms so need to explain it into a meaning that doesn’t hint to being gay. As a gay person reading David’s love story with Jonathan we can relate that this is a love story between two guys. Furthermore reading all David’s sex life we find he really never had a good marriage or really love with women. David had hundreds of wives and concubines. His first marriage was marrying two women who husbands were killed in war helping David fight. This was “YOUR DUTY” law. We see David committed murder sending a woman’s husband to the front lines. You just can’t read in the Bible David really satisfied in a opposite sex relationship. He DID promise Jonathan his faithful love and did keep that promise.

Ruth and Naomi have been shown to be in a lesbian relationship.

Luke 17:34 I tell you, in that night there shall be two men in one bed; the one shall be taken, and the other shall be left. (KJV)

In those days one of the most impossible to find is str8 men in the same bed. It was just not done for any reason. Wish as one might try to do to get 2 str8 men in bed together in that 1st century it just not going to happen. So they would have to be gay. Now if they are gay then one has to be SAVED because open was Raptured. The other was not SAVED so remained. NOW we know many Christians marry unbelievers today and so no matter our prayers or wishes at the Rapture their unbelieving spouse will be in bed with the believing spouse and one will be taken the other remain. (our prayers for our spouses and families may get them SAVED later as the trib continues after we are gone, but they can only stay in the flesh body for another 1000 years before they get a spirit body).

Short version how God will use gays:

1948 one psychologist had gay friends perfectly adapted in life and not sick. They had good jobs and life. Her work was with colleague’s was with gay they were trying to fix as in gay was a disease and mental hospitalization was needed. Finally she realized that did not match the gays she saw and were her friends. She went with the to the gay bars too so saw many gays. She began a study on healthy gays that led in 1974 that gays were declared not a disease then later declared perfectly normal people to where today we have a 60/40 pro/con rate. A boost was in 1967 God moved on Catholic gays, 1968 Protestant gays, and in 1969 secular gays. Secular gays (which included lots of Christian gays too) started the gay rights movement. Christian gays did their homework and produced intensive studies on the Bible wrote tons off books, gone into great detail about Jesus’ and Moses’ day concerning real gays and what the Bible says and the meaning of those Bible words and settings. As you see on any talk show with pro/con on gays the pro-gay side seems to be displaying God’s love while the con-gay (supposed Christian) side seem to offer hopelessness and a non-ending discourse on the evil gays. Those against gays claimed they are Christians and those pro-gay they said were not Christian. Like as in Jesus was a red neck red state Republican thing and Blue states weren’t Christian.

Objectively we see gays always trying to educate with facts and unconditionally accepting all peoples with open arms. This naturally aspect of all gays (sure some bad apples, but those aren’t really easy to find) is to love unconditionally everyone even their persecutors (the homophobes). The gay rights movements that may march on homophobic groups never is intended to destroy anyone, just to confront them saying we are people. Gay rights movements follow the pattern of any rights movement, though many other movements often had some violence caused by the movement, that is rare if not even found in gay rights movements.

Most gays are not so aware of this built in nature they have as reconcilers. All the ground work really is done, gay rights is close at hand hey 60/40 not 40/60 is pretty good. Christian gays have their Christian churches. Gay Christian internet site abound. We are about ready for the next phase from God. But intensely bad times for all Christians needs to get underway where huge numbers begins to turn their backs on Jesus (The Great Falling Away). I go into detail on this on my sites and TV programs. "Gays For Jesus" TV 24/7 .

All gays by their GOD given nature and Gay Christians having that GOD given nature plus PERSONALLY God’s love through the many gay Christian outreaches and Bible research showing gay is not sin will be ready, I think is ready TODAY should something happen, to go to fallen Christians and help them back to Jesus. This will shock the especially homophobic fallen. They WHY? We so persecuted you and you with open arms tell us Jesus has not left us and wants us back. Gays will mostly all of them will forgive their persecutors openly and lovingly.

Many fallen will return to Christ via the gay witness.