Saturday, December 8, 2007

Brant Baker Shekinah Fellowship "Re-Visited"

Brant Baker Shekinah Fellowship

Who is this Man? Why was his name erased from Church recent history?

Brant was a growing ministry operating with the gifts of healing in every service. I attended many of his services. A couple times he walked past me and I got a much closer look and I highly suspected he was probably gay. More info can be seen at . I really loved his style of ministry and he always filled to capasity every place he ministered. He used a very large choir of young folk like himself. These would go out intothe crowds as he began healing people in Jesus Name and they also did the same out in the audience. There is completely no doubt people were healed and slain in the Spirit.

He really brought worshipinfg God and Jesus to a new level and Jesus presence wa so thick you could cut it with a knife. I remember that I could feel as he attempted to lay hands on someone he could get only to within 6 inches and out they'd go. I personally felt that limit and knew it was maxed out and the person would have to fall slain in the Spirit.

I knew that style of worship an annoiting would follow me. I moved North in 1980 and TBN was not on air yet here in Seattle and I did n ot get to see him as frequently. Then when TBN came to Seattle I noticed Brant was no longer on TBN. I caught a few words once as Paul Crouch stated to someone on air about a strange problem. paul hesitated as he spoke about some minister that had suddenly died and Paul did not mention his name. I wrote asking about Brant and was it him and did he die of aids as the hestitation to talk out right about him was left vague. I never got an answer.

I did some research and nothing. Years went by Internet grew so I researched more, could not find a hint of Brant Baker. A decade goes by and still no hide nor hair of the man of God that healed many on nation TV and is so many healing rallies and became a main TBN feature for a time. Then 12/07/07 I got an old Shekinah Fellowship out from moth balls and looked for info that may help me find him.

I typed in "Shekinah Fellowship" and there he was big as life. Someone opened up the doors to getting Brant recognized for the servant of God that he was and so finally I got details on Brant baker. I was right he did die of aids. I also found he was connected with Lonnie Frisbee of all things basically put the freak in Jesus freak. I will be doing more research as it appears interesting info is on this guy's history and he was part of an ex-gaymistry that I was in communications with decades ago when I was doing indepth research on ex-gay ministries.

Binny Hinn also was very much into Brant Baker and sort of coppied Brant's and Kathren's healing ministry format. Binny was even kept in the dark about Brant's death by aids until 2005 (Brant died in 1985). TBN and the Christian leadership of the day erased Brant Baker from all records and to find info untill recently was nearly impossible. This sounds of conspiracy theroies and Scfi-Fi movie stuff.

I still have not researched this enough to know for a fact Brant was gay, right now it is one plus one, and at best he with Lonnie tried the ex-gay route. I have not seen enough to know how he got aids except he came to Jesus after a life tipical of the woodstock days. Possibly like many in those days safe was not a priority.

One thing certain is he was a forrunner of the next stage in healing ministries, so far everythng you see is copy cat look alike try to be like ministries. A new style is about to go forth and take the world by storm as it is the final round of healing ministries. Brant may or may not have been gay (will research this part) but he was banned because he had aids. Brant force to be in the closet at least about aids was then in the 80s. This is 2008 coming up. No such boundries. orientation will be wide open with no guessing and God will move mightly in your site.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Pentecostalism, Healings, Intercessory Prayer

Intercessory Prayer

Generally being a Pentecostal produces powerful intercessory prayer for others. Jesus baptizes Christians, but often it is accompanied at a alter call to those wanting to be Baptized in the Holy Spirit.

Praying in tongues is simply speaking a language you do not understand and did not learn. But you will recognized a a language. Sometime someone maybe present that that is their language and they maybe amazed that you speak it with perfect dialect.

It maybe a language not present on Earth, but the tongues you are speaking is very purposeful and is giving praises to God and making prayers for others and perhaps yourself. Often in our understanding we sort of are greedy wanting this and that from God. But prayers in tongues bypasses out understanding and make perfect prayer and thanks-giving.

Singing in the spirit is speaking in tongues but adding it as a singing mode. Usually this is praises to God. Accompanying tongues is usually the FEELING or the presence of the LORD. Over all tongues is a good time in the Lord and a FEELING of getting through to God more directly.

In a meeting of people praising God and Jesus in the spirit often bring an atmosphere that more gift begin to operate. Gifts are gift and operate at will, but often needs the boost of more Christians adding their praises and worship and prayers. Again, God is very much interested in people coming to him through Jesus so it is in gatherings of many Christian that praises and worship can bring about faith and a move of God is ways that no matter how hard we try by ourselves just cannot happen.

Most Christians whether shy or not just are not deep enough into the meaning of worship and praise to understand that this act can bring about a visitation as some call it of the Holly Spirit. Some people learn this and Can lead people into praises and worship. Some lead people this way for the results and it is more greedy they may be mostly copying some genuine minister's ways of bringing praises and worship to a place ready for faith to produce healing through Jesus Christ.

You can expect miracles if you know that where you are going is a place that the minister will lead the praise portion of the service or rally to a true worship of God. Doubters do not stop miracles from happening. It may stop your healing. Everyone does not get healed for many reason some we cannot know. But it should be fairly certain that a good gathering of people will always produce miracles if the minister can and does lead in praise and worship in the Holy Spirit.

Any church meeting can transform into a healing service. It is nearly 100% up to the pastor/minister. It is not based on this time none happened. If a pastor just decided to start he maybe all thumbs and clumsy and there might be lots healed or nobody. But next time and the time after he is learning praising and worshipping as he never knew it before. Your pastor can change your church into a healing and praise rally. he can invite he can asked others he can do a lot after all you are his flock and he is suppose to look after you.

But as well know most won't and few are doing it in any way that you could go to a healing rally once a week or even once a month without a long drive or a flight. Sometime in recent history there are more than at other times. Today there are copy cats like Billy Hinn who is copying Brant Baker of the early 1980s and Katherine Kuhlman a little early.

Some other ministers today attempt something and you have those that call out physical problems saying God is healing, but over all nothing like what is about to happen is really seen anywhere.

Soon, an upgraded style of healing ministries will begin. In the past people were testing the waters. Brant Baker took it to a new level but he stayed in the closet about issues as it was way to early on the calendar to deal with the problems he had that got him erased by TBN. Today, nobody can erased the new Christian healers because they disagree with some aspect of their lives.

Openly gay healing ministers will soon be reported by CNN news. I feel it deep in my bones it is about to happen. I also know for a fact that it could be very soon. I have been told by many 100s if not way over 1000 pastors in other countries they want me to come preach and many say to crowds over 10,000 people. Hard to believe I could be speaking to 10,000 in less than 4 - 5 days but it is a fact. I am not doing that now because I do not think it is how I need to start. Being handed on a silver platter is to easy. My desire is to reach born again Assemblies of God and the like. Those I call homophobes. For n ow this is my top priority so I am in no hurry to accept invitation to other countries just yet.

On that note though I would be more than happy to go and help your church learn about operating in praise and worship to bring healings through Jesus Christ to your church or group. I do have strict instructions that can be found on my website about invitations.

I have had the privilege to see many healings and been healed 3 times myself that is such that I am talking about. many healings happen that are not felt and happen almost like just ordinary healing or it is nice to state god healed me as to stick with faith that yeah he did I believe it anyways. I really analyze things and so thought through a ton of loop holes and fakers and the real thing. Jesus does heal and don't let hypocrites change your thougths about this. for more also happy to pray for your healing just email your desired healing to me.