Friday, March 28, 2008

The Power of Jesus Christ through the Baptism in the Holy Spirit and Fire

Jesus Baptizes in fire and the Holy Spirit. So what does this mean?

One strange way to put it is it gives us superpowers which most of us wish we had. satan counterfeits this every chance he gets. But through demons it appears to manifest in demon possession which gives us a sense of superpower and seemingly control over others. It makes us extra ordinary,  but  often bring the opposite of why we wanted superpower in the first place. Drugs gives us escape into a superpower world in our minds. Dreams can take us on ventures no scifi movie can.

Secret societies promise us abilities to control our environment by mental processes as well as controlling people. All of these things often seem to work to various degrees. Some people can work pretty significant powers that amazes us.

We are fascinated by predictions and ancient mysteries. We wish we could save the world. This drives many people to great lengths that often results in  a life that is opposite their root ideas. They often end up hurting others or go off into a world of their own.

Authors write fantastic tails about fantastic adventures, they know how to choke us up on emotional levels in trials and heroics. But mostly it is  just our dreams that mostly never happen. We live mundane lives though perhaps happy enough with no severe side effects of not having our fantasies come true.

Well we can have a as it were superpowers. Though not our own (though the human body and  brain are remarkable and capable or many things). We are meant to be spirit bodies and in every since of  this word "superpower", that it what we will have one day.

Age is not a pre-requisite young or old can have superpowers today. When I am talking about superpowers I am not referring to greedy ambitions of wealth and rule over multitudes. This topic is on your personal desires to be able to be a benefit to mankind in good unselfish ways and the joy of going beyond the limitations of our bodies. 

Many people do find degrees of powers above what appears to be the limits of our fleshly bodies. We give these various names. People in the occult. Mystics, masters, predictors and many other kinds of above the normal reaches of people generally. As Christians we readily call most if not all of these ways of the devil. Perhaps they are though many swear beyond any thing that it is God given gift though they do  not have any real concrete evidence of really believing the Bible or mad a personal commitment to the Lord Jesus Christ through a sinners prayer of sorts. There are many mysteries and all are not satan in origin.

So how can a Christian gain "superpowers"? Again as Christians I am meaning decent folk not out for personal gain but desire to serve God and have this feeling of thinking and wanting and wishing you could be special and have powers to do things you just can't do now. I can never stress the importance of your motives. Christians can abuse gifts of God drastically and often.

We can have powers though it is not often called this. I am wanting to explain Baptism in the Holy Spirit differently than is common, but still accurate. Getting Baptized in the Holy Spirit creates an actual change in how you feel inside and you can experience access to the spirit world. Receiving the Baptism in the Holy Spirit means the Holy Spirit comes inside you in a greater function than as a comforter that you get when accepting Jesus as savior. This is a very distinct infilling.  Jesus is the one that does the baptizing on this one.

When you get the Holy Spirit you actually sort of become a superpower. You can do many things that you could not do before. You speak another unlearned language known or unknown. But you can also have various gifts such as laying hands on people and they get healed (you always need to say in the name of Jesus, note: you have the gift and speaking in tongues does not require you say in the name of Jesus I speak in tongues, you just speak in them at will) (so as well you could lay hands on someone and they receive healing without the name of Jesus, this over all is not what you should do or practice, Jesus does the healing not you. The Holy Spirit makes you able to function in healing, but you are actually not the healer, Jesus is.) Always say in the name of Jesus add Christ and rotate Jesus' name if you like (Christ Jesus, Jesus Christ, Jesus) Avoid saying in Christ's name too often, because the specifics is Jesus "Son of God" and functions as the Christ. The name Jesus of "Jesus Christ" is the primary name. Using Christ won't deter healing, but enables focus off Jesus and could lead to the christ rather than the Christ to some.

My point here is to help you operate in your gifts bringing Glory to God through Jesus Christ and to emphasize he is Christ Jesus whom God is Glorified. Sometimes in a busy healing service you can be seeing people healed and the "in the name of Jesus" was not used and the person was only laying hands on the sick and they did get healed. Once again it is important that you know, the gifts is operating through you and people will be healed regardless if you say in Jesus name or not. They could just touch your clothes and get healed. To keep the Glory to GOD keep in mind it is Jesus not you and it is God being Glorified in Jesus not Glorified in you. Don't take the Glory when you noticed you missed saying in the name of Jesus just begin saying it on the next one.

This is for those that may come to think there is something special and magical happening when it is simply Jesus is healing people through a human vessel. Just about guarantee you that you will need to be Baptized in the Holy Spirit to have such healings going through you to others.

Not only healing power or other usual gifts as Acts tells you you will be given severally, but you have a wide variety of not listed gifts. You will be able to use gifts in your personal life which seems selfish , but is not. You are with yourself 24/7/365 and so you know your needs and in your personal life you learn about the Holy Spirit. You can do no more than occasionally speak in tongues or you can spend many hours a day deep in the process of seeking deeper depths into the Holy Spirit. It is the time you want to spend with the HOLY SPIRIT that you can learn other things you can do and cannot do. Does not mean you can say up up and away and fly faster than a speeding bullet or leap buildings at a single bound. IT DOES NOT MEAN YOUR LIFE WILL CHANGE AS YOU KNOW IT. But you can venture into the realm of the spirit world (fairly safely, but also dangerously, satan and demons and unknowns exists there too) so you can reach into outer darkness where hair will stand up and chills dart all over your body as your body sees what it could not see before and the unknown just is a scarey place so knowing this you also know you are covered in the BLOOD and can cast out evil spirit on your journey into the deep where revelations and wonder lay hidden and takes much digging to uncover. Your eyes can see things you never saw before, it is yours for the seeking, but you may suffer if you are not ready to face evil with good. I do not hear many Christian Pentecostal publicly explaining what is available to Christians that are Baptized in the HOLY SPIRIT.

God is more than what you see in church he is throughout the universe and is wonderful and usually you see many wonders you don't know what they are. Sometimes you get revelations and understand what you see. But you can have this power as it is a free gift Jesus wants to give you. Late you will yes leap tall buildings at a single bound when you get your spirit body in THAT day.

Once your are Baptized in the Holy Spirit you won't be the same. Now you will have more things you can do. In the loneliest places you have the vast universe to explore. Or in a crowded places you have the privacy of you and God to see many things. You can do like you see other in Church with the baptism or you can explore the Holy Spirit.