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Still hoping to see more Info about Brant


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Hi Pastor. Just wanted to let you know that awhile back I too had

wondered where Brant Baker was, what he was doing etc. It wasn't until

quite recently that videos and info started popping up about Brant and

his ministry. As a Christian since 1975, around 1977-78 several people

told me about Brant, so we headed down to Long Beach to hear him speak

at the Saturday evening service. Brant came out in his pressed suit,

full of spiritual energy, singing, speaking of healings to his crowd,

it was quite a spectacle. He appeared to me to really and truly be

sincere and on fire for the Lord. He got full support from his

followers too.

Gays4jesus: I went to several of Brant’s meetings and compared to many other Healing ministries I seen over the years Brant’s was the most genuine and sincere. Brant led the new wave and standard for Healing rallies to come.

I found out a few months ago that Brant passed on from HIV or AIDS. I

was a bit surprised, but something comes and takes us all away when

the number is up.

Gays4jesus: all humans sin, assuming something is sin though is not something that should be taken lightly. Brant’s sin as it were was not being gay, but all too often as we reach adulthood we sow wild oats in many ways. Parties, drugs, and sex are usually stages many go through to more or less degree. Aids may have been invented there is a lot of strong research showing the Elite of the coming one world government is very cable of producing death by creating viruses. If we play dumb, then disease is not a respecter of persons str8 or gay as we now know aids gets everyone that contacts it in transmission ways which are many. More str8s percentage wise has died from aids. Brant partied and did drugs and including much unprotected sex. In those days most STDs were curable easily, Brant took no more risks than most pre-Christians did for that time period. Brant died with a better respect for himself as he grew nearer to death and was much happier according to those close to him. Hitler killed 6 million Jews, do we say their number was up or that evil men murdered them? We can only guess, God has a plan we may not like some of it, but many things must come to pass for the next stage to be set of eternity with Christ. I personal think a good number of vaccines or viruses are not designed for our good, but ultimately design to lower Earth population to 1 billion.

Although I'm straight, I had a feeling that Brant

might have been gay, but it really didn't matter to me.

gays4jesus”Not to be rude but duh… Fem gays are easy to spot, most gays are not. His body guards ( at least the ones I saw) were hunks his age and all guys. I was at a convention center across from Disneyland and for some reason he came up to the level I was sitting and acted like he was heading someone urgently, with him were about 12 hot hunks acting like hired body guards which yes I agree someone like him needs such to get from point A to point B sometimes. I am glad it wouldn’t have mattered to you if he was gay.

His flesh struggles were between him and God, the same way mine are between a

few gals and flings in my time. And the same for King David, Samson,

King Solomon, etc.

Gays4jesus: I have big issues with this statement. It is assume just being gay is the sin here. Your “struggles” is typical you can’t control between your legs. Obviously neither could Brant, but you meant being gay not multi-sexual partners and drug parties. David, Solomon, and you had the same problems all humans have and that is we like sex and often stupidly get it anyway we can that is reasonably acceptable and sometimes not. David really is another issue, his str8 adventures were seriously flawed and lots of info that he was not str8 at all. But as you referred to it is the same old penis rules thing.

It also doesn't surprise me that TBN gave him the boot after they

found out about Brant's struggles and lifestyle.

Gays4jesus: worse yet Paul groomed Benny Hinn to take over the Healing ministry hole left when TBN erased Brant from the Christian record. Benny hung out a lot at Brant’s rallies and copied much of Brant’s style and to this day will not give Brant credit.

But didn't Paul Crouch have his own struggles with some gay accusations recently?

Gays4jesus: Paul Crouch, the founder of the world's largest Christian broadcasting network, sought repeatedly to prevent a former male employee from going public with allegations of a sexual encounter between them eight years ago. Crouch, 70, president of the Trinity Broadcasting Network, reached a $425,000 settlement in 1998 with Enoch Lonnie Ford, the former worker, and Crouch later won a closed-door ruling when Ford tried to violate a provision of the settlement that barred him from discussing the alleged encounter. The claims could damage the Orange County-based Christian broadcasting empire Crouch and his wife began in 1973. The network, which depends heavily on donations, reaches millions of people around the world. San Mateo County Times

Whether true or not, something he'll have to deal with between the


Gays4jesus: Again, brush it off to the scapegoat “it between him and the Lord” thing. Paul has a lot more than just Brant when time comes to make amends. TBN’s board is almost all 33rd degree Masons. A very defined process to trick believers to turn to anti-christ and give power to him in the days ahead is at work at TBN.

I guess, He who hasn't sinned, let him cast the first stone."

Gays4jesus: This alleges gay is sin. Though you said it does not matter if Brant was gay, you spent most of your comments alluding to you think gay is sin and so compare it to other sins. Brant’s parties days are essentially a across the board to some degree as all Christians before they came to Christ. If your response was about sin, then the topic of gays really does not have a place except to say gays are sinners like all humans, it is that the being gay and acting on it to find a love for life has nothing to do with sin, but a wonderful life God provided us (as humans) Christian or not to have love.

I must say that the way I interpret Scripture doesn't really allow me to

fit in with TBN's representation.

Gays4jesus: TBN I believe had good beginnings, by 1980 Paul was on the way for whatever reasons to make agreements with satan whether knowing or not Paul gave up some key Christian principles. Many ministers that come to a powerful position slowly are taken over by the vast growth and feel need to turn to ever more evil devices to stay in power and keep the machinery of their ministry working. A ministry that fundamentally condemns large groups of people with no attempt to research or study so they can present truth can’t go on forever in God’s blessing. Condemning gays is actually a very serious issue with God and there is much revelation to many about what God will do before the Rapture on this issue.

A few of the evangelists on TBN have really gone the wayside with so many wrong prophecies and predictions that have never happened. It is actually a bit alarming that they believe they are serious and are hearing the voice of God when there have been so many errors in their messages. I believe that they

believe they are.

Gays4jesus: yes TBN is a major issue that is interesting to talk about and hard to find solutions too. But TBN is a huge international influence on Christians like it or not and it may not fall till the end because it is a machine that can be used in spite of the overall false doctrines that seem to reign supreme today at TBN. I believe God will force their hand causing them to allow his messengers to speak in the coming days as we near that time.

Anyway, that's a different story. The Scripture tells us to test

things, be discerning.

Gays4jesus: If only Christians would test the verses they use to condemn gays to compare with real life and the historic records and the actual things Paul was talking about instead of the blanket statement gay is sin with no effort at all to present any sort of backup to how they got to think it is sin.

A few leading pastors/evangelists have spoken

on so called exact dates when Jesus was going to return here and set

up His new kingdom. It's funny because the Scripture tells us that no

one knows the hour, only the Father, not even the Son knows the time.

Gays4jesus: yes we won’t know the hour, but it says we will know the season and in more detail it says:

Rev 3:3 Remember therefore how thou hast received and heard, and hold fast, and repent. If therefore thou shalt not watch, I will come on thee as a thief, and thou shalt not know what hour I will come upon thee. (KJV)

If we but keep watch will we know the deceptions (i.e. all modern versions are satan counterfeit bibles) if we keep eye out we can know the hour. On a tech. note we can do math at some point to easily calculate to within 75 days of the Rapture. It is too early to do this today. Two equations are missing. One will be hard to know maybe? The other is easy to calculate from. But is we believe a false doctrine we will be blind to any chance to know what hit us and so think Jesus forsook us at that time. When the TWO meet you can calculate to within 75 days, but this is a 2.5-year head start on the second opportunity to calculate the time. When the TWO stop the WATER this will be felt by every Christian at that time. It will FEEL like Jesus forsook you. Faith should tell yo he did not forsake you, but deceptions we weren’t watching for hit us shockingly demanding the FEELING has to be true that Jesus forsook us.

All I can say is, and we all know, God works in mysterious ways, our

wisdom is folly to the Lord.

Gays4jesus: This should be a flashing light warning so as to prepare our minds to adjust to truth as it is revealed in its time. Once we suddenly were told the Earth circled the Sun, this was just not very acceptable and could cost you your life. Likewise in the coming days there are a number of major things we hold dear but are entirely false and how we fight holding on to our love of false doctrine may determine if you can make the Rapture or not. You will get a second chance to come round, but only in surviving to live another 1000 years still in your flesh.

It's a bit sad that Brant had to make

such an early exit. I hope he didn't die in agony or suffer with his

illness too long.

Gays4jesus: I would have loved to see how he would have eventually dealt with his gayness (too many sources in the first hand witness say he was very much gay). I believe like so many times before God cuts short someone’s life for a reason. Brant was sort of before his time. In 1980ish there was really know Christian gay resource, MCC and Dignity was in their infancy. The secular gays made much commotion that led to gay right over time but they were not Christian and had no concept to deal with the homophobic Church. Brant was a role model for Pentecostal gays. First the non-Pentecostal gay Christians had to get established worldwide. Pentecostal gays hid in the closet even unto this day. For 25 years I have been preaching weekly as an openly gay Pentecostal and I have searched everywhere to find gay Pentecostals, but best I could do was to find a few churches hidden away not making waves and seemly avoiding the issue. Website now are more available but still keeping in the safe zones. I was the first in Christian chat rooms for years until gay Christians began to speak up in the safety of text chatting. God is waiting for the time to swing open the gates and doors to many gay Pentecostals that in their closets and their prisons set by God to hold them for that day. They cannot break out of the prisons God keeps them in. They will be sent forth soon, but until something that is required is fulfilled Pentecostal messenger of God will be kept tightly concealed hidden from view. These are bursting with the anointing of God that if a crack opened for them they could be world renown in days.

But I would definitely be interested in knowing more

about Brant the man and what he was doing towards the end of his life

and what he did when he knew he was sick, how he took it.

Gays4jesus: Witnesses say Brant was happy at the end and that he accepted himself and did not let what other thought bother him anymore. He grew his hair out or dyied it or something he felt good about. I also hope those with the inside info and closeness to him will print a biography on him.

I think I

read he was engaged or was married to a woman in his circle, but I

don't know if that's true or not.

Gays4jesus: rumors are often said about people, Brant lived in an especially difficult time for Christian gays and pressure to change to str8 was unceasing. Brant did contact ex-gay group but apparently did not get involved. Brant and Lonnie spent lots of time together. It is funny two gay Pentecostals change the Christian world and these two were generally erased just because they died of aids. Lonnie has quite the story as well. It was because of him showing a style of worship that was coined the phrase “Jesus Freak”. Today what Lonnie did is the general worship style in the Pentecostal churches (watered down a lot and called charismatic churches).

Was family with him, friends all

supporting him to the end?

Gays4jesus: Only info I read is he was fine towards the end as I have said above.

Or did many that worked with him and

friends turn their back on him when they found about about his illness?

Gays4jesus: huge numbers turned against him, but mainly in the mainline TBN associated followers and ministers. When you work with such an anointed person it is much harder to cast them out, many already knew he was gay and remain mute about it for fear of rejection too. Family is thicker than blood so that area was ok as far as I heard.

Please pass on any additional info about Brant on your site and blogs.

Gays4jesus: as they or it comes I will put it on my blog.

Regards and God Bless

Steve B

Gays4jesus: likewise