Monday, November 16, 2009

Perry Stone’s FaceBook spokes person Terrell Mims warns me


Terrell must be a spokes person for Perry Stone’s Ministry and he saw the word gay in my screen name though nothing about gays was written by me Terrell felt I needed to be warned that not to talk about gays. Below is my first entry on their wall:


John Gaysforjesus
Hi Happy Thanks-Giving Just wondering if anyone can address modern version Bibles? It seems that Westcott and Hort of the 1880s got their translation to become the Official Church of England's Bible where all Modern versions have their real roots in. If these TWO men had such powerful influence on today's Christian Bible shouldn't we have a better understanding on how we got modern versions. Is there really something to Westcott and Hort? I really think it important that we have some sort of recognition of such powerfully influential sources that really no one talks about in general preaching. Thanks for any insight into the real sources of modern versions

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Looks like a good general question for discussion on origins of modern versions, what would inspire Terrell to message me with a warning?

Then I wrote a comment to help someone asking for help about their past years:


Kevin DeLaune Pastor Perry Stone.... I really wish you could explain Hebrews 6: 4-6 and Hebrews 10: 26-29. I was caught up in DELIBERATE WILLFUL SIN for the past year. I KNEW what God told me NOT to do and yet I kept on doing it! I want God back so much, but I'm afraid God has now rejected me. Those verses DO state that. Please help!

So I commented:

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John Gaysforjesus

it sounds like a lot of assumption may be present in your life about something you were doing for a year? Someone must have told you your acts which you just out of the blue started doing is sin so you just decided you will keep acting this behavior for one year. Sorry sin is not that way. If you gradually got into something and it took sort of over and you got addicted it is not applicable to the verses you refer to. God told you or did man tell you? You left a lot out of your request. If you saw something in the Bible and so say God told you via yours or others interpretation then God might not have told you. You do not fall out of Grace easily, it is a willful choosing of other gods by willfully turning to other gods that puts you in jeopardy of loosing salvation. Jesus loves you and always has open arms for you, he never forsook you and he won't let anyone take you from him. If you truly think what you did was willful sin, do a reality check and search truth for truth will set you free, but God is right next to you He never left you. Unless you get more detailed about what you did for that year no sin list of the Church matters. One sin gets you hell so all will be in hell because all are doing willful acts of sin daily. We are in a life long journey to be ready for everlasting life. John 3:16 is the requirement, pick yourself up and get on with your relationship with Jesus. I will be happy to go into more detail if you like to get into detail about your year of deliberate sin.

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You can add your comments for Kevin too in this box for that facebook. So you see I had simply made comments that had nothing to do with gay issues yet Terrell replied with in a day saying he is the creator of the group also a misrepresentation to me because the name of the group is:

clip_image001[1]Perry Stone: The Baddest Preacher Walking in Shoe Leather”

It is easy to assume it is Perry’s site. But yes yes lots of Christian minister do not want to be bothered and so either have others do it for them or others just creates a site in their name. So here is Terrel’s message to me:


Between You and Terrell Mims


Terrell Mims November 16 at 11:47am Report

Hi John,
I am the creator of this group. I just want to send you a message. Several members of the group told me about your name GaysforJesus.
I want you to know you are welcome to the group. God loves all people, but hates sin. I am not speaking for Perry Stone, but he believes like I do that homosexuality is a sin and a deception from Satan. Again, God loves all people, but he hates all sin (lying, stealing, hate, lust, homosexuality, murder.) We do not condone the gay lifestyle.
You are welcome to contribute to the the group as long as there is no promotion of the GLBT lifestyle.

So I wrote back with:


John Gaysforjesus November 16 at 2:27pm

The only thing I would ever do is ask the question of how you get gays into a verse. As you state "homosexuality is a sin and a deception from Satan" It just the sort of thing I would like an answer to. In my 25 years preaching weekly on TV I have yet to find any Christian that believes gay is sin to go into detail as to they get gays into a verse. A person like Perry certainly acts knowledgeable. Wouldn't you think a person like him could go into detail as how to get Hebrew or Greek words in the Bible to mean gay? As best as I can come up with from those that say gay is sin is not much more than "its in the Bible" God hates it" "you are going to hell" or a verse is quoted with no further explanations. Perry like many TV preachers or other ministers go into deep detail on about every topic. Whole programs are spent digging into as much as one verse to show its history and day it was written. I am just hoping beyond hope if this so called love that is proclaimed by ministers could ever take the time to present such efforts to show that indeed a word for male temple prostitute really does mean more than a sacred male in a fertility temple of Paul's or Moses' day. Cybele the mother of the gods has a temple in Rome I shot one of my TV programs there recently. Cybele was about as important a figure as any god could be in Paul's day. Paul saw a fertility temple on every corner. I just would like to hear someone like Perry use his expert knowledge to show where the gays were and what Paul's words meant gays. I fully expert you as a representative of Perry will completely reject what I am asking. I cannot possibly understand why many Christian just refuse to explain why they condemn gays. I have been in the Assemblies of God for 35 years. It is strange that Christian not knowing one is gay will say such wonderful things about that gay person as to how much they see Jesus in them. I have had over 200 Pentecostal pastors call me up publicly for prophecy to say such wonderful things from God to me. But when a pastor know I am gay no attempt whatsoever is done to asked about my walk with Jesus. Love is known by its behavior show your love by your behavior and explain how you get gang rape to be gay is sin. There are 14 verses used against gays 7 use the word for male temple prostitute, if gay is sin you should be able to use the Bible and explain how any verse, phase, or word is talking about real gays. I do not promote the GLBT I just ask for explanation why you say gay is sin. In case you simply reject my asking at least I will state something I thing is so extremely important to all Christians in these Last Days. Westcott and Hort translated a corrupt version of the Bible that became the official church of England's Bible where all modern versions comes from having 50,000 to 80,000 corruptions designed to take Christ out of Jesus. If you use a modern version your gut should feel so defiled because of the deception of satan. Only the KJV that is readily available is from the Received text (original copies of the originals). This is even more hard to understand about Many Christians, the biggest deception isn't even a consideration to them. I hope when you read this you will start a personal study on Westcott and Hort they are more evil than just getting their translation into all modern versions.

Then I thought whatever gave him the notion to jump on my case, because what I had wrote in both entries had nothing at all to do with gays so it had to be all in the name “gaysforjesus” so I added another comment:


John Gaysforjesus November 16 at 3:03pm

Hmmm I read my original and only post. How did you decide to jump on my case? I would understand it if I came on attacking Perry's ministry, but I did not I was very nice and seeking important info on a topic that effects everyone. I just wished everyone a Happy Thanks giving and I just asked if anyone could talk about modern version Bibles. What is your position in Perry's Ministry maybe I need to go visit him and ask him why he has people working for him that will jump on someone just because you saw the word gay in a screen name. Asking questions on the topic modern versions is not even close to gay related. But still you At least apologize won't you? If you have issues about the Bible and gays yes I am the expert and can answer your questions. I have quite a walk with Jesus many miracle and 3 major dramatic instant physical healings. I have 1000s of answered prayers. There is the other side of the story. For YOU it is an issue because YOU saw the word gay in my screen name and that was enough for you to tell me I am in a sin list of yours (lying, stealing, hate, lust, homosexuality, murder.) Why not add born again str8 single Christians have sex on the first date 69%, or the 60% divorce rate for Christians. The static was a TBN accepted source. I have joined many Facebooks of many Ministers that are well known and are on DayStar and TBN. To date only joining Perry Stone have I gotten a comment back to threaten to block me because of my screen name. I do get comments back on the other facebooks, even though many Christians think gay is sin they are discussing it and usually negatively but a representative of the ministry does not come and tell me if I blink wrong I'll be booted. Once again I offer out a hand in Christian love to help you with your walk in Jesus Christ. We are about out of time and there are things you need to prepare for concerning the Last Days. My ministry is about the Last Days and also is is a faith healing ministry. You know Pentecostals don't you well that means many Pentecostals are on fire for the Lord. So feel free to make comments in my facebook and on my blog. Visit my webpage Don't judge a person by a word in their name.

"The Stables Ministries" "Gays For Jesus"




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The devil is pro gay. Why not be gay for satan? You know for a fact that penis in bum hole people aren't going to heaven.

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Anonymous is another "Idiot For Jesus." And I thought MY grammar was bad.