Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Derenberger study against gays

My response to a followup email from a blog I posted a long time ago, it seems to have generated some action for the homophobe that originate my original comments. To see original blog scroll down to blog link below...

Reviewing my blog I see that you were very much against gays and had many fa
lse notions about Bible verses. It is impossible that your message was between you and me because you don’t know me. Your message was to the gay community worldwide. Any responses that come from my blog is simply put responses from the 700 million gays that you were really talking to. I am just one in the 700 million.

If you finally learned Bible truth concerning gays you can simply tell those sending emails that you are calling spam (it can’t be spam if they are emailing you because of your study on homosexuals) that you are very sorry and very wrong about gays and your old belief system of lies about gays. This would be a good witness, but if you still hold your false doctrine about gays then my blog on that topic is still as relevant as when I wrote it. If you did not want your name to be out on the internet you would have chosen a non-intrusive name. Example why would David Howell Petraeus use his real name or email address that can track him easily if he is going to commit adultery and use an email account to correspond with the adulteress? If you were going to say gay is sin in the manner you did no matter how generic you make it you should expect a rebuttal. The news today does not keep secrets even when very personal. You did not talk about anything personal about your life that would for sure need to be kept confidential. You openly declared the results of your study, this is a very credible public discussion topic you wrote on. Now that you told me you are getting fanfare you should be praising God how many people he is sending you to witness to. Why are you turning responses into a negative thing? You can help them or they can help you. If some are horrible to you just imagine your study on homosexuals condemns 700 million of them so much as saying they are going to hell for if you say the Bible condemns it that is exactly what you are saying to all gays that they are going to hell.

Your email to me today does not say you had a change of heart. 52% in Washington state had a change of heart, that is up by 42% since the 1980s. 7 states now have gay marriage praise God. You don’t get to that without Christians learning the truth and accept gays as people just like themselves.

I do appreciate your response to let me know my blog is reaching out, feedback is always welcome…

From: service@foxyform.com [mailto:service@foxyform.com]
Sent: Tuesday, November 13, 2012 10:06 AM
To: gaysforjesus647@gmail.com
Subject: A message from your contact form

Name: Chris
E-Mail: cderenberger@gmail.com

Subject: question about blog
Message: Hi, my name is Chris and a while back, we had a discussion about our opinions on the topic of being gay and a christian.

I have a request to make.. you posted our conversation on your blog that includes my email address found at:


Because of this, I have been getting a lot of spam over the months. Can you please remove this post? If you don\'t want to remove the post, I kindly ask that you remove my email address where listed on the page along with my last name which is also included in the domain name.

Our discussion was between me and you and I would really appreciate my personal email not being freely available to everyone.