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pastor.tice has left a new comment on your post "Adam's Rib from Pastor Tice":

pastor.tice has left a new comment on your post "Adam's Rib from Pastor Tice":
It has been the scholarly consensus for quite some time that diachronic reading is not a legitimate approach to an ancient text. What the word means 3500 years later has no bearing on how it is used in 1400 BCE. The synchronic approach is favored (see James Barr and Stanley Porter's works on this), and there is no extant example of צלע meaning "cell" in the 13th Century BCE. There is a Greek word in the New Testament which, in modern Greek, means "bus stop;" are we to read it thus when we read the Bible today? Absolutely absurd! We read the ancient text the way the ancients understood it.
Every text has to mean something in its original context; it can't mean nothing to the author and original audience. And, it certainly didn't mean "cell" to the common Hebrew hearing Moses' words on the plains of Moab waiting to cross over into the Promised Land. But, even if they did have 20th century knowledge in the 14th Century BCE... how does Blizzard's reading change what the text means? The surrounding context makes it incontrovertibly clear that Adam and Eve parented children. In order to do that, they had to be a man and a woman. The Edenic family unit, no matter how you read צלע, was an איש (man) and a אשה (woman).

Never even a hint to any concern about Adam and Even having children (though their children had sex with each other to make babies) the word is rib can be cell. Make the woman from it we can almost do today, we so far as we know publically can only make copies (clones) God made a woman from the DNA. Now it is time to be stupid. mommy and daddy had sex and had a baby. duh! The RIB already said cell meaning DNA so we today know God made Adam from the DUST but Eve from DNA in that rib. Today cloned goats can have babies too. God wrote the DNA when he made Adam from the Dust. this is modern Knowledge. Humans are given authority to learn all things, God did not say DON”T figure out how I made EVE he said Knowledge will increase. This means we know things that Moses could never even have dream about God given or otherwise probably.  If you only were reasonable I would not have to play these stupid games. Why don’t you  spend a few day browsing the internet to find what ever you can about Adam’s Rib. Sometimes I find things fast other times I can’t find anything to great frustration, but then another day page after page. The internet is quite a tool and it can be nuts. i just don’t ever bookmark of save links, not my way. I read it and know it, most of the time I can find it again, but sometimes it is really hard. So in looking for Adam’s rib it is like plumbing problems one trip to the store is unlikely to fix the problem. If you go to your favorite source you will get your favorite answers. If you determine to find DNA you will find that too.

You will have to ask Roy Blizzard however he maybe dead now I have not heard  him for many years. Now let me get one thing clear to start hear I know you from nobody, you have no credential at all and so I must lean to those I know and seen their credentials. Roy spoke for many years on TBN. I watched him often. There i s not a hint of doubt in my mind he is expert. TBN sure loved him. during those years he was often guest on Praise the Lord. I would not if I were  you make it a habit to judge someone  you don't know. As for Rib being a Cell and your attempt to dis-credit it shows me you did not read what I wrote or did not understand it. I will try again. God is smarter than you. He sent men he inspired to write. We now call that the Bible. Guarantee you every person that originally wrote the Bible had no idea about today though God showed them pretty detailed stuff and maybe far more detail than they knew  how to write. That does not matter what they knew or did not know. God's is NOW for us and so he wrote in a manner we would understand where in the days it was written the writers could not have a clue about. For 2000 years Christian have tried to explain what the Bible is talking about for the Last days. Some were a little right many were very wrong. But who cares your semantics what is more important is there are so many Christians putting there 2 cents worth in that searching through them can present a pattern that puts pieces of the puzzle together. MY gift from God is putting pieces of the puzzle together. The vast source of info (meaning from God to Christians and researchers  and Bible scholars have info others don't have) you don't have info I have. My website gives you details on my  background. I on't see a link to yours so what makes you think you have a word to say? So far your explanation don't jive. I know God tells ancient people things they write down that can't be known till Israel became a nation. Then still tons can't be known till the 90s and still more tons can't be known till a couple years ago. Today things are happening that makes even more Bible that could not be known known today. There is so  much that is not known today that will be known soon. I know stuff that is going to happen that is Bible that won't be accepted for some years to come. I am not impress at you explanation so far. You may not believe is Bible code, I don't say they are real, but the evidence is scary accurate to me. If true or not I believe God inspired the Bible and so what is written as we often hear is the Living WORD. No writer could know Bible Code and it is only high tech that makes it possible to find. True or not it is amazing anyway and God would not have a problem writing in code in his word the record of pretty much everything. There is more CELL also means hard drive. God created hard drives in our bodies. If Jesus were not coming back so soon I think science could decode human hard drive. This means everything any human sees is recoded. God says the BOOKS will be opened. WHAT BOOKS? God has a library in Heaven. Who is writing it all down so all our life can be open for the works we done? It is more simple than that crude collection of data as angels writing books or what ever. God set auto record mode in our DNA chips as it were. at some point he will unlock those files. We are the books we can't alter them or edit them they are the books God talked about. Tell me how could Moses know. Trick involved God show Enoch more than most realize.  Source of very ancient info and writings say Enoch was shown things such as how the Universe works. What I am saying it this might not be so, but it is possible in the available writings and material associated with credible Bible related materials. I have read so much in my lifetime to not be surprise God is a lot more than we often give him credit for. Your words makes God very small and it seems a dummy or a magician. God does no magic, what  God does science can know and has learned much. That CELL confirm the Glory of God, your only a rib makes God a magician. The Hebrew give that HINT you need to come to admit it is possible it is a cell from that rib or you are way way looking the wrong direction. I can tell you in the Bible it hints to life on all the Solar System planets. Satan as Lucifer made that life (not created it) God destroyed it all we see that destruction results on all the Planets including earth. On Earth God started anew. But like the FLOOD saved Noah God allowed life from each of the planets to survive his destruction. Sounds wild. again when you are not feathered to a conditioned culture of Christianity you might be able to see things otherwise never could know. All the Bible sayings about the Glory of God and they worthiness of Jesus to be praise is not nice sayings and warm fuzzies to do in church. His Glory extend far beyond our comprehension and he does not give everyone the depth of his Glory. When you get into his Glory you will understand my words because no words can describe God's Glory effectively. So I am sorry I can't go with your attempt to make DNA not in Adam's rib. Hey great, we need people that is hammered into the word to keep us that are taken on rolly coaster rides of the Universe in the Holy Spirit, we may miss something seeing that Glory and go off tract. But you just simply can't trash CHAMBER a chamber has insides guts, the other Bible word has no guts. God made no mistake in using Chamber in his RIB word. So why are you fighting it? The least expected from you is ponder that idea since you cannot prove it is just a RIB unless it was the other rib word which it wasn't.

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