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Follower of Joyce Meyer learns she is homophobic

Joyce Meyer

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I am seeking my next steps. I am gay. I am a long time Christian. I have been a Lutheran and I am a member of Lutherans Concerned and a member of a reconciling congregation.

gays4jesus: I use to receive Lutherans Concerned booklet for many years to keep with gay Christian groups. I am Assemblies of God and likewise they are very homophobic, but their statement of faith is as far as I am concerned right on. Too bad they can’t seem to read their own statement of faith. Most gay Christian groups are not Pentecostal, the few you can find are Apostolic Pentecostals, I think believe they are holier than thou.

However the past couple years I have become a dedicated follower of Joyce Meyer.

gays4jesus: Yeah lots of good messages out there, but they lose it when they turn their topic to adding their false gay doctrines. I don’t watch her because she seems stuck up and her attire looks like she is in the 1% and her idiocy concerning gays with no recourse to contact her to get her or any like her to back up what they say about gays.

I listen to her teaching CDs all the time and she has truly changed my life. I love going to her conferences. I get so much more out of her than my home congregation.

gays4jesus: I agree. At first I loved the Assemblies (sort of still do or at least it gives me credibility as I claim I am AOG member since I often talk with homophobes and I am otherwise as it were just as conservative, though this word is way mistranslated today and ends up meaning “bigot” instead of committed to Jesus through His Word the Bible. I learned tons at AOG and believed when we got to heaven God would str8n out the bigots, but God showed me this was not going to be how it will happen, that instead he would shake that bigotry out of His people before the Rapture. God revealed that plan to me in 1985 showing that he had been teaching the plan ever since I accepted Jesus in 1974. Actually way before that during the time I was an atheist Jesus spent a great deal of time with me teaching me what I should know. I also liked MCC, but Pentecostals just had to keep that in the closet while at MCC so for me it was a dilemma. The God revealed his calling to me and the door swung open to preach to the world.

I am considering becoming pentecostal because of her. But I came across her view on gays on the internet and I am set back. I still love her and value her teachings but now I feel I have to stay in the closet with her and her movement.  Basically I found that although she publicly condemns Uganda's treatment of gays via a petition she does not condone homosexuality in a Larry King interview.

gays4jesus: Some Ministers are great on most other topics, it is their false doctrine (700 year old doctrine) that generally ruins their good works because they give a message that 700 million gays are going to hell with no hope in God. As good as they are they are murderers, they are worse than the Christians that forbade teaching blacks how to write and banning blacks to be ministers and having freedom to rape there black property from not that long ago in USA history. This conservative view we now call Red States is based in this deep south Christian conviction of pre-civil war.
So how do I fit in God's picture? 

gays4jesus: Every human fits in. The gay picture is huge part of the Christian walk and eternity and major part of the Last Days and an intensive calling of gays to serve as restorers to those nearly 2/3 of Christianity that will soon fall way. Part of your job is to go to those that feel and help them know Jesus did not forsake them. Many of these how hated gays find it hard to believe that whom they persecuted is coming to them with open arms of love.

I am progressing in a pentecostal direction,

gays4jesus: “Progressing” Pentecostal in not a progress it is an instant baptism that Jesus gives you. Pentecostal belief could be a progress because you have to read Acts chapter 2 and any place that uses the word tongues. Operation in the Baptism of the Holy Spirit (hence Pentecostal) has been abused and wrongly taught and poorly practiced. This baptism opens you into the spirit world and that is not just God it is your spirit, demon spirit and other. Discerning the spirits does not mean find the bad spirit in someone else you think is evil, but discerning what spirit is that is you are hearing. Many Pentecostal hate gays and so in the spirit their spirit is confirming their false belief. The demon possession it is a false doctrine the real spirit actually oppresses otherwise decent Christians into hating 700 million human beings. Progressing in a Pentecostal direction is learning to worship in this baptism and it is not so easily taught, but an adventure into the Holy Spirit on your personal level keeping the Bible at hand to discern what you see and learn. You are not going to learn NEW things, but established existing God’s Word. Difficulty is finding the true meanings. Simple example Homophobes say sodomite mea gays, real ma is sodomite means male temple prostitutes which still has deeper meaning needing studying to back this up. Pentecostal is not a property or a material thing it is the Living God the Holy Spirit which you had gotten legal permission to pursue by Jesus Christ when he baptized you in the Holy Spirit.

I believe God accepts me being gay and that me turning straight does not make sense.

gays4jesus: 100% GAY IS NOT SIN 14 verses are used to condemn gays this false doctrine was invented around 700 years ago with distinctive goals to purge leaders from power by creating scandals. God ore tan accepts you being gay, God has a very special calling to gays, this can be learned in history when deep research into real gays and has Bible backing again needing to understand who the gays are in the Bible and much more beside the outright Holy Spirit making it quite clear to many. God accept everyone str8 or gay and there is no condition to be either and there is no choice to be either.

However I have not been successful in the gay life. I am very frustrated.

gays4jesus: Now let evaluate str8s hummm 7 billion minus 700 million gays. Intense sufferings, starvation, genocide, persecution, hardships multiplied and so forth str8s indeed have frustrations at apparent no concerns shown from God, does this mean God does not care? The says we are slaughtered all the days long something like that. Heaven comes later not NOW. Many promises but for sure so often Christians are not enjoying the good life. There are valleys and mountain tops, but seems to be more valleys, we always need to pray for God help. Regarding finding love, str8s often go long years with no one or live in terrible marriage 60% divorce rate, some never marry. Now gays are just as human and have the extra ingredient of harder to find other gays to meet and choices often are not good for types of places to meet. You are “progressing towards Pentecostal” so gay Christians that can be found are not Pentecostal. Pentecostal gays are the last to become active in the gay Christian community. But when finally wake up li as we know it will change in all of Christianity.

I only fall in love with what I cannot have.  I can't get over wanting and falling in love with 20 year olds. I am almost 54. I am believing in a miracle to marry this hot gay 24 year old who acts as my son but this is destroying our relationship and driving him away.

gays4jesus: Sounds like a str8 frustration, nothing to do with being gay. You are experiencing what is called human love and that comes with all sort of baggage. It is not God not paying attention, it is the result in the evolution of marriage which God has not set a standard to control nor has he set rules to govern other than the 10 Commandments made simple in the Two Commands of Jesus. Remember it started with the sons and daughters of Adam having babies together. It has come a long ways since then. Many Christian wants to hold onto the old ways, but the old ways (Jesus’ day) was 2 dads made a deal about their son and the other’s daughter to marry making each more wealthy than before. We certainly do no go along with this style today do we. Gays also have that same 60% divorce, not good but today’s norm and today divorce no longer is preached that you won’t go to heaven. Our true marriage will be to Jesus he is whom our faithfulness is mandatory by that last day (death or Rapture).
So I contacted you as a next step in trying to resolve my love and admiration for Joyce Meyer with being a frustrated gay person who is believing God for a miracle to marry the boy of my dreams while seeing I will have to stop trying to marry him.

gays4jesus: Love God first love Joyce not her false doctrines, if you love your BF marry him when that opportunity comes. If you determine the rift is to wide let him go as that opportunity is given you. You are “progressing towards Pentecostal” so attacks in the spirit with be more noticed, learn the name of the disruptive demon(s) that interferes with your love life and bind then in Jesus name. God is not slow he is on time with your love life. I have been with my lover for 22 years, Last week our state approved gay marriage. We will marry when that law is activated.

I am at the red sea and it is not parting.

gays4jesus: It is parted and waits your crossing, seek to see it. It may not look the way you thought but it is open to you. (saith the Lord)

gays4jesus: Hope this helps, just my 2 cents worth

John in Christ Jesus
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