Tuesday, November 27, 2007

UFO seen above my house

UFO seen above my house Entry for November 02, 2006

On November 1st 2006 at 12:55 I saw and video taped a UFO that went over my house. The video of course is your tipical to far to see details, but I had binoculars and this changed everything about anything tipical about it.
The entire time was about 10 minute as it "floated sort of" by over head from the point some 20 miles east of my house. I almost did not go for my binoculars, but seeing that I may have enough time I got them out and was quite shocked and surprized at the detail and clearity of the UFO. I never saw any documentary or info on this style UFO before. It was a war ship about the size of a US fighter jet. It had 2 gun like turrits on the front on each side. it was not round but similar to some SCI-FI ships. It was rounded in back and body could be half round at back then the roundness curved more like an oval for the front half.
the front part was sort of straight so not a complete round.oval. mounted on each side of the front were what look like gun turrits of the lazer beam type portruding half the lenght of the craft past the front.
The bottom was sort of flat, but the top was like a 2 prism shapes with round edges and like perhaps colored metalish windowish red tinge on one side and greenish tinge on the otherside. The rest of the ship was very much metal in looks with details of operational features.
It appeared to be floating but to strange to be just floating. It was against the prevailing wind and was rotating is an unusual fashion. I was like orbiting backside in towards the center leaving a center circle of at least the size of the craft. Its front side facing at a 45 degreeish angel towards the ground and so pointing the gunlike turrits at a approximately 2 mile radius path as it moved east to west in flight pattern., The rotation seemed uneffected by direction the craft was heading.
As it past overhead it seem to begin to decend somewhat rapidly. I could tell it is most likey over the Sound by then. I raced to the back to get more view, but it was out of sight by that time.
I had also given the binocculars to my lover to see if he sees it and he described exactly what i saw.

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