Friday, September 12, 2008

Modern versions verses KJV Bibles


My reply to some concerned about what Bible is correct:

From: Allan In Washington State []
Sent: Thursday, September 11, 2008 8:54 AM
Subject: BIBLE

I find it interesting you say the KJV of the Bible is the only correct Bible to be used.

Interesting? It actually makes complete sense that satan would counterfeit God’s word. And it makes complete sense that God would keep confusion down to a minimum by having one solid Bible version

We know it is a translation... Have you looked through the American Standard for the Old testiment and the Worrell for the New Testiment?

Knowing KJV is a translation is a no brainer. There is no original and the original was in Hebrew and Greek and bit of another language. Therefore, anything to do with the Bible will be a translation.

American Standard is a satan counterfeit and also what ever this Worrell you speak of and so looking through them cannot present anything other than a designed deception.

Do you speak Hebrew or Greek, are you able to read either?

Today and for some decades, but especially since the internet became widely used, knowing Greek or Hebrew is no longer a requirement for studying. There just are too many highly educated language experts available to know exacting meaning of ancient words and phrases. Customs and history is so well documented and at everyone’s finger tips that having a degree also is no longer a requirement to gain expertise on the Bible.

Just wondering before any topic is approached.  Nice to know the foundation of faith.

My foundation in faith covers 36 years in the Assemblies of God, 24 years preaching weekly on TV in three states, and a lifelong quest for truth. I love Jesus dearly and have a very close walk with him. When I accepted Jesus being gay I immediately sought facts concerning gays and the Bible, meaning I nearly lived in Christian book stores reading everything I could about just about everything. Plus, spent so much time in libraries and since the internet have covered so many topics that it would be hard to find something I cannot talk about from some sort of personal research I’ve done.

I do not say lightly that the KJV is the only version that can be called the word of God. My screen name in chat programs “gays4jesus” attracts considerable numbers of all sorts of people from highest level of government to secret services to all manner of other religions and all walks of life. This is just the tip of the iceberg of my experiences with people in the know. All this does not touch my personal walk with Jesus and his confirmation and bringing to me the above so that I can speak with authority on many topics. I am not trying to brag, but I want to make a point that there is tons of background to anything I speak about on TV or on my websites or in person or chatting.

Modern versions were useless pre-Israel becoming a nation. Modern version would be fantastic insight to leaning about God and so at death faith would be retained. Satan has no interests in getting people to Heaven. For his counterfeit Bibles to be effective it has to be in the generation that won’t pass away before Jesus returns. Modern versions are long term conditioning devices that operate subtly. Counterfeits needs to appear as real as is possible. Never is such a massive project of satan with permission from God possible in a few decades or centuries. Satan works thousands of years on projects that will be good only for a few short years.

Modern versions were 100% complete in the second century where it covered just about all of the real thing manuscripts. It was translated to Latin Vulgate and straight way hidden, lost or otherwise not used until the 15th century when it was found, uncovered, released to the Vatican. The Boss of the Pope (Elite Masons for short) ordered it to become the official Catholic Bible. In the 1880s Westcott and Hort translated it to a strange form of Greek then back to English where it became the official Church of England’s Bible where all modern versions comes from. Modern versions have 50,000 to 80,000 corruptions designed to take Christ out of Jesus generally ineffective until certain great deceptions become seen. Some minor ones already are working in concert with modern versions already. Ready over and over again modern versions conditions your brain so that at the time of other deceptions you will go back to modern version confirming basically that man over there is Jesus after all (antichrist).

Now at the same century exact copies of the originals were translated to Latin Vulgate (RECEIVED TEXT). This was in continued use up to King James decision to authorize the KJV. Several versions of the Rec’d Text were in use and or was used even in English. So there were times that one could have choices of Good Bibles. Problem was too expensive to own and so only wealthy or Church leaders could have a read to others or preach from. KJV had 400 or so mistakes in spelling and a few corruptions in meanings. Within 29 some years most of these were corrected. Later the Font was changed which rendered it readable to today’s English readers.

Because in King James’ days printing presses were in use it was mass-produced and for the first time affordable to most people. This created a decline in other Rec’d Text versions of the day until finally only the KJV was the only readily available version to common folk.

England wanted to revise the KJV to modern English, but Westcott and Hort with their influence evilly actually snuck their version in. These two men hated the KJV with a passion. They also hated what we would call true believers today. It was super modern times in their day, Science increased leaps and bound and most college student thought the KJV was obsolete concerning science facts. The time was ripe for this new version taking so much of the depth of the Word of God out of the Bible.

These two men were not wonderful Christian men just wanting to enrich Christian understanding and knowledge. They had goals and another accomplishment they did was to create the Ghost Club. They were occultists as well and Ghost Club membership was a requirement as it is today for those wanting to join the World Elite rulers that will be controlling the world in antichrist kingdom.

Modern version should make your guts feel so defiled that it would take some time to get over the fool satan took you for and he easily got you to accept modern version as just a different view point of the same material and so a good addition to your Word of God input. I was also so taken in, though I always loved the KJV which I read so many times and was the only Bible I read after accepting Jesus till the NIV came out. I accepted the explanation that all modern versions were simply another angle and all have very very minor corruptions that would not affect meaningfully any chapter of the Bible. I often gave NIVs to those that accepted Jesus through my ministry. It still bothers me a lot remembering I gave those Bibles out and have to trust God to work it out for them.

I have not seen any information to date that supersedes the FACTS that all modern versions are satan counterfeits. The translators of modern versions of course want to say they used the most original forms they could to get to the most accurate Bibles. This simply is not true. A move to discredit the KJV has been underway for decades and especially in the 90s. What more awesome is the facts that turn up to show King James was not of a mostly well known transvestite, but a practicing gay man. This alone has caused many pastors to ban KJV just on that account only.

It is amazing that the only Bible that can be called the Word of God was authorized by a gay man. It almost wipes in the face of those that think gay is sin that God chose King James to give the world the only book Christians should be reading as the Word of God. How hard will it be in the coming days for these Christian to stay faithful till Christ returns if they reject the KJV? Most mock at this idea, but satan is a counterfeiter and counterfeits everything God so why should it be so hard to think he counterfeited the Bible for impact in the Last Days and that why should it be so difficult to see the KJV that has had such an impact on Christianity for centuries to be the Bible God set to represent him when he returns.