Saturday, October 31, 2009

what can i do to when people treat me bad at work

maria na*

maria nava: what cant i do to when people treat me bad at work.
gays4jesus: Hi how are you
maria nava: good and u
gays4jesus: depends why they treat you bad and where you are located, many places it is against the law to treat you bad jsut because you are gay (if you are gay)
gays4jesus: I am fine thanks
gays4jesus: here in Washington state discriminating against gays at work will be ground for termination
maria nava: im not gay i work in a store and people just talk to me mean and they said stuff about me that arent true they try to putt me wrong .so they could look better.
maria nava: are u there
gays4jesus: always have peole that just seems to have to treat others badly, same principle prayer study and
maria nava: whatshould i do
gays4jesus: do spiritual battle, meaning you know a little about the book of acts. God can do miracles, but also 2000 years has gone by and most of the time it is patiently enduring and standing fast till the end
gays4jesus: are you a Pentecostal?
maria nava: whats that
gays4jesus: you can learn about that by reading the book of acts. it is where Jesus baptizes youo in the Holy Spirit and you would have the intial evidence of speaking in a differnt language that you don't know, this language makes perfect intercessory prayer
gays4jesus: it also give you a feeling that Jesus is inside you and is always present and he may actually talk to you
maria nava: o thank u .cant u pray for me for my job i need it bad .please
gays4jesus: those that treat you badly may actually get fired or change and treat you well instead
gays4jesus: Lord Jesus I ask you baptize Maria nava in the Holy Spirit and give you revelation in the Book of acts
gays4jesus: In Jesus name I pray
maria nava: i feel depress every time i go to work theres to much negative people.
gays4jesus: Christians are not immune from depression, and depression is not something you instantly get over, try reading the Book of Acts in the Bible and seek the Baptism in the Holy Spirit and be very specific in your prayers, act like God has no clue what your
gays4jesus: issue is explain it then tell him what you want done. praise God and thank him and read about speaking in tongues
maria nava: meand my husban been trying to have a baby but its not happening what can i do .i dont want to stay by myself.
gays4jesus: the next step pray for a new job. again 2000 there are people that are Christian and life does go on we as Christian must do what we have to do, God often is not going to do everything for you , I God for something he will hand it to you but you have
gays4jesus: take it out of his hand
maria nava: how
gays4jesus: making a baby if all parts are working should not be a problem, if one of you have a broken part you may have to adopt, or go to a doctor to fix the part, God may give you a baby through adoption or fix your broken part
gays4jesus: how? if you ask for a car you go to a dealer and see if you can get one, if you can't then God's answer could be no or you need to keep trying till you get one. God almost never sets a car in your driveway
maria nava: sometimes i have faihenth and then i loss it why but .i help alot of people and i do the best for everyone.
gays4jesus: so go after what you asked for doors will be opened or closed
gays4jesus: we can only do the best we can, good may not be rewarded till in Heaven, so don't weary of doing good

maria nava: cant u pray for me im going to sleep.please.
maria nava: thank u
gays4jesus: prayer was given a few entries ago and i will add you to my prayer later this evening
maria nava: cant u pray for my job please
maria nava: thank u i appreciated.good night
gays4jesus: God Bless you

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I welcome you India to preach the gospel in our churches, crusades, and pastor’s conference

From: pastor ravipaul []
Sent: Wednesday, October 28, 2009 12:29 AM
Subject: Fw: Please come speak in our country

Greetings to you in pracious name of our lord and saviour jesus christ.

I am pastor Ravipaul from India .i have red about you and ur ministry by website.

i am glad to meet you by this way.dear pastor i welcome you India to preach the gospel in our churches,and crusades,pastors conference.i can pray for you and your ministry.please pray for our ministry.

gays4jesus: if you have read about me what area was interesting to you that you saw on my site? Your subject “Fw: Please come speak in our country” looks like a forwarded message, are you sure you went to my website or blog?

I would be happy to go to India. Please buy a round trip plane ticket and arrange lodging, meals, and dates we can negotiate. Cheapest flight is fine with me and I would be happy to be a guess in someone’s home or a very inexpensive hotel. Remember, no money out of my pocket and we would need to discuss itinerary. Expect Miracles. Many will be saved.

Happy to pray for you. And also happy to” preach the gospel in your churches, crusades, and pastor’s conference

thank you pastor

pastor Ravipaul


Monday, October 26, 2009

Pakistan Media Ministry Dildar Pervez

From: Dildar Pervez []
Sent: Saturday, October 24, 2009 6:19 AM
Subject: Broadcast your programs on Saint Luke Ministries cable TV FTN in Pakistan

Dear Pastor,

Loving greetings in the most wonderful and miracle working name of Lord Jesus Christ, The NAME that is Above all names. Much love, joy, peace and abundant blessings of our Lord be with you all the days of your life.

gays4jesus: It is wonderful to start out with such nice phrases, but so many Christians do indeed say such things as your first sentence. Often this turns out to be a greedy way to entice someone over to something that is not what is implied. I do not mean to doubt your intent, but I do get a large number of emails from Pakistan, India, and other countries in that part of the world. Genuine love of God and love of ministering to people will be much more than sweet words that sounds like you are an honest Christian. I hope that is true, but very few ministries seem really concerned about reaching the lost and ministering to the Saved because it turns out they are looking greedily for support for their own life. I am sorry to be negative about such a good sentence. I would much rather see someone that is coming to me with info about your ministry and even offering to do something with my ministry that you would have gone to my website and Blog to find out if I am able to help with a message or material support. Right away I cannot help materially, but I do have a message for the world and God will heal many through Jesus in my ministry.

Christian people of Pakistan need to hear The Truth (the Word of God). They are hungry and thirsty for God’s Love and His affection for them, they are waiting to experience His miraculous healing and saving power. The harvest is ready and we have chance to win souls for Jesus Christ.
gays4jesus: My ministry is to the world and the world is hungry for Jesus and Jesus will physically heal huge numbers. We live at a time that God is about to move in a way not expected by most Christians. For whatever reason you came across my ministry you stepped into something that would dramatically change your life. The Last Days is not status quo it is of CHANGES like in Moses’ PASSOVER we are in a like time where Christians will have their “PASSOVER” it is required for Rapture. Blood must be on the Mantles and Door Posts of Christian hearts and souls before they can be Raptured. This will take 1260 days to accomplish. Huge numbers of Christians will turn their backs on Jesus. Church that just want to maintain status quo and not prepare their sheep for the coming days will see they sent their flock to be slaughtered. Beautiful is your first sentence, but do you prepare your sheep for deceptions coming? It sounds like your heart is in the right place.


Pakistan is a hard talk Muslim state, as you have noticed from the news in the channels around the world. Pakistan although a Muslim state or `Fort of Islam’ (as it is known in the Muslim world) has many fundamental Muslim organizations, which are active in producing media programs to brainwash their viewers, they have different means and sources but one aim `Islam’. Smart idea to promote your ideology and theology. They have debating programs, teaching videos, translated material, which attracts their viewers, irritating sometimes but worth watching.

gays4jesus: I have a constant barrage of Muslims popping up to chat with me, I know some critical keys for this most difficult religion to witness to. The easiest way for those that no very little about Islam is to stand firm on the personal relationship Christians have with Jesus. The 1000s of Muslims I talk with, none will talk about the relationship they have with Allah, they can’t they don’t have one. All they have is to quote Quran and their teachers. They witness to Christian by trying to discredit the Bible or show that the Bible talks about Mohammad. They are at a complete loss if a Christian maintains the discussion to the personal relationship. Most Christians know very little about Islam, but they know the Bible, and arguing Bible and Quran no one wins in a Islam/Christian debate. Often Muslims are well taught in how to use the Bible against Christianity and too often Christian don’t know enough to answer with God’s word as a sword or truth. But, who can argue a personal relationship?

Number of Christians in Pakistan is not growing; one of the main reason is the great impact of such programs and channels in their life. Such programs have raised complicated questions in the minds of Christians and seekers, this media approach has confused not only seekers but believers also, many nominal Christians have changed their faith and belief, just imagine what is happening in the seekers community.

gays4jesus: Jesus preached and much of that had a healing rally after he was done. Now if Jesus gathered crowds, even many came just to see the Healings and perhaps get healed themselves, why should we think we should not be having Healings every time we meet. What if Jesus healed nobody? Well the FACT is his example is speak then heal. Yes, we can get into the wonderful sermons and have a little alter call and do some praising, but Jesus HEALED and he said we would do this and more than he did. Perhaps 2000 years needed to go by seeing the lessening of faith healing ministries with occasional faith healers here and there. Well no religion can consistently heal the sick and lame, but Christians are given this gift from God. Especially in the USA Christianity is becoming an entertainment center. Who can produce the best singers and music presentations? They can avoid secular concerts by producing ones themselves in their service. Some pastors do this very well and certainly, God is with them. You see Jesus said if two or three are gathered in my name I will be in the mist of them. Jesus is keeping his promise. Missing is the fundamental acts of Jesus leading as example how to minister. Speak, thank and praise God and HEAL. This is ok though, but those that have a desire as many today have to see God move in HIS will and not our own will are waiting. Waiting does not have to be, there are those that have places and can get people and can open that up to these minister waiting for a door to open so they can move out with all that God has shown them that will come to pass.

We don’t know how to cope with the previous effects but we are trying to handle the present situation in hope to change the future.

gays4jesus: You can’t change the future, you can be a part of it. Thinking somehow we change future is sort of funny when you think about it. God said what the future will be. Don’t we believe him? We can participate in the future which could definitely change our future. Islam had to become powerful. Anti-Christ’s kingdom has to come before Jesus returns. The world Elite is in control of all governments. There is no middle east power or western power or Chinese power as in each are on their own choosing their path of conquest. What we see in the news is what looks like many forces at each other’s throats. It is a plan we know this 1st by the Bible where anti-Christ must gather 300 million soldiers to battle to fight Jesus. Impossible that Chinese come to fight western world, in the news, it will look like this but that is not Bible. We must believe the Bible. If you knew Islam is not in control because you know the Bible says there will be a one-world government you would better understand how to witness to a Muslim because you know what the Bible said. You may not be able to change someone’s belief because you believe something, but you can witness because you can see Islam is not worshipping anti-Christ is not supportive of anyone that does not worship him. Muslim, Christians, and Jews can only be killed. 5/6 mostly Muslim army led by Russia will be wiped out in an instant. This will have a huge impact in Islam. Muslims will beg Christians to tell them about Jesus. That is future today witnessing to Muslims is about personal relationship not anyone’s Holy books.

Literacy rate in Pakistan is not accurate to discuss but according to the agreed information, we have 38% literate people in Pakistan, of course mostly living in the urban.

gays4jesus: Hence, personal relationship all the more important witnessing tool. A good part of history people could not read yet Christianity grew in huge numbers. Beautiful are the feet that bring the gospel. Being “Born Again” God writes his laws on their hearts. Teach people to read, but time is also short so also tell the gospel.

The Task.

We are using media approach to encourage Christians in their belief and faith in Christ Jesus.

· Translated material (video programs, messages and movies) for believers and seekers.

· Informative programs (messages, movies, documentaries and talk shows) for  all our viewers (believers and non-believers).

gays4jesus: Media is great useful tools. But, the world was turned upside down with no media. What will reach more people is combining media with the turning the world upside down methods of the Apostles But to get this right it is not turning the world upside down, it is turning the world right side up. Getting FACTS and message out is great but also Jesus and God and the Holy Spirit are Spirit. Christianity is not known today for spiritual moves of God. Those that have these type meetings are mocked and found often to be corrupted. What needs to happen is Christians become known because of the spiritual gifts in operation. Using the “tasks” should be purposed to glorify God through Jesus not how fabulous we can produce a media process. Going to a church that has a great multi-media programs with the latest equipment is exciting for the entertainment and even the message, but Jesus is real let him move. We show him out talents, let him show you his, his is always better than our best.

Something is better than nothing.

Of course we don’t have much informative programs or material that can have tremendous effect on the people, so we are using the available opportunities (programs, messages, information etc.)to do our part in the Great Commission for Pakistan.

gays4jesus:I can understand yes do what you can with what you have, keeping in mind you are not compete with the church across the street in another country. Put Jesus in the center not in words and in letting him do it. This is not magical it is a trying a testing thing. Jesus is not moving, then remember you accepted him and his work on the Cross. Jesus climbed on that Cross for you let him get involved. Sounds easy but we are so conditioned to do it ourselves that patience is not our virtue. Do what you are doing because that is what you know and yes Jesus has been leading you so you are on the right track, but keep in mind billions are about to be killed. Look at all the Muslims in your country they are going to die eternally unless you get a way to break through the impossible wall to their hearts. We say we walk in faith, but we won’t act in faith. We don’t put out mouth where our faith is. I took a long time to add “put one hand towards the TV screen and the other on the place of pain, then I said be healed in the name of Jesus”. People won’t get healed if you don’t purposely lay hands on them. Guess what they don’t get healed. Now let’s review ministers that have faith healing ministries. Many met in small groups for a long time and started doing this because they sought Jesus for more of him. Word gets out and they suddenly are holding rallies. Maybe someone dared talked about healing in a gathering and by God or by faith decided to call people up to be healed. Whatever way today is different than yesterday, today we know Jesus is soon to return and that before that billions will be killed. Disaster like never before will be daily. Healing will be available to all Christians the Bible tells us. Media is as good as the move of God it allows. We can tell God not to move or to move. We tell him not to move by doing everything ourselves. We have to have every minute accounted for in every service. So often, we can know what is next by what time it is and we will be out the door on time. What happens is we break with church customs? In Pakistan, I would think you have many opportunities to break with the traditions.


Our Mission is to create harmony and peace among all denominations and sects in Christians and to help people to come closer and share ministerial resources, providing non  political and non-sectarian platform where they come and worship  together and pray for prosperity,  solidarity and good governance of  Pakistan.

gays4jesus: Much care is needed when talking about harmony between even denominations in the same religion. In these Last Days the efforts to get a one world religion is well underway. There are several major groups who mission is to join religions to pray together, do good deeds together, and work for common good. The results of multi-faiths lead to a do it yourself leaving God doing anything out of the picture. One Christian church I went wanted not to offend the women of certain Christian faith so they created a Bible that was non-gender. Meaning any place the Bible said man they had person or people. God became a woman if that would help not offend some women in the church. This is extreme though. Many interfaith ministries has to force Pentecostals to not operate in the Holy Spirit because other Christian faith thought that satanic. So if your “our mission” does not allow for your core group to meet as a group to allow God then this inter-Christian faith will control your mission.

Our mission is to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ at its original meanings in Pakistan’s  native language by using every  Audio/video medium, so that  people would receive Jesus as their personal savior.


gays4jesus: I agree, but we are in the Last Days if we bring the Gospel to produce life we may get death because we cast our seeds of shallow ground or rocky places. To cast seed into good ground so that it will grow and multiply we should not be preaching a message that delivers hope that won’t come. Pakistan is in graves danger in a worldwide since if we accept the bases of the news. But again Pakistan has lived with far more dangers than the usa has known since its beginnings. Christians here knows almost no persecution for just being a Christians, Christians do persecute Christians here. Jesus starts a personal relationship when we accept him. He reached out for us when we were rejecting him. Can we believe him that his personal relationship with us can means something to your neighbors?

Our mission is to lift up depressed people of the community by giving them education, shelter,

technical education and food  without any discrimination of Religion, Cast and Color.

gays4jesus: if you have this ability this is right thing to do, not all ministries can do this. The problem with this is people receiving these benefits often never hear about Jesus or at least in any manner that it is not much different than secular provision when available. Giving material substance the receiver somehow should be able to come away with the idea of the Gospel’s message.

Our vision is to be more effective in the Great Commission for Pakistan, we would like to produce your material (programs, messages, movies etc.) for our viewers as believe is the need for our people today.

gays4jesus: I hear this but don’t believe it. What is not mentioned is costs. Do you do this at no charge? Anyone can copy my TV programs or translate anything on my online sites. Only thing I require is if I incur a cost such as a DVD disk, postage and packaging. I can’t guess if you require $$ to “to produce your material (programs, messages, movies etc.) for our viewers” as you stated.

Who are we?

The name of our ministry is “Saint Luke Ministries Pakistan”. We are committed to the work for the Lord by providing high quality NLE, Video Translation, Video Subtitling, Video Voice Over and Books Translation. In 4th April 2009 we properly start FTN in Faisalabad. We are running our Ministries Cable TV in Pakistan Faisalabad City and around the Villages. Nearest 2.5 Million people are watch Cable TV (FTN) Faith Television Network and in Martinpure City there are 200 thousand people are watching FTN. In Shakhupura city there are lots of people are watching FTN.  Soon we will start in Youngsonabad, Gujranwala, Rawalpindi, Lahore and in Sialkot Cities etc. And we want extend this TV all over in Pakistan.

gays4jesus: It is good to hear you are covering a large area and of course, what TV preacher would not want to have access to have their programs aired on other stations. The reason most don’t is paying for the airtime. Currently for 25 years, I have been on TV for free.

But we need Teaching programs and messages and other use full material that will be helpful for Christian. They properly understand.

We need to change the lives and wining the souls. We know that media is very power full medium for preaching the Gospel. But people cannot understand English language and other language.

gays4jesus: Luke 10:2 Therefore said he unto them, The harvest truly is great, but the labourers are few: pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that he would send forth labourers into his harvest. (KJV)

Rev 14:15 And another angel came out of the temple, crying with a loud voice to him that sat on the cloud, Thrust in thy sickle, and reap: for the time is come for thee to reap; for the harvest of the earth is ripe. (KJV)

Laborers are ready and willing, but so many big time churches and ministries aren’t willing to provide a platform for the Last Days prophets and messengers and teachers. The big time religion does not want to change, so those on fire for the Lord often have no place to give their messages. Many messengers await for the providers. Big time religion loves the status quo, salvation means need a bigger auditorium to continue with yesterday’s message. Pakistan as you say needs something. Can you provide it? Or are you like so many foreigners? Bulk generic email hoping to snag a catch? I don’t know. What I do know is your email at least gives me something to add to my blog as a chance to witness to others about real people in the world. You were not personal to me, so likewise I can also use your email as a stepping stone to minister to others by breaking down what you say to make the point of what problems there are with impersonal bulk mailings. Maybe next time who ever in your ministry writes such email might first take time to get info about who they send it to. Now you maybe be sending this to 1000s so how can you be personal?

This time we need your prayers and your support. Because, we have no studio and even we have no proper studio equipments and we must need 2 to 4 Multimedia Projectors that will be use there where our cable TV this time not running.

gays4jesus: Prayer is a dime a dozen and easy to request (yes God answers prayer). You want answers to a prayer like this? Ask God then reach out and take it from God’s hand, He is not going to grab your hand and force it open and put it in your hand. You have to do something. Like I am doing something. I ask God to send me out, so maybe I can convince you to get my messages (either ones already aired here in the USA or ones on a topic you would like) and translate it (dub in the language you want) and air it at no charge to me. Result, you asked God for a miracle move in Pakistan, God give you someone that within in a short time can adjust to needs of your listeners and Miracles will begin. I am not bragging I just know if I speak to a large number of people many will be physically Healed, Saved, baptized in the Holy Spirit and more.

I completely don’t care where it happens since everyone in the world is likewise hungry for God. Thailand once I heard had 1% or less Christians. Don’t you think there is a great need there? For me your knowledge about media and your connections to broadcasting programs to many people means to me you can put anyone of your choosing on. Yeah you are responsible, but that is the point you have been given something very special a means to get the message to millions. You get someone on the air that knows how to get a hold of God things will fall together and prayers for equipment will be answered. TBN started tiny and barely able to transmit, look at them today. (Though I am leaning towards, they have long begun to abuse their gift of that international broadcasting network).

People love to give to God; God will take care of your needs. Good keys is what is done with the money? Fancy cars? Luxury hotels? Big houses? High class restaurants? We don’t need that big a paycheck to serve God. (not saying become homeless either). My point is God will provide because your request is you want to put messengers God on the air. It sounds like you want real messengers not CEOs of a religions. Denominations often grow to where the board of directors not God decide what the church will do or not do.

I used the stations camera at first, this took lots of time and I had to go to the station to edit. I also have a job and it was not easy and I prayed about getting a camera. God led me to a good system that actually could do some editing and be of quality to air. Later technology gave consumers better cameras high tech, now I have a high def camcorder that can store 80 or so TV programs in it. I am, not rich yet I got good equipment. God led me to editing software too. I do everything at home (well meaning the editing) Lately God has blessed me with shooting my programs in other countries, this year I did 20 programs in Italy and one of them inside St Peter’s Basilica. ( I am sure I would have been thrown out if they knew my topic). God will supply your needs. You have to reach out for it and take it out of his hands. Get someone on your TV media and set up live rallies, God will move.

In Pakistan almost every family, whether rich or poor has at least one television set and a cable connection, because it  is more of a fashion here than a necessity. These channels are watched by millions (Christians and non Christians) who daily spend at least 5-6- hours with interest.

gays4jesu: yeah no matter where people got to have that TV after all soon enough everyone in the world the Bible says will see the TWO Witnesses dead in the street and so start giving gifts to each other over those two’s death.

The work, which we are doing is important and satisfactory, how do we know? Through the response we receive by mails and calls almost every day from the channels and viewers.

gays4jesus: Watch your responses grow when you run across a last Days messenger. I know sometime soon God will send them out one way or another. Depending on how they begin or how they come to speak will be what they talk about or do. Invitation to speak in person at a rally or church on a slot on a TV station will be different than if God literally go a specific place and say this specific thing. That won’t be as fun for the hearers. Both of these ways will happen. The Last Days is very much about disobedience of God’s people too and not all about winning the Lost for Christ.

Our ministry is interested to provide you a chance to reach the millions of Christians and non Christians in Pakistan, if you would like your programs to be translated into Urdu (languages of Pakistan), please let us know.

gays4jesus: Again, this is hard to believe, I have been through too much and seen too much and there is so much greed that is easier to think that there is a catch to your invitation. “if you would like your programs to be translated” sounds like the missing part of the sentence is “at a cost of this amount $$$. My answer is of course I would like them to be translated, but I don’t think you have taken time to know what you are asking. We are not going to Heaven for the Mansion Jesus is making for us, we are going to be eternity with Jesus Christ our Savior and he is not a ticket out of hell or the painful times we are soon going to enter, we do not miss the Great falling away, we do not miss seeing billions being killed.

There are very tough issues that will be addressed before Jesus returns. My message can be tough, but Jesus is who he said he is and so my message will also be about Jesus and his love for us and his promises.

Be more personal in your email so I know you know who you are talking to, meaning you went to my sites blogs etc. so you know what I am about then email a more personal explanation of your intensions.

Please consider our aim or proposal prayerfully. In hope of positive response.

gays4jesus: Can’t consider it based on lack of info namely what’s it cost to me $1.00 is too much sorry. I have prayed often and for decades I think I and god got the idea on my calling and I am ready, the thing here is are you? Making copies of DVDs or editing a Pakistan tailored program I can do quick and easy. Just need what your idea is and so I can produce and or modify what I am doing now to cover the outreach to Pakistan. I can do what I want I am prayed up as they say. Details would be how to get it to you, upload download mail and I got paypal so it is a quick way to receive your postage to send it to you if you want a DVD format. I have a link called “Invite me” on my website with a reference to physically going to speak anywhere. Just click invite above.

Please pray and support for our Education project, Health Project, Helping the Hunger people and orphans. This time we really need your help we are waiting for your reply.

gays4jesus: This part is what my main concerns are, yes we all would like $$$ given us and I do hope people are giving to you. But I cannot give materially or financially. I can only say what Peter said:

Acts 3:6 Then Peter said, Silver and gold have I none; but such as I have give I thee: In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth rise up and walk. (KJV)

If you have question concerning our vision, please do contact us for more information or for extra information. Thank you and God bless you.

gays4jesus: My questions were asked during my response to your email. I do hope you take no offense to my comments. Again, I don’t know you or your ministry and until that happens I don’t know your motive, many Christians say one thing but mean another, I may rock the boat but also thru Jesus may still the water. My expectations are I will not hear from you, but I am happy because I can minister via your email on my blog. My motive is Jesus is Lord, he loves us so it doesn’t matter if I love or not love He does LOVE and so I will be motivated in digging into how to present this. If I offend people so be it, but I see a vision of the Last Days and life as we know it is about to change no matter what part of the world we live in. I see such healing rallies (not sure, they will be called that) that it will be pretty common for just about any Christian see and experience. Pastors will fall like rain in those days. The household name minister will give way to the messengers God has been preparing for decades. I would be very happy to talk to you about these things and answer your questions. I have a feeling you want something of God and to see a move but don’t know how. You got the machinery in your hands with your media ministry.

With Beast Regards

Dildar Pervez

Saint Luke Ministries Pakistan

House # 214 A  Street # 36

Bahar Colony # 1 Bethlehem Road 

Kot Lakhpat, Lahore 54770 Pakistan.

Cell# 0092-300-6263001

Ph.#  0092-42-8487789


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