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Jared McCormick alcoholic homophobe

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I must mention first, before I go on, to point at the elephant in the room and to let you know where I stand on the homosexual issue.  First of all, we are all born to sin.  Some or a lot of these sins are so etched in to our beings that we enter the world born with predispositions or proneness to sin. 

Homophobes has a first priority that is to emphasize elementary roots as though everyone that may be idiots on the Bible. When we accept Jesus, we commit our lives to Jesus. It completely has to be assumed when talking to Christians that we have no place to try to say they are not Christians and the fundamental core of Christianity is this type prayer:

God be merciful to me a sinner! I believe Christ died on the Cross for me, that God rose him on the 3rd day, and that His Precious Blood will cleanse me from all my sins. Forgive me of my sins and come into my heart as my Lord and my Savior. Help me Lord to do thy will each day. In Jesus name I pray. Amen.

So always, the sin issue though basic is already at the heart of believers. Spending time on these issues is not what Jesus is all about. Jesus is about getting the SALVATION message to the lost. Homophobes just love grinding sins into innocent people’s face. Instead of joyous walk with Christ, they portray and God that wants obedience to rules that often are man’s will. In talking with homophobes, you will not learn about the coming days which mean antichrist’s kingdom is at hand and will affect all Christians sinning or not sinning. Yes all humans are sinning right away, but in context to a homophobe telling a gay person this it is meant to state it is the being gay that is sin or the practicing it is and the statements to the fact “all are sinners” is a mute issue in the conversation. It is not in the homophobes’ interest to hear testimony of gays. Their point is always gays are going to hell and all homophobes will do is use anything that make this clear.

That being said,homosexual conduct is certainly a sin.  There is absolutely no way  to deny that fact. 

“Certain”? Again, homophobes will never produce this “certainty” by explain any word, phrase, or verse in the Bible. Fact? How it is fact if a homophobe refuses to explain how they got this fact and where and what is it. There are 14 verses only to explain and seven of them use the same word which makes it even easier to get the facts and yet no info or explanation is ever given beyond stating “it’s in the Bible”, God hates it”, “it’s clear”, or some other non-descriptive phrase..

I cannot tell nor can anyone for certain if we are born gay or acquire the "taste" for it later on in life.  I hold the opinion some are born with homosexual tendencies that can easily be exploited more than a "natural born" heterosexual.

Homophobes by now have significant facts available to know gays are born gay. 650 million gays in the world this just is not a simple way to make being gay a choice. The reason homophobes do not want gays to be born that way it would cause more difficult to explain gay to be sin. There is so much info on this topic that the subject of born gay should be a stumbling block for homophobes if the venture to use it. Homophobes will never produce their studies or other expert studies on gays from their birth to adulthood. There are so many such studies on this . My person research and interviews to the tune of 10s, of 1000s of gays probably much more than this is gays discover they are gay starting around 5 years old, it usually takes to 8 or 9 to begin to get a grip on this awareness at 5 is they are gay. By 11 -13 most gays are very much aware they are gay and even date same sex. Rare is an adult as many wish seduced them. “exploited more than a "natural born" heterosexual” what is this suppose to mean? Real str8s would rather die that have a remote chance a gay would touch them. Your first response would be beat up the gay person that may try to seduce you not make love to him. How do you seduce a horny str8 man? So many of you are in fact having a fantasy that you can go to bed with 2 lesbians as though a gay woman would really go to bed with a str8 man, you need a bisexual woman for that. Natural born gays, Jesus calls “born eunuchs” which with study and research in ancient writings of Jesus’ day you will find “born eunuchs are gays. This is not something to wish or hope to be true but can be proven with the 10s of 1000s of writings related to this topic of that day to show these were gays.

I am an alcoholic.  I believe that I have inherited this trait, and exploited it.  I have to face this issue every waking day of my life to drink or not to drink.  I have to make a strong conscience effort to refuse.  It is not easy.  I try to do it so that I may be able to glorify God through submission, faith and obedience.

No such thing as inherited “alcoholic” this trait is not item orientated but is most likely an overall trait for lack of better word to a condition that will lead likely to a dependence on something we would call use abuse of that item. Being an “alcoholic” has nothing to do with being gay. It is a common way many homophobe think about gays. They assume it is nothing more than an addiction. This can be said of str8s, you are addicted to opposite sex. This sounds silly doesn’t it? Sexual orientation is just that, if you are str8 you will be attracted to the opposite sex period. Likewise for gays, Comparing gays to some sort of abuse is a main core value of homophobes in general.

What I don't do, is try and make a church gathering where it is OK to be a drunk.  The bible explicitly states that drunkenness is an abomination to God.

Also, in a church setting you do not make love to your spouse do you? Drunkenness is your problem so why are you using your problem to condemn gays? And yes many str8s do go to church drunk, fortunately not all at one church.

I have no doubt that you are saved.  I believe you are.  But if you are living a life that goes against the institution of marriage that was set up by God, you are living in sin. 

What is the institution of marriage to you and what is it in the Bible and what is it in Christian culture for the last 2000 years and what is it in the many cultures in the world? Marriage started out being unwed brother and sisters having sex and babies, it evolved to cousins then distant cousins in the same tribe. You could have hundreds of wives and hundreds of concubines. Marriages was a business transaction between two families more of human history even many places today. Gays did in fact marry in this way in Jesus’ and Moses’ day. St Augustine owned a concubine which he sold to marry a wealthy high class woman, then he began to install strict sex laws in the church. In the 12th century so many pagans came to Jesus as a result they brought with them their marriage custom which soon was adopted church wide and in fact worldwide secularly too. This custom intended for pagan fertility rituals to gods and goddesses brought to the world and Christianity dating and marrying by mainly your selection and for love. 1000 years of Christianity was sex with your spouse was to produce a baby, for love you got a mistress and for pleasure, you bought a concubine both Christian legal in those days. Today 10 states and many countries accept gay marriage or something very similar. God says what HE joins together let not man put asunder. Gays do not go against it they embrace it as any str8 couple.

God will not work through you if you remain in this sinful condition with blatant rebellion against the infallible word of God.

At what point will this prophecy of yours happen? I am 62.5 years old with my lover for 20 years. I accepted Jesus Jan. 27, 1974 at 9:45 pm. My church is the Assemblies of God. I have preached on TV for 24 years every week re-running the program at least one more time a week. I just returned from Italy where I shot 12 TV programs. I am Pentecostal speaking in tongues often. At least one person in every country in the world has seen my programs, I got pastors in many countries begging me to come preach (these are str8 pastors). Online I chat parents pop up often for my advice about bring up junior in Christ Jesus. Dating couples (str8) also come to me regulating on how they might live their lives for Jesus as single Christians falling in love. I have had 3 major physical healing and un countable miracles and answered prayers. Str8 pastors seem to have to call me to the alter so they can prophesy over me. So tell me when as you are telling will God not work though me?

What I am trying to say is, being gay certainly does not condemn you to hell.  The practice of homosexual acts without repentance is the sin that will kill.  If you do not properly repent your sins, Christ's blood is unable to wash you, because you did not give them to him, you kept them for yourself.

Missing from any of your writing is any info about how you got gays condemned in the Bible so far it just seems to be you wishing it was there. I get closer to Jesus every day. 62 is getting pretty old I think since I accepted Jesus when I was 27. Tell me why is it getting better? In my place of work a very large company I manage the store. It is a large chain we have over 150 people often I am the only person in charge, I guess this is life getting worse for me. I owe nothing own my house cars new and paid off and the economy will have to really do a total dive to effect my retirement. I am a nobody, not real talents it often seems strange I have such a responsible job. What I do know it happens because I asked God in Jesus name and he gave it to me in the way I asked for it. I am often wondering do people around me just know what I want and need so when I get to them they are handing it to me? I guess you would tell me satan is giving me these things .AND about WASHING part of my ministry is to tell Christians a great shaking (spanking) is about to happen. It will last 1260 days. During this period is the time that Christian get the BLOOD painted on their door Posts and Mantles. Around 3.5 billion people will be killed during that period and you could very likely be in that number after all you got a 50 50 chance. This time has to come before Jesus returns and Christians just are not ready. I go into detail on this in other writings and TV programs.

I'm in the same boat, only my "sin of choice" is more socially, and "churchly" accepted.  I have to stay away from the abomination, not be drunk,

So you think your past drunkenness gives you expertise on gays? So much incorrect methods for people like you to dry up. People like you have to rely of 12 steps and a life time commitment to those principles and admitted they do not give God the Glory they give gods the glory and if your god is GOD it is just that and others have their gods. My sister’s husband spent many years in AAA it really does not matter if you depend of Church help, most people like you are often ordered to AAA. Jesus delivers so why did you have a problem? I use to drink as part of a partying thing as such. I never had problems though I had lots of friends and fun and stories to tell, never had any real problems be it lucky, blessed or whatever. Made a new year’s resolution to stop because hanger overs weren’t a fun experience. 3 weeks later I accepted Jesus 36 years later from the get go never had any hint of wanting to drink, sorry it was difficult for you what was it did Jesus not love you or do you have a justification why he allowed you to take so long to stop or do you still have a problem today? This is an abuse problem not a sexual orientation issue. Don’t use your condition to imply gay is all the more sin.

but be filled with the holy spirit.  Scripture is clear that drunkenness is the opposite of Holiness.  Satan works in an opposite fashion from God.  Some ways on the surface, it appears to be like or the same as God's Word, but is "anti-Christ."

I had not a drop of “alcoholic” drink in all my salvation years. However, for me drinking is not the issue for many, why are you making it a point? I have 36 years in the Assemblies of God, I speak in tongues often and am told often by pastors and Christians they see Jesus in me and sense the Holy Spirit in me. There is not a moment of my waking day that I don’t feel the Holy Spirit in me. And when I sleep I am in visions most of the time. At any moment day or night, I can get direct response from Jesus, either by his emotions, or words he speaks to me or his presence I can feel. Anytime I write of do ministry I feel him looking over my shoulder and if I am getting really involved in a topic where I need to present authority then the presence of the Lord magnifies throughout my body and I feel like I will float and every pour in my body tingles with his presence. I can go into detail for long hours on this topic about Jesus and me. Anytime you like I challenge you or anyone to just try to say it is not Jesus. So often a way out for homophobes when they hear Jesus is in gays is to say it is not Jesus it is satan. Think about it if you are so quick to say it is satan not Jesus what do you suppose Jesus will do during the coming shaking? I know for a fact time homophobes want to face up to my challenge which is specific and on my website, that they will never be able to get God to move showing gay is sin no matter what they do or how long the attempt doing it. This is meaning according to your faith to present the word and or operations in the Holy Spirit to get a hold of God to move in our mist to show you are right and I am wrong. However, when you are done and it is my turn to do likewise it will not take very long before you see God move in my favor. Pretty str8 forward I think. For you how can you lose you believe you are right so how could God stand up for me in your congregation’s sight? You think it is satan use your God given authority and get rid of him. Worst can happen for a moment I am clean and soon 7 worse demons comes so you will get your proof. I am 100% committed to let you behave your faith then it is my turn that you let me 100% behave my faith. Upfront I have told you I have 36 years in the Assemblies of God so no surprises for you to think I might go weird on you.

Just the same, The marriage institution was ordained by God where Man and Woman are designed to complement one another.  Man/Man Woman/Woman is opposite of this holy covenant designed by the creator of the universe.  Like I mentioned before, if it is opposite of God's will, then it is an abomination.  There is no possible way of getting around that.

The Bible is not one or two verses but a very in-depth book on many topics. “Abomination” is a word that in every use means acts done while worshipping other gods so you use a poor selection or a word to portray you hatred of gays. Marriage is a evolution based on population. God does not condemn the growth of marriage customs and changes over the centuries. Marriage would be a sin as it is preformed today because it has no resemblance to Jesus‘day marriages. There are 2 direct Hebrew legal gay marriage in the OT and many hidden in grammar and Hebrew/Greek words that do not mean the same in the English we read it in as it does in its original language form. Making a statement “there is no possible way around it” is the same as stating “it in the Bible” you just avoid saying where and how you get that final interpretation. Using the term “holy covenant” puts you into a possible weird Christian cult or and need no pastor or church or other s to fellowship with Christian. This means you believe you are right and everyone else is wrong if it is not what you believe. After talking at length with strong homophobes often it turns out they actually believe only they are saved and anyone not believing like them will go to hell, so all denomination because what you are in which may be none will go to hell o r some variety then in. You got this idea a part A needs a part B otherwise, it is sin. Between your legs is speak not your brain. Your brain would say maybe something is wrong with what is between my legs because today there are 650 million gays and it seems to work just fine with them. When you philosophize about the universe you have to remember where did you get all these smarts when there are millions of high tech educated scientist and more and everyone has a good theory. The more you know the more you will know that all is not so simple to explain away. Every time a good theory comes to be, they soon discover in finding this wonderful theory they created 10 more questions that the theory is not addressing so they create a theory to cover those, then each creating more questions. Point is we got a billion philosophers and philosophy is not fact just helps grasp ideas as to what could be the solutions. Me being 62 years has to mean I have plenty of theories about thing we don’t have facts on, I know a few things so I love going deep into the details of how it might be, but ready to change the equation when facts are added. In you writing you are not adding any fact concerning the 14 verses in the Bible that homophobes use. All you are doing is assuming gay is sin and go on from there into your life’s perspectives, which seems to be of an “alcoholic”. Hey, you are the drunk. I drank but is was not a lot more than entertainment, sorry it turned out badly for you, but you are the drunk don’t forget that. You also no doubt believe the AAA rhetoric of “if you drink your need AAA”. Sorry Jesus is my God and the Bible is the Living Word of God. AAA is man created worship to gods in the name of doing good. Hey, yes great, You needed the help. Please don’t think drug addicts and drunkards and rapists and murderers and prostitutes is a way to preach to gays. Gays need to know Jesus does not hate them since this is your mouth. Jesus says who so ever. So why not let who so ever then?

I'm certain this is no surprising shock to you, as you mentioned you have a zeal for truth and knowledge.  I haven't read anything on your website that could somehow truthfully refute the biblical  stance on the institution of marriage and homosexuality.  I will look, but you must have some sort of strong evidence that I have been unable to come up with.

This is always amazing to hear. A homophobe can read

6945 qadesh (kaw-dashe'); from 6942; a (quasi) sacred person, i.e. (technically) a (male) devotee (by prostitution) to licentious idolatry: KJV-- sodomite, unclean.

6942 qadash (kaw-dash'); a primitive root; to be (causatively, make, pronounce or observe as) clean (ceremonially or morally): KJV-- appoint, bid, consecrate, dedicate, defile, hallow, (be, keep) holy (-er, place), keep, prepare, proclaim, purify, sanctify (-ied oneself,), X wholly. 6943 Qedesh (keh'-desh); from 6942; a sanctum; Kedesh, the name of four places in Palestine: KJV-- Kedesh.

This is the key word in 7 of the 14 verses people use to say gay is sin.

And say I show nothing? I also have gone over the marriage history in my website and even touched on it hear. I also have links right on my home page to a site that goes into deep detail with documentation on just about all topics of this issue. Tell me how you cannot see anything. History is a done deal and the bible does indeed show the evolution of marriages and also gay marriages. On my site and in links there is substancial backing with the documentation. Hebrew is a language and has its grammar. This is Bible days so it is Bible days you need to go to get the day’s current usage and meanings. Hebrew and Greek today have evolved. In Jesus’ day Hebrew was meticulously maintained by scribes so it was the perfect time for God’s word to be established. Greek was at a point that translation to Latin Vulgate in the 2nd century made it the most reliable studiable book in the world. Today many words in Greek and Hebrew are not recognizable to 1st century people of those languages. The Bible has quite a history and generally God’s enemies actually got the Bible together in a book we call the Bible today. Really amazing how God actually used horrible people in so many ways that went on the pretty much control the world today to be the ones to put it together. It is fabulous it was translated to Latin Vulgate in the 2nd century so that what ever was chosen in the 3rd century would still be the exact 2nd century manuscripts so nothing lost except other books that were also just as good and could have been used as God’s word. Also, in that 2nd century another set of books I call them counterfeit were translating intact into Latin Vulgate. This version was not used till the 15th century when it became the official Catholic Bible. Later in the 18th Westcott and Hort used that corrupt version to translated to Greek then back to English and this became the official Church of England Bible which all modern version comes from today having 50,000 to 80,000 corruptions depending of the version. Granite I am not one to give out the documentation of what I learn over the years, these detailed record are just not me. Thank God for all the people that have the sort of God given patience to detail documentation of what the research. Today and for most of the time str8s spent lots of time killing babies, Christians had a common thing for much of its history lots of documentation of tossing their babies (leaving them on church door step) the pill is for Christians to have sex without babies. So much facts exist about your words that would have to mean most str8 Christians are in constant major disobedience to God. Well fact is very close to truth. That is why all things are set up to again spank God’s people (SOON!). Another story I will not get into here.

And finally, just for the record, I am not some sort of bigot. 

Yes you are a bigot down to the core, sorry but that is your writings. Had you not been a bigot you would have been able to tell me about the many things real gays do in the world from the beginning. You would have had a ton of stories to tell about ordinary gays today. But all you had to say was gays are alcoholics and referring to your philosophy what you think things are. Bigots are people that pick out a group to condemn and cannot produce any sort of a foundation. In your case, you did not even refer to any of the 14 verses used by homophobes. It is these verses you need to show is talking about real gays to make your case. But instead we had to deal with your drinking problem and the horrid concept that you have that gays are like drunkards addicted to same sex.

I prayerfully practice Godly love to everyone (or try to, there are some difficult people, but we are far from divine). 

First impression for me is your prayers of Godly love is say God make every one like me and do as I do and believe as I. I don’t want to have to prove anything just make them believe me when I tell them they are living in sin. Even is you defensive quotation marks you are trying to think you are doing the best and right thing. It is the homophobe you should prayer for. Ask God meaningfully to show you what the 14 verses mean. Please this is not meaning you get a vision of magic of Jesus tossing gays into the Lake of Fire. God is truth so therefore truth is something to be presented. Faith is what to believe, we believe at first by Faith the Jesus is the Son of God. But the word sodomite in Hebrew means male temple prostitute, no faith needed it is just pure FACT. The there is the temples these prostitutes worked from and so much more. I just preached from the temple of Cybele (mother of the gods) in Rome 3 weeks ago. I do my homework I went to that temple it is real it is there and it has a history. What do you do you do nothing except say gay is sin. Type Cybele in to Google, this is the sort of temple Paul saw every time he looked out his window or walked around Rome. (Paul was under house arrest and most the time had to stay in his rented house). This was the same in Corinth, where Paul even went to speak in a temple in that city and it had over 1000 temple prostitutes along with that statue to the unknown god he used in a later book. Please give me truth and the facts. Don’t use modern lingual “institution of marriage” marriage evolves and God does not condemns any f its evolutions from the Garden. He did once say he did want divorce but for Moses’ sake, he allowed divorce to be legal. Techniquely you commit adultery but God accepted and allowed divorce which meant your spouse was like dead so you could re-marry. Put away in the Bible means today “separation” separation is not divorce so adultery happens if you have someone. Yes we are not divine we are forgiven., this does not imply your pet hatred of specific sins someone else commits. It is every Christian is forgiven the same. No special treatment. You can not go around picking out things you want to be sins to make them worse than the real daily sins you are currently committing. Love is a behavior and hate is a visible thing people can see and when you accuse an innocent person of something and you do even try to show truth then it is hate you are behaving. You can wish it to be love all you want but condemning someone for something you think is a sin but you would never even take any first steps to show how you yet your conclusions then it is hate behavior and not love you behave. Stating you are loving someone is not actually loving them, Loving someone is taking the time to get the fact. I spent a lot of time on you going far more than I need to for a person like yourself that just may never ever be able to see a gay person is not going to fertility orgies houses of worship. I did not get the info I have by wishing it to be true, but long years and much reading and also I know who gays are and how they live and they are not living like you are saying they are when you use a Bable verse to condemn them.

I have a gay uncle and love him just the same as any of my other uncles (to which I have 10, and he happens to be one of my favorites :)) 

So your love for him is telling him he is living in sin. Let’s test your love, give me his email so I can send him your email to me. You are telling me he is not allowed to marry per God and he is living in sin. So your favorite uncle you show him this sort of love? What’s more this means you are two faced liar by telling me I am living in sin but not going to him and going into at least as much as you did with me telling me gay is sin. If marriage finally got legal in your state and he invited to his wedding with his lover would you go? (maybe like many gays he is believing gay is sin after all gays grow up in the same world that conditioned you hate gays so he would also as many gays do think yes everyone says “its in the Bible “too and so think it sin) truth sets one free and today finally the truth is easy to get and so marriages for gays are becoming legal everywhere these days. Why are you not seeking truth. Parents of gays often take the time to study and learn they are not losing their gay child as they were taught by their pastor. Yow say he is your favorite, WOW what you are actually saying what is the norm for gays around the world, the good is seen about them. Gays are most often the best employees, they provide the most in healthcare system and are often pillars in their families. You confirm this because out od all your uncles he is the best. Are you tell me str8 uncle are not as fun or not as caring are won’t pay as much attention to you? Something made you say he was your favorite. The way you write to me I would have assume you would be trying to get him to change and be str8 and think he is the worst that God would not work with him, yet you love him as your favorite. Pretty deep do do I think.

I do believe we all have sins that we must overcome through the redemptive power of Jesus Christ's blood. 

NEVER EVER will we overcome out sins; Jesus paid the price for all our sins. Once you think you are not a sinner saved by Grace then you are toast. The coming deceptions will pry at your lack of foundation truths. When we accept Jesus we do a 180 degree turn, but from then on it is a winding road. Each of us takes a journey, the way to that day we will see Jesus face to face is not a str8 road. There are hilltops and valleys and windy rivers and barriers to go around. Pain, happiness follows us sometime more than at other times. We must holdfast, standfast and persevere to the end. No short cuts no quick and simple solutions. Worse things than you can imagine are just over the horizon. So many think Obama brings hope. (I voted for him) but Obama is a special instrument planted to make it look like he can turn the tide, but in fact we gave him a green light to pay for a massive final building spree for the concentration like camps. Darfur is Disneyland compared to the coming days in the USA. Modern versions are conditioning Christians to accept antichrist thinking he might be Jesus after all. Even my Church I belong to has nearly changed over to modern versions, which is about as far from its roots as one can get. So hard to accept AOGs not thinking the KJV is God’s word as they once did. Now the pastor uses what ever version best fits his sermon. You will get to know the real meaning of overcoming through the redemptive power soon as you are not by choice force to live it. You would never choose it because it will be so hard. There is more to the meaning in the Power of the Blood than you are implying. You are using it as a dirty word aimed at gays. Remember you are talking about gays not philosophizing on general church. So your words are attacks on gays as any one would attack a minority they hate.

I know it must be very difficult to accept, and something that is impossible to walk away from.  Christ is the only avenue of approach that does make this impossible feat possible.

Think about it, I am a openingly gay TV preacher now in my 24th year on TV. I am Pentecostal. I have had some 800,000 homophobe attacking through the years. Do you think that I thought I could accomplish facing Christians bent on condemning someone to hell all these years and still have a pretty good life. You can’t possible image how homophobes claiming they are Christians are in attacking with the worst of words and flat out constantly telling I am going to hell comparing me the worst of human behaviors daily yet I am peaceful in my heart and close to Jesus and life treats me well, my house hold is blessed and traveling around the world and the economy is not effecting me. By rights I should be bananas, but I am not. Impossible, could not imagine I would ever be on TV, I am so shy how could I speak even. Impossible impossible and yet I am now in my 24th year on TV I take it for granite. I know noting about webpage design and yet I have a well working website. I ran a 6 line BBS in the early days before the web, it was a local area but I always had at least 1000 members signed on. Impossible. So many impossible things happened to me. And yet more difficult impossible things are coming I can’t see how it could happen, but I believe it will. But you are perhaps thinking about ex-gays that God delievers gays, this would mean you could check history and go to ex-gay ministry and churches to see if this happens in real life, it sure is wished and talking about by homophobes, but real life it does not pan out so telling a gay person he can change and be str8 is a liar from hell. I person research over 200 ex-gay ministries and talked with lots of their leaders in-depth and have over 100 ex-gay leader testimonies. They did not get delivered at all and follow up on these leaders and gays that went through these misnistres there just are no ex-gays, bisexuals are a different animal and often are considered as gay and used by homophobes to make their points. Bisexuals are a strange breed of human and can be the worst homophobes but ultimately they fall into real life facts, they are bisexual not str8 so at some point 20 even 30 years down the road they come back with testimonies of them returning to their gay or bisexual life. No reports of anyone really changing some do live out life in a marriage with problems over this, but none really change. Christians do brain wash people to act on your faith no matter what the truth might be. Stating some is because you are by faith stating it into existence can be a good thing and a right tool promised by God we can use. But abusing tools God gives us is not the right thing. So many gays state they are delivered as a matter of faith not fact. I talk to 1000s of these and it does not take that many questions to unveil they have not changed they are in denial and just speaking out as though they are changed. What is not possible is possible for God does not make possible something that is not right. Gay is not sin and Jesus is not asking the gay person to change and be str8.

If you wish to follow God with all your heart, mind, soul and strength, then you must abandon your current lifestyle.

Lets test your thought about this. From this moment on in your love for gays I want you to stop being str8 for the sake of gays. Do not look at a woman sexually, if you are married no sex in fact move out. From now on female are to be sisters not anything for sex attraction. Also since you are asking 650 million gays to do this not just me, you do not know me so your talk to me is in proxy to 650 million gays I want you to ask many of your str8 friend to join you in avoiding all sex or any possible notion of attraction to opposite sex. Come back to me in a year and show me all you str8s managed to live without sexual attraction to opposite sex or thoughts of same. Don’t masturbate to thought of women either. Big issue here is I already told you of my 100% commitment to God and Jesus Christ and parts of my testimony of things following. If you will stop sex 100% as well to follow God then do so but, remember it is not me you are talking to but all gays so you will need to involve your church in getting a large number to commit to no sex. When you see str8s cannot do this then ask yourself why are you asking gays to stop sex if str8s can’t do the same.

I will humbly pray for you every day,

This is a joke. Humbly who do you think you are? You behave hate to gays, you do not explain even the smallest thing concerning yourself and you belief that gay is sin. You never touch any of the 14 verses, you used your addiction to alcohol to use as an example to condemn gay and you are telling me you humbly? It is your personal desire to justify your own additions and push it onto innocent people. Sorry I don’t see you as a person that can humbly do anything. Pray in tongues about gays in that way you will have the Holy Spirit making intercessory prayer for gays. Then when you see more states legalizing marriage remember you operated in the Holy Spirit so be thankful your intercessory prayers were heard. You want what you want not what God wants. God wants gays to be able to enjoy all the legalality str8s have in marriages. 700 years the church took any such dignity away from gays, Don’t get upset about God giving it back to gays. Don’t give satan credit for something that is not evil. Our presidents are evil they are planning your future incarceration just for being Christian. Yet I bet you pray for then for God to help them. But, homophobes does not care about what they don’t see. Their lives will be so affected by the coming changes and you hardly will spend a moment preparing for what is coming. Not much you can do about it except keep in mind things do in fact need to happen before Jesus returns even before the Rapture. It won’t be a pretty picture. You are so busy worrying about another’s life that you don’t see that soon they will knock on your door and maybe rape your wife in front of you and whoa if you have a daughter for the had complete freedom to rape her too. This is not an imagination but real plans and schedules. There are enough camps to house 40 million Americans today. Str8 troops will do their thing and that is rape. This time it is welcomed by their commanders. There are more than 6 million foreign troops in our country and in adjacent countries ready awaiting orders to move in. Obama just approved lots of money to get these camps ready and out of moth balls. Evil is here and you want innocent gays to be what is the downfall of America? God has given America Christians a few times to repent of the evils, but instead it got worse, sex is the main point of interests when thinking about sins instead of what are you going to do when do it will feel like Jesus forsook you. Yes very soon the TWO Witnesses will shut down this thing what makes you FEEL saved. They do not take your salvation away just the FEELING of it. Your faith should kick in and take over and you will re-engage feeling saved. But the problem is too much conditioning in so many lies about so many things that you will take too long to re-engage your connection to Jesus. This can be too late. You will not expect what is coming partly because your idea of commitment is sexual. When it is actual commitment to faith that God rose Jesus on the 3rd day. Obedience is believing the works that God did in sending his only Son to die for you instead of you dying for your own sins. Obedience is not obeying Moses’ law.

you and those who are struggling with such a hard thing to accept and give up. 

Struggling”? Again, this is a homophobic cop out based on wishing all gays were struggling with being gay. Where did you get this notion? The hard thing is trying to explain the simple thing the a gay couple having sex because they dated and fell in love and married each other is not the same a gang rape or orgies or prostitution. This is extremely hard to do. No matter how detailed a verse is about gang rape you still see all were males so that means gay is sin. The fact that the Hebrew word there for all the people means male and female of all ages still can’t break through that this was a an act of attempted gang rape and the victim would not survive. The struggle is to work so very hard and never tiring to try to reach homophobes so they won’t go to their grave to wake up in Christ knowing they spent their whole lives condemning innocent people possibly losing their own salvation because this attempt at say gay is sin blinded them from the coming doom that will hit suddenly seemingly without notice as the round up of Christians begins. You cannot accept God would allow this to happen to you. But you won’t listen and so my best guess is you think it will never get to bad and everything is a conspiracy theory and not real.

And please pray for me and every one of the sort who struggles daily to put of the flesh of "this wretched man that I am."

98% of this struggling you mention is manmade lies. Accepting Jesus does not result in a life of struggling. The truth sets you free and you are free indeed. You can walk up, scared certainly in peace to that guillotine to get your head chopped off (many of the re-education/slave labor camps do have the guillotines ready to use). Struggles should be geared to seeking to find answers about the deceptions that are coming and already here. Modern versions is a main course basics 101 to the key of falling victim to the coming deceptions. You can accept antichrist if you have conditioned yourself with modern versions for a long time. “A wreck like me” makes for a good touching songs and hits home, but is the milk of the word not the meat. Wean yourself off the MILK and begin eating the meat. How can you survive the coming days when fed milk only. The enemy has planned this for 5000 years and you are not over night going to get a jump on him. Christians are for the slaughter, God is not wholesale going to protect Christians he never has and won’t until after another 1000 years. Miracle will become common, but you will not become immune to the plunder satan will bring to your household. God rarely will step in and stop soldiers from raping Christian wives and daughters. There will however be more miracles in a day than in century contained in those days. A Christian should put on the whole armor of God and be ready to do warfare in the Spirit and die both will be the norm for Christians in the coming days. Every Christians should be or already has struggled with the horrors of what real evil is namely those preparing antichrist’s kingdom. There is so much info and facts on these people that you would quickly learn what evil is instead of trying to condemn ordinary gays living ordinary lives day to day trying to make ends meet like most Christians. What did gays do to hurt you. Did that uncle rape you or make a pass at you so you went on to condemn all gays using the Bible as your club? Why not instead ring out the call to Christians who the real enemies are and understand one day it will come. There are a couple reasons it has not come already. 1994 ended the calendar (Jubilee Calendar) in which Bible times ordered. Find the sources yourself. So, we now have been in a limbo period that dating is not possible because that calendar is over. Just like the Mayan calendar ends on Dec. 21st 2012. After that no more room for dating events. So we live in a time of certain things needs to be done if not nothing can start it because God won’t allow it. New World Order Elite just uses this time to get more ready and make it easier to take control. The real reason time is now in Limbo is because the TWO Witnesses have not met each other yet. They must meet to stop the RAIN and the TRIB begin. Antichrist can’t reveal himself until the TWO stop the RAIN. These TWO have to meet and I strongly believe needs 2.5 years getting to know each other and figure out they are the TWO and or hear God say do it. They just have not met yet. So until they met there won’t be a TRIB starting no matter what is tried to make it start. It may get really bad before they meet or it may seem not much more than we are seeing today, the gov’t doing their darnest to appear to be helping us get over this crisis when in fact they made the crisis and are using it to feed their enterprise to get a world dictator in power. Wish you wanted to ask questions about the coming days instead of condemning innocent people and your uncle.

Your statement “please pray for me” is a wishy washing attempt to make you seem like a good person meaning well and also needs help as though to rub in the nose deeper that gay is the sin gays needs prayer about and yours is just ordinary human sins so were all in the same boat. As charged by you, gays are your victims because you are not referring to them in the ordinary sinner category you put them instead in a class that their very being is sin. Huge difference. My prayer for homophobes is to get them delivered and deliverance is almost always painful because you won’t give up your love to hate gays easily so a crisis in needed so you can see clearly you are behaving in a hate gays not a love gays way. You need a reason to dig deeper and so often this means a trauma must hit you. Somestimes a homophobe that is a parent learns their son is gay meaning going to hell, soon all the help they get is he is really going to hell with no hope so the parent begins searching and begins to learn gay is not sin and so it is like their son comes back to life and it is a glorious moment for them (check out Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays). If you are not a parent you cannot have this crisis and maybe if you were a parent they would be str8 so no help that way. So you will have to have a different kind of crisis to get you to see the light. At any rate crisis’ aren’t ever fun. You might not even recover or learn your lesson and your fate may be never restored. Lots have gone this way. So this is my prayer for you:

From this day forward as you speak against gays plagues will be added on to you and your family until you learn what you are doing to the innocent ones, saith the Lord your God.