Saturday, November 7, 2009

Samuel Balaraman Invites Gays For Jesus

From: samuel balaraman []
Sent: Wednesday, November 04, 2009 7:49 PM
Subject: want fellowship

praise the lord, dear pastor, my name is samuel from india. i doing the indipent church ministries past 12 year in india.i have 18 branches churches establish of diffrent of places in india. by god grace praise god want to your fellowship.

gays4jesus: Praise God for your ministry. For my fellowship that is easy, just add my to your yahoo chat messenger using my screen name “gays4jesus”. I would be happy to chat about any topic you like and about your walk with Jesus.

i seen your ministries website i like the your fellowship.i will jion to your organestion. presently 10 missionaries doing the irgm ministreis various of villages in had for our missionary ministries in to your organestion.

gays4jesus: A bit hard to read the above sentence, but I will try to answer it. Thanks for viewing my website Joining my organization is simply by participating in writing comments and other interactions on the site. You can give your testimony, meaning your personal walk with Jesus and details how you came to know Jesus. If God gave you a vision or revelation, email it to me so I can review it and perhaps enter it for others to see, or simply find a similar topic in my blog and make a comment and put that vision or revelation in. Advertising for support financially or materially for your ministry is not allowed, as my site is not a directory or a platform to ask my visitors for of other ministries. All are welcome to support my ministry if by $$ click clip_image002even $1.00 helps. If by some sort of talent, always happy to receive songs, but over all I don’t need a lot currently. Prayers are always welcomed. Mostly your heart felt call of God and the message he has given you is what I want to share with the world. I am happy to list ministry websites as links so id your 18 branches or your 10 missionaries have websites send them and I will list their links.

pl welcome to india visit to our ministries area. i will arranges a gospel meetings next pray and reply me.

gays4jesus: If you are inviting me to go to India I am also happy to do so, but I do have a very strict travel policy at this time. All trip expenses must be paid by those inviting me. Airplane, lodging, food, in country travel, and any other costs that may accrue. Also, itinerary must be clear so I have some idea what going on when I get there.

clip_image003 pl visit to our ministries web site; our vision is 1000 churches plant for our nation thankyou in Christ

gays4jesus: I did visit,, and Having 1000 churches as a goal is quite a commitment to God and I praise God and thank him for people like you.
1,1000 churches plant for our nation only.
2,1000 missionaries send to throughout india.
3,will be start orphanage
4,will be start out reach clinic(for free treatment)
5,will be start bible collage
6,will be start pastors fellowship(for every month)
7,poor helps(handicapped,widows,leprosy)
8,every month free eye camp.

gays4jesus: Quite a VISION. Keep in mind a few things, Jesus is about to return and billions will be killed first. Not to sound depressing, but to be uplifting. It is now time to prepare and make part of all teaching and preaching a note that ordinary Chritain living may at any moment change forever and it will not be an improvement in life’s conditions since it is anti-christ’s kingdom being set up and that won’t end until Jesus returns. Giving a message of hope only may result is a great falling away when NO HOPE become daily life. To give sustaining hope we must remind fellow Christians and the flock we shepherd that we are Last Days’ Christians and no other Christian in the last 2000 years have seen what we will go through.

A major deception, at least in the west is counterfeit Bibles. All English modern versions are satan counterfeit bibles. The are no sides to wars because it is a common goal to change the world into a one world government and it is not one country fighting another it is already just the preparing. This war we fight now is on religion and its goal is to get control of the religions namely Christians, Jews, and Muslims. Each of these has a special treatment to reduce their numbers.

My point is not to scare people, but to get Christians to understand we are not just going to go to church on Sunday. You want 1000 churches and you may get 5000 and it might happen in just months of time not decades or even years. It won’t really be because of what you do but because others are out there and saving huge numbers and they need a church home and they will go where ever there is a church and churches will fill to compactly. You may have to alter your VISION or adjust it to a way to meet the flood of people that will come to your churches. Again, they won’t come because you are some sort of good church, but there are so many needing to hear the teaching of the word of God.

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