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monkeyface1969 commented on my clip Explain how you get gays in the Bible

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Monkeyface my YouTube clip and commented:


Explain how you get gays in the Bible


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monkeyface1969 has made a comment on Explain how you get gays in the Bible:

You are deluded. If the whole world was gay . we as a human race would have perish by now.

gays4jesus: This is more common than you would imagine as a statement from a homophobe. Somehow, homophobes get this idea that playing a “what if” game makes for good FACT to prove gay is sin. Well the real FACT is there are nearly 7 billion people on Earth today. No matter gays or not most think we are too crowded and for sure God’s plan worked the Earth is inhabited. Abortion, the pill, and other ways to prevent birth are a str8 behavior. There is much evidence actually more than evidence showing 90% are str8 and so there never was even the slightest chance all could be gay. Using this argument which is impossible to happen is a useless way to explain why you think gay is sin. History shows many gays do marry to produce offspring and a necessary as it were retirement insurance. Many gays today have kids that is just plain fact. What will make a huge difference in Earth’s population is when the one world government kills along with natural disasters about 6 billion humans in a 7-year period of time. Using the “what if” game shows your delusion to real life FACTS.

It takes a man and a woman to come together to make another. there is no other way.

gays4jesus: And it takes that same man and woman to decide to have an abortion. There are more than enough people in the world to take care of str8s that want to kill their unborn babies. Often gays will take over the upbringing and nurturing of the unwanted children of str8 adults. Gays often seek out acceptable ways to have children. And as I said earlier gays often had children after all str8 law in many countries in ancient days was women were just possessions and so many str8s had quite a harem because they often made babies with their slaves. We can spend a great deal of time on how str8s make babies. Argue as you like that those were sinful people, but you got tons of it in the Bible with no condemnation at all, it was just expected. The one man one woman thing is mostly from pagan fertility worship rituals from the 12th century. Lots of info to back this up.

stop taking shit you me an Elephant walking around Africa looking for another male Elephant to fuck for sexual pleasures?

gays4jesus: Don’t have to go to Africa, just have to sit in my living room and watch documentaries showing many kinds of animals including elephants do have gays in their ranks. Homophobes just have to use terms that even condemn others. Using “retard” should be a term that has long left the human tongue as it reflects another ugly side of human nature to mock what they don’t understand.

If your Father was gay, you wouldn't be here talking shit..

gays4jesus: Many fathers are gay rendering your thinking mute as a way to try to make y hatred of a person standing up to people that we give names to these days (like the red states) meaning bigots, hypocrites, and more.

I feel so sorry for you having to sit there and justify why you like sucking cocks.

gays4jesus: It is pretty common for homophobes to revert to sexual imagery which somehow makes them feel superior.

Admit it, you have a problem?

gays4jesus: I guess so, my house is paid for, I have new paid for cars every couple years, recently I been traveling to many countries and I am debt free and not a penny of it came from my ministry. Next week I am going to Canada, next year to Greece .I am 63 years old and have my health. Been with my lover for 20 years. God answers prayers often and I have been physically healed 3 times dramatically instantly. I been preaching on TV for 25 years, pastors around the world want me to come preach, I can continue boasting for your sake of the blessing in my life if you like. If you call this problems then I got a lot of them.

Just another homophobe that just can’t seem to make any reasonable comment based intelligence. About monkeyface:  A Being of light in direct connection with other Beings of love & light energy. Monkeyface is here to assist you to remember your true self. Hometown: Mauritius Country: United Kingdom Occupation: Helicopter Pilot Schools: Of Life Hobbies: Brain Entrainment he is 40 years old so should be a mature person by now. That is the info he gives about himself in his YouTube profile.

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