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requesting entrance to your backdoor

Often when Ministers start out, they are very happy to talk to anyone. They are available and often seek people to contact them. As time goes on and they become successful in ministry they begin to forget their roots. Some is understandable because the bigger you get the more people try to talk with you and being one person you have to delegate personal contacts to others. Then you begin to set up protection from anyone contacting you out of your circle. Occasionally you might jump in just to remember I guess how it was when you started with personal outside contacts. However, even a small church or group has well established chain of command set up to keep filtered out anyone trying to reach its leaders (you).

clip_image003Here in Washington State a referendum was on the ballet to repeal a law that gave gays the same rights as married people. This was introduced because Christian leaders, like pastor Hutch to the left, wanted to have the public vote, hoping that would repeal it. Well, it passed 52% to 48%. Now he wants to repeal the public vote and work to repeal the legislated original law, which he wanted a public vote to ban it. Pastor Hutch was a football prayer using any means to make his voice heard. Can anyone talk to him on the issue about gays? Like any minister they are basically good people, but something is making people like Hutch to spend so much time fight gay rights instead of ministering. Though he has associations with the 7-Day Adventists which should make other Christian denominations shutter, they join with him because of the common belief that gay is sin.

Now I am urging Pastors, Ministers, Priests, Christian Leaders, and Clergy to open up your backdoors to gay Christians. I know it would not take me long to touch your heart if you could just take the time to hear me out. What do I mean, “open your backdoor”? I want to be clear. Up to now, you are boss, what I want is you t ask me to talk to you about the gay issues concerning the Bible. You say such and such verse condemns gays. I want you go into detail by explaining how you got that understanding. Don’t get me wrong I am meaning much more than this. I assume you are pastor because you love truth and the BIBLE and that you have spent a great deal of time studying it. It should be a piece of cake for you to take time to go into detail about all the results of the studying and research you put into the gay issue since you are so sure gay is sin.

My background is not official education by some college, but for a period of 15 years I went to about everything all the special speakers had for preaching and workshops in the Assemblies of God church I attended (35 years in the AOGs ½ of it very actively engaged in learning). I had been on TV every week for 25 years preaching on the gay issues concerning the Bible. I have done at least 40 programs in other countries. I have talked personally with over 800,000 homophobes. Over 200 Assemblies of God type pastors personally called me up to the alter to prophesy over me. I received 3 major and dramatic physical healing in my body. I have vision often. Mixed in to my weekly program is about 50% concerning the soon return of Jesus. I know plenty (not boasting but expecting you to respect that and so use your learned knowledge about the Bible to give me answers to why you got gays into any verse). Many pastors want me to go preach in foreign countries in their churches, Not a day goes by that I am invited.

What then is so hard for a pastor that says he loves people and feels a call to be a pastor (I don’t want to be a pastor at all, it is far more than I would be able to handle, it takes a special gift to be a pastor, give me rallies any day but not to stay a shepherd a flock) I praise God for pastors and many people in their gifts to minister in their calling. I got mine and I am deeply committed to it. A pastor should never never never be caught up in phrases “it’s so clear” “it’s so simple” “it’s in the Bible” “God said it” or quote a verse and say go read it. This is not at all show love. But that is what people that say gay is sin say all the time. What they never do is say here is the Hebrew meaning and the history of it usage. Ministers are no different they just won’t explain what they say.

There is another very neat thing about Jesus. He comes into people that accept him. What do you think Jesus does? He has a personal relationship with them. With who? With those that Believe he is the Son of God and prayer a sinner’s prayer of some sort:
God be merciful to me a sinner! I believe Christ died on the Cross for me, that God rose him on the 3rd day, and that His Precious Blood will cleanse me from all my sins. Forgive me of my sins and come into my heart as my Lord and my Savior. Help me Lord to do thy will each day. In Jesus name, I pray. Amen

This means from day one they start testimony with Jesus. This means every gay Christians can tell about their walk with Jesus. This means they have a testimony. Why Pastor do you refuse to have gay people come up to your alter or during testimony time to say what Jesus is doing in their lives?

So, I am pleading with ministers to contact me to talk. I also have a bigger challenge detailed at this link:

I am in live chat often, on yahoo I am gays4jesus, on my website there is a live chat with me button, just click the picture. Other ways to contact me of comment:

Phone: 206-338-4297 (GAYS) also a fax line

Pastors don’t reject forever going one on one with a gay Christian that knows what he is talking about. I have not met anyone that has so much Bible knowledge as to give answers about gays. What comes from the most educated Christian scholars is the same: “it’s so clear” “it’s so simple” “it’s in the Bible” “God said it” or quote a verse and say go read it.

Beyond the gay issue is the Last Days issue. Pastors are just not preparing their flock to what is to come. You are gonna be shock when you discover you are “left behind” (that book is a book of lies). God has a purpose and Christians just have not been very obedient for the last 2000 years and it is not going to be “let’s get off before it gets bad” scenario. Your church will be over flowing with new born again people and you will be caught off guard on what is happening, why are so many coming into my church. It does not matter how false your doctrines are they will flock into your church because all they want is to know God and that will force you to seek answers, but you will be too busy with an over flowing church. Don’t you want to know more on what is about to happen to your church in the coming days?


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