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Jacinta Francisco Lucia Fatima WHAT DID THEY SEE?


Was this a vision from God of the Bible through Mary that supposed to have died as any human does, but Jesus decided she could become an intermediator?

I just watched a documentary on Fatima and I felt the need to talk about that here a little. No matter what all things just has to be confirmed in the Bible. If you can’t find some sort of confirmation, for whatever, reason it simply has to be treated as though maybe true in full or part but not necessary of God. “OF GOD” is important in dealing with anything prophetic. Predictions come from many sources, which can be placed in two camps “OF GOD” or “of satan”. Some very unlike God sources maybe very much of God and can be found in scriptures’ if studied diligently. Likewise many things said to be of God maybe quite from satan.

Many sources seems to want us all to have a choice about God’s plan à “The 7000 years” as though we can change major components like: if we choose to act this way (which simply never happens ever in real life) will have peace on Earth, but if won’t choose that way (which we always won’t choose) we will have war.

The Bible is a big book and covers this 7000-year plan of God’s. Likewise, if the Bible is God’s plan satan also has 7000 years to do what the Bible says he will do. God says Jesus will return and that it will not be a nice place to live during the time just before he returns. This time before he returns can be as long as 100 years or even as many as 120 years. This is based on Bible’s “this generation won’t pass away” after Israel becomes a nation again (1948) verses. We are not going to choose to do good and so have peace. Being good or bad is a non issue except it is better to be good as we are suppose be better after accepting Jesus right? The Issue is set in concrete and steel satan’s journey to the time he with antichrist has that 1290 day time slot of ruling the world as dictator stating he is god.

It is probably FACT that the above 3 kids did not have access to good Bible knowledge from self study or good teaching. They were brought up as Catholics for sure, but certainly as Protestants, we already think that is a ton of false doctrines. The right course for any vision is since it is not Bible it can’t be considered Bible, but it can be “of God”. Counterfeit is a word that is useless unless it really looks, feels, smell, and taste like truth. So, at risk of going to a medium like Saul did because Saul just could not get a hold of God anymore, we read, listen to many things that are other than God or might be not God. Some might be very much God, but through mechanisms that can confuse many that it appears of satan. Really confusing when you want to play with something invisible and you cannot touch and has to rely so much on faith. God is truly amazing and he can use many sources to get his message to people. You might have accepted Jesus because too many other sources seem to beg you to look into Jesus. Then accepting Jesus you straight way reject all other sources that led you to him (many Christians came to Jesus because Jesus came to them without the aid of other Christians until they could accept Jesus through a sinner’s prayer).

Irony of Fatima is huge amounts of its massage is so false it would almost be proper to classify it is 100% from satan. I say false because it defies scriptures so often. Problem is what are children going to do when zapped with a vision and one the repeats and adds more at scheduled times. Many people in many religions people get zapped with visions. We know how to induce visions by taking drugs for pleasure or medical. Harder is trying to discern what is real and what is manufactured as a process of natural courses.

I personally look at any prediction, vision, prophecy (prophecy after book of Acts, meaning after chapter 29 Christianity goes on until our day) occultic, or any other source as barometers, gleaning info from, or even potentially a way God will step in to deliver a message to those that can discern. I 100% defer to the Bible on any foretelling method and if not able to confirm, the message cannot be said to be God, but that it might be or it might not be and so should not be said as I got this from God. Once convinced it is from God you can indeed say it is from God up to when you are shown it was not from God, and then you have to re-evaluate the message.

Fatima had 3 phases, which many say has happened and is going to happen. What is completely left out are world historical facts. As I said earlier, satan has been busy for 6,000 years. He has not skipped a beat. Any message that leaves out Bible facts and real life goals of real life people which remain undeterred since the FLOOD presence a false massage of confusion and aids in preparing people’s heart to accept antichrist as Jesus (God). Fatima has no mention of 5,000-year history of the goal to re-establish the Day’s of Noah. Documented history that has been scrutinized many times correcting misconceptions and false teachings of History showing that something was going on that was specifically directed at consistently planning and re-working the process to achieve the goals set 5000 years ago has to be calculated in any vision any one has or a wrong interpretation has to result. If Freemason really are hard at work making a one world government a reality then visions that seem to say we can change things with our behaviors or prayers is actually rejecting God’s word by saying antichrist’s kingdom can be stopped because we turn into good little Christians from our disobeying ways. The results of trying to turn into good Christians is to make laws to obey forcing non-believers and believers to do what you think it right. The only LAW that being obeyed that will save you is Moses’ law. Problem there is no human can obey it and you have to obey every word of it.

Fatima can be fun to hear about, but we need to keep in mind God’s plan is his, he did not give us the power to change the 7000 year plan We can change lot of thing, but not peace or war. We can affect many things in peace and war, to say by our prayer of behavior we can make world peace or world war is not a feature of being a Christian.

Fatima’s message says things about Russia that does not fit what the Bible says. Fatima says Russia scaled back due to Pope’s prayers. REAL life demonstrates the scaling back of Russia opened the door for the Middle East to take center stage right on schedule not skipping a heartbeat. Fatima takes eyes off world events by making people focus on a location and so being blind to the whole picture of events that make antichrist take power at the appointed time. The Middle East could not come to power if the cold war remained status quo or that we went to nuclear war. The Bible says the Middle East with Russia come to attack Israel. That cannot happen unless the Middle East via the rapid rise to power Islam. Pike said there needs to be 3 world wars, this was before WW1. Pike (a 33rd degree Mason) helped plan the 3 world wars giving the terms of each war which ww1 and ww2 met. The 3rd world war was to be fought over religion base i.e. Christianity, Islam, and Judaism. The current climate of war is exactly that base. This has the planned purpose of controlling the 3 religions the major barrier to antichrist rule. Fatima ignores Pike 100% and acts like there is no plan by any world Elite to create a one-world government. Fatima says Christians can force unbelievers to behave so this will make God make peace in the world as though no Elite even exist or has a say.

The Bible says the Elite are here to create a world dictator that will say he is god. Historic and current documented event confirm behind the scenes a one-world government designed to kill billions and the Bible say in this coming short 7 year period billions will be killed. Peace will not happen until God’s 7,000-year plan is ready to start the 1000-year reign of Jesus on Earth physically as King of Earth.

Main point of this message to you is, glean without rejecting Bible confirmation and real life facts. Jesus is truth so lies just don’t hack it. It is not going to get better, watching and being a part of the billions being killed is not a sign of getting better. Surviving or enduring to the end and getting raptured and finishing that 7-year period will bring in peace on Earth for 1000 years.

You can affect your corner of the world (meaning what you can do [maybe able to affect a big part or a small p art of the world, most it will be a small part]) but, not whether the world will have peace or not. The world can be a bit peaceful, but we live continually on a razor’s edge of great suffering. It is our personal relationship with Jesus that can add peacefulness to our souls as we endure, but seeing such death all around cannot be comforting but will create fear in you. Quoting a verse about God is not the author of fear is not going to stop your fear, also it is extreme fear that will humble you before God in your daily because of sins that you ignore or blame and point fingers at others. The Bible also says fear will be much part of your life as the false doctrines and conditionings and much more that has made the state of the Church in disobedience to God these 2000 years. 1260 days of the TRIB is for Christian shaking as God literally Washes you in the Blood of Jesus. More on that in another topic.


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