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I am sorry you miss-understood, guess i have to be more plain. Roy Blizzard pre-ZOLA on TBN on Praise the Lord showed Rib met CELL. Scientist, biologists and the like says DNA, genes, etc. People are cloning things, This is not from the Gay researchers thought many may know these facts it was TBN that brought this teaching via Roy. Homophobes say Adam and Steve not gays. Question assumption is you are the expert, tell me what you know about "Adam's Rib" Are you telling me you refuse to explain the Hebrew word for RIB? I wonder why you are so uptight about your expertise? Again, you with the "credence" thing. I never ask you to do anything other than use your expertise of a Bible word. I did not develop arguments I ask you to help by giving some important explanations/definition of Hebrew words. What better source of word meaning than from one like ZOLO Levitt Ministries. I never asked you to support anything about anything me. You have your belief that is what i asked for. If you say PLAIN READING this is what I asked for you to give to me the plain explanation you have based on your expertise I never ever even remotely ask you to bend my way.

I ask for ZOLA LEVITT's understanding via their supposed expert knowledge implies by TBN and HAL Lindsey (since it was his site I was looking that he uses you ask a link) Come on now if HAL uses you you got to be important RIGHT? " qadesh and arsenokoites" not a lot to ask for, but you can't give your own expert knowledge on these two Bible words. A non-educated Hillbilly can read a verse. I could have asked them to read it to me. But I wanted Hebrew word expert to tell me the ways it was used in Paul's and Moses' day. How can I force you to tell me what I want you to tell me. I asked for your vast understanding of Ancient Israel. What do you say? " You need to look elsewhere, I can't be any help to you " then give me a link to a Hebrew scholar that can help. maybe you aren't the expert TBN thinks you are, maybe Hal needs to re-think what link he puts on his site.


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Are there other ministries you are faking out? Or is it your claim to Love is a lie? You love everyone except gays? You see the word gay and you freeze up and refuse to offer any of your God given life training to know the depths of Ancient Israel? You already sent a couple email so what is the hassle to add a tid bit of your knowledge about two words. Did you look at those words and find you can't explain it? That you saw they really mean what you did not think they mean? I mean if it really means "gays" I want to know. If you use a modern version lexicon that every other word is a non-Bible word like one ex-gay leader gave me. He said it was absolutely exact. The only thing exact about it is was from a very modern dictionary and it did not even have any meaning resembling Assemblies of God favorite (though that was years past, AOG now is NIV instead of KJV). My fantasy is this. You have gobs of ancient referring books and ancient language dictionaries filling shelves. You can pull out that modern version that is full of homosexual or you can get the book next to it with the (even you know) ancient meanings. If I were at your book shelf I would see the modern verses the ancient. you have both. You also know which are the real things verses which may be good for just a better angle and a meaning which is good, but when it deals with some topics it is so not real. And you know this otherwise my fantasy forces me to say you are a liar because no person of your caliber can not know.

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Believing that Scripture gives credence to relationships between Adam and Eve and not Adam and Steve, I can't be any help to you. In any case, you've already developed your argument and your reasoning, and seem to want to use me to give credence to your propositions. You need to look elsewhere, because I do not support your vision and don't think a plain reading of Scripture does either. JSeif


Brian said...

I'm confused by your post. You say you are asking about the Hebrew word for "rib" (which is tzeila' in Gen. 2:21-22), but then identify the word as "qadesh and arsenokoites." Words do mot have meaning in isolation - only a range of meanings; it is the context in which they are used which determines their meaning in a particular usage.

צלע(tzeila'), according to BDB* p. 854, means [1]"rib, side;" [2] the rib of a hill; [3] side-chambers or cells of the Temple; [4] ribs of cedar and fir, i.e. planks, boards; [5] leaves of a door; [6] side of the ark.

TWOT* (p. 768) says it is used once for a man's side, once for the side of a hill, and elsewhere is an architectural term for the side of an edifice. The article continues, "Conceivably [in Gen. 2:21-22] this means that God took a good portion of Adam's side, since the man considers the woman to be 'bone of his bones' and 'flesh of his flesh'. This picture describes the intimacy between man and woman as they stand equal before God."

קדש (qadesh), according to BDB p. 873, means "temple-prostitute," always used in the context of pagan worship. This word does not occur in Genesis 2, but first appears in Genesis 38 - the Judah/Tamar narrative.

TWOT p. 788 adds, "In Gen. 38:21-22 the usage may be extended to refer to prostitution in general," not limited to just "the liscentiousness of Canaanite worship."

αρσενοκοιτες (arsenokoites), according to BDAG* p. 135, appears earliest in a vice list as "one who has intercourse with a man as with a woman," "a man who has intercourse with a person of his own sex." The entry continues, "Paul's striction against same-sex activity cannot be satisfactorily explained on the basis of temple prostitution... or limited to contract with boys for homoerotic service."

*BDB (Brown-Driver-Briggs) is the standard Hebrew reference, and BDAG (Bauer-Danker-Arndt-Gingrich) is the standard Greek reference. Both of these draw from contemporary sources outside the Bible as well as the Biblical record. Einspahr agrees with BDB. TWOT (Theological Wordbook of the OT) is also a scholarly standard.

I don't know how this plays into what you were looking for, but those are the usages contemporary to Biblical record.

Brian said...

The Hebrew word for "rib" in Gen 2:21-22 is צלע (tzela), which literally means "side." Other uses include the side of a hill or building (BDB, TWOT).

The Hebrew word qadesh (קדש) means temple prostitute, always in the context of pagan worship, but may be extended to prostitution in general in Gen 38 (BDB, TWOT).

The Greek word arsenokoites (αρσενοκοιτης) means homosexuality not limited to temple prostitution or contract with boys for homoerotic service (BDAG).

pastor.tice said...

The key to interpretation is authorial intent. What did it mean in the author's mind? Since Moses did not know about cells 3500 years ago when he wrote Genesis, "cell" (even if it is a modern meaning of צלע) can't possibly be included in the semantic domain for צלע in his generation (applying synchronic analysis). Projecting a modern meaning back onto an ancient text is a flawed approach. I'm afraid you're stuck with "rib" or "side."