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Kristin Cole August 25 at 3:36pm Red State voter’s Guide


Kristin Cole August 25 at 3:36pm Report

For one, I didn't support Bush. He was one of those candidates that was the lesser of the two evils for me.

gays4jesus: Well a brownie button for you.

And its funny you bring up the sexually immoral military as I was married to a marine who cheated on me. My friend's daughter was married to a marine who used hookers and you don't have to tell me what dogs they are. But sexual perversity (homosexuality, beastiality, pedophilia etc) will always be taboo in our country.

gays4jesus: Yesterday CNN reported on Craigslist. She placed an ad in the adult section. Within 3 hours she had 15 calls for sex. Again, almost never does any pastor let alone Christian talk about str8 sexual immorality. 15 men in 3 hours? To this day I haven’t gone to Craigslist, just heard of it on the news. However, pint in fact. Someone like you won’t think about it even though you had firsthand experience as you mention. Homophobes loves to class gays with bestiality and peds. God is wonderful as I learn truths. FACT 97% of peds are str8 men. This number should be 90%. Ped in gays should be 10% but it is 3%. I had the records open otherwise confidential of 10s of 1000s of cases. I was given access to interview many peds too. Ped and beast is a human thing not an orientation. Your (homosexuality, beastiality, pedophilia etc) is like saying (heterosexuals, beastiality, pedophilia etc). Doesn’t make since. 700 million gays rare to find any into sex with animals.

So you can hear all you want about a straight guy cheating on his wife and he can still be a hero, say someone is a homosexual and he's already lost the battle. I get this.

gays4jesus: you don’t get it at all, your guide will not go into your candidate’s military sexual immorality voting issues. Nor would your pastor talk about it in sermons. Only reason you brought up your personal experience is because I told you about it. Point is that really is a rampant sexual evil unaddressed. There is a GREEN light to commit these sexual immorality with no consequence from Church. Only when a scandal is wanted will a politician be made public of his sex acts. Gays are living normal lives. Some go to hookers, some cheat. This is human str8 or gay. Gays have fewer choices till more recent times to meet more consistently as str8s meet. 700 years ago the Church banned gays from public so they had to develop a culture that made it look to otherwise moral sexual practices and immoral. If gays were found out often they would be kicked out of housing or jobs and families. They many of them had to find a way commonly terms “in the closet” this produce what seems to be acts that could fit normal sexual immorality like prostitution multi-partners etc. Whether you accept it or not let me give you a FACT the sexual immorality charge for acts done by gays resulting from the persecution of Christian will be charged to the CHURCH not the gay person. Don’t believe this if you like but soon enough you will know. Again you do not get this. All you get is you know it is true, but you can’t comprehend the silent surrounding str8 sexual immorality.

BUT all sexual immorality is sin, no matter if you are straight or gay, the bible says so. No matter what man says, he cannot change the word of God.

gays4jesus: However, everything is forgiven when you accept Jesus’ work on the Cross (if you go off on a tantrum, this means to you I am saying go and sin all the more, you already not even trying to communicate anything other than your rampant hatred of gays). As I explained above, Church forced sexual immorality is counted against the Church. Sort of an Abraham thing, God counted it righteousness. Meaning Gays weren’t defiling sexually but forced by the church to be in secret. Horrible horrible horrible of the Church. You are right no matter how you want to say people means men the Hebrew still means men women and children Gen. 19:4. If the Bible says arsenokoites or qadesh it sill means “male temple prostitute” But the Church did accept the WORD to be changed in 1946 Two Greek words were removed from 1 Cor. 6:9 and a English word was inserted. This English word does have about 9 Greek words of Paul’s day that could mean the same, but they were not used instead arsenokoites was used drived from qadesh which meant in Paul’s day and Moses’ day “male temple prostitute”

If every person on this earth was to turn gay, it wouldn't make it right in God's eyes.

gays4jesus: What if games are not allowed in the impossible field. 10% were and are gay, what if can’t change that.

It is still sin.

gays4jesus: Yes sin is sin. To say gay is sin means you need to show how you get gays into these verses:

1) Gen 19:4-5 gang rape, murder, victims would have been angels, all the boys all the grandpas all men all the people, later Lot's Daughter's raped him and had his babies

2) Gen 22:2 Rib means "Cell from that Rib" Steve is in the DNA (from TBN's well used Hebrew scholar years ago. Not my idea)

3) Judg 19:22 rarely used gang rape, murder, but victim was opposite sex.

4) Deut 23:17 don't be a male temple prostitute, (15 female temple prostitute next verse or 2)

5) IKing 14:24 rarely used male temple prostitute, Lord cast out before Hebrew came

6) IKing 15:12 rarely used male temple prostitute, (how can gays be removed, you don't even know who is gay)

7) IKing 22:46 rarely used male temple prostitute, (left over sodomite removed, if gay how?)

8) II Ki 23:7 rarely used male temple prostitute, (sodomite whore house removed, built against temple of God)

9) Lev 18:22 acts done in worshipping other gods, not comparing loving, caring , long term relationships, woman is a likely adulteress, Hebrew word for man "practicing str8 man"

10) Lev 20:13 acts done in worshipping other gods, not comparing loving, caring , long term relationships, woman is a likely adulteress, Hebrew word for man "practicing str8 man"

11) Rom 1:27-28 Should be 18-32. adults turned from God to gods, God changed them, results visible evil behavior (they went to ritual fertility orgies), 28-32 gays are opposite these verses.

12) 1 Cor 6: 9 expensive call boy and male temple prostitute, 1946 original Greek removed, meant masturbation before 1850,

13) 1 Tim 1:10 male temple prostitute,

14) Jude 1:7 general sexual immorally of Sodom and Gomorrah with no hint of sexual orientation ( best word in Greek meaning "male prostitute" but these were gigolos rare for gay prostitutes in those days).

So, I understand the argument you are trying to make but you can't justify one sin because of another.

gays4jesus: If you care to check it is people like you that are justifying your hatred and conditioning about gays. I always plead with homophobes to show me how they get gays into the above verse. Example:

From: Staff at ZLM []
Sent: Wednesday, August 25, 2010 10:10 AM
To: 'gaysforjesus647'
Subject: RE: what a strange reply from such a well known ministry

Believing that Scripture gives credence to relationships between Adam and Eve and not Adam and Steve, I can't be any help to you. In any case, you've already developed your argument and your reasoning, and seem to want to use me to give credence to your propositions. You need to look elsewhere, because I do not support your vision and don't think a plain reading of Scripture does either. JSeif

From: Staff at ZLM []
Sent: Tuesday, August 24, 2010 2:16 PM
To: 'gaysforjesus647'
Subject: RE: Info involving research showing the Bible really condemns gays

I don't understand homosexuality nor what prompts it. I do know from nature and Scripture, however, that the experience deviates from the norm, and that the Hebrew word "sin" means to "miss the mark"--thus to deviate. Seems to me that you've spent a lot of time and energy to both develop and articulate your argument. You'll need to look elsewhere to find someone else to give legitimacy to your innovative reworking of the biblical text and to engage you in debate over it, however. Your logic doesn't abide with me JSeif

I am sure you have heard of ZOLO If experts on ancient Hebrew and one of TBN’s most popular authority on those ancient times can’t even take time to show how they get gays into the Bible other than the same rhetoric of homophobes as you can read. I asked reasonable for his expertise to show me how to Gays are in the verses used. Don’t you think seeking expert knowledge is not justifying but searching for truth. The withholding of truth is the evil. And ZOLO with holds truth. If they are really ignorant what a shame of such a ministry giving so much to the TBN and DAYSTAR world. I wonder if you contacted ZOLO as a str8 homophobe that you are if he would do a stud for you? Ten you could pass it on to me.

Justifying would mean that search for ways to make a truth a lie. I was in the first round f the modern era of truth about gays. I spent many years in Christian chat room (50 often in the room) with several chat names in several rooms at the same time. When my name “gays4jesus” is in a chartroom suddenly it is my room and I am the boss controller. Meaning all attack me telling me I am going to hell and worse as homophobes do. This means my name generates a ministry to homophobes. (this name was given to me by God story behind it) Many years later other gay Christian began openly being in Christian rooms as well as non-Christians. I can go in lots of detail about the wonderful Christians from church pews everywhere do when they sit behind a keyboard and can put their 2 cents worth in. Don’t want to brag but I am the first and I am still there in the chat rooms. And still often the main figure there. What I say about what I learned. That you could find only in some MCCs or few places that were getting behind the science works of study and research from decades before I was telling in Christian Chartrooms. Truth is truth I certainly cannot and will not take credit for changing the view of the world. What I can do is say when you seek truth, truth will be found and truth cannot be changed, so it is not me with mis-inform data, but people studying and finding the same facts “gay is not sin” You can’t tell me I have such influence even being the most heard through the Christian chat world (daily for hours in three major almost only available large chatting services)(BBSs before the Internet. That I made everyone think gay is not sin so today we are adding up states to have legal gay marriage. NOPE. Truth, search and you will find it. Generally what I was saying early 80s is common today in pro-gay materials that is changing from my early days of 0% accepting gays to the now 60% on most issues about gays and even now the Marriage issue is catching up with that 60%. Who is justifying?

And no, you would rarely find a candidate fighting against straight immorality because so many of them have extramarital affairs.

gays4jesus: And what church is making that an issue in the pulpit? Red state blue state all the same. Dobson top man, Alaska, the list of RED STATE Republican caught is impressive, not long ago I crossed a site that listed all the famous or recent times, Sure lots of republicans. Ted Haggard though still closeted a little really is fabulous, he got it great, the close walk with Jesus His infamous moment made him a better speaker from pro-gay than a lot of well-versed gay experts. Funny how he won’t really say it sin or not he sure has changed from his extreme homophobia from the pulpit before. Brant Baker are you old enough to know about him? Paul Crouch tried to erase him from the Christian record. Benny Hinn at Paul’s orders basically stole Brant’s style ministry in a lot of ways. Brant was a closets Faith Healing ministry that started the trend of modern service along with Ronnie Frisbee where the term “Jesus Freak” began. Vineyard Church one years in its list of top saying of event for each year used his phrase “Come Holy Spirit” this became mainstream for charismatic churches till this day. Both were gay. Both were kicked out once that was learned. Tell how immoral is it for all the people that did not get miraculously healed. And why do as it were all the Church even and especially the charismatic (Pentecostal) churches owe their style to two gays to boot them out and purposely erase their names from the Christen record. Thank God many out there had left overs and now you can find lots of info about both of them.

Where is the outcry against this immorality and red state sexual immorality of so many politicians. Believe me I am not standing up for blue states. My ministry is a prophecy last days ministry, I talk about the end times and how we got here. RED or Blues same agenda different style, same team member and no on get to vote a winner, Voting makes us feel good (even me) but it does not get anyone elected. From America’s beginning it is been a country preparing to be a major player to get a one world government (antichrist’s kingdom) I will vote and wish and hope all the games we do in who we would rather have in office, but dictatorship is a blink away at any given moment. That the real immorality, not a gay couple in love with each other.

But like I said, sexual perversity is still taboo (thankfully) in our society even though there is so much of it and the people don't want it paraded in front of their families.

gays4jesus: Women in the early 1900s got to vote, blacks had to use black rest rooms, divorce unacceptable. Mixed marriage and dating it was extremely un acceptable to be caught kissing in sight of others. We can list a lot of taboos (Cuba other gods term). Marriage today is not acceptable in Jesus’ day. No partner choice and it was for family profit also the woman was property and like a slave. Greek words define marriage with a combination of words slave and property were two ways of defining marriage. Mary was 13 when pregnant with Jesus, Adam and Eve’s children sex and babies was the way. Long time it was 1st cousins, then same tribe. Slave concubines legal through the 11th century Christian legal. Baby making nearly the LAW for Christians for 1000s. Love and sex for pleasure legal only with mistresses and concubines and slaves. Today’s marriage is direct from pagan fertility worship. Pastor is the pagan god priest. Receptions direct link to pagan fertility rituals. In the 12th century so many pagan became Christians that their customs merged in and often superseded Christian customs. In the Bible all marriage changes (evolved marriage) never any hint what so ever from God as breaking away from his marriage law. You can see some clues to hints of what is customs and customs changes. 2010AD is not how you explain marriage or how you get to the marriage. Bible is in ancient words and modern words have evolved with many different meanings. For the most part the Bible is simple enough, but if you want to get into specifics and issues then it is about a complicated as you can get, but still in that complexity it has the most resources to study than any other book and today to most un educated person has access to all knowledge through the internet. Which bring issues on credibility of sources, but advantage of many sources to filter out errors. This is not a one evening’s reading period. The gay issue involves 700 million gays, their parents and siblings, co-workers, and friends and neighbors effecting most people on Earth. Myth, taboos, customs, conditioning, false doctrines and much more has to be sifted through to reach many truths. God has provided other ways and set times to hit people’s heart that won’t study when the point fingers. Huge numbers of Christians are going to turn their backs on Jesus and hate him because customs taboos traditions and conditionings they favor more., I don’t care if you don’t want family members to see gays kissing on the street. I do care however about the 6 million foreign troops that already to break your door down and rape you and your daughter in front of your husband before hauling you all separated for ever to re-education camps. I can drive about 15 minutes to such a camp near my home. You will miss the wrath of God but not what is called the wrath of Jesus by Perry Stone (he think you will miss both I DON’T). Sorry but like I said I am a Last Days TV preacher I know my stuff and I know the preparation that has been made to do what I am telling you. You will not be removed from Earth before ALL this tons of Preparation for you is not fulfilled. Satan has not spent 5000 years to blink and you are gone so he has to use it all on brand new Christians that magically figure out you were right and they got LEFT BEHIND. By the way that author had 75 million of his debt paid for by Rev. Moon and he sat on as chairman of the Board for Moon. Is there something going on? Tzu Chi Temple Hualien, Taiwan I would have never planned or thought about or having a clue about this temple. All I knew was I knew about one world religion UR. UN accepted religion as it were. But on vacation my host family took me here as part of touring the Island. Unknown reason and perfect English speaking monk saw me and took interests. Unknown reason began telling me details of their mission. Inside this temple is state of the art tech, a button could be pushed to seat and additional 5000 to the already 15000 seat temple. He showed me a mural a 100 feet long depicting all religions and explain their mission is to join all religions into partners for common good and prayer. That they already had headquarters in many if not most major cities. Including mine Seattle. I only heard about this sort of one world religion effort and now I had been given a tour details about one. My life is full of these unexpected things. I figure God wants me to know because I tell it on my TV programs and websites. I got a tons firsthand knowledge and not all that peaceful for upcoming events that effect all Christians. And this is pre-rapture stuff. I am for your family Your heart needs to be able to handle something that could be as bad as it gets. Survival rate to reach the Rapture is not all that much in your favor. Amazing miracles will keep many Christians alive and nothing you can do to earn this. God is not looking for most faithful or most obedient. On the surface and your behaviors and thoughts would never warrants it, but that is not how God decides who gets to the Rapture. You can play games what is sexual perversity but that is not going to help your family, anti-christ is not concerned about your family and Christians have been eaten by lions and killed in masses no matter their prayers. The Bible says standfast, holdfast, persevere to the end. Lots of promises that miracles will abound and they will but the guarantee is we got 7 years coming and Christians gets 3.5 of them plus maybe 75 more days. It will be God has to cut short least all perish.

Honestly, do you see straight people in parades with I'm straight and proud signs? I think the military motto, don't ask don't tell keeps people comfortable.

gays4jesus: 1967 Catholic gays God graphed back into the Church (Dignity) 1968 God graphed Protestant gays back into the Church (MCC) 1969 God began the gay rights secular movement. This is not random acts but specific events and periods to prepare for the coming tribulation period and to keep those Christians that that fall away with the way back before it’s too late. The Bible it not a fairy tale. It is a book of coming events and gets pretty specific and God is not someone on a chair approving or disapproving. Eternity is complex and far reaching. Ask the Holy Spirit to take you on a tour its cool. Your comments are naïve limited for me it is hard to get so low turning off all things God. There is a bigger picture of why things happen and detonations to reach. Parades are generally not Christian. Secular come on now how many chants of secular slogans do you get involved with. Christians have issues with pride, proud. So what let the secular do its thing. I bet you think gays are let the women kill her baby, sorry secular gay slogans like str8 same thing is not Christian and certain not my Pentecostal walk with Jesus notions. Yes there are I am str8 and proud signs. In parades just watch any media they are going to find the one float maybe more some gay parades are huge may have nearly naked men and bull dykes no tops. To me disgusting, but not an issue. I was chief atheist once, how about you? I was 27 when I accepted Jesus how about you? I did not accept Jesus just because I did not believe there was any god or did any Christian come to me to tell me about Jesus. Who do you suppose what able to get me from beyond a doubt there is no god to be saying the sinner’s prayer with 100 other tears flowing like Niagara falls? It sure wasn’t satan as many homophobe say to me. See my testimony on my website. Clinton did not want “don’t ask don’t tell” he wanted to lift the ban on gays. Way way too early for that so he compromised to the don’t ask thing. COMFORT is not the name of the game when it is about persecuting 700 million people. Comfort is a low priority. Often the only way to make people see is tear there comfort zone away. God is good at that.

Its when you see the masses, some naked, some dressed in S&M costumes parading down the streets with rainbow banners with I'm gay and proud on them, you want to lock your kids away, cover their eyes and move to another town.

gays4jesus: Repeat a float or two of almost naked. Most of the parade has your politician as grand marshals and you have many denominations represented, fire departments drive the trucks, then snuck in I suppose to wash is your hate in your face thrown in a naked and boobs(sorry no easier way to say it) But there is CHARLIE 1.5 hours every night every form of sex act mentioned and even with a pre-teen boy (now mid-teen) 2.5 men. Primetime. Vivid almost no imagination left daily str8 sexcapes multiple sex partners and now Jake do it all too. This is just one TV program. Hey sorry I think it a fun program to watch, besides showing so explicitly fairly common str8 sex behaviors. Over the decades it gets more lurid, but still all the same so why is once a year a float or two of flamboyant men putting it into your face mocking you back for your 100 times worse statement about gays. Maybe not you personally, but the you can’t know Jesus, you are going to hell, these are mild expressions from false doctrine against gays. Your kids may see you raped in front of them. Is that S&M enough? Again, I did not make this up, but I been to the camps, I seen the guillotines and much more, I got first hand info and threat from even Mossad, FBI once said they would protect me, a senator’s wife confirmed something’s to me. I rather you be frightened and shocked for a few nights so that at the time it happens to you you will have perhaps a course of action (be it I am ready to be with Jesus and believe Jesus and my children are in in hands, satan can kill the body not the spirit and soul). Have you even given it a thought even if some of the things you heard about really happen or are you living in a magical world no harm could come to you and yours? Hopefully and prayerfully you will not experience this stage and that God provided a tunnel to a safer haven missing it, but you won’t miss hearing about it happening to your neighbors and others. As a mother certainly protecting your kids is upmost on your list of things to do. It is your job your responsibly, but vaccination are used for a purpose (though these days maybe not really be vaccinations) point is you need to get cut so you can avoid this in the future and you know you don’t like it. Warning protecting won’t stop a cut it is part of life. What do you do with a cut, medicate and bandage it or leave it open? Do you tell your kid 10% chance of being gay, gay is sick and sin? Do you tell him why? After all you are telling him it is sin so you should know the a male temple prostitute can’t mean gay is sin so how are you telling him? Magic? “It just sin because it’s in the Bible”? You don’t have to give him a choice he is gay or he is not flat out. You just don’t have to lie about gays to try to make sure he turns out like you hating gays and use the Bible as a club (my cousin’s quote when news interviewed him he was district super intendant of Dignity of northern Cal and Nevada). You got a tough job being a mother, you can make a difference and not train your kids to be you condemn people and have no way to back up what you say. Today I hope you

u realize you won’t use a verse that says gang rape or male temple prostitute to condemn gays

Just my 2 cents. But if you are serious about Jesus, please reconsider your beliefs and follow the facts that are in the bible.

gays4jesus: Kristin Cole you sure are a homophobe to the bitter end of you message to me aren’t you? You know I am serious about Jesus. I got a ton of info about my walk I back up what I say. What you are saying is magically just accept gay is sin. No backup no proof, lots of lies, and horrific treatment by those that think gay is sin. The facts are male temple prostitutes and gang rapists and worse, fertility orgies to other gods. And you say this means gay is sin? Show me how you turn verses like these into gay is sin. Want to get into ex-gay ministry, I happen to know a lot about them, it you need to see if Jesus magically delivers gays or with a great deal of hard work do gays change. Again, not wanting to brag, but I got first hand experiences with exgay leader and ex-gays, not a few but in large numbers testimonies backgrounds etc. this is a Facebook link to the founder of Exodus International forerunner of the ex-gay ministries, I bet he would answer your questions directly. Also, how about ex-homophobes for sake of simplifying a name both these groups started around the same time mid-70s.

Take care.

gays4jesus: thanks been taking care and hopefully I was taking care of you. I may get blunt, time is short you may not come back again so I say it to touch a place that you will remember now or then.

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