Saturday, December 15, 2007

Want to Volunteer?

The Stables Ministries
"Home of Gays For Jesus weekly TV programs"
Gay is not sin and Jesus is not asking the gay person to change and be straight.

I am looking fro a few good people. Hopefully in the Seattle area, but not required. These are 100% volunteer positions. I  am not sure exactly the actual functions that will be needed as this is a new kind of ministry and not a whole lot of role models to use as guidelines though I think there are standards that will be similar as large rallies follows built in formatting that is universal.

Preferable gay, but not required. Pentecostal a must.

1. Webpage expert that can manage all Stables Ministries sites and create high ranking and increase hits.

2. Video editor that can shoot, insert clips, special effects, and text documentation/verses of my topics.

3. Email person that can generate email lists and send email to key targeted persons and groups.

4. Fund raiser that can generate funding for projects, rallies, travel, operational costs, possible salaries, and other.

5. Event creator that can generate leads, make accommodations, negotiate conditions, set up rallies, and more.

6. Pentecostal gay song writers and singers with a strong call from God to minister their talents to the world.

Above does not have to be separate people. My goal is about 9 -12 people with 6 person team to travel and minister in person. The rest operate the ministry from a home base.

For sometime this has been my vision and dream with many people prophesying this will come to pass. Recently this seems a real possibility. At least 1000 pastors from several countries have invited me to come preach to crowds they can gather in a short time space. many of these pastors I have been in contact for a few years and they tell me they can gather as many as 10,000 people to hear me.

What God is showing is many will be physically healed and many will accept Jesus and be baptized in the Holy Spirit. Also the Church will be shakened for their false doctrines and customs and conditionings. A great revival is coming so come join me in this exciting ministry.

Those that cannot help in person or tanglebly from home with their talents or expertise can help with love gifts large or small even $1.00 is not too small.

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Thanks so much for helping and supporting The Stables Ministries.

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