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Challenge Invite me to show you Gay is not Sin

"My Challenge to Pastors"
A Challenge to Pastors and their congregationRead all of this if you really want to take up my challengeFairness is key so don't skim over these instructions
Is Gay Sin or not? Lets find out!

I have an ongoing challenge to any that truly believe gay is sin and are Christian. I cannot convince you no matter what FACTS I tell or show you and you cannot convince me so why try. Testimony is all the wonderful things God through Jesus Christ does in gay Christians' life. It also has the deep valleys one goes through along the way. Pointing out original Hebrew or Greek used in the Bible is a waste of time showing you the actual meaning. You have made up your minds that gay is sin and nothing can persuade you to dig into the reasons why you believe this.

So, why not bypass our brains altogether and just let God show you? I am not going into a spurt of wishful thinking, God does and will MOVE. So can we get to the bottom of this issue? Yes we can and it is really simple. But the solution is next to impossible because you or your church bans any gay minister to speak unless they come to get delivered or accept what you think about gays that it is sin.

But it is easy and really pretty much one sided to your favor. My challenge is you invite me and only me (well maybe my lover will be there after all wives are usually around their pastor husbands aren't they?). So you have all your congregation and all your ministry team by whatever name you call them and your pastor to operate, perform, fast/pray, teach, preach, lay hand on to cast out deliver or whatever your faith involves. You can bring up statics, history, real life story, ex-gays and whatever your faith think it can do to present gay is sin and asking God to manifest in some manner that you are right. You can take as long as you need (fasting usually means more than one meal) I will for myself cooperate, respect, allow, accept you laying hands on me , and I will listen intently to any info from any source you use as you present your case to me and before God. I emphasize I will respect your operation of acting in your faith and I will with all honesty lend myself to processes you wish to use. Meaning I will let you tell me processes that I should do. Like open my heart to Jesus to allow change even to the point of meaningfully praying a prayer for deliverance as you think Jesus does. I will not be dishonest and I will not pretend or fake anything. This is my word before God in Jesus name to you.

After you are satisfied you have done all and any reasonable space of time to let your prayers kick in (we are coming together not to operate in status quo where no visible answer may never be seen to anyone’s view or each party can claim victory). Note: you do not have all the time in the world and neither do I ,so all the time you needs will already be negotiated and also can be adjusted if required. Generally the only process that should take over the 1 to 3 hours which if having camp meeting may end up lasting through the day, others may want it all through the night, is the FASTING AND PRAYER to get certain demons out that Jesus mentioned needed extra time, which should not be more than 3 days unless negociated because you think more time is needed..
I expect you to abide by a time frame that will not ruin people work life or family life routine for any unacceptable time periods. This means mostly likely one day to 3 days. I personally will need I figure a few minutes to a few hours. I cannot imagine I need that many hours to explain anything. If I extend the time I need it will already be negotiated and will most likely be because were having camp meeting (camp meeting is an old term for a gathering that God really gets to moving, usually healings, dancing in the Spirit, and being baptized in the Holy Spirit, and worship that is too good to leave. My intentions are to show you gay is not sin. I will do what ever I feel like doing at the time it is my turn to speak. You already proven to me you won't listen, that is the whole point of us meeting in this challenge. Debating scripture gets us nowhere on issues you already are convinced that you are right.

Another note, as to throw a monkey wrench in, I will not go you your place to answer your questions as like I am an expert and will be a encyclopedia for you to ask questions to to get specific answers you want. I would be happy to at another meeting to go over the verses with you if I do not cover any at this challenge. Once again, I would be coming to show you gay is not sin, how I do this may not even make sense to you at first, but I did not come to satisfy you that you can just say I am twisting verses to my own wishes. I came to show you gay is not sin and that is what I will leave you with when I am done.

To ease your mind I want to assure you I am not a freakish bazaar creep that will do wild embarrassing or cultic practices in your sight. In the left column your will see a link to my statement of faith. Click it to see what I believe. Also, I have been in the Assemblies of God since January 1974. I say this so there will be no mystery about me and my faith. I certainly do not accept AOG's anti-gay doctrine and their pre-trib doctrine, or their trend towards modern version Bibles, but generally we have most beliefs in common. If you hate Pentecostalism remember that has nothing to do with gays and your issue would be with Pentecostal churches not me. I would be respecting your denomination so I would expect the same from you about my Pentecostal background.

So, this effort is to get God to move in a manner that convinces everyone in your church gay is for sure sin or gay is positively not sin. If you are not a Pentecostal church, then you may not understand that God does move and he does move TODAY. If you are expecting a debate and you are smarter than me let me tell you from the get go, you are not smarter than me on the gay issues concerning the Bible unless you have done many decades of result on everything gay present and past. I may not be able to give you documentation, but I been there done that thing. If I say it I did in fact see it and it is in fact a fact. remember this challenge is not about who has the most detailed facts, but to see is gay sin or not as end result of our meeting together.

Warning! I am not come to play nice pastor man with intent of giving warm fuzzys. The case against you is serious. You have 630 million counts of murder on your hands and you cannot understand this at all. Christians are not the judge jury and executioners. I come to show you how God feels. I am not God and I am not come to show you how I feel. If I show you how I feel I show what you know anyone can display, upsetness anger, frustration, whining, complaining, and other human displays that is allowable for decent Christian folk. I am NOT a cult or someone supplied with device that could harm. I am not come to vent any of what I may feel you deserve on to you. I am come to let God show himself. Moses stood at the Red Sea held out his staff and did nothing else. Moses did not put a sump pump in that sea to make dry land to walk across. I am not bringing a sump pump either. This will be me saying to you God will split the sea so you can see.

I have an ace up my sleeve I come to cheat on this challenge because it cannot be a challenge if I know the outcome. But in fairness I make this challenge so you can see the Lord move in your mist and so you may repent in time as the hour is late, plagues come on your and yours. Now we live in a time that YES indeed plague and great disasters manmade and natural, but you can personally add more to yourself.

Moses did not go to Pharaoh to heal any diseases or baptize anyone in the Holy Spirit. He did not go to turn a few fishes into enough to feed everyone. He was sent to say what God will do if they don't set his people free.

This is not Moses' day and I am not Moses' (I am nobody) If God send such people to you they will have choices of what to say concerning what God will do or not do. And they will say it as often as they like. Moses was told 10 specific things to say about what God was going to do. These that are sent to you today God intends to trust them and do what they command him to do. The mouths of the new messengers speak and it is done.

Guarantee you without lifting an arm JUST with my mouth life as you know it will be changed. However, I am not a robot and I love Jesus and he is really really neat and so wonderful I will be actively attempting to persuade you so I won't have to operate in my given authority.
So, now am I a fruit cake, a nut, well maybe. This is what you decide. Do you ever plan to put your Christian walk where your mouth is? You say gays are possessed, so cast out the demons, you say you trust God, then act in your faith, you say you love the gay person, then explain how you get gays into the verse you say condemn gays.

You can act now or you can wait. It will not be fun now; can you image what it will be like if you wait? Read Lev. 26 and see God's process over 6000 years of disobedience. The Church today is in the 4th level of disobedience to God and there are 1260 days set in stone to come to spank the Church (Christians).

Perhaps you will invite me to hear me as a man of God and so learn of the things to come and be ready for them so that you can maintain your faith in those days. The church is far from ready, they that will rule the world are in power today have placed convincing things that would persuade God's elect if they are not WATCHING (Rev. 3:3). Churches almost (all of them yours too) are given over to antichrist some directly others have no clue that their activities are directly in support a one world religion.

Want Healings, want God to move in a manner more to your expectations, invite me to preach as you would invite any minister to come to your church to minister to you. We can have a wonderful time in the Lord. Want to accept my challenge you will also see God move, but conditions will not be wonderful camp meeting where you just came to get blessed. They will be that of changing your belief structure concerning gays (this can evolve quickly into a wonderful camp meeting or it will leave you and yours devastated for some time to come as you will have to deal with the gay issue until your repent) Do nothing (don't deal with the gay issue, just remain as you are condemning them) and the 1260 will hit you like an 18 wheeler at 60 miles an hour while you and your loved one stand in its path having no idea it is coming.

Requirements: click to see in invitation Instructions

Penalty phase: Because homophobes can be so terrible in their treatment of gays part of this challenges includes a penalty factor. Do to the lack of respect that Christian have for gays in general I expect the same mockery found in Christian chat rooms. This challenge has conditions to prevent disrespect. Besides the invitation instructions above that is general for any invites I get for any reason there are extra requirements upfront for those inviting me to accept my challenge.
I gave my word I would respect you during your ministry to me to showing me gay is sin and you calling God to move showing you are right. I will not mock you or argue points that I almost cannot bare to hear because it is such a lie and normally feel forced to respond. You in my challenge are free to show me gay is sin and I know you cannot and so you would say some pretty unsubstantiated things about gays. When it is my turn I just know the mockers will speak out and maybe worst. I do not want my challenge to turn into you control the stage. You are not a talk show hosts that will attack with vigor their invited guest and almost leaving them with seconds of the 5 minutes allotted time to them to speak.

So controls will be negotiated to prevent this. Probably additional legally drawn papers or money set in accounts for this purpose. A dollar amount set to each time someone disrespects or interrupts my time. Your participation on my turn will be my selecting you to submit as I allowed myself to submit to you for laying on hands, listening praying for deliverance and so forth. If your mockery advances to make the challenge useless because you barred God from MOVING because you would not allow my turn, then a penalty amount for my wasted time with you will have been negotiated. The purpose of this challenge is to let God reveal who is right or wrong by GOD MOVING.

Qualifications phase: This challenge is negotiated with a pastor (top leader or church or group) This challenge is not for small groups. If you are not much more the a home church then you will need to partner with a larger church or group. I don't know what minimum number I will accept so just ask. It will always be at your place or your provided place. Anyone can be involved to get the pastors into the main negotiator stage. The invitation instructions covers me getting to your place. All details will be pre-negotiated so no surprises comes unexpectedly. God is full of surprises so this is not what I mean.

Fear and lack of faith is always a concern we all like to think God will do nothing. This is not my problem don't let it be yours.

Get ready people the TWO are about to Meet once they meet the Last Days' Clock starts ticketing again. Possibly in 1994 that Clock stopped (Jubilee Calendar ended) because after that date antichrist's kingdom was ready enough to start as all things really was done enough to start it. We are on barrowed time waiting for the TWO.

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