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sprinkle888 You cannot find no scripture in God's holy bible that he condone homosexuality


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You cannot find no scripture in God's holy bible that he condone homosexuality, I don't even need to argue with you on this. Sir you need to read what will take place on judgment day when the wicked and commandment brakers and those that deny God. Revelation 20: 11 to 15 The White Throne Judgement. Satan is the ruler of this world, so as that said gays are having there time now; but not in the after life when the Church is caught up, gays will not be caught up in the rapture.


Gay Pentecostal Faith Healing Ministries

Get ready for a number of Gay pentecostal Faith healing Ministries to become noticed one the NEWS

Homophobe ate ant about checking out a person they want to condemn. Even if the homophobe truly believes gay is sin, they still can take a little time to see something about who they are condemning. Here on YouTube I have lots of videos and info that links to my website including my 24/7 non-stop running of my TV programs.

Quickly the homophobe, i.e. sprinkle888, will see I have been in the Assemblies of God since 1974 and my ministries statement of faith is the same as theirs. So I been around a while and have done more than my share of homework on this issue.

Concerning the Bible there are 14 verses used (probably just 4 regularly, the rest almost n ever) and so this should be easy to study. Paul was in Corinth when he wrote Romans. I recently preach at the temple of Aphrodite on top of Acrocorinth which is in view of Ancient Corinth where I preached at the Temple of Apollo. Paul saw every day the la where many believed had over 1000 temple prostitutes. Missing in Paul’s day is records of Paul seeing gays. So the question is how do you get “male temple prostitutes” to mean gays are condemned. Str8s went to the temples ritual orgies and included were Hebrews and this was Paul’s writings.

Furthermore there is history of Christian writers using arsenokoites 56 times including and since Paul for the next 500 plus years. Greeks used arsenokoites 76 times almost trough the 15th century 76 times. Never any hint in their writings to gays. These are not lost writings and really not that hard to find. It is not wishful thinking. It means Christians did not condemn gays until the 13th or so. Documentation exists showing the Vatican invented the anti-gay doctrine to purge leaders out of office that did not agree with the influential Catholic elite. If you think the Bible condemns gays explain how it does. Bible marriage was mostly a business deal between family heads and not the choice of the couple getting married, so for sure we are not getting married per Bible these days. Fact is marriage as we know it today id direct from pagan fertility worship rites of the 12th century.

Concerning Rev. 20 this book explains there is only TWO risings of the dead. One is one it says don’t be a part of because it is eternity away from Christ. The other are those that kept the faith but died and so are risen before Jesus returns. The Church wants a pre-trib Rapture and so the dead in Christ must rise first. Rev. 20 explain there are only two risings. A pre-trib rising means a 3rd rising of the dead which the Bible told us there are only TWO.

Rev. 11:18 tells us the rising of the living believers takes place. The TWO WITNESSES had been killed already. This in itself forces the Rapture to be at least 1260 days after the trib started. We don’t know the time of the Rapture, but the Bible says we will know the season. The closer we get the closer that narrows down. When the Trib begins we can know it is at least 1260 days away. But 1335 days are mention for this same time setting. This fits that 1260 days pass and 75 days remain and so anytime in that 75 days can be the Rapture. Here is another clue, it is the when antichrist declares himself gad he will also initiate the start of the mark. At best 75 days could wipe out people that cannot buy food and is time to run out of what food one has. Those saving up for such a time has backgrounds that may not include John 3:16.

The TWO Witnesses are killed 3 days later they are seen to rise by everyone. The Bible says there is someone that needs to die and is the last one that needs to die before the rising of the dead. This is not saying other won’t continue to be killed (billion still left and so killing never stops) but there is a last to die person to get the rising of the dead going. I am nearly positive it is the TWO Witnesses that needs to be that last to die hence the rising of the dead begins. Now, there is not an instant Rapture because the dead rose, the dead were just to rise first. Now, after those 1260 days of the TWO Witnesses’ ministry a time that was prepared to get Christians dressed in their wedding gowns that current do not fit because we are so filthy and got false doctrines and do not love one another and cultures and customs and traditions that make our wedding gowns not fit. 1260 days will get us to be able to fit into our wedding gown. Jesus is not going to wait to get married to us, zap were in Heaven getting married, Jesus waited plenty long enough so we need out wedding gowns on or as the Bible say you will be tossed out in to utter darkness where there will be gnashing of teeth.

Now Christian keep being killed the rest of the trib, most has to be new borns or those that did not get ready or never quite accepted Jesus and now know it was all true. If they die/are killed they simply sleep for 1000 years and then the book of life opened and so they get their spirit body then. Non-believers will all be killed and they also sleep for 1000 years but to a different fate. Two people escape the 1000 year sleep and that is antichrist and the false prophet. They are tossed into the lake of fire then and there. There new job is 1000 years of training to teach the billions that will join them then.

Keep in mind when you tell a Christian they aren’t saved that is pretty dangerous ground because you deny the WORK of Christ on the Cross. It is an open and shut case when comparing str8 Christians to gay Christians. There is really no differences (except gays has to put up with homophobes like yourself). Salvation means you believe God that Jesus is his Son (this is possible because the Holy Spirit drew you to this conclusion and you accepted it). Believing in your heart then telling someone it the all you need. Homophobes especially want to add their concept of repentance. They think gay must become str8 and that proves they repented. Or they must abstain from sex altogether and some homophobes accept that as proof enough. Homophobe have no ability to step back and see what they ask. You are a happy str8 and love str8 sex and in yourself believe there is no threat to you needing to stop str8 sex with your spouse. But that is what you push onto gays. You want me who has been married for 22 years to my gay lover to stop sex and go out find a woman to start having sex with or to just never have sex again. Even the Bible tells us that a married couple should not stop sex for very long so they can pray and fast including no sex with spouse. The Bible says satan will tempt you and you may go have sex with someone else. Yet it is easy for you to tell gays to stop.

If a gay claim Jesus then that gay person will have a WALK with Christ. Walking with Jesus leaves a trail that can be detected. Could be many miracles, answered prayer, always a 180 degree turn from how they were living. Life changes takes place, you stopped doing many things. (note: stopping because it is from God in your heart is one thing, but too often others tell you to stop something because they think its sin and it might not be). What I am saying is I have since 1974 walked with Jesus that means I have a testimony in Christ. I have had 3 major instant dramatic physical healings as I specifically ask in Jesus name to be healed and I saw and felt that healing dramatically. Once I visually saw the holy Spirit pour from the north and at my location fell on me and I was healed amazingly. I can go on for days non-stop about my walk with Jesus. I preached TV programs in over 10 countries and at least one person in all the countries has seen my TV program. I run my programs 24/7 online seen on my website. Doing TV programs since 1985 I came across many things needing Jesus and so if you think Jesus is not with me when I have to face people like you and many times worse then what is the matter with you that you cannot discern Jesus? I offer challenges to any church where I can give account of my faith in Jesus Christ. I also know beyond doubt is a setting of a Church Jesus will be with me showing homophobes he is with me.

You are right gays are having their time now. Homophobes had their time for 700 years. In 1967 God began restoring gays in the Body of Christ in the Catholic Church (Dignity) in 1968 God started in the Protestant Church (Metropolitan Community Church) In 1969 God started with secular gays, (Stonewall). In recent times with Pentecostal gays. I was the first in in Christian chat rooms. I saw no other gays of secular or Christian in any Christian chat room for years. I had my screen name gays4jesus in many chat rooms and not a day went by that the room had to deal with me an openly gay Pentecostal and TV preacher. I do not want to boast but guarantee you no matter how you search I was the first and I still go to these rooms, yet I do not do like you I do not condemn them I tell them what I know about the verses and the fact in life also about the Last Days. Can you keep a sound mind with over 1 million homophobes condemning many extremely. How would you like being told you are not saved.

There are several verses very much about gays in the Bible. As I said earlier marriage is not like today back then. Wives were property and slaves by the Greek words of Bible verses and the Greek language. People did not just say “my wife” The Greek words or the Bible and Hebrew in the OT (similar) talked in the wording of slave/property in the spoken sentence. Using this you can find gay married couples. They went through the legal Jewish customs of families arranging marriages. For gay sons it was the same type arrangements. I Bible days and in any ancient days there was no social security yet so most gays also married for children. Sons and daughters were their social security. History proves many past famous secular proven gay leaders were married also to wom(e)n for retire security. History shows them never engage for love and sex with the wives except to have offspring. History shows these men were very much in love and had sex with their male lover.

The Bible does show evil gay person, though not really gay they were bisexual. Absalom was extremely attractive in which he purposely used for gaining power and support to take control of Jerusalem. He didn’t mind if it were female or male so long as it got him more support. is a good website to actually see much documentation on biblical facts showing gay is not sin.

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