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Stephen Black of First Stone Ex-Gay Ministry

Stephen Black of First Stone Ex-Gay Ministry

Comments in reply to

Stephen Black's Testimony (from around Date: 97-06-01 06:19:53 EDT)

^i^ While trying to find Stephen Black, to see if he would send promised information concerning the founders of Exodus International, I happened on his website and his testimony. It is typed in bold below and as usual my comments will have the little angel ^i^ at the beginning. Here goes:

That is how my reply to Stephen Black starts that he refers to in the email below he sent me a couple days ago. The date was a long time ago based on the other link above of the two. Two links above are the two correspondences I was having with Stephen that are on my website. I make no holds on my comments and they are for my ministry in response to anti-gays anywhere and everywhere. Why Stephen took 14 ½ years to tell me to take his testimony off my website will never know. However it was not a simple copy of his testimony, but a breakdown line by line with my comments.

Odd things is was that link was broken so no one could see it for who knows how long. Thanks to Stephen’s email to me I fixed the link. What homophobes say is very very very important to anyone calling themselves Christian as to how they arrive at their concepts about gays. Ex-gays generally should be proud of the testimony of getting delivered as they believe. What’s more Stephan was a leader in the ex-gay ministry. (By the way Stephen, I have off and on contacts with people in 1st Stone, God is great and gives me much inside info at times).

As you read the 1st paragraph of my reply to Stephen’s testimony I was asking him for info he promised to send me which he never did. (By the way I talk time to time with the founders of Exodus for the last couple years, I think from the horse’s mouth it is a no brainer who founded that organization).

Also, never have I banned ex-gays or any homophobes from freely posting to any of my sites. In fact I would love to hear from them Stephan for sure if you have whinings of my responses to you, then freely reply back or post to my sites. But don’t wait 14 years this time. If you don’t want people to see your testimony don’t put it on a public accessible site. It is amazing to hear any Christian say they don’t want someone to see their testimony. You are Executive Director, can you imagine and you don’t want people to know how your walk with Jesus began and being ex-gay all the more you would want your message out there. What an opportunity in Christ you have to rebut my comments and to explain deeper what you were meaning in your OLD testimony, you may want to update it or refresh it as these many years go by. Rewording areas that as you re-read your past writing and see you could have explain it better or missed something important or take something out. But what did you do? You out of the blue say I don’t have permission????? You don’t have permission to lie about gays and you are a public figure using the Bible to condemn gays and not answering questions as to the facts about the Bible and history and more. Again, you are very welcome to my sites to make as many comments as you like. I bet if any gays come to your 1st Stone site you would ban them or delete anything they say.

From: Stephen Black []
Sent: Friday, May 27, 2011 9:37 PM
Subject: Contact The Stables Ministries for any reason

You do not have permission to post my testimony on your web site.  Please remove it.

Sincerely in the King's Love and Service,

Stephen Black

Executive Director

First Stone Ministries

1330 N Classen Blvd Suite G80

Oklahoma City, OK  73106-6856

405-236-4673  o.

270-596-6416  f.


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