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Obedience is to Believe God

Hi John  from ronv11
So You think the seven different versions of 1Corinthians 6:9 are "satan counterfeits" The seven (7) different versions specifically states that homosexuals will not inherit the kingdom of God. I can only go by what I read in the bible, nothing else. Even in the King James Bible 1 Corinthians 7:2 states

Gays4jesus: You still are not listening I said all modern versions come from the corrupt manuscripts of Westcott and Hort. I wish you would read what I wrote you. Now if you are going to just read a verse from any Bible and just assume it is as you understand the words you read then you certainly are not reading the Bible. The Bible was written originally in the that 1st hundred years after Jesus Rose. In the 2nd century two sets of manuscripts were copied in the Latin Vulgate. One set was the corrupt version the other was direct from the original. The corrupt version was then lost/hidden or otherwise not used until the 15th century when it was found and was made the official Catholic Bible source. The Received Text as it is called, was in constant use until King James authorized the KJV and because the printing press was now available became cheap and accessible for everyone to buy. This helped in cause the other good Bible of the day to fade out of use. Today you don’t find them on books shelves unless you hunt for collectors or places that may sell them.

In the 1880s Westcortt and Hort took the corrupt version and translated into a strange Greek rendering then translated it to English and their influence (Westcott being on the board to revise the Bible) got their entire version to be the Official Bible of the Church of England.

Now Westcott and Hort were not just Bible translators they also (especially Westcott) into the occult and started the Ghost Club. Membership in this club has become a mandatory requirement for anyone wanting to be in the elite of the coming one world government (antichrist’s kingdom). Modern version have 50,000 to 80,000 corruptions. These are not simple corruptions, but are specific mainly taking Christ out of Jesus. Set side by side with the KJV you will quickly see that the KJV seems an over kill on giving Jesus the Glory and being the Son of God and the Christ. It also goes to extremes on emphasizing Jesus love for us and his promises to us. Modern version have enough of it to deceive most Christians. Modern version is a major deception satan is using which would be useless if Israel was not a nation yet. Modern version can easily save people, but only after Israel became a nation was it possible for satan to begin adding other great deceptions. As we draw close to the tribulation deceptions will begin to convince many Christian to doubt the Bible. When they begin to look at their modern version it is very compatible with satans deceptions that will ultimately confirm that man over there is Jesus after all.

However, any version will do in studying the Bible since study should demand search original meanings. So in spite of the corrupt Bible you have you still can search and find the ancient Hebrew words and the ancient Greek words. It is important to use the ancient word meaning. If a modern Hebrew speaker went to the 1st century they would be confused with the many words that has evolved in the past 2000 years. That is why the Bible was written 2000 years ago instead of today. In Jesus’ day was the most perfect time to get God’s message in writing for the New Testament and likewise the Old Testament centuries earlier. For you to say you just read 7 different versions that has a verse that may have the same word in your case “homosexual” does not make it the word that Paul wrote down 2000 years ago. Catamite and sodomite are not Greek words for gays. Modern versions often don’t even use these two words. Many modern version give one Greek word 2 unrelated meanings. They say homosexuals then say shrine prostitutes. The Greek word says as it were “shrine prostitutes” the word homosexual is just an addition the translator put in not from the Greek manuscript.

Again Paul saw fertility temples everywhere he turned in the place he wrote the words that today are used to condemn gays. Missing from you is the historic gays Paul saw that he was condemning according to you. You can search all you want and you will not find that Paul was talking about the local gays. To talk about the local gays Paul would have the historical fact we can find that he saw gays. The FACT is he saw fertility temples.

What you read already tells me that is your total source. Now tell me about your pastor’s sermons. How does he teach you? Does he read a verse then tell you what he think it means? Does he give you tons of sources to back up what he thinks it is saying. Does he show you original Greek. Why do you accept his outside the Bible research that teaches you what ancient meaning meant. But comes to gays all you do is tell me your read it in 7 versions.

The scariest part here is you have no clue about modern versions and so will soon see that man over there must Be Jesus after all. Tell me is it easy for you to know a counterfeit $20 bill? We have a brown marker at work, we draw a line on a bill, if that line changes it is a counterfeit bill. We also have something like a black light to hold a driver’s license over to see if it is a counterfeit license. Tell me how will you know that man over there is not Jesus if you do not know how to reveal the counterfeit in him? Today most church are already supporting anti-christ organization. I toured a Buddhist temple that was the state of the art a push of a button can make 8,000 more seats in the sanctuary area. The monk took me personally to explain their mission. They were working to join every religion for common prayer and good deeds throughout the world. Christianity was part of their efforts. They had headquarters in many major cities in the world. It was amazing how God was revealing to me a specific organization fulfilling prophecy about getting a one world religion. There are at least 5 major such other organizations doing the same things. The effort for a one world religion is well established, yet I am sure you do not have an idea what is going on after all you read it in 7 versions right?

Nevertheless, [to avoid] fornication, let every man have his own wife, and let every woman have her own husband.

Gays4jesus: King David and son Solomon had many hundreds of wives, all the patriarch also had many wives. The 1st 1000 years of Christianity it was Christian legal to have concubines this was not made illegal till the 11th century. Marriage today is base in fertility religion. There is no resemblance to today’s marriage and Jesus day marriages. Most marriages in Jesus day were for family profit. Meaning how does each family of each spouse make the most out of arranging the marriage. You just did not meet your spouse at Sunday school or a dance and a school days sweet heart. Today 60% of marriage end in divorce. It is also easy to paste a verse for instance what did the apostles says?

10 His disciples say unto him, If the case of the man be so with his wife, it is not good to marry.

I would also suggest to you don’t fornicate, but don’t tell a gay couple like myself who has been with his partner for 22 years to avoid fornication. You accusations are disgustingly showing your lack of understanding of the gay community. You must think all gays are in a free fall orgy together. Real life shows str8 are the kings and queens of sexual immorality so clean your own house before you go to another’s house to clean.

You call me ( and others that don't agree with you) "a typical homophobe" The reason you stated I am a homophobe is
" I call you a homophone ( you misspelled the word, homophobe or thats a new word homophone) because in your 3 messages you have yet to explain how you get gays in the bible"
As I told you the dictionary ( dictionary .com ) defines a homophobe as :
[hoh-muh-fohb] Show IPA
a person who fears or hates homosexuals  and homosexuality.
I do not fear or hate homosexuals. I do not have any bad feelings for gay people. It looks like it is easy for you to label others, that do not agree with you, but it is wrong! I would hope you know as a minister that labeling people is just wrong! You owe me an apology.

Gays4jesus: You do fear and do hate gays because you won’t explain how you get gays in the Bible. Just saying you read it tells me you don’t know what you are reading and flat out won’t spend a minute to find the ancient meanings of the Bible words so you would be able to show me how you got gays into a Bible word.

Nothing to do with disagreeing with you. Keep in mind I have been preaching on TV since 1985, before that I ran a multi-line BBS thing started my website. I been around, you just don’t care about what I know so you simple flat out reject what I say then you paste a verse and think you proved I was on thin ice like you are some expert on Bible words. You have a lot of fear because tons of info is available about gays. http://www.gaychristian101.com/Romans-1.html is a very good site to learn a lot about ancient time concerning the Bible and gays. I bet you have not gone to other links I gave you and you won’t go top this link. If you gave me a link and I did not go to it I would be still in 100% compliance with going to any link you gave me because I have gone to 1000s of similar links against gays. I have talk at length with 1000s maybe 10s of 1000s of homophobes from all countries and most major well know ministers. At least 1 million homophobes have expressed something to me since 1974. So I honestly can say I been to any link you can give me. I know with no reservations you are a homophobe. Tell me why you pastes a dictionary’s definition but you won’t give me the definition of Bible words you think means gay. Homophobes is yes the fear of gays, and what a lot of fear you have by not showing me how you get gays into the Bible.
If you noticed I have refrained from calling you names. I find it surprising that you have used words in your emails to me such as "stupidity" "stupid" and " "homophobe"
I think this speaks to your ideas, you label 7 different bible versions satan counterfeits and then resort to name calling. You do all of this to justify your own agenda.

Gays4jesus: homophobe is not name calling. Name calling to telling a saved person to get saved. You tell gays they are fornicators. Just because so far you don’t do like so many other is because I have maybe been too easy on you. Normally homophobes soon revert to horrible graphic sex acts depictions. Your statements says gays are going to hell with no hope in God. I say this about your statements because you expect gays to stop or change to str8. That is like telling you to stop being str8 and start gay sex. You just aren’t. Of course a very common thing about those that very strongly condemn gays they often are gays themselves. So are you a gay in the closet fighting God about your orientation?

I did not make up Westcott and Hort they are real people and you can get About 1,130,000 results (0.16 seconds) in a Google search on them. Is this what you call non-homophobe behavior when a gay tells you, you are reading counterfeit Bibles and gives you the names of the counterfeiters? Sounds pretty homophobic to me. You need to reject everything a gay says no matter how true it is.
I tell you all of this because I feel what you are doing is wrong. I can see you are an intelligent person, and unless you are fooling me, I think you care about people. How great it must be to travel the world and see the things you have seen. I don't know when the end time will come, but i can tell you todays world that I live in seem a mess, wars, false teaching, perversions, storms, new deadly viruses, sickness, lies and liars abound

Gays4jesus: Not interested in how you feel about me, I am interested in that you begin to realize you don’t get a free ride to Heaven. You must KEEP your faith till the end. 1260 days are set in stone to shake out of you every false doctrine, customs, traditions, and more. Huge numbers will turn from God. You are not wearing your wedding gown and it will take 1260 days for you to finally fit into it and so ne ready for the Rapture. 3 billion plus will die in your sight and you might be one of them which would be great if you still kept you faith. This time is about to pounce on the Church and most have no clue so it acts as a wake up call will you be caught sleeping just because a gay told you this?
I am no better, i too am a sinner, but I do have hope, the bible tells me that if I repent of my sins and believe in Jesus I will be saved.

Gays4jesus: Again, the repent I completely think you don’t know what it means. It like you are saying Jesus worked in vain. Sorry, But Jesus’ work on the Cross should have more meaning to your than to make you need to tell me if the Bible tells you to repent, frustrating it would be so nice to hear someone really loving Jesus than putting so much into works you can’t accomplish. If you imply to me I have not repented then all the more proof you are such a homophobe thinking only evidence about a gays salvation is them turning str8.
I have done both, I hope you and your readers do the same

Gays4jesus: Place you hope in Jesus not others, others will fail you and yet they are as saved as you are. Race for the finish line. It is you and Jesus. Not you me and Jesus or you your spouse and Jesus or you and others and Jesus (though we minister to them so the Holy Spirit can draw them to Christ of help them grow in Christ) Your job is you. Jesus died for you. Jesus’ hope is you. Believe he is the Son of God till the end is OBEDIANCE to God. Obedience is not the law of God or man but to believe God.

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