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Seattle Pentecostal Christians

Seattle Pentecostal Christians

If you are Pentecostal this page is hopefully will be a place we can figure out what to do next. Meaning, we are living in the days just before Jesus returns and Pentecostals often are not getting into the lime light as much as they did in the past.

I have been in Seattle since 1980 and have yet to see any move of God. Seattle has Pentecostal churches. Some are "Apostolic" or other similar Pentecostal churches that leans towards a very strict adherence to a bylaw structure of behaviors with their leaders nearly taking on as it were an Apostle roll requiring accompanying respect. This varies in degrees to the extreme to the hardly noticeable.

There are really only two mainline Pentecostal denomination. Four Square and Assemblies of God. From these two there are some what I call break away churches that become independent of any denominational franchise. These though hold almost all the same beliefs of whence they came. What in the main difference between the mainline and the Apostolic line is like saying one is a dictatorship (Apostolic) and the other is a democracy(AOG). I am generalizing only to present these two classes of Pentecostalism.

The statement of faith of both are almost identical. It is one is too strict for most Pentecostals. Apostolic can be as strict as saying they are the only true church and are walking the wire of being a cultic church with a guru type leader. Mostly they deny this, but since I receive calls and contacts from so many over the decade I can speak to this fact. Generally they come on as ordinary Christians and are as it were just another denomination.

Assemblies of God started dramatically with healing miracles in a large gathering which grew into a denomination almost 100 years old now. However, though it can be very strict as both Pentecostal styles emphasize pure living on what they determine is moral. Assemblies evolved into a as I call it a democracy, meaning the pastor had better keep in line or the church will empty. Sort of widely exaggerated as the mighty dollar determines the sermons. This keeps people coming and donating and so Assemblies of God can do much more like international TV networks and large rallies where miracles occur publically.

Too often entertainment becomes the attracting commodity. Almost like competition of who has the best equipment and talent. Most Assemblies though go un-noticed with few public miracles. Assemblies use their power to legislate the gospel way to often since they can wheel a lot of clout through media since they own two major TV networks and have a huge communication system to promote political causes. Again I will exaggerate these qualities somewhat to point out Pentecostalism is operating in the gifts of the Holy Spirit and should not energize us to manipulate politics.

Corruption is in all churches so I am not going to emphasize this area except to say the CHURCH as a whole will give the final vote that makes Anti-Christ world dictator. All church is some way direct or indirect are supporting a one would religion so singling out any church is really not much point as it is prophetically filling in the loop holes to make the Tribulation period take place on time as planned by God.

Seattle Pentecostal
(here on Pentecostal means Assemblies of God style Pentecostal, often called “charismatic” tongue speaking Christian)

This webpage is created to step beyond tradition. The mainline churches were needed to get through 2000 years. They will be needed to take care of the coming rival. The Church (meaning denominations and physical buildings or meeting places) will suddenly find huge crowds coming through their doors. It is not going to matter the church doctrine or how corrupt any church had become. You do know we are forgiven don’t you? Corruption and false doctrine is always there and has not be a ingredient for salvation. John 3:16 and Romans 10:9 are the staple for salvation. Yes the whole Bible does not become unimportant to Christians. False doctrines just can’t be an issue since every Christian is believing some sort of false doctrine and they are not going to a church that has it all right or does not have corruption.

The huge numbers of people that will begin to flock to any church door will set the stage for a immediate issue. The pastors and their staff will be frantic and will soon find their old ways won’t work for so many people pouring in their church. God intended the CHURCH (on every street corner) to house the masses somehow and teach them how it is. Now pastors are pastors because they were called RIGHT? Well, suddenly they realize it’s happening and so they know at least at some point to listen to the TWO WITNESSES and also the many God is about to send. IS HE SENDING YOU? MAYBE THIS IS WHY YOU ARE AT THIS SITE READING THIS NOW.

All Pentecostals are of course welcomed, but I live in Seattle and want to reach out to Seattle Pentecostals. You in other states or countries are welcomed to do the same in your city.

Like I said I been in Seattle for a few decades and been to a number of Assemblies of God churches and many other churches too. I never ever seen or heard of a revival or miracle rallies. I have been to some fantastic revivals in my day and seen amazing miracles. I have had many miracles too. I have had 3 major physical healing myself just for asking Jesus to heal me. The Accounting of these are on my sites. I know beyond doubt God has no hesitation to move it is we as Pentecostals have grown very accustom to our cozy style praise and worship services that if we are lucky get to hear a tongue and maybe an interruption once in a while and on occasion have a little camp meeting in our church. Now a-days we almost don’t know what the phrase “camp meeting” means.

30 years ago it was not that usual to see a tent pitched on some corner with some preacher preaching up a storm. Now if we see anything like it, it is a well-oiled and organized format that is not allowed to be deviated from. These are rare and requires a plane ticket or a long drive and probably taking a vacation from work to attend.

I really believe, especially for Pentecostals, that we should endeavor to witness with no restriction to time and place. WELL yeah huh? Impossible is it? Only if you think you need to do the above organizing and planning that you get people in then out on schedule and have name brand entertainers.

I am not saying I know how to do this, if I did I would have done it by now. All I know is I can keep trying. For so long I have seen a smidgen of people coming to my sites. This last week after some refreshing of my sites I have what appears to be 2000% increase in site visitors. Not really sure why.

What I do know is a church can decide on a project , put some people in charge and promote it from the podium and elsewhere and soon they have what they asked for. Sometime it is as much as a new building. Other times it is increasing the offering plate or set up a new outreach. They may learn of talent in their church and get that person up singing. Sometimes they double and triple their congregation. There is a church a block away from my house that died and so sold the building to an eastside church. That church has something going for it as I never seen so many people going to that nearby church. I went there once and it was ok but really not my style (I am Pentecostal they weren’t). Why were they growing?

Well Pentecostal in Seattle why are you Pentecostal? Do you have spiritual gifts? Are you just someone that just goes to work then on Sunday go to church and that is it for your faith? Or have you been praying long and hard for years maybe for God to move? Don’t you want to see miracles in Seattle. Maybe it is Seattle that needs to get going (there is a Russian prophecy that says the great USA rival will come out from Seattle Washington like a wave).

You can start by writing your thoughts and ideas This link takes you to a form where you can write up to a page or more. When you submit it I can put it here on a link from this page and from my several sites. Anyone can write here, but I really hope to reach some Seattleites that want to make a difference in Seattle.

What do I personally want? I want people in Seattle to know where someplace is that they can go to a HEALING rally. Hate to refer to a counterfeiter plagiarizer Benny Hinn, but he is the one we hear about a lot. I speak badly about him because he basically stole Brant Baker’s style and took credit for it himself. of the late 70s and early 80s. He adopted Kathryn Kuhlman’s huge choir after she passed on. Back in those days we had a lot of these faith healing style ministers. I don’t think we will go back to those type healing services. EndTimes is a different era than the past 2000 years of Christianity. We had 2000 years to mess things up and now we enter a new period or pre-Jesus return. It is the GET READY time. I go into detail what that means on my sites.

Like I said I don’t know how to get anything going, but I bet many of you do if you set your mind to it. Also, maybe you are like me just think they are alone. I know in Seattle there are many Pentecostals longing to operate in the Holy Spirit and just can’t seem to get answers from God or their current church. It is like a block and you are just doing a lot of wishing. I think if a few are able to connect something can happen. I really do not believe in a new denomination of a new independent church needs to be started. I don’t think even that finding a coffee shop or a home to meet in like a standard home Bible study group. People have been doing this from the beginning and it does not work other than keeping it small and maybe inconvenient and uncomfortable and always someone is taking the lead and so it is just another nothing happening group. I just think that a been there done that process is not a LAST DAYS starting point for the move of God. Probably you don’t either since you already tried all you can.

I am trying to find that needle in the hay stack. I believe God is keeping it hidden for the season, but I also think that season is ending and so something is about to happen. I’ve talked with easy a million people in some way or another since 1974 from all over the world. It might be that the best that can be done is that some of you hear what I am saying and or already know something so that a disaster that affects you (meaning suddenly you lived through something and now are in the mist of the aftermath and so can lay hands on or some other operating in the Holy Spirit act that causes a mini or maxi revival).

I am looking for that needle can you tell me it is left or right, then someone else can say now go southwest. Who knows that what you write at above input link may change the face of Seattle and put it on the Christian map. I know it will involve Glorifying God through Jesus Christ. We can’t be seeking our glory but giving him the Glory. But for sure it is through you God will be Glorified. God has been telling me for decades the CHURCH will not be the revivalists they think that they will be. They will be generally forced to adjust to what YOU have done through Jesus Christ. That is Reach the unreachable that send them to established churches. YOU and the coming Messengers God has prepared are not church planters but church fillers.

More to come as this page is under construction as they say.

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