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Gatekeepers generally are not easily clearly described in terms that can really be clear because sources are not bluntly flat out Christian mainline. Lots of mysteries are mysteries just because they are very hard to prove out. Often their backgrounds get into cultures that they can’t be accepted very well. The Bible is full of mysteries that has taken 1000s of years to get some revelations that then could explain it acceptably. The Universe is so huge we are only now fathoming how much we don’t know about it. It just gets more wondrous. God is far more glorious than words can explain. Christians generally are put on the spot if they receive revelation with little proof or material to back it up.

Gays as “GateKeepers” is a mystery hard to accept. It is in the Bible but written in ways that just can’t be known easily. What is in the world often is in societies we would discard as pagan or culturally non-Christian. The more precise detail info comes from tribes in Africa. But also from many cultures around the world. Insert Christianity into the equation of these culture and the POWER of Christian Church effects a ban or ridicule or a rendering to a demonic origin. Demon are not behind every bush (except grandfather Bush, father Bush, and son Bush). The Bible does talk about aliens and UFOs, but not as the History channel implies. Some things that go bump in the night are Heaven originated not from hell. But we can’t just accept these things that are so vague and so dimly lit as doctrine. Many things remain interesting topics to many.

Around 700 years ago the Church amputated gays from its body creating the antigay doctrine. This has made the Church very sick and weak. Today, God has graphed gays back into the Church and healing is beginning. Following gay history gays really do have an impact on society. Just look at the effort to finally get “Don’t ask don’t tell” repealed. Gay marriage is now free and clear to overcome the issues that keeps it from becoming law.

To shorten this response asked about gays as “gatekeepers” summing up history we do find enough facts that societies think of gays as a source to keys to deep possesses between God and man. As Christians we can clean out the non-believers and apply gatekeepers to Christianity as so what does it mean. Gays as a fact are generally sacredish in a lot of cultures. The incredibly famous sacred gays that homophobes use to condemn gay as sin is “sodomites” The part of they could be gay is not the Bible issue. The Bible issue relating to the sin of it is that is it an “OTHER GODS” THING. God is a jealous god. As Christians we are his spouse. Going to other gods is unfaithful. Point here is in pagan worship we got the gays as most sacred. Anyone and everyone in other religions aren’t going to Heaven unless they come to Christ.

Sacredness in other religions can’t ever get you Heaven. In other religions you also have carpenters and you have carpenters in Christianity. Short point is not your occupation but your god that keeps you from Heaven. If a “sodomite” got saved he would stop being a male temple prostitute therefore would not be a “sodomite” anymore. If gay he would still be gay and going to Heaven because he accept the work of Jesus on the Cross. When you as a str8 person and were not saved you were going to hell period. But you as a country music lovers came to Christ you remain a country music lover but a saved one. But if the country music had very evil words you would stop buying those songs and buy more Christian country songs. One could say you changed, but you are still yourself which was a country fan.

Many American Indian cultures think gays are sacred. When you read and read and read some more about gatekeepers you begin to understand a pattern. Gays could just perhaps have built in gifted traits that make them a gatekeeper. So “born again” gays are actually important for the CHURCH. It is the what was thought to be an uncomely member was given more abundant comeliness.

FACT two gay men in the late 70s early 80s completely changed to style of Christian worship. Brant Baker and Lonnie Frizbee brought a style of faith healing and worship service that has become the style we see generally in charismatic Pentecostal worship. Brant was fast becoming internationally known as a faith healing ministry regularly on TBN. The famous Vineyard church has a listing of what one phrase for the entire year was most profound. One year it was Lonnie’s “come Holy Spirit” Today we love singing “COME HOLY SPIRIT”. It had an origin. But they were before their time a hint of what is to come in the fullness of the gay Church which soon will become very public. Being early 80s both had wild pre-Christian lives. Normally we praise God at bring people out of wild party lives or the like. But mid 70s was not the best time for gays to be a party animal. (Lonnie is where the term “Jesus Freak” began and was the first to be called that. They both got aids early 80s Paul Crouch found out and banned them and then erased their existence from the Christian record. Fortunately Praise God all was not lost and now you can hear them online and watch their services.

There is Bible that says some powerful things about an army of believers that has characteristics of gays that will have an incredible ministry in the Last Days. God has shown me for decades gay Christians as a whole are called to be restorers. They will loving minister to the fallen saints who often persecuted gays , urging them back to Christ. In a time when nearly 2/3 of present day Christians turn their backs on Jesus.

The more you research the more you will find. I have been intensely researching and searching for info anywhere it can be found since even before I accepted Jesus in Jan. 1974.

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