Saturday, October 31, 2009

what can i do to when people treat me bad at work

maria na*

maria nava: what cant i do to when people treat me bad at work.
gays4jesus: Hi how are you
maria nava: good and u
gays4jesus: depends why they treat you bad and where you are located, many places it is against the law to treat you bad jsut because you are gay (if you are gay)
gays4jesus: I am fine thanks
gays4jesus: here in Washington state discriminating against gays at work will be ground for termination
maria nava: im not gay i work in a store and people just talk to me mean and they said stuff about me that arent true they try to putt me wrong .so they could look better.
maria nava: are u there
gays4jesus: always have peole that just seems to have to treat others badly, same principle prayer study and
maria nava: whatshould i do
gays4jesus: do spiritual battle, meaning you know a little about the book of acts. God can do miracles, but also 2000 years has gone by and most of the time it is patiently enduring and standing fast till the end
gays4jesus: are you a Pentecostal?
maria nava: whats that
gays4jesus: you can learn about that by reading the book of acts. it is where Jesus baptizes youo in the Holy Spirit and you would have the intial evidence of speaking in a differnt language that you don't know, this language makes perfect intercessory prayer
gays4jesus: it also give you a feeling that Jesus is inside you and is always present and he may actually talk to you
maria nava: o thank u .cant u pray for me for my job i need it bad .please
gays4jesus: those that treat you badly may actually get fired or change and treat you well instead
gays4jesus: Lord Jesus I ask you baptize Maria nava in the Holy Spirit and give you revelation in the Book of acts
gays4jesus: In Jesus name I pray
maria nava: i feel depress every time i go to work theres to much negative people.
gays4jesus: Christians are not immune from depression, and depression is not something you instantly get over, try reading the Book of Acts in the Bible and seek the Baptism in the Holy Spirit and be very specific in your prayers, act like God has no clue what your
gays4jesus: issue is explain it then tell him what you want done. praise God and thank him and read about speaking in tongues
maria nava: meand my husban been trying to have a baby but its not happening what can i do .i dont want to stay by myself.
gays4jesus: the next step pray for a new job. again 2000 there are people that are Christian and life does go on we as Christian must do what we have to do, God often is not going to do everything for you , I God for something he will hand it to you but you have
gays4jesus: take it out of his hand
maria nava: how
gays4jesus: making a baby if all parts are working should not be a problem, if one of you have a broken part you may have to adopt, or go to a doctor to fix the part, God may give you a baby through adoption or fix your broken part
gays4jesus: how? if you ask for a car you go to a dealer and see if you can get one, if you can't then God's answer could be no or you need to keep trying till you get one. God almost never sets a car in your driveway
maria nava: sometimes i have faihenth and then i loss it why but .i help alot of people and i do the best for everyone.
gays4jesus: so go after what you asked for doors will be opened or closed
gays4jesus: we can only do the best we can, good may not be rewarded till in Heaven, so don't weary of doing good

maria nava: cant u pray for me im going to sleep.please.
maria nava: thank u
gays4jesus: prayer was given a few entries ago and i will add you to my prayer later this evening
maria nava: cant u pray for my job please
maria nava: thank u i appreciated.good night
gays4jesus: God Bless you

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