Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Rev Charles Ndaru Invites me to Kenya


From: Rev Charles Ndaru [mailto:revcharlesndaru@yahoo.com]
Sent: Tuesday, October 20, 2009 6:27 AM
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Subject: Re Conference


Dear  Lastdays  Pastors

Calvary greetings to you,Family and ministry. My names are Pastor  Charles  Ndaru,founder and presiding pastor of Grace  Fellowship  Ministries having its registration here in Nairobi Kenya, East Africa. I believe God is a God of Divine connections, and I believe this is one of them that God has put me and you servant of God in same spirit for his glory. I and our church here inkenya holds several gospel meetings,crusades and open air meetings to reach the people in our Estate and around  the country, and we also hold  church leaders conferences,seminars,rallies and retreats to equip the ministers of the gospel for the work of the ministry.

gays4jesus: Good to hear

I have found a great inspiration to write to you and request you servant of God to visit and preside one of our great events here in our nation Kenya.Am committed to plan a meeting of any kind only if it edifies the Body of Jesus Christ.If you promise to come I promise to mobilise over 500 ministers (both pastors and bishops) of the Gospel come and recieve what God has given you to deliver.

gays4jesus: Happy to come, but my Invite me policy is if I get invited then the invitee takes care of expenses, planes, lodging, food, etc. I am cheap and don’t want anything fancy. So, I expect you won’t be returning my acceptance. I do know God would move and many will be physically healed and a message that will help Christian survive with their faith intact during the coming days. I have an especial hard message for ministers as much is required of them as they will be inundated with new sheep and past standardized sermons won’t due.

Know that God will use you to reach many pastors and Ministers of various churches and denominations in  kenya for the work of the ministry.

gays4jesus: I believe this too. Pastors and ministers are indeed search for answers to difficult questions and realizing time is short what can possibly be done. Jesus requires little and it is not so complicated but very serious and can mean the rise or fall of many.

You have never seen a people who loves to listen to the word of God, these people are thirsting and hungering for God's word.The one who called us is able to do more exceedingly and abuntantly to enable you bring healing in our country.

gays4jesus: God has shown me this hunger, but Christians must participate more than just love to hear the WORD of GOD. It is these people that will bring in the sheep where ministers/pastors will have their hands full trying to figure out what to do and that old preaching method are inadequate.

I have been praying for God to connect me with a minister who is truly his.I believe this person to be you.I'M in prayers hoping to have your positive response.

gays4jesus: Great miracles are coming and also great shocks to the Church. Much of the message from the Church is heaping weights on the shoulders of innocent children of God, this has to come to an end and many church leaders will not give into the move of God in these Last Days. I suspect you are sending a generic letter out and so does not have much meaning accept you are hoping to get whoever may answer. Had you really believed it to be me you would also have known what the gays in gays4jesus means. Gay is not sin and this too is a message to those that still hang onto to the hatred of gays and the belief in the false doctrine against gays. I would hope me being gay would not have to be an issue, because so much needs to be said to ready believers for the coming days. Spending time dealing with this false doctrine against gays is a major part of the Last Days. There are several major false doctrines that Christians and Christian leaders will not give up easily so many will fall away.

Hope to hear from you soon.

gays4jesus: Hope this is soon enough I am also posting my reply to my blog a link to it is at my website http://gays4jesus.com

In Him,

Pastor  Charles   Ndaru

Nairobi Kenya.+254 729  984  863

In Christ Jesus



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