Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Invite me to your Church for a Healing Rally

I hold Healing Rallies as part of my ministry. Many Healed, many accept Jesus, many baptized in the Holy Spirit invite me to hold a rally at your church or location then click "invite me"...
Jesus heals physically TODAY touch your screen ask Jesus to heal your area of physical need in the Name of Jesus ..
if healed you tell me
God is leading me into a more physical healing ministry (also maintaining my two main outreaches Gay is not sin concerning the Bible and Last Days Prophecies).
My burden grows each day for the need of openly gay Christians operating in the gifts of the spirit. So I am refocusing emphisis towards an as it were evolved style of your tipcial Healing Rallies.
You are welcomed to invite me to your church or group for a healing rally. The emphases will be on Jesus, the Bible, salvation, praises and worship. Arrangements negotiations involving your pastor will follow my general “invite me” link above. This would be a time where people will receive physical healing and accompanying move of the Holy Spirit.

I can travel anywhere in the world, but the further from Seattle the more arrangements will be required of course and the more time it will take to set up a date. Locally it could be just days.
I love Jesus and I believe Jesus’ example was heal people should be included as often as you include salvation opportunities to the lost which should be at every gathering in the Lord. I want to encourage you to praise and worship Jesus. He inhabits your praises and you worship him in your spirit. A move toward more frequent reports of more ministries having physical healing miracle is coming. The day of the loner faith healer is coming to a close. It is not just going to be this or that large ministry; it will be many many ministries operating often in these gifts. We offer sinner’s prayer in our services, but the healing stuff is almost left to come up kneel and pray for your needs, but little specific laying on of hands.

I am now available to speak at your church or rally. Many will be healed; many will receive the Baptism in the Holy Spirit and much more. Rise and be healed don’t wait Jesus will heal you right now, just touch this screen ask Jesus to heal you in his Name.

Want to join my ministry and live locally in Seattle happy to hear from you. Distant places let’s talk about what you can do where you are. Anyone can help by clicking the donation button in the side panel of this blog. One dollar helps too.

Thanks and God bless you

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