Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Backgorund to Healing Rallies

Prelude to: Invite me to your Church for a Healing Rally

God is leading me into a more physical healing ministry (also maintaining my two main outreaches Gay is not sin concerning the Bible and Last Days Prophecies).
My burden grows each day for the need of openly gay Christians operating in the gifts of the spirit. So I am refocusing emphasis towards an as it were evolved style of your typical Healing Rallies.

Examples of recent of current healing rallies or ministries are Kathryn Kuhlman, Brant Baker, and now Benny Hinn. There are many more over the years and many current ones. Most should know Kathryn’s ministry, but Brant Baker has a lot of controversy around it since he died of aids and was expunged by TBN’s group of ministers. Benny can be said to have copied Brant’s ministry and is giving Brant no mention or credit though he spent quite some time with him. Brant Baker should be someone Christians should look up and learn about and hear some of his sermons and see his healing style. Along with Brant was Lonnie Frisbee. These two have a significant and major impact on Christianity today, but are for the most part expunged because both died of aids in an era little was known about this disease.
All my Christian life beginning in 1974 when I was 27 I felt a strong calling in the gifts of the Holy Spirit. I have been healing 3 times physically and these were quite a dramatic and nearly instant healings taking just a few minutes so I can describe it clearly. Each time I was alone and I just called on Jesus to heal me. Of course it was not just a simple oh by the way Jesus will you heal me. Being sick and in pain is hardly fun and crying out to Jesus can be agonizing a fairly desperate for relief. Other places on my sites I go into details about these healings.
I have been exposed to many healing ministries generally that would be considered on the up and up and Bible. I also have seen the more strange attempts to heal people what I would call the New Ager style healings where the healer attempts to push out the bad stuff like somehow we all have the power and we can just swoope out disease with a sweeping motion of the hands. Did not see any healed that way it was s ort of a mind thing.
On Indian reservations one could see wonderful works of the move of the Holy Spirit many of which I never see in your every day Pentecostal churches. But these were very much of God and were amazing. It is the way away for main stream and out on mission fields and remote villages we get to see a move of God like we never see in our nice fancy new church buildings. Though the move of God in the various gifts of the Spirit can be seen like Jericho marches (a circling of the pews where people would just keel over slain in the spirit) your ordinary slain in the spirit where after laying on of hand people keel over and lay there on the ground looking like there are having camp meeting in their minds with Jesus. And many things some well performed operations where a spirit filled person simply lets the Holy Spirit move in their bodies and so a very graceful or worshipful praise full dance. We as spirit filled Christians can fully aware fully in control allow the Holy Spirit to operate your body. You know beyond doubt it is the Holy Spirit.
Yes there are many and some sort of strange things one can see when the Holy Spirit moves. One thing is people get instantly healed at another’s laying on of hands. We all have seen Benny Hinn at work. We either love him or hate him. Is he a fraud? He copied another’s works for sure.
Acts 8:18-19 18 And when Simon saw that through laying on of the apostles' hands the Holy Ghost was given, he offered them money, 19 Saying, Give me also this power, that on whomsoever I lay hands, he may receive the Holy Ghost.
This is about what Benny did to make his ministry a healing ministry and TBN did wanted to fill the shoes of both Kathryn’s and Brant’s void so Benny was their perfect choice.
The CHURCH is a source of a lot of confusion with so many voices and so much money behind big ministries that we can see. The little ministries that may have kept their first love are very hard to find or see in the media and they rarely make headlines.
Brant was gay but in those days with no really good model to follow except rigid anti-gay ministers Brant was prey to the conditioning gay was sin. His story is not yet complete as it is pieced together. In his nearing death years he made some changes like dyed his hair blonde and lost concern what anyone thinks about him. This follows the pattern of ex-gays that in time they find Jesus did not change them or really seem to be asking them to change.
Available in those days was a large gay church called MCC, but in those days I attended many MCCs and usually they represented the pastor’s own church background and were comfortable places for those gays that stood out fitting generally concept of who is gay and so in these churches were not the general everyday gays. Downtown Los Angeles where the headquarters of MCC seated about 3000 people and I attended this church several times. It was more like a normal church in that it was harder to tell who was gay though basically everyone was gay.
The founder of MCC was a Four Square pastor. This always confused me because Four Square is Pentecostal. MCC developed into an interfaith church and a all inclusive language Bible (gender free). So any Pentecostal gay Christian attending MCC felt restricted. However, MCC had the first really good roots of showing the anti-gay verses did not condemn gays.
My desires have always been aimed at seeking God to open the doors for gay Pentecostals. It is very interesting to know Brant really is a very good example even though he was forced to have great troubles over this because the 70s and 80s was not good periods for gay Christian’s access to information. God used him and Lonnie in a time when very little positive sources about gays were available.
So, this is a prelude to my blog Invite me to your Church for a Healing Rally

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Anonymous said...

If you really believed Jesus could heal you would ask him to heal you of all your sin, the spirit of homosexuality is an unclean spirit. It defiles your body. If you really asked the Holy Spirit for revelation on this I believe that He would show you why you were created perfectly male, with reproductive parts to procreate and bring you a wife and children. He would completely heal you!