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Missing in most predictions and Prophecy interpretations

Missing in most predictions and Prophecy interpretations

I find it difficult sometime to understand why so many predators no matter their sources, even from God of the Bible in real visions. I have no problem that people get real visions. Also, much of those that search and try to explain what they see is about to happen, and those suppose non-Christian psychics can be pretty good too. At least they are fun and entertaining and generally gives you the idea time is about up.

Christians don’t have a lot of excuse since all is to be confirmed in the Bible. But that gives way to how we suppose to know what it actually means. So it is lots of guessing so very good guessing. Lots of wishing we all want to know the future right?

Non-Christians can be used by God to get messages out. We don’t have to reject them sight unseen. God is telling us in no uncertain term the time is up get ready. God is not going to wait for you to figure it all out. But my beef about predictors is they seem to all miss so important factors. Sometimes unbelievers got a more clear view because all they can do is say it like the see it and add in other unbeliever sources and they will add in Christian sources as well.

Christians get the vision and listen to God then interpret it as to their current understanding. They should know all things from God will the Bible will not refute. The Bible can be very vague or quiet, but will at least be of such that it would at least not be saying it is not true so such a vision is great to ponder. Other visions no matter how real and dramatic and no matter what details God gives if it is completely different in the bible then two things can be. The person receiving the vision miss-interpreted it and assumed it meaning because they used nothing to confirm it and thought just because they got it then it is true.

Absolutely visions are an exciting and emotional and often life changing ordeals. This does not make them true in and by the person getting the vision interpretation of it. One person had a vision and often God would show him hell and the people there-in. The vision showed the person having the vision taken to hell to witness to one that went to hell that by doing so he could get that person released from hell. Nice to think maybe that if you did not accept Jesus you would get a second chance by saved people willing to go to hell (as it would not be fun for sure) to witness to the unsaved so they can then go to heaven. I do not doubt that persons vision, he detailed it and them to me over many interviews. God is God, can we think at some point we can go get the people in hell and bring them to heaven? Well the Bible just does not seem to say we get a second chance from inside hell.

The above vision (fabulously told because I only gave skimpy details) cannot become general practiced belief, because just really can’t back it up in the Bible. There are no side line marginal groups presenting strong data showing how the Word of God might actually say at some point some of us may be assign if we accepted to go get people out of hell.

Other iffy visions have been shown that the Bible does support their possibility and many visions have become very believable and accepted and hoped for and have strong Bible support. There are many really wild prophecies and predictions most people won’t accept, but are almost a shoe-in to happen. Now it is more common to find each new year most vision related predictions are for fairly violent changes in life as we know it. 2010 -2012 years shows the worst ever predictions and prophecies and visions. It is rare to find such that say good things are coming, Some will say after the worst happens it will be paradise-like.

So what is wrong with all this? They are missing some of the most important factors. Especially when it comes to Christian visions. TBN aired a documentary a 6-8 year in a car accident while being taken to the Hospital saw is dad thrown out of the car and angels caught him. Impossible physically to see unless being shown it. God told him he now will take him to another part of Heaven because he did not want the boy to remember the accident. Later the boy talked about being in God’s palace. Cool story and sure the boy was certain somewhere. He did not say God said it was his palace, se do we assume it was God’s Palace? Well we can read a throne in Heaven so there is Bible support for a place where a thrown could be. I never heard the boy say Jesus by name. So was god really Jesus, but the boy assume he was God (well Jesus is God). The Bible say God is Glorified through His Son Jesus Christ. Trinity stuff is confusing at times.

One famous preacher on TBN said he went to Heaven (near death thing) [extremely shorten story] he decided to look between his legs considering sex in heaven does he got a thingy. He told TBN viewers no it was smooth. Where is Bible for that? No marrying or giving in marriage? Besides he was not dead and he did not leave his physical body and put on his future incorruptible spirit body so he should have thought this is my concept or God just giving me a tour and so what I look like has nothing to do with actual spirit body in the future at the rapture or rising of the dead. The Bible state a few time about angels having sex with Earth women. Or rather something Heaven ward does, but never anywhere does it tell you guys get a gals look in Heaven.

Point above is we all love to hear vision stories. I sure love it. BUT we also need to use out God given brains to study and show ourselves approved of God. Jesus is a personal Savior and your best friend and will show you things as you can grasp the gest of why you are seeing them. Some said they saw Paul in a park in front of heaven and family reunions and such. They saw old folk and kids too. Where does it say gramps will be in Heaven? Do you want to be old as the hills in Heaven or at your peak? Will kids be stuck as a kid forever? So explaining it as Heaven does not make it a Heaven setting. Now when we die we are waiting (asleep) this could mean not getting younger or older and has nothing to do with your dead body changing into a spirit body.

We should listen eagerly to visions and ponder them and enrich your hope through them, but season it with the WORD of God. Each person can get visions, but they are not a prophet, nor can they know the depth of meaning in the Bible. Ancient Israel is deep in meaning we can’t get easily in Sunday meeting at church. Sometimes if you have a pastor that know this stuff you can get a glimpse at the richness of the WORD of God and how modern day rendering can’t bring out important parts. Today everyone has access to so much knowledge and so easily there is almost no excuse to accept something so blindly without a little browsing. It is important for many to understand these Last Days as so many more are going to need your help.

Missing in most visions and prophecy teaching is for instants the TWO WITNESSES. How often do you hear about these TWO? They are so significant in the Last Days and get no one seems to take them seriously. They will be hated and probably you will be helping antichrist kill them. This is huge prophecy and these TWO cannot be out of interpretation of visions. If you have a vision and the vision does not seem to show anything about the TWO you still have to understand the TWO will be here and will be major effecting ALL Christians. We have a Tsunami or Earthquake or other, was it an act of God, natural, was it a machine the Government has, or did the TWO command it?

We love everything about Prophecy teaching we have hungry ears, but why is one of the most important people of Prophecy not spoken of? (Note: this is also prophecy). So many such teacher explain away the TWO by really swaying so far away from scripture it is amazing how you can’t see the flaw. God out a photo of one of the TWO Witness on the moon. The image on the moon looks like a black and white photo of the neck up. It starts at the south pole and goes to the north pole. I have seen it for a couple decades. Hey, I get TWO Witnesses vision very often so my bias will be that photo like young man on the moon must be one of the ones that will be at the left or right side of Jesus. Do you think the Person God chose/picked however to sit and Jesus right and left side would not be etched in many places?

Well, is there Bible. Again, you may not or can’t find direct verses that state specifically it is talking about them. A few verses are very very specific. Then when you know a lot about history and ancient events and culture and word meaning coupled with leading from God to see things and revelations and more, you can read their life story in the Bible. There sin, where they are from and how they meet and when from then their ministry will start. Lots of this is my own perspective of what God has shown me, but I have done plenty of homework and tons of prayer and weighed visions deeply with the Bible. I could get more detailed of visions that do not yet have a specific Bible hint as to could be. I saw the TWO in a open jeep with several other in that jeep (very crowded) with the imperative determination to be in Jerusalem by 9pm that night and the sun already going down with bombs in the surrounding area as the jeep headed for Jerusalem. Flash next day. Almost a movie set not looking much like Jerusalem but the vision indicated it was somewhere there. The TWO came out of a building on one side of the street (a dirt street) antichrist sitting with several others at a table on the other side silently. The TWO knew they were going to be killed as they crossed the street. They crossed and a small plane flew over with a machine gun and shot them, the one died and the other (also known as Elijah) was alive and drug himself to antichrist. Antichrist looked at him saying nothing and Elijah said it is finished and died.

This Witness death was the Bible verse that said “the last that should die died” After that The Rapture can happen, but does not right away with maybe 75 more days before that happens. Now as I said I have had so many TWO WITNESSES visions often of the one that is “Elijah” he has seen antichrist a number of times in a number of situations. Preparing for war antichrist in charge, but Elijah is standing by him. Assume in the vision is antichrist knows he cannot kill him at that time and can’t even tell him to leave, so the Witness just is walking around viewing the war preparations. Other similar episodes where Elijah and antichrist were within talking distance and antichrist knew and saw him but remain silent and did not tell security to stop him.

Wild dreams for sure, but at least some vague scriptures allude to this sort of behavior during those 1260 days.

Many of my night visions are about great destruction all around and churches (pastors) really ignorant about the last days as it turned out not to be pre-trib and they may not be really great churches. I will say it like this. It does not matter your doctrine right or wrong or how good you served of bad you did not serve or how many or how few in your church. You have a church that is all that is required in the Last Days. You will not bring people to Christ or be much of a partaker in the revival in how people are getting saved. Your Glory is used up and wastes. Again PASTORS your glory is used up and mostly wasted. You will be of little use in last days in the fields where the harvest is ripe. BUT hordes of people will flock in your church, they will flood though your doors and starving for the Word of God. Your doctrines they are not interested in your church process can’t work. Saith the Lord God you will learn on the job training how to minister to these that come in hungry for God WORD. Nothing matters about your past manner. It is like a hospital in peaceful times they have every handy to operate get full pay for work done by appointment well paid good life, then suddenly plague earthquake war whatever, 1000s in one day overwhelm all the staff and doctors soon they are force to adapt to way never dreamed of to help the wound and sick. So shall you pastor be overwhelmed in those soon coming days. You will adapt God is confident of you in spite of your wicked past and disobedient ways where you decided right and wrong taking God’s Glory for yourself. What you see is God moving in a way long foretold on a disobedient Church (Lev. 26 4th level disobedience).

Often prophecy teachers avoid what the Bible says about the Church in the Last Days. Verses that say 1/3 comes through the refiner’s fire. So many prophecies about the end times are missing in prophecy teachers teaching. Often these things are blamed on unbelievers evil and God is punishing them. But this is for Churchwide sin. Head chopping lines are not for babes in Christ, but for you supposed matured Christian filled with your pastor’s wisdom in his teachings of the Bible. Satan is not so much at war with the huge numbers of new Christians, they will gladly give their lives, it is you that are mature he has hope to turn you from Jesus and made plenty of deceptions that will convince many. Screams at the chopping block you will hear. You that thought you will not see it.

God has prepared an army to rescue you if that be possible. Often those you persecuted will rescue you. There are hints in the Bible some very clear to this, but would Hal Lindsey for instance tell you your family maybe killed in your site? Prophecy teacher like him and it seems most rely on your support, would you keep listening if they told you other prophecies that shows how even you might turn your backs on Jesus? In ancient days the kings kept prophets that bid them good fortunes and favor in wars. Prophets that told them true prophecies about coming end to their reign if they did not get in line they often killed. Today we sit back to listen to all the bad things coming to us but we think we will miss most of it while the Bible says you it was designed for. We say we long for Jesus’ return and think that means a free ticket home with little pain. When we pray Jesus come quickly (as we should) we need to know that means 6 billion killed on Earth before he touches his foot on the Mt of Olive. Yes hope in his soon return but think about the billions to be killed soon and what is your life about. The first part of the TRIB is getting your Wedding Gown on. RAPTURE is not magic. Possible above to be proven scientifically if we continued on a safe enough Earth that the PLUCKING off Earth (Rapture) is not zap you are in Heaven. Heaven is a pure place, though you get a spirit body your minds spirit that was born again is not ready so nothing to the Rapture can grasp onto. The Wedding Gown is far more significant than casual thinking makes it. Jesus is to marry you and you need to be dressed for the occasion, He is not going to wait for you to dress. Being a born again Christian has nothing to do with wearing your wedding gown. It will take 1260 days to get you into a state that your Wedding Gown fits you. That is how bad 2000 years of Christianity has disobeyed God. Yes Christians and you are great wonderful people but sinners just forgiven. Though we have our life to learn about Jesus, so far death’s Gate finished the process, None has come back to tell you how that was, near death is not going through death’s gate. So we that remain and are alive need that same thing Death Gate does for the dead in Christ. About 1/3 can be refined with the refiner’s fire. The other 2/3 that died and still kept their faith gets death’s gate to get the wedding gown on. Want to be Raptured got to get through 1260 days still kicking and half the world’s population dies during that time, what’s that 50/50 chance to make it all the way?

Big part of prophecy is missing, it is the part that will help you standfast, holdfast, and persevere to the end. Begin to learn about the missing parts mainline prophecy teachers are not teaching you.

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