Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Gays in the Last Days “WHAT IS YOUR CALL?”

What is the mission of gays?

Today at 8:57am

God has a very specific plan and call for gays in the Last days. I don't talk about it much as it seems to be a never ending effort to reach the Church concerning their condemnation of gays. Today nearing 60% in some polls showing positiveness towards gays even including marriage now it this higher percentage it may be time I can spend effort is present God's call to gays. There is a very detailed progress of the stages God did in getting gays where they are today. It can actually be said that one woman psychologist in the late 40s started it secularly. God first had to get the process started with the direction to get gays off being classified as a disease. That would take 26 years. A few years before that God began to work with gay Christians. 1st Catholics 1967, then protestants 1968. The in 1969 the operating machinery for any type rights movement began for gays "the secular gay rights movement". NOW about 40 years later we are arriving at a 60% positive poll ratings appearing more often. This is the background for what is to come.

What is to come?

Today at 9:17am

During the past 60 some years gays went from a disease bound for hell by generally all the Church to a well established world wide world wide community of Christian gays and vast secular network for world gay rights ready for the next move. All those steps God was not slack but worked in training gays secular and Christan to ready themselves for the LAST DAYS' calling they have. Secular does the rights job the best, but this should be the job of the CHURCH. The past 2000 years the CHURCH always hinders rights efforts, blacks and womens rights are 2 examples. Christian fights it all the way then claim credit when it becomes mainstream. God open the doors for Christian gays which brought them to a sense of dignity they never had because of Church persecution for 700 years. I believe a new door is about to open that will bring in operation of the purpose gays have in the CHURCH. 700 years ago the CHURCH amputated gays out and since grew very sick and weak and corrupt in many ways. Gays were a necessary part of the Body of Christ. The Church has been operating without a vital organ for these 700 years and has serous flaws making the world hate it even more. The Church should be an example of Christ's love to the lost world, instead it set rules that condemn multitudes 700 million of which are gays. Now nearing the LAST DAYS serious change in "life as we know it" is about to happen. Huge numbers of Christians are about to fall away. This is not many leaving the church pastors talk about as though worldly things and evil are taking people away. The pastors often point fingers everywhere except themselves. People often leave a church NOT their faith in Jesus. The Bible says huge numbers will turn their backs on Jesus in the Last Days. There are many reasons why, I am not getting into that here except to say we live in a time that is seeing many satan counterfeits of God happening. The Church is also in the 4th level of Lev. 26's disobedience to God. Does God care about the huge migration of Christians out of faith?

Gays steps in...

Today at 9:34am

Yes God cares and is not willing that any perish. Now we can see the true calling of gays (which will appear in many diverse manners). Try to be objective and recall any talk show or TV discussion or news interviews and whatever and wherever pro-and cons on gays appear in a public media outlet. From a mile away it appears the so called Christians standing strong saying gay is sin verses the what is hyped as non-Christian meaning the evil world pro-gay group. It should not be that hard to see that the so called Christians appear to hate gays while saying they love them. They never really do much more than say it is not them it is the bible that condemns gays and they are just telling that story (not explaining how the Bible's words means gays). But over all they seem unhappy with no hope to offer and a God that seem cruel out to punish and the way out is not possible to achieve leaving a hopeless message to all gays.. Then the supposed secular anti-Christian, no Christian, evil worldly pro-gay group according to Christian thinking gay is sin display Christian LOVE as the Bible shows "unconditional love" The pro-gay side nearly always is at their heart to bridge the gap to understanding and has an arsenal of facts in their hands. Full of forgiving and kind words and at their heart love for all with no judgement. I always felt that it seemed odd the supposed non-Christian (though yes many are Christian just not as one group of gay Christians they sit in the mix of the world variety of groups so seemingly made to appear as a non-Christian after all how could any Christian support gays so they can't be real Christian. Being a Christian I felt a little uncomfortable sitting amongst the unbelieving groups though plenty of believers are seen there too. But amazingly what permeated out was the LOVED of God and the presence of God from these pro-gays side of the pro-con discussion in that media presentation. Point is why anti-gay Christians behave in what appears to be hate and the pro-gays seems to appear as Christians are suppose to be appearing to be "unconditional love"

THE training and the CALL

Today at 9:58am

God tells me, shows me, presence to me, gives me visions and dreams and reveals prophecy and much more beside the old method of downright in depth studying and getting FACTS, that gays have a specific ministry in the end times. This does not hinder or prevent or get in the way of any individual calling gays have in any of the many areas of ministry all Christian take part in. There is information in all cultures about gays being a special people relating to GOD or gods. Being acute messengers or revealers of things that God want to tell his people. I don't care to talk much on this issue since I am gay and want not to imply thinking I am special, I think all are special yet facts are facts and Ican't undue history and those culture including Christian cultures. many areas of the Bible describe a great falling away and God's love not to lose any. There is plenty showing these coming times will be shocking to many Christians and most Christian have no clue at all what God is doing in gay Christian churches. I believe most gays are not aware of their calling. They may know something is up or there maybe more, but mostly nothing is the Church or world is at the point requiring the activation of world gay Christian ministry as their end time purpose in the Church. So gay Christian play church like most str8 Christian church are playing church. Some gays know. I KNOW! When the great falling away occurs it is like night and day for gay Christians (and any gays throughout the world will be stepping in to help the issues of the tragedies coming). They will begin telling those str8 that fell Jesus has not forsaken them. You might have forsaken Jesus, but he stands with open arms ready to accept you. Those thinking gay is sin will be utterly amazed at those they persecuted are giving so much to see they return to Christ. At least 1/3 of the 700 million gays will be Christian and an arming or reconcilers. One day those of you that are str8 and think gay in and you turned your back on Jesus will see a gay person with open arm urging you back to Jesus. Huge numbers will fall and if you think you would never you might be the first to fall. This Last Days think is not going to be a Sunday picnic in the park for a preparation for eternity with Jesus Christ. A time is coming for you to be fitted for your wedding gown and they won't fit. This will not be pleasant for you and you will fight all the way the effort God puts in to get that wedding gown on your. You have to have it on, There is no other way that Rapture HOOKS can grab you. The Rapture HOOKS can only grasp the WEDDING GOWN. You will seriously consider turning your backs on Jesus. God is ready to not let you be lost. Gays whom you persecuted will restore many of you.

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