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Laying Hands on The Sick

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Laying Hands on The Sick
Faith Healing

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Luke 4:40  (King James Version)
4:40  Now when the sun was setting, all they that had any sick with divers diseases brought them unto him; and he laid his hands on every one of them, and healed them.

Jesus does heal the sick and those with physical pain and physical problems. We can say "in the Name of Jesus" which is a requirement for those laying on hands to heal someone. (this does not mean that in the move of God the person laying on hands skips a beat as many people are lined up to be healed) Jesus is the one Healing the person and is Glorified as we say "IN HIS NAME".

As we read the New Testament we see so many of the times Jesus spoke to the people he afterwards healed them and did not just quit he kept at it till all that came to him were healed. Jesus gave Himself as a roll model for ministry and said we would do greater works than he did. Often we will give room to invite people to accept Jesus as Lord and savior, but not often do we invite people to be Baptized in the Holy Spirit or physically Healed.

Make it your policy when ministering to purposely allow time not only to invite people to the Cross but also to be Baptized (in the Holy Spirit) and Headed in the Name of Jesus. Jesus is different because he is God the Son with God the Father and God the Holy Spirit. Other gods are not real (though they can seem real because there are real angels and demons and mysteries that make many gods seem real). Being a Christian means you have the REAL God and the only God. Jesus is not far off he actually come in you and "sups" with you (meaning you get a 24/7 relationship with him for ever). The only exception is if you actually turn  your back on Jesus as he will NEVER turn His back on you and no one can take you from him.

If you think no one will get healed of receive the Holy Spirit Baptism SO WHAT! Don't blame Jesus or yourself. No source is to blame. You just have a FACT you did not see the healing take place. Never ever tire of cementing in time to lay hands on the sick. Some people get the GIFTS of healing and so zap pola there they are being slain in the Spirit and getting healed go figure, the rest of us can lay hands on the sick via other gifts mainly LOVE and healing can take place. We can spend all our time trying to figure out why we can't get anyone healed (meaning we know Jesus does it so why isn't he?).

Again, just make as a foundation stone of your ministering from now on to set time enough to lay on hands. It could be just the next time. You don't get demerits for lack of faith or stop trying two minute early. Just next meeting allow the time again.  You can adjust as you figure out a style or change the style you are doing and you can easily explain what you are doing to your congregation. That you are simply going to allow time for God to move. Now, being boring may not help but faking or dishonesty may actually work to some degree after all it is faith you are dealing with and rising that level dishonestly is not going to stop people's faith from making healing happen. But  do you really want to be dishonest? We got plenty of fakers that have many ways to conjure up faith enough in people to get a spiritual move underway.

I will never ever ask you to use schemes to cause move of God to get going. You believe in Jesus Christ pour out your guts for him. There are not many rules in Jesus Christ. The rule book was our teacher (Old Testament) still of tremendous value but if you want rules then you are required to obey all the rules which never could be done and you certainly can't kill a cow today to atone for not following the rules. Your heart is where God wrote his LAW so you can live free to minister from your heart. Who knows what your talents are and how you might minister. Keep in  mind I am fully expecting you to be a decent human being and smart enough to know that a 37 years in the Assemblies of God man and a weekly TV preacher for over 27 years who accepted Jesus  Jan. 1974 is not telling go sin. Being free from the LAW is not making you outside the LAW but fulfilling the LAW by accepting Jesus' work on the Cross. Seems easy to understand but yet many would say this is condoning going out and sin all the more. So I am trusting you to not play the game that many do when is can sort of sound like I am saying being free from the LAW means do as you please. You are in Christ Jesus. Really do you go out and do as you please? I bet instead you live as best you can each day and that you are not going out to  be wild in the streets.

What I am saying is we are living in a time that Jesus will probably return while most of us are still alive should we live to old age anyway and not be killed off earlier. One could say that you can add a generation to 1948, lets pretend we all live to be 100 so them Jesus would be back absolutely by 2048, problem there is we got some 120 year olds so that would then be 2068, now science is coming up with amazing things that could extend our life considerably so this is a monkey wrench tossed in to the timeline. That said enough is in place and events so intense that it is likely to be much earlier than that. For now I see it in less than 20 years, but life is interesting we see only a small piece of the puzzle, next year we may see something that changes dates at a blink. That being said we are that generation (the last generation) just like the Apostles were in the first generation. The Apostles turned the world upside down as it is said in the Bible. The Last generation will be in the time the world is turned right side up so Jesus can reign as King.

What do you suppose being a Last Generation Christian means anyway? It means you will see the world turn right side up. Do you suppose this would be just another day go by same as the first? The Bible talks about the Move of God in people young and old in the gifts of the spirit getting more so as we get closer to his return. Another subject, we as Christians will go through 1260 days of the trib, implying even more likely of operations in the Spiritual gifts and that likely to be a larger move of God than any other time in history as it is Jesus actually returning as KING.

My point here is to encourage you to act on the tiniest bit of faith on this topic "spiritual gifts".  You all read ACTS and other areas in the Bible about these gifts and people having  the REAL God move through them. Why would  you today want to be hesitant about doing it. We love the thing "BY FAITH" we are willing to die in need be because we know we will see him. Why then as living we just add gift behaviors to our walk? Who cares how you do it whisper, shout, plan, opportunity and of course you are a decent Christian so again I am sure you know I am not preaching go wild in the streets.

Just add every time "be healed in the Name of Jesus" allow that time, ask do you need a physical healing etc.

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