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allah is the lord of moses from PalTalk chat

algaradee: allah is the lord of moses , mohamed , norah , jesus and the rest of prophets ..... n jesus is a messanger not god.... n im telling the belives about jesus in islam.... plus jesus moses ibrahim and all the prophets acame in the religon islam...

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algaradee: plus this is yur life do want every u want ...im just giving u an idea

gaysforjesus: tell me about your personal relationship with allah

gaysforjesus: I am waiting

gaysforjesus: well?

algaradee: in praying

algaradee: allah said .. call me and i will reply...

algaradee: soo we speak to him trought praying

gaysforjesus: no I am asking to tell me about you and allah doing stuff together

gaysforjesus: you know you have a mom and you and her do stuff like maybe go shopping or someting

gaysforjesus: I want to know what you and allah do together

algaradee: allah is god... n i pray to him

gaysforjesus: why can't you answer me?

gaysforjesus: I did not ask that if you pray to him

algaradee: allah is god not a human ....

gaysforjesus: I am asking on a one on one level you and he talk together and do things together

algaradee: soo we cant do things together ...

gaysforjesus: then why are you telling me about a God that does not pay attention personally to you

gaysforjesus: I much more like it when my God is inside me and talks with me and we do things together like play work and plan things

gaysforjesus: I can make him laugh at my jokes too

algaradee: y did yu have a personl thing with jesus

gaysforjesus: so tell me about the things you do with allah, or is he far to busy for you personally?

gaysforjesus: I thought all you Muslims like to show how the Bible is wrong? So I assume you should know about persopnal relationships

algaradee: sorry yur a christain n yur like dat ....

algaradee: yur beening wrong

algaradee: look at yur name.......Gaysforjesus

algaradee: how can yu say that about jesus

gaysforjesus: you see Jesus actually comes inside so there is no guessing about is he real or not since every minute of every day he is with you and you can feel him and you can talk with him and much more

algaradee: what has he beening telling yu

gaysforjesus: why are you looking at my name remember you want to tell me about allah and I am saying I would rather have a God that knows me personally and is with me in all I do like any friend would be

gaysforjesus: so why now are you looking at my screen name?

gaysforjesus: tell me what your friends talk about?

gaysforjesus: what do you do with your friends?

gaysforjesus: when you get an idea of what you do with people you know then you can begin to see what Christians have with Jesus

algaradee: cus yur name is irrataing me n my religon ..

gaysforjesus: so what

algaradee: cus i love jesus just like i love mohammed

gaysforjesus: your religion is false the Vatican invented it

algaradee: soo yur calling jesus a lier

gaysforjesus: I am trying to get you to tell me about real things you and allah do together and all you can do is say you pray to him

algaradee: if yu want me to give yu a website yu can search there

gaysforjesus: I am sorry but you seem to not understand you can't know Jesus unless you accept what he did on the CROSS as for me I been a Christian for 37 years and been preaching on TV for 27 years there simply is no way y can tell me about what the Bible says or not, I am way to well knowledgeable about th, I am also very knowledgeable about the setails on how Islam was invented

gaysforjesus: I will not go to a Muslim site I already no probably more than you about your own faith

gaysforjesus: and I know why your form or belief is as it is

gaysforjesus: you see in Saud Arabia t rulers wanted to keep control of the Government and the Islam leaders were very powerful so in agreement they gave Islam leader control of the education department

algaradee: jesus is not died n he will come back in the religon islam

gaysforjesus: did you know this?

gaysforjesus: then because of unlimited funds Those specific Islam leaders generally took of the world education or all Islam

gaysforjesus: so your specific place of worship takes orders from this Saudi Arabia educational department

algaradee: no suaid arabiah is ruled by england and america n the islamic leaders are just there

gaysforjesus: you are not listening so what if you don't know history that is no never mind to me,I o know history so if you don't want to listen that is your problem not mind

gaysforjesus: again you cannot have a relationship[ with allah because the Vatican invent that religion for a reason

gaysforjesus: allah is not a god so he cannot come and be with you

gaysforjesus: a monk found Mohammad and groomed him to be a messiah for the Arabian people

algaradee: im busy now brb

gaysforjesus: the Vatican wanted to control the Arabian people and also the Vatican wanted to own Jerusalem so they invented Islam to gain that ownership and control of the Arabians. over time Islam decided it did not want to be under Vatican rule and so then the breakaway began

gaysforjesus: allah came from the Arabian one God hat had 3 daughters and was considered a only one god god so it was a perfect choice for the Vatican

algaradee: In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful (1)

Praise be to Allah, the Cherisher and Sustainer of the Worlds (2) Most Gracious, Most Merciful (3) Master of the, Day of Judgment. (4) Thee do we worship, and Thine aid we seek. (5) Show us the straight way. clip_image002 The way of those on whom Thou hast bestowed Thy Grace, Those whose (portion) is not wrath and who go not astray. (7)

gaysforjesus: Mohammad had a devout Catholic relative and the Vatican order that person to teach Mohammad what the Vatican written Quran means

algaradee: clip_image003 In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful

Say: He is Allah the One and Only; (1) Allah, the Eternal, Absolute; (2) He begetteth not, nor is He begotten; (3) And there is none like unto Him. (4)

gaysforjesus: there are great details of these steps that brought Islam to be a religion

gaysforjesus: once again you can only read a book or quote your teachers you an not tell me what you and Jesus do together

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gaysforjesus: you pray to allah about what and what answers to you get?

gaysforjesus: do you ask for things and get them maybe within minutes or an hour or two?

gaysforjesus: are you impersonal in your praying? or do you tell allah to get you something you want?

gaysforjesus: example my car was in the shop being repaired, my insurance allowed a rental car. My lover and I had thought about buying a PT Cruiser someday. So on a 7 minute drive to the car rental I ask Jesus to get us a PT Cruiser at that car rental place. We got there no such car at all so we filled paperwork out for a car after all who cares really about a PT Cruiser or not. We just needed a temporary car so I did not really expect an answer to that prayer

gaysforjesus: as we were about to sign the paperwork take a wild guess what drove into the car rental parking lots and what we drove out with 5 minutes later?

gaysforjesus: This sort of thing is common in my life. Very often I can ask Jesus for something personal and he will give it quickly

gaysforjesus: hey how about this impossible prayer request Jesus make a UFO fly over my house

gaysforjesus: http://youtube.com/watch?v=EWmCEUaN_IU here is a video I took over my house 3 days later. The video doesn't look like much but shows and odd thing up there, I had binoculars and so saw it close up and it was a very scary UFO I can give you details on what it looked like as it was no Earth made craft.

gaysforjesus: now that is just he asking in prayers which I have gotten 1000s and 1000s of answers, I also have ben physically healed 3 times dramatically I can give those details if y like

gaysforjesus: but most of the time it is while awake I FEEL Jesus in side and I FEEL him intently listening to me and I see when I preach the fire of the anointing going forth. Others have told me they saw it too. but ordinary day is just waking up eating working and playing and e often shows his enjoyment and emotions and it is really cool to be talking about something and Jesus suddenly no warning reacts as any interested person would do. He may laugh, sometime things are quite sad but ally just daily things

gaysforjesus: where ever UI am whatever country I am in anytime I wake up and in dreams he is there

gaysforjesus: his has been going on since accepted Jan.1974

gaysforjesus: I can go into detail about anything you like on my personal relationship with him

gaysforjesus: I also can use the Bible and I know the historic facts and tons more.

gaysforjesus: That is why I NEED you to tell me about your relationship with allah and how is it better

gaysforjesus: there are two manuscripts of the Bible both translated to Latin Vulgate in the 2nd century

gaysforjesus: one is the real Bible the other a satan counterfeit Bible

gaysforjesus: so yes you can have 50,000 to 80,000 corruptions in the Bible because all modern versions are from this corrupt version

gaysforjesus: But there is one version that is from the correct true manuscripts and it had been the most popular and still is the only Bible that is correct with just a few mistakes in it.

gaysforjesus: So if you want to argue Bible be prepared to know that all Bible are not Bibles

gaysforjesus: also that is Islam you get y our Bible training from Islam teachers, you personally never studied on y our own outside your teachers. In Islam it is about the worst you can do to go outside Islam to learn them unless under your teachers guidelines

gaysforjesus: Islam spiritually exists because of Church disobedience. So you are part of Something GOD spent a lot of time building only to destroy in a moment. When Israel disobedied God, God rose superpowers to invaded Israel as punishment after God was done punishing he restored Israel and destroyed the superpower he spent a long time building

gaysforjesus: God spent a long time build Islam because the Church was always disobeying God, Islam as you know pretty much hates Christianity, this is because Islam exist as a spanking rod to the Church, once the Church gets spanked and God is done with that God will destroy Islam in a very short time

gaysforjesus: so hey go ahead and believe in Islam if you want but Islam is just a spanking rod and soon will be tossed out

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