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Response to Evangelist Fahim

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I am serving as a Evangelist here in Arifwala city and surrounding village areas from last 5 years.

Good to hear.

From last 2 years we are running an awesome project called Bible village reader. Under this project we are training young Christian boys and girls as future leaders of Christian community.

Hopefully you know the difference between training and conditioning. So many think witnessing and teaching are the same. Teaching means you must know the subject, witnessing you simply are telling you experiences with Jesus. Often teaching really is keep traditions and customs ongoing and not real Bible and History.

We are training them how to read URDU Bible Clear and laud to their families and communityes.

Don’t know URDU Bible, but unless it is from the KING JAMES Bible (which is from the RECEIVED TEXT of the 2nd century’s copies of the originals) then any modern version Bible in founded in Westcott and Hort’s corrupt translation of the 1880s.

Till now we have 15 young students those are under training.


We are printing Bible tracts and distributing them to the lost people and distributing Free Urdu Bibles to the deserving people those have none.

Every human is deserving (actually none deserve, it is by grace we are saved).

You will be surprised to know that here in our areas even believers don’t have bible copies at their homes to study; they have to wait till Sunday to hear the word of God.

Not surprised, most of Christianity up to recent times did not have Bibles of their own. Now there are many many modern English versions that are satan counterfeits (Westcott and Hort). But great you are getting Bibles into many people’s hands.

So our Church tries our best to bless these deserving people with the Bible copies.

Sorry, but “deserving people” is not Bible, all have sinned and come short of the Glory of God. So I just need to point out that the worst of sinners is your word “deserving” would apply to them as much as it applies to those you have given Bible to already.

We are trying to reach out as many souls we can with the word of God.

Blessed are the feet that bring the Gospel.

Please always remember us in your prayers. We will appreciate your Love and prayers.

Will do this.

I really lke your wonderfull work that you are doing

Hard to know if you really know what I am doing. My website is and yes I preach the Gospel as a Pentecostal Christian (speaks in tongues and have healing ministry) but most importantly my main calling is to show that all Christians that remain alive we not get Raptured before the Tribulation period, but instead will go through 1260 days of shaking (chastisement, sort of punishment) for church wide sins of the past 2000 years. As an institution, the Church has not been very obedient and often persecuted many innocent people. Christian at every chance love to condemn anything they don’t like and say God hates it. So my message can be very frank and hard towards Believers. I see that it is so very important that Christians needs to BE washed during a 1260 day period to in able the plucking off Earth called the rapture by many Christians. This 1260 days is likened to the time Blood was painted of the door posts and door mantles during the Passover so the first born would not die that night. This 1260 days will be a time of washing away of customs, traditions, false doctrines and a time the God answers the prayer of the innocent ones persecuted by the Church during the past 2000 years. Those rejecting this washing will not be clean enough to be plucked off Earth and so will have to go through the final 1260 days and if they survive that even worse time they will go into the 1000 year reign of Jesus on earth. During this time of the shaking huge numbers of Christians will turn their back on Jesus because the message of the TWO witnesses seems to harsh for them. My ministry tries to convey the many methods of deceptions an how it will effect Christians in their daily life. I believe if you know what sort of deceptions are coming (and are here now) you will be better able to stand fast and persevere through the coming days.

The other main calling of my ministry is specifically to the false condemnation of gays. There are 14 to 18 verses used for the past 700 years Christian use to condemn gays. There is a very detailed history about how these verses came to be the anti-gay doctrine. It started for the specific goal to create scandal so Christian leaders (namely Catholic) could purge other leaders from office that did not have the same ideals as they had. So they created a false doctrine saying gay is sin and used verses that pertain to gang rape and male temple prostitutes and so conditioned people so they see no reason to research this doctrine and so it is very very hard to show anyone that a male temple prostitute and a gay person are very very different. God even so has in just half a century has brought gays dignity and as we see today it is a concern to these Christians that say gay is sin that the world is so accepting of gays even to the point of legalizing marriage. This is a miracle from God with a history and detailed background.

So when you say you like my wonderful work it should mean you know I am gay and that I speak on this issue as well as the last days.

i want to work with you i can do translation englsih to urdu and punjabi so that herein paksitan chrsitian people may read them and grow in their faith. it will be a wonderfull blessing for all of us.

You certainly can translate anything on any of my websites and blogs and other sites. At least one person in every country has watched my weekly TV programs. Many Christian ministers in Pakistan have contacted me and many Pakistan gays have chatted with me. I don’t have a specific ministry to Pakistan, but happy to chat about anything. If your desire is money in any form then you came to the wrong place. I just not going to be a ministry that support other ministries in their finances or material needs. Being on TV and having a website brings so many Christians begging for money and other material support. I would be happy to correspond (chatting, email) and talk about anything you like. My ministry policy is if $$$ is involved it is not out of my pockets.

i am looking forward for you kind response, GBU

I am not necessarily kind to ministries that come to me, because they often have a motive that is not in the first correspondence. I am very much a servant of the Lord first and foremost, but will not hesitate to stand up to false doctrines that has made slaves of so many Christians.

Pakistan is certainly not western, but where ever the Church goes they most often bring their baggage of customs and false doctrines to any foreign land the take the Gospel. Pakistan’s Christians have to face the real issue of Islam, which is like Christianity in that they love their leaders and hate facts and history research. So, Muslims don’t know that The Vatican invented Islam or would reject anything showing they did. Christians also don’t know this and so treat it like a standard “other gods” religion in their witness to them. I have chatted with 1000s of Muslims and know their style of attempting to convert people to Islam. How you came to Christ and how much of a problem Islam is for your walk you did not mention. You may have little trouble or a lot of trouble. For a westerner Pakistan is primarily Islam and so Christian would have a major part of their live with issues a country that is predominantly Islam. I think Islam was risen up to shake the Church. God rises nations of un-belief to punish God’s people when the are in disobedience. This does not mean Pakistan Christians but the whole Church. After the purpose of shaking God’s people is done God then destroy that disbelieving nation he rose up. I think Christians living in Islam countries have a message and perspective that can help all Christians. But any Christian anywhere is in the middle of 2000 years of Christian groups trying to say their way is right and the other Christian group is wrong. Today the Church is very much a part of giving power to THE Anti-christ. Often directly and also indirectly. Christians today are the Last Days’ Christians and they will see the time Jesus returns and so are confronted with so much that sitting back and not watching should not be an option.

Your in Christ,

Evangelist Fahim John


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