Saturday, August 15, 2009


From: Dildar Pervez []
Sent: Friday, August 14, 2009 8:16 AM
Subject: Opportunity for you broadcast your programs in Pakistan on our cable TV FTN

My weekly TV programs are aired every week : Sundays at 7 am and Wednesdays at 12:30 am “Live Streaming” on Seattle, Washington USA time (Pacific Standard Time). You are welcome to copy them and air them on your cable free of charge to you and no charge to me for Pakistan cable airing. If you want the high quality disk version they would come four 28 minute programs on a DVD in mpeg2 format. I have many programs on my website, but they are in a very poor quality real video 4 Mb size files at also in much better quality around eight minute clips on http://youtube/gays4jesus. If you want specific topic messages on any subject I would be happy to work that out. My Blog:

Conditions are simple: NO MONEY out of my pocket and “Self addressed paid postage” for DVD disks if you want me to mail you any disks.

I love the Lord. My programs have been seen in every country by at least one person. I have been on air since 1985. I have not had to pay a single dollar and don’t intend to start now. If your motives are good and you really want my programs and are not just trying to drum up funds I would be happy to chat or email correspondence and discuss anything and see if we could give each other what God is showing us. If your motive is just a mass emailing anyone that has anything Christian in their online names and sites then I am not interested in correspondence as this is nothing to do with real and personal love of God and real honoring of the appearance on your message in your email subject title. Here in my city we have a station that is FREE to air programs from ordinary people and I could very easily add a clip from you into my scheduled time on TV. I would not hesitate to do this not asking for a penny (it would have to be limited to a short clip and not a regular message slot. I also and quite happy to add some sort of regular 5 second or so plug for your ministry if your ministry is really as claimed. I accept support and prayer for my ministry as well and my website has a link to support me.

So many ministries contact me in a begging fashion assuming because I am a TV preach I ought to give them money. That just can’t happen so I hope you understand and that you are not motivated by expectations of receiving financial support from my ministry. On the other hand I expects miracles everywhere my message is heard and know if motives focus on Jesus and not the DOLLAR then Jesus can move freely and BLESS as he will.

In Christ Jesus


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