Sunday, May 17, 2009

Well, I think Jesus is a good symbol for homosexuality


Anonymous 2/14/09

well, I think Jesus is a good symbol
for homosexuality,

Jesus is more than a good symbol and not just for gays, but every human.

 because he was always between men and loves men and had no woman and no kids.

In Jesus’ day women were more property than people. Jesus selecting all men for Apostles did not make him gay or prejudice against women. There are many books some hints Jesus had a woman others hint he had a guy. Jesus is Creator not an orientation. Jesus is with you 24/7 so in your marriages do you tell Jesus wait in the living room while you are with your spouse? We have 2000 years to see how much Jesus loves women as many were mightily used of God. It is man that downgraded women not God. Jesus came with a purpose to save mankind out of sin. He did not come to live an ordinary life as a family man. Relating Jesus to your regular married family man can’t be possible, he came to die and raise back to Heaven. God is not respecters of persons people are. He is with you no matter who you area and saves you is you accept him by faith as the only begotten Son of God.

I was a boy from 14yo and did not believe in Jesus, because I like girls and women and the followers from Jesus were men and not married and had no children.

What a shame that a male could be so paranoid about Jesus hanging out with men that he chose to be his Apostles. However, often str8 men go bananas in a rage when any hint from anyone that he might be gay. Str8 men will quickly fight is called gay. Sad conditioning has made so many Christians have a warped thought pattern after all what an excuse to not believe in Jesus.

I leave the church and came never back.

Again so sad a person left the church based on him thinking Jesus was gay.

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