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If you really believed Jesus could heal "Another anonymous "

Another anonymous  

If you really believed Jesus could heal

Absolutely Jesus can and does heal. He healed me of 3 major physical conditions. 1st: I was sick with something for over 30 days. Most of that time is was extremely strong flu like condition and such pain worst that I ever had. Christmas Eve on a Indian Reservation it got worse and I still stubborn would not say take me to a hospital. The nearest was 60 miles away. Near midnight I got out of bed and raised my arms asking Jesus to heal me and suddenly instantly a very warm oil like fluid feeling poured onto my head and as it poured down I was healed above and sick below that oil. It reached my wastes and stopped and I was about at the stage of a normal end of a cold all in about 2 minutes. It was a fantastic feeling and the love of the Lord was tremors. Another at this same house on the Indian reservation years later I ate a rotten piece of meat, very stupid as it was spotted with green and I said just cut out that green and cook it really good I will be fine (other choice was to eat intestines which I would not do) well next day I had the worst case of food poisoning and I thought I would die. Again, 60 miles away from hospital and I sitting in an outhouse is unimaginable pain. That out house had no door and faced east. I called on Jesus to heal me and instant out of the north I saw the Holy Spirit pour southward along the hills about a mile away. He got directly east then poured down and when I saw it at my head level though a mile away my body began to tingle all over and my eyes began to flood with tears of God’s love for me, It was an overwhelming love, This last about 3 minutes and took another 5 to settle down. I was healed, that night my lover and I left for home. I drove from 3am to 1 pm stopped at my mom’s then left as it was getting dark. On the freeway the cars coming towards me headlight were bright (just the usual brightness) So hap hazardly almost joking not expecting an answer I asked God to make those headlights not so bright. Suddenly out of the freeway concrete came shadows that reached up to the headlights of every car for 30 minutes until I got off the off ramp near home. Lastly , but first of the 3 was I was watching Pat Robertson’s 700 Club (70s) He said to viewers put hand on pain area, well I was healthy and really had nothing to really do, so I thought hmmm dumb but hey LA smog does case pain and it was heavy that day and I did have smog pain which was normal and typical pretty much often so I placed my hand on my chest and the other towards the TV as he requested. WOW ZAP kaboom, suddenly I felt my chest swell up and from the outside to the center of my chest I felt something rush then it came out and sudden relaxed. Smog totally gone and from that day to this never even a hint of that kind of pain again. I also have many not so dramatic healings as well, so yes I believe Jesus HEALS.

you would ask him to heal you of all your sin,

Sins are acts people do not a disease. When you come to Christ and pray the sinner’s prayer you ask forgiveness of all your sins. These are past present and future sins. We will always sins and it never hurts to ask forgiveness from time to time, those making it a daily ritual close so much of Jesus and why he came to set people free. You can’t be sin free and if you were to say don’t sin you mean Moses’ law and that every jot and title must be obeyed or you are in sin. We never ever keep the Sabbath and this was a forever LAW. (Sabbath is kept in our hearts as we stand faithful to the Lord of the Sabbath Jesus Christ). There are only 14 possible verses the Church uses to condemn gays. These verses were selected 700 years ago for a reason and it was not to condemn gays, but to purge leaders from power by making a scandal. To say gay is sin means you need to produce Bible words and phrases that really talk about gays and not gang rapists and temple prostitutes.

the spirit of homosexuality is an unclean spirit.

If this was that simple there would be no gays as every Christian can rebuke unclean spirits. What more homophobes have no excuse for if they say the gay person wants the unclean spirit so that’s why they don’t come out when another Christian commands it not Bible, the Bible says the demon does come out but returns with 7 worse demons so you would get absolute proof that gay is sin because you cast out that demon and later he brought 7 worst ones so you would see a 7 times worse behavior out of those gays you cast out unclean spirits. A simple process never used by homophobes. Bob Larson once asked me to come to his ministry so he could cast out demons from me. When I said that he can be free as a bird to do whatever he likes as long as he needs to me over me at me or at the demons or whatever, then it will be my turn to minister to him the word of God and in the power of the Holy Spirit. In this way we can assure all his TV viewers and others that he did what he claims which has become the foundation of his ministry or that God is with me and God will stand by me as I speak in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. This is my challenge to any homophobe. Let’s gather together under a pastor and seek God your church first to do all you know in Christ Jesus, then you allow me to do what I know in the Lord Jesus. God will move. I will cheat because I already know the results. Gay is not sin and Jesus is not asking the gay person to change and be str8.

It defiles your body.

650 million gays in the world please I beg you to start the parade of gays. Defiled bodies are not invisible. Romans 1:28-32 is very much something people can easily see so these 600 million gays in the world you should be able to get tons of them or tons of documentation of this evilness you are claiming as defiling their bodies. There are huge numbers of gay Christians and a Christian is unique because they have a personal walk with Jesus one on one 24/7so they have a testimony to go through to have a reality check on your claim of defiled body.

If you really asked the Holy Spirit for revelation on this I believe that He would show you why you were created perfectly male, with reproductive parts to procreate and bring you a wife and children.

Not to boast but I cannot close my eyes to sleep without being drawn up in a vision. Extraordinary things God shows me in visions, and he send me people with firsthand knowledge about coming events and past events. When I accepted Jesus my 1st prayer was to show me the fact that if gay is sin that is really is sin. Because Christians it was well known to just say God hates gays and the Bible condemned gays. One does not come to Christ to follow after lies. Homophobes seem to love the lie that gays justify their gayness. Gays come to Christ because Jesus is the truth and the way and the life. They do not come to Jesus to be a con artist. They study; they do not go off to false doctrines and find those that have some sort of cultic guruish spiritualism. I  have been in the Assemblies of God for 35 years hardy a denomination to go out on a limb with a strange new false doctrine. Tons of gay sites on the web you can go look at the detail many gay Christian have gotten in researching facts and history. You get source info dates and so much about Hebrew/Greek. When you go to a homophobic website you do not get any of this, you just get wonderings as in a game to play with souls trying to find what unrelated verses can be added to assumed meanings which have no backbone. So many lies about gays. It is as though these homophobes thinks gays will suddenly see the light because hey look every human in Sodom cam to rape to death 2 angel even a baby knows this means gay is sin. What do you think is this how you want to present your message to gays. Gang rape means gay is sin, 600 million gays you just are not going to get them to think because you say they are gang rapist that they are gang rapist. Sodomite is another one, it means male temple prostitute. Well the 600 million gays are not buying that one, They know for a fact they do not belong to a fertility temple and are selling their bodies to str8 men. So if yo got so much revelation that gay is sin share this info. When God shows me something in a vision he backs it up with strong facts that are confirming things are going to happen. Other things God shows me that I don’t have any facts or other helpful back up I tone down or don’t mention it as it is useful for me alone for a blessing of faith to God’s revelation to me. Seems to me that homophobe act of how they feel and they feel str8 sex is awesome and they feel gay sex is disgusting. Well this is not how you decide gay is sin. Str8 means you don’t want gay sex so leave it at that why do you have to say God hates gay sex. You are very wrong again as I have said 600 million gays out there and a lot are Christians and God is as much with them as he is with you and you cannot do anything about it except figure out that you need to find out why if gay is sin God gives such blessings to gays and is so loving and caring (besides all the usual valleys all Christians go through gays are not immune to valleys, but valleys are not punishment they are lessons)

 He would completely heal you!

January 27, 1974 at 9:45 pm at Hawthorne Memorial Hall at a Doug Clarke prophesy rally I got completely healed. All these years later even though my ministry is directed at homophobes so I get a huge number of bashing Jesus keeps me and has answered 1000s of prayers and healed me physically. Homophobes hate gay testimonies because it contradicts what the homophobes thinks it should be. Homophobes don’t want to hear how much God blesses gays so they ban gays from  any sort of testimony time in church so you never ever get to hear gay testimony, what a shame you have to go through life thinking your brothers and sisters in Christ are living is sin as you are charging them, when in fact they are innocent and that those charges will one day be placed on your shoulders to bare.

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