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Trying to get much more info on Brant Baker

Response to a comment from one of my Blogs

Hi thanks for your follow-up post, my added comment is on a broader picture than perhaps the scope you implied in your comments

I worked in the music ministry of Shekinah fellowship during its Long Beach days.

I really enjoyed that large choir am I right as I recall Brant inherited Kathryn’s choir? I have Shekinah Fellowship Album from the 80s.

Brant was known to have come out of a gay "past" as had many other guys in the ministry.

So, this is outright saying Brant was gay? “out of a gay past” indicates he once was gay but something change and he is not gay now. Should this be true, then why would Paul Crouch erase Brant from recorded existence? I would agree many that were regulars that I saw during the several times I went to his services would certainly seems gay (not many stereotype, but this weird process many call gaydar.

Brant certainly channeled KK and was reported to have suddenly become possessed of her mannerisms, etc., after a critical visit to her ministry

Channeled? Channeled is a demonic practice. I worked for a company that sold audio cassettes probably the person that has the largest fanfare, she channeled some master from the other side. So you may have made a play on words, but it was likely like another close contact to Brant said in private gatherings they had with a group of friends. Just dressing up like Kathryn where if you did not know better you would think it was her. And another reference to demonic action, which I personally think disgusting of you as a supposed Christians to being defining action in satanic terms about a person that has about the most fantastic ministry is a great while (at least from the view of and outsider looking in from those that came to see him preach and hope to get healed). I was also impressed when I saw Kathryn Kualman’s services on TV. And still this point has little meaning. Gay transvestites are great actors and they get quite involved in whom they are impersonating and often take a liking to a specific character. This is not remotely related to terms like possessed so those that reported it as possession were not in touch with real life themselves. (personally I am not at all into opposite sex dressing but respect those that do it well).

I can confirm "anonymous's" claim about Brad's brother Kevin as well. Kevin was a nice guy and routinely had "temptation" trouble in local gay restroom haunts, etc.

Confirmation is centered on making restrooms a focal point. Fact is around the 12th century when the false anti-gay doctrine was invented it began to force gays into not the normal accustom fashion of people meeting for intimate relationships. Str8 could meet about anywhere, but gays would be harassed even at the slightest hint of intimacy. I personally would not got to parks or bushes or places that if seem may appear all you are doing is waiting for sex. I sort of old fashion and like being asked out on a date or asked to have this dance. However, many people just can’t afford to have any sort of relationship and are forced into a manner that would seem offensive to most. Once anyone gets use to a anonymous sex style it become pretty much their norm. I can fairly certainly say that what maybe ordinary sexual immorality if str8 did it as it were, when gays do it for said reasons the sins are charge to the Christian church on a Church wide charge. This means in that day the shaking begins the Church will be spanked for church wide sins. So be sure if you are a part of forcing gays into a way of sex styles normally would be sin God sees it as you doing the sinning not the actual person that has found it the only way they can know to have an intimate life with anyone. The are 660 million gays so most gays in the world do not run off to restrooms. So focusing on Kevin’s restroom activities is crude and showing lack of knowledge on why and who. Because you don’t like something does not place an act as temptation. Str8 Christians that are married and having regular sex often stand up and shout out to others that are gay and single that any attempt at having a relationship is bowing to temptation. It can be shown 69% of str8 single Christians have sex on their first dates. So bringing up restrooms without presenting Kevin’s personal testimony is like saying all str8 men fantasize about having sex with 2 lesbians. It really is not necessary to bring up unless some details of the processes are also included. Gay topics can be sensitive and so like many large companies and police forces do when their staff appears to abuse people with stereotyping with the negative they send them to sensitivity classes.

Joe Dallas also came out of Shekinah and knew Brant well - he is now a major "ex-gay" counselor and psychologist who, according to rumors, was heavily influenced by Brant's death to renounce a gay Christian lifestyle and go back to straightdom.

So your information about Joe leave a ton of info out that leads to misleading conclusions. Knowing Brant well implies he knew Brant was gay, perhaps knew Brant thought gay was sin and was going to Desert Stream (if he was) and so aids had to be God’s punishment for being gay (very very commonly thought by Str8 Christians in the day Brant died). My 35 years research into ex-gays including detailed research into Desert Stream (had several ongoing email with the leader of DS at that time in the 80s though not sure the year) I know Desert Stream lied vehemently about gays and they practically discarded any sort of concept of present Bible study results (as most Christians today do that think gay is sin). It might also imply that he knew Brant like dressing up as Kathryn and acting like her and generally it was a fun party atmosphere during a time Brant was still in Marihuana. So it was not until Brant died that Joe connected aids to gay is sin beside all the surrounding Christians condemning gays. My research into over 100 ex-gay ministry leaders and founders show most had very little if any Bible training and grew up in very strict Christians homes. Most were bisexual too. To be a counselor and psychologist and ex-gay counselor means you either went to college got a license which means you know in detail the findings even back in the 80’s that gay is not a disease and as a few years went by that there was nothing harmful or wrong with gays. Now to still think gay is sin means you must have went to a Bible college again I am the expert and contacted Bible colleges galore talk to many professors and students, gay just is not taught and what is said about gays is not much more than quoting the 700 yr old false anti-gay doctrine. It is very sad thing to hear someone having no resource to turn to except homophobic church during the death of a friend. Now you add this friend was used mightily of God to save and heal 1000s maybe 10s of 1000s. So surrounded by the group that promptly erased Brant Baker (TBN) and so any source he would have is gay is sin so change. I know the horrible words people say. Even today regularly this one Christians from Christian chat room always pops up on my ask asked me if I got aids yet. In the 80s maybe stupidity about aids was excusable, but in 2008 it is not excusable. Percentagewise more str8s have aids and dwarfs gays in numbers. Also so many disease target specifics. Brest cancel I don’t need to explain this. People get sick. Horrors of horrors it is a highly likely probability aids want created by the US govt. Again another story. The history of ex-gays in documented it now and even way back then could be said “no such thing as ex-gays” Today we got tons of data and follow up. I get so many ex-gays from the most educated to ex-gay leaders and founders to ex-gays swearing to me they are delivered and yet none are. Within a few questions it is easy to show they are not changed. Joe like most of the ex-gays leaders and counselors come into this function become of not studying. Of course there is a lot more to all this than my simple conclusions. But I go into the ex-gay questions elsewhere. It is really bad that those that believe so strongly won’t even allow a gay person to talk let alone give testimony in their church or anywhere.

So rapping this up I want to say I did not intend to make this a direct comment to Dave Koerner and it is not met to be read as a direct response to him. I would like Dave to give a bit more detail as he seems to vaguely say he is one that believes gay is sin, but somehow managers not to be direct in giving details about his comments. Sounds like he knows more than he wrote that would give a better understanding to a man that spent years and started becoming a national ministry and often on TBN with really very good quality ministry with a amazing choir participation in the healing part of the service. That he so influenced Benny Hinn that Benny’s ministry if near a fraud counterfeit of Brant’s. What Brant did with Kathryn Benny did with Brant. It is a known fact Benny did hang around Brant. Hearing old recording of Brant makes you wonder if Brant was copying Benny, but the fact is Brant was dead a decade almost before anyone knew Benny existed.

Please, people give honor to whom honor is due. Brant perhaps was the first heavily anointed gay faith healer and certainly one that was gain fame rapidly with styles that has so influenced modern Christianity of current day. He did not have the luxury of many resources of the gay community today. In his day most gay resources were secular and the common one were usually bars. Some gay churches were beginning to gain some national and even international growth like MCC, but I remember nearly all the MCC’s I went to back then were a place the very obviously gay people went and they were about as far from Pentecostal as you can get. I felt quite out of my comfort zone in gay Christian church, but their message was about as right on as any church denomination you would go to. MCC LA had about 3000 in it congregation and enough gays present to get a feel of nearly in a regular church because more gays that looked just like anyone you see anywhere and would have no idea they were gay was there. Most gays you would not know by seeing them.

It would be nice if Dave could have added info about Brant’s attempts at searching truth in gay resources if he had this. So far all my reading about Brant show no hint Brant did not more than his clothing store and upper class drug parties which apparently were mainly gays, but not real info on this, people talking about him does not say they were gay parties.

In the 80s aids was in the USA spread generally 2 ways drug needles and gay sex, Brant talks about Marihuana and this is not needles so that really says he got it from sex. It also was known those using various drugs let many guards down and so sex practices could place one in too many partners and so forth. After the 80s more knowledge became more available and we began to see actual aids numbers were large in str8s. This was noted in several counties that fit perfect into conspiracy theories. I have seen incredible documentation from scientist on this. Besides so much info that demand a verdict aids is very very likely to have been manufactured. Those that research into the biological warfare thing get really powerful info concerning the manufacturing of virus to kill populations. The very locations on Earth where aids is mainly str8 are the people that the elite wants killed off. Bad as this sounds anyone that rejects so much info is burying their face in the sand, They just don’t want to see it.

Dave writes as those he leans towards gay is sin, I hope I am wrong but I am probably not. This area of gays being used by God is very interesting to me. I have so many visions from God about openly gay ministers having similar ministries as Brant had. Brant lived in a day the closet is where gays had to stay when publically have Christian ministries. TODAY gays Christians need not to fear their str8 Christian brothers and sisters. TODAY is the day Pentecostal gays will take the reins. Previously non-Pentecostal gays held the reigns of gay Christians return to dignity. They did well, they laid the foundations and made strong the way. Pentecostals are not necessarily as patient. Like Azusa street began the modern day Pentecostal movement it took centuries of non-Pentecostals paving the way tediously breaking the ground enduring long periods as they lay the framework in which Pentecostal could rise and take the world with leaps never before seen, more people in the world can see the move of God at the same time than every other time combined. But as with all Christianity reins must be given over to the new times and season and moves of God. How willingly will those seated in high Christian place yield to God coming messengers. You think Azusa street or previous faith healing ministries of the past were something to see, nothing yet since Jesus has ever been seen or will again than what will be seen when Pentecostal gays are fully awaken and given the reins. Brant Baker was a taste just a half spoonful to get an idea. Lonnie first Jesus Freak, in Vineyard church’s history page gives 1980 saying Lonnie said “come Holy Spirit” and Vineyard church grew about a fast as any church ever did.

I can’t even get through a day without the presence so powerful of the Lord that this coming changing of the guard is just about to happen. What will be seen will be amazing. It is hard to explain. Today we got so hypocritical and so many think the church is corrupt we all gone so far astray how is it that we can even call over selves God’s People we have so venture into disobedience and we truly believe our disobedience is actually us obeying God. Church wide God’s people need to be brought back. Go figure those it hated the most are the very ones that will get them back on course for God.

As Always I want to end begging those that read this still thinking gay is sin that you would please please please explain how you get words in the Bible to talk about real gays. What is simply not found in any group, church, or person saying gay is sin is an explanation of a verse, a word, or a phrase they claim means it is talking about gays. 14 verses in that antigay doctrine what can be so hard as to present info that words like sodomite mean gays instead of male temple prostitutes or where did Paul see gays so he could write about gays. Best I ever hear is “it is simple” “God hates it” “its in the Bible” or they quote one of those 14 verses. For them they did God’s duty and I should just accept what they said is final and means gay is sin. They love to say if I so much as try to use any source then I am twisting the word. Well my begging has resulted in total failure still over 800,000 plus homophobes later still no one that thinks gay is sin will explain how they get gays into the Bible. Rape to them means gays, I don’t understand it please help me know how 1000s of males and females raping to death 2 angels makes gay sin. Then right after this Lot’s daughters raped him and had babies. Wasted time asking any person that thinks gay is sin, but I will go on asking one would think if gay was such a sin then it would really be pretty easy to present some strong Bible facts and historical facts about Paul and others of that day showing this was sin Biblically speaking. This last paragraph was to try to hit home further meaning gay is not sin just alone based on no one can back up their mouths against gays.

Thanks for your time
God Bless you

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