Tuesday, January 29, 2008

UFOs are they part of the plan?

We hear a lot about UFOs and it does not seem to matter how much info is on them or how many seen them up close and personal it is never good enough. BUT is there some sort of connection to you as a Christian?

Right now what everything is about is Christians. This is a flat out bottom line FACT. May sound not appropriate to say, but my point is on my BLOG I am a Christian not any other religion so for me this means BIBLE or nothing. This does not mean because some cannot find it or just can't see it in the Bible does not mean it is not in the Bible.

Point is as Christians we should have a starting point to prove all things. Usually science sort of starts with what is seen then try to figure it out and the Bible is simply not an ingredient most of the time. We would be far more advanced if science would start with the Bible and sort out information seen to clear out or advance on the issues of science.

So Christians should realize what ever is heard out there may have roots in the Bible. Just because something is from a New Age source does not mean it has to be completely wrong. Humans are very interesting they really do want and seek truth which has many barriers.

There are elaborate UFO ALIEN stories that gives us an account of all history back a billion years to beings of light that are going to arrive here soon in our life time. It is easy to toss them all out, but tossing them out means you may actually lost something of value called TRUTH.

Most popular story is in a planet size spaceship many species of intelligent aliens are coming to Earth to change life as we know it. Some aliens are good some not so good. Point is you know for a fact this story cannot be truth as told because you know the ending of the story and the story does not end with aliens arriving at Earth to change us.

But why this story and why the elaborate mechanisms of elements of the story that details so many aspects of these coming aliens that will be headed up by beings of light that are over 1 billion years old?

Well not wanting to go into details you can read all these stories yourself my point is elements in most everything in the world have deep roots into traces to the real story which we see in the Bible. Even the Bible is so coded that we hardly get very far in understanding the vastness of God and Jesus Christ let alone how that vastness can be so personal with us individually.

Not only is it exciting to think about UFOs (on my YouTube site I have several clips and on it is of a 4 second clip of a UFO that flew over my house while people are watching my other clips the UFO on this day of writing this blog had 825 hits compared to 30ish hits of other clips) it is really curious how they may fit into GOD and the Bible. Some people want to turn everything God into a UFO or Alien no matter how clear the Bible explains it is God.

When talking about things that could explain real aliens and UFOs the Bible tends to be very vague. But it does have some areas that gives you clues that comes to light with modern discoveries. Lots of Christians can see God gave Lucifer orders to create (actually manufacture, satan can't create) intelligent beings. Enough vague info and facts exists to make a nice story that could be somewhat like what happened. Before Adam and before water covered the Earth that was there before Adam the Earth had a vibrant population of intelligent beings and so did most likely all the planets. These are what Lucifer made and they populated all the Solar System.

This story may seem far fetched, but like I am trying to say is something very big was going on before time as we know it. As Christians there existed no time with out God and without other beings like angels at least. We call our last 6000 years as Christians "time" and in 1000 years this thing called "time" will go back to before Adam's time. ETERNITY we call it. Today we can look at NASA photos of Mars and other planets and see what looks like great destruction. Lots of explanations but few related to God.

We know God came and talked at length with Moses, after all 40 days and nights twice and them often in his tent. Jesus was 3 years with his disciples and they say all the book in the world could not contain the things he said a did during those 3 years.

Then of all things we got the bazaar ingredients. We got folk that God zapped them to the far reaches of the universe and shown them tons much they can't explain and much they turned into doctrines and occultics works. When humans get a good zap from God it sort of makes us think we know the truth and so how we tell other is absolute instead of WOW what an experience now how can I explain this or figure out what it means.

Problems with getting zapped is we see what is shown us and we forget the Bible is still there and nothing past away in it and all things still has to be confirmed by it or else all you have is an interesting experience that was astounding to say the least but taken out of context of the Bible it becomes another bazaar tail.

Today people see things touch things are shown things and they have a powerful drive to tell others. Testing these stories is not something you do to prove them a liar (I am talking about genuine people that really got zapped as it were) They are trying to tell what they experienced and this has to be compared to what they already know about life and already conditioned to.

I can truthful say I saw a UFO I got 4 second of video, but with a camera that could only show a tiny shinny speck. I did not think of have time to get my other camera that had a tri-pod and could zoom in close enough to show the bolts it was put together with. But I did grab my binoculars and saw the UFO up close. 100% guaranteed it was nothing possible on Earth and I am quite the avid secret govt researcher to all thing they have in the works in regards to secret aircraft or the like. I also handed the binoculars to another person who saw and described the same thing I saw. It looked like it was a fighter battle ship from starwars. It did not look peaceful.

So I can truthfully say I saw something and no skeptic would be right to say I saw swamp gas. But I cannot tell you what it really is because it did not land and they did not get out to introduce themselves. Some people say this has happened to them. But what does the Bible say?

The Bible does not say aliens can come in and take over, but it does say satan sown tares in the fields with the wheat. The Bible says those that came down had sex with Earth women and their children became famous men. History and some elite groups actually claim to be their descendants and these people are not fly by night flakes but very high up in the elite one world government leadership.

Also there is strange information about our technologies that indicate NASA can use the sky as a horizon to horizon video monitor. So many possible answers can be the truth about strange things we see up close, but unless we associate them with the Bible you will be gradually convinced the bible can't be true and what you see hear touch smell and taste must be real after all.

The Bible says we will be terrified what we see in the sky, it does not say what we see is what it is. We need to become scared out of our wits so we can beg Antichrist to save us. As Christian we assume we do not need satan to save us because we have Jesus so salvation is secure.

If salvation was so secure why so much detail about the coming terror? Is God scaring us to accepting Jesus? No God is not even giving it a thought that we should be scared into accepting Jesus. If we get scared into accepting Jesus then we came to Jesus not for forgiveness of sins but out of fear of what we see in the sky.

I find all this info about many things really exciting because people discover things we miss and we can glean out something from them. This has to be done with the consideration of how are you looking at their info. Up front they are flat out wrong there is no other god and no other way so their way will not prepare you for eternity at all you are doomed from the get go. Again I am not trying to be sarcastic about other religions or beliefs outside religion, but I am speaking to those that call themselves Christians. Christians are truth seekers and eternity is with Jesus Christ. Get some other idea about the Bible or being a Christian and you are on the road to accepting the New World Order and Antichrist.

Fake Rapture, fake second coming counterfeits of everything God are well established and ready to be turned on if not already effecting you. It is important to Christians to figure out they are not the past 2000 years of Christianity. You are the Last Days Christians. It is different now. Corruption is very deep in those that control the church. Most often 33rd degree Mason control vast groups of Christians, modern versions are conditioning you to accept Antichrist and what are you doing defending these modern versions?

One world religion groups are very much part of every day church life. This is like satan and Jesus is holding hands going out into the world to do good deeds together. WE vote into power leaders that are directly supporting a one world government. We could figure it out and run write in campaigns but instead we listen to what sounds the best and if they hate what you hate that is your choice. So we allow candidates to run that we can know beyond doubt with our great resources that the are 33rd degree Masons.

33rd and above Mason believes Lucifer never fell and is god and that GOD is the evil god.

Many of us claim to be Pentecostal but somehow it is really hard to find healing rallies. Jesus what did he do? He got 12 guys together (indications is he did not magically pick them, but already knew them and they could most likely have known him and so that day came and he said come with me they dropped everything and went with him. Then what? Seems like every time Jesus spoke he held a healing rally and every sick person got healed. He said we'd do more then he did.

It is about all we can do is at some point is a sermon have a invitation but to lay hands on the sick is rare it seems.

Point is 2000 years of Christianity is over NOW we enter a NEW time "the time of the end" Last Days" "end of days" what ever we call it. I remember when I first accepted Jesus it was spoken of that those alive in those last days and were Christians it would be a new era for Christians it would not be status quo anymore, change would be in the air. So tell me why when some things that seem to goes again your grain you defy so vehemently?

Can you as a Christian no matter what your denomination just think for a second what it means to be alive in the Last Days?

Will you take a chance and go the second mile? Will you figure out something? Hey respect your pastor, respect others, but remember your sole and your eternal spirit and Jesus Christ.


"Rapture ready" we are not. We will not all vanish before the TRIB. All the information given us in the Bible about the TRIB is not so we can watch from are supper table in Heaven with Jesus and think wow we missed all that but we were told it would be like this so it is like what the Bible said. That is not how the Bible works.

Again all that matters is God and Jesus Christ and Christians (YOU). God is not out to punish unbelievers God is out to get you ready for eternity with Jesus Christ his Son. What happens on Earth is your readiness school. Most people die first and so the class is finished in DEATH'S GATE. If you make it to the GRAVE still with faith in Jesus Christ then you are guaranteed to pass trough DEATH'S GATE to eternity.

But if you are alive you still can choose from what is going on around you. And the RAPTURE is not an everyday occurrence and requires special conditions like the PASSOVER did. The Passover needed blood on the door posts and mantle so DEATH would passover them.

RAPTURE is not some parlor trick or some snap of God's figures to make it take all Christian up instantly. Something more has to be done before you are RAPTURE READY. The Bible tells us there are 1260 days set to get Christian RAPTURE READY. This is when the TWO shuts off the WATER and that will have a dramatic effect on all living Christians. Best way to explain what you FEEL is Jesus completely forsook you. Whats worst is satan has waited long for this moment to engage many great deceptions while you are confused and trying to perk up your faith and remember Jesus will never forsake you. After 3.5 billion people are killed on Earth we are coming into some REAL RAPTURE READY Christians and if God waits much longer all may perish.

Once that RAPTURE happens it is still a GOD/Christian world thing not a unbeliever thing. And so another 1260 days maybe a little less to get those that Christians that were not RAPTURE READY in line for possible eternity with Jesus. These would survive the TRIB in a number of about 1 billion.

It is not until the last day of the TRIB does it become a GOD/unbeliever thing. It takes Jesus a short period of that day to kill all unbelievers. Then he starts his 1000 year reign on Earth with those surviving 1 billion people.

Those 1 billion themselves all may go to Heaven to, but some may not and many their children may not as the last 7 years of the 1000 years satan gets let out and he wins many to hell.

It is important to know the story's ending so other stories can be gleaned for pieces of the puzzle but won't take on a doctrine of its own and substituted for the Bible.

To accept Jesus pray this prayer: God be merciful to me a sinner! I believe Christ died on the Cross for me, that God rose him on the 3rd day, and that His Precious Blood will cleanse me from all my sins. Forgive me of my sins and come into my heart as my Lord and my Savior. Help me Lord to do thy will each day. In Jesus name I pray. Amen.

TO understand accepting Jesus read these verses at: http://gays4jesus.com/saved.html Also ask Jesus to baptize you in the Holy Spirit. You will speak in tongues. Acts Ch 2 Read the KJV Bible to learn more about Jesus.


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